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Author Topic: Introduction Thread and Approval Policy  (Read 51281 times)

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Introduction Thread and Approval Policy
« on: January 04, 2009, 03:57:54 AM »
Sticky Index

You'll need these links. Keep them open in a separate window/tab!

Post o1.  STICKY INDEX; An Introduction to the Approval Process

Post o2.New Applicants: How to Become Approved; and, How the Approval Process Works
Not sure how to become approved? Confused about the introduction process? Find your answers here!

Post o3.Approved Members: Introductions Forum Policies
For those who wish to welcome Elliquiy's newest members, please read these rules first!

Post o4.What Needs to Happen for Approval; or, Clarifications About the Approval Policy
If you're still confused and have questions about how to become an approved member of Elliquiy, read this!

Post o5.How Will I Know If I Have Been Approved Or Not?
This post details potential application decisions and changes that will occur when it happens.

Hello! Welcome to the Introductions Forum. This is the first stop (or second, if you got here from the questionnaire!) for everyone who wants to become an approved member of Elliquiy.

Unlike a lot of other online communities, simply registering on Elliquiy doesn't give you full access to our forums. Members who would like the ability to edit and delete posts, look at member profiles, and read and write roleplays that contain adult themes are required to go through an approval process. If you would like to see a preview of Elliquiy, please see this companion sticky in the Introductions Forum.

The approval process, described in the next post, consists of answering questions from our questionnaire, and interacting with other members of the community. Based on your activity and interaction, the approval team will likely make a decision within one or two weeks. This decision will be posted in your introduction thread by a staff member.

Applications usually take a few days to process, or can take up to a week or more depending on staff availability, the time of year, and holidays. Please be patient!  And don't forget that while you wait, there are a lot of things you can do to pass the time:
  • You can socialize in the Doormat (the socializing hub of the introductions forum).
  • You can live chat in the ShoutBox: Rules.
  • You can chat or post in any of the various forums in the General Chat section (the bottom-most set of forums).
  • You can participate in a Non-Adult Roleplay.
  • You can read the blog entries written by some of our members.
  • You can browse our roleplay request section to get an idea of potential offerings on Elliquiy, though note that you will not be able to post in any of the request sections (except the Non-Adult one) unless you are approved.

We know that the approval process might be confusing, so please feel free to ask any questions if you need something clarified. You can ask them in your introduction thread, or in the Help! forum.

If you have queries about things like what the colored badges and titles mean, and find yourself at loose ends after you have completed your questionnaire, consider glancing through relevant sections in the Guide to Elliquiy. ;)

On a final note, please be sure to familiarize yourself with Elliquiy's RULES before continuing. :-) I know it may seem like a formality, but what rules we do have, are there for the safety of our members and are not there 'just because.' Rule #O7 is particularly relevant to all public sections of Elliquiy:

You will not reveal identifiable details about another person on these boards without their express permission that a God or Goddess has seen. This includes names and photos of non-members. No personal or contact information of any sort is allowed in the public area of the site, even if it is yours, without staff permission.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy the approval process!
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Introduction Thread Policy: For New Applicants
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2009, 04:25:45 PM »
For New Applicants

New applicants do not have access to Elliquiy's private boards, PMs, and profiles, and cannot participate in adult roleplays. In order to gain full access you will need to at least introduce yourself and converse a bit; part of this process requires that you create a new topic in this forum and answer the questionnaire. Keep in mind that you will not be able to edit your posts while you are an unapproved member.

The questionnaire asks you to verify that you have read Elliquiy's site rules. Please do so before you begin:

If you cannot find your introduction thread, click here to show new replies to your posts.

OO: If you think Elliquiy looks empty and isn't much to look at, that's because unapproved members have limited access to our forums. See here for a preview of the forums.

O1: We do not allow duplicate accounts - one account per person, one person per account, period. You can change your display name later if you are approved.

O2: When you are applying, please remember that you are applying as yourself, not as your favorite character. To start an application, you post one, single introduction thread answering the questionnaire.

O3: You will not be approved before at least saying hello after your introduction post. We look for a certain level of activity and/or number of words before approval.

O4: If you would like to answer crazy / silly questions in your introduction thread, let us know in your first post, or in a subsequent post. If you would like writing prompts instead, please let us know. If you would like both, or would like neither, please state this as well.

O5: If you do not want crazy / silly questions, we will respect this. However, you must still answer any questions concerning your application to Elliquiy when asked by a god/goddess/genie (administrators), Oracle (moderators), or mentor.

O6: Idle chatting and light conversation should be done in the Doormat, not in an introduction thread.

O7: Unapproved members are allowed to roleplay, as long as the RP remains within the PG-13 rating limit of the public boards. Any such roleplays can be made in the Non-Adult Roleplays board. If you are not approved and wish to coordinate a game, you can do so in the Non-Adult Roleplay Requests forum.

O8: If you have not posted within a week and have not been accepted, your thread has been tagged as inactive and can be found in Held Introductions. You may resume your introduction by posting in your introduction thread.
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Introduction Thread Policy: For Members of Elliquiy
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2009, 04:26:14 PM »
For Members of Elliquiy

The staff encourages Elliquiy's members to contribute to the introduction threads of new applicants to Elliquiy; every member's input and interaction on the intro threads is valuable to evaluating them and what kind of contribution they will make toward our community. However, there are several guidelines we would like followed while you interact with new applicants:

O1: Do not PM unapproved members. They can neither read nor reply to any PMs. This also means that we do not think it's funny when you try to find ways to circumvent this rule, by trying to find other ways to contact unapproved members.

