Lois Lane Kidnapping with a Twist [NC] [BON] [MUL] [NS]

Started by RoleplayingMale, January 09, 2009, 09:32:00 AM

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 There have been strange goings on at the mysterious Raven Manor out in the bayous of Lousiana linked to the disappearances of quantities of chemicals near the Big Easy. Daily Planet Reporter Lois Lane and a new female photographer (Jimmy Olson having been on assignment) go into the manor to investigate. First they discover that the mansion is haunted and first one than the other wind up kidnapped, stripped, humiliated, bound and gagged at the hands of a new villain...

The new villain:

Name: Dr. Henry Jekyll the Second/Edward Hyde
Age: 31
Bio: A descendent of the 19th Century Henry Jekyll the Second is every bit as brilliant as his ancestor. Experimenting with his late relative's work has caused Jekyll's mind to warp even in his non-Hyde form. He is base and crude yet cunning and intelligent.
Powers: Strength akin to Superman when in Hyde form. When angered he can transform into Hyde. His most powerful attack is the Kryptonite Punch. Also has control of the spirits that haunt this house.

They all have to contend not only with Jekyll but the supernatural forces that haunt the manor...

Casting Call for two women one to play Lois and the other to play her photographer and someone to play Superman. Please PM if interested (and in the case of our two ladies place what each is wearing and include lingerie because neither girl is gonna be clothed too long...)