O2: Don't promise new applicants approval. The moderators and admins take into account popular opinion for approvals, but approval is not guaranteed, no matter how awesome an applicant might seem.

O3: Non-staff members are not to ask crazy questions or give writing prompts unless the new member specifically asks for them. A simple 'Welcome to Elliquiy' post with answers to their questions is fine, but unless the applicant wishes for more, please refrain from asking.

O4: Please do not ask more than one question/prompt at a time. Avoid using copy-paste question lists. It is perfectly okay to wish them good luck in the evaluation process and welcome them to Elliquiy, without tossing them a question. If there are already three questions waiting for an applicant, please do not add another, as it can be overwhelming.

O5: Questions are for applicants. Even if it's a silly question, the answer to which should be obvious. Even if it's a question about Somalian lemurs and you've made it your life's work to study Somalian lemurs. Please don't answer questions that are asked of the applicant.

O6: In an applicant's introduction thread, you may greet them, you may flirt, you may get silly - but with the applicant. If you want to flirt with other members, there are plenty of other places to flirt.

O7: While sexy questions are interesting and fun, we would like to see intro questions that are less sexually oriented and more oriented towards writing skills, RP preferences, general interests, and the like.

O8: We would prefer that idle chatting and light conversation take place in the Doormat and not in an introduction thread, as the approval team uses introduction threads for approval purposes. :-) Thanks.

O9: Please don't 'claim' newbies. We don't want people to feel uncomfortable or obligated to play with someone.

Thanks in advance for the help - we do appreciate the members that are involved with welcoming and helping to get to know the new people!
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What Needs To Happen For Approval
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2009, 04:27:49 PM »
What Needs to Happen for Approval

As some have been confused about our approval policy, here is everything spelled out more clearly:

  • 1 - After you post your introduction, and have answered all of the questions in the questionnaire, the 'timer' starts.
  • 2 - People will say hello, and if you ask for them, give you questions and/or writing prompts. You do not need to answer everyone to get approved, and occasionally we need to smack people for asking overly personal or too many questions. Questions and prompts are not necessary to being approved, but they do give you more opportunities to interact with the community. Note that even if you don't want questions or writing prompts, you'll still need to answer questions from mentors and staff, usually requesting clarifications to your questionnaire answers.
  • 3 - You will not be approved until you at least say hello back to someone. In general, over the course of your activity in your own introduction thread, we want a few hundred words from you, between all of your posts.
  • 4 -The approval team consists of the mentors and Oracles (moderators). These people vote on your introduction, and give their recommendation to staff. If you are the type of person to be nervous about that, you should be fine. We judge friendliness, maturity, and etiquette, in roughly that order.
  • 5 -If you are active, then you may be approved after a few days have elapsed from your first post.  It is common, however, for the approval process to take longer and can, in some cases, take up to a week or longer depending on many factors.   Inactivity on your part in your Introduction thread may prolong this process.  If you have been on vacation, or were previously ruled underaged but are not any longer, you should find your old introduction in the held archives.

The process is fairly fluid. If someone who joined after you gets approved before you do, it could mean any number of things:

  • 1 - We are reviewing your application specifically due to an IP address or similar conflict. Our policy is one account per person, one person per account. We tried the 'let people sign up under a new name when things did not work out' bit for awhile. It fools no one, insults everyone, and solves nothing.
  • 2 -They may have posted more, or posted more thoroughly. Especially if you forgot to answer the most important questions in the questionnaire.
  • 3 -Sometimes a thread gets missed before it gets picked up by the approval staff. This is not much of a problem anymore, but still this can account for the better part of a day at times.
  • 4 - And, finally, there may be issues with you, yourself. The approval process is meant to ensure that you interact with at least three people and get noticed by at least six. We want friendly, mature writers, here. : )

Vekseid and we (Elliquiy staff) firmly believe that there is no larger community on the Internet that is more tightly-knit than Elliquiy. You will find friends here, unless you choose not to.

I hope that helps cover the basic questions many of you have. Enjoy your stay : )
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How Will I Know If I Have Been Approved Or Not?
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2010, 12:05:52 AM »
How Will I Know If I Have Been Approved Or Not?

Since this is a question that a lot of applicants ask, I thought it would be useful to include more specific details, though it is mentioned briefly in the second post.

There are several outcomes of applying to Elliquiy:

  • Approved: A member will enter as a Lord, Lady, or Liege, depending on the sex that was specified in the introduction. Full approval entails all basic access to Elliquiy's private forums and features.
  • On Hold: An applicant who is placed on hold can reapply after a specified period of time. This is usually due to a concern that the approval team has regarding an element (or several elements) of the application.
  • Denied: An applicant who is denied is not eligible for re-application to Elliquiy.
  • Inactive: An application that has not been posted in for a period of seven days will be tagged as inactive. An inactive application can be resumed by posting in it.

Once an approval decision is made, several things will happen:

  • Regardless of the decision, a staff member will post in your introduction thread notifying you of your status change, and the thread will be moved to Introduction Archives (approved/denied) or Held Introductions (on hold/inactive).
  • If you are placed On Hold or tagged as Inactive, your black Unapproved badge will not change. Denied applicants will have a black badge that reads Denied. If you are placed On Hold or Denied, you will have access to a new forum where you can ask Elliquiy staff about the decision.
  • If you are approved, your membergroup tag (explained here) will change to reflect your new membergroup as a Lord, Lady, or Liege.
  • If you are approved, you will receive a number of messages from mentors or staff in your Private Message (PM) inbox. You may or may not receive an email notification of these messages, depending on your notification settings.

I hope that explanation clarifies any questions. :-)
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