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August 16, 2018, 06:43:26 AM

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Author Topic: Typing Class  (Read 133 times)

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Typing Class
« on: July 01, 2018, 05:06:12 PM »
This is my first attempt to write for this site, So I'm hoping i posted it in the right category. If not feel free to delete it!

Great what a way to spend a Thursday night, in a classroom at the local high school with a bunch of people who are barely out of their twenties at best learning to type. Christ I’m old enough to be any on their father, even Miss Charine, the teacher is younger than me. What I have to put up with to earn a lousy $775.48 every week, really isn’t worth it,. But then neither is being employment at 54 years old either.

For the last three weeks I been coming, barely showing any progress in learning how to type using all ten fingers. What’s so wrong with only being able to type with two fingers. Hell I make few mistakes that the damn computer program doesn’t catch and automatically correct for me. What more does the goddamn boss want?

If it wasn’t for the threat of being fired i would chuck it all in a leave. Since Jane left, there been little to brighten my days, that is until three weeks ago when Sian Davis enter the classroom. Scanning around I don’t see her in her chair, but it’s ten minutes until the start of night class, hopefully she’ll be here.

Sian- a vision of loveliness with shoulder length brunette hair, soft baby blue eyes and a generous mouth. Her body, it’s hard to tell, unlike most here she seems to wear slightly baggy clothes, so it’s hard to judge. She is intelligent I know that much, i can see that in her eyes and posture while she typing the night’s lesson,all contained in a five foot five frame.

If she’s here tonight maybe it will be the night I actually summon up the courage to say more than “Hi!” to her. At the door a commotion catches my attention, Sian carrying two bags, one about to split. In a flash I’m up and rushing over to her with my backpack, just as the bottom comes out of the bag carrying her notebooks and textbooks. Instantly I drop to me knees, picking up the loose papers while Sian gathers the notebooks and textbook.
Handing her papers back to her, i open my backpack rummaging around until i find one of the many woven fabric reusable bags I carry for when i do groceries. “Here Sian this should get you to your seat without losing anything else!” standing back up , offering my hand to help her stand.

‘Thank you Mr. Cartier, I’ll return the bag next class!”

“Keep it I’ve got plenty more where that came from!” getting my first really decent look into her eyes. God they are so blue that I feel like I’m suspended in the sky floating down to earth slowly. Then reality screeches me back to the here and now.

“Well If you are done being a shining knight can you and Miss Davis take your seat so class can begin, Mr. Cartier?”

Great like Miss Charine needs anymore reasons to dislike me. Helping Sian to her seat then taking mine. The class begins and before long we set to the task of page fifteen through twenty. Deciding tonight was going to be the night I manage to type two complete pages before switching back to my trusty two finger method.

“Well Mr. Cartier, i have to say I’m shocked!” drawing closer before continuing “I watched you off and on tonight and i saw your fingers flying over the keyboard!” Hitting me with something I didn’t know “Even the EMS shows you using the correct finger and hand. You may actually be getting the hand of typing correctly!

Inside I actually began to feel better about my abilities when Charine had to open her mouth “Too bad Miss Davis seems in outer space tonight!”  I have to admit that my peripheral vision caught Sian Staring out the window instead of working on tonight’s assignment.

As the bell rings signifying the end of class, I gather everything up, stuffing into my backpack making for the door I hear Miss Charine ask Sian To stay until everyone is gone. I don’t know why but for some reason I hang around outside. Hearing clearly as Sian is walking out “And if the problem still persist don’t bother showing up for class!”

“Yes Miss Charine!” Hanging her head down like a child that just been told they could only return with their parent with them. Looking up as if sensing my presence “So you heard?”

“NO! I was just coming back to see if I left my car keys on my desk when I found them rattling them in the strap of my backpack!” Seeing the look in her eyes and on her face I decide to go for it. “Say Sian is it?” breathing in then “Would you like to go for a coffee with me?”

Her head jerks like I just slapped her across the face. “Sorry I can’t afford…!”

“Oh no It’s my treat!”  reassuring her.Scanning her face and posture before continuing “No string attached just coffee and a doughnut or whatever else you would like with it!” For some reason the look of fear lessens and I hoping against all odd that she will say yes!
Almost a minute passes before I swear I missed the words I was hoping to hear “Sure it’s not like i got anywhere else to go!” I’m elated when her words actually registers in my brain. Offing to take her two bags, finding one to contain a few articles of clothing

As if ashamed “I was told to get out by my boyfriend and that’s all he let me take with me!”  Looking at me “I’m hoping i can stay with a girlfriend overnight then I’ll see the welfare people in the morning."

Before i even realize what I’m saying “Sian i know you know nothing about me but I have a two bedroom apartment, only using one!” beginning to move to leave “You can use the other until you can find a place!”

“Why would you…?’’ Stunned at my offer.

“Sian you remind me of someone I know  and i would hate myself if I didn’t at least offer!” Turning to her, a step back from me “ It’s not The Hilton but it’s got heat and four walls that can protect you from the cold outside and the predators out there.

“Mr. Cartier, you don’t even know me, are you sure?”

“One it’s Graeme, two if I wasn’t i wouldn’t have offered!” That brought mist to her eyes, nodding her head before verbally replying!

“Alright Graeme but I’ll pay you back when i can afford it!"

Taking her right hand. “We’ll cross that bridge in the future, shall we pass on the coffee and get you settled in?”

Still a little hesitant “Alright!’ her hand trembling in mine

“Sian, I promise you, you have nothing to worry about. You can take all the time you need to find proper accommodations!” The trembling reduces but I can still feel it time to time. Making our way out of the high school, walking her over to my piece of garbage car. The look I get from Sian makes me go on the defensive “Hey she may not be much to look at but Sassy can still get me from point A to point B!”

Unlocking the door so she could get in, going around and joining her inside, my luck hold true, Sassy takes seven tries before she turns over. Once that happens though we off and in ten minutes I’m pulling into the underground garage of the Wilton Towers.

“You live here!” shocked for some reason “But your car is sorry to say it ‘ a shit box’!”

“What can i say I spend more time at home than driving!” Taking her up to apartment 1551, letting her in. “The washroom is the first door in the middle of the hall on the left side, your room is the first on the right!”  leaving her to go to the kitchen “Should i take it that your boyfriend kick you out before you got something to eat?”

No response from Sian has me thinking she either checking out the room for her or in the bathroom. Going to try to find her I do quick, on my couch  curled up crying softly! Great something I’ve always been bad at, comforting a crying female.

“Sian?!” not wanting to touch her, not wanting to try to sit down with her. Damn it been years since I’ve even had to comfort a distraught female and what with all the sexual harassment charges in the news I pull back instead of reaching out. All i do is move a box of kleenex closer.

Going to my room, I call it a night hoping that Sian will cope herself. A little after one thirty my sleep addled brain register something different in the room. Turning onto my back from my right side I get my first clue that things have changed big time. As my eyes adjust I pull back, Sian is in bed with me.

“I’m sorry Graeme I just need someone close to me, maybe even hold me for a while!”

I shock myself moving back close to her, turning onto my left side holding out my arms to her. Sian moves into then and the room quietens back down as we both drift off to sleep.

Six forty-five Am the alarm goes off  finding me once more on my back, this time with Sian left arm draped over my chest and her body tight against mine. For some strange reason this felt so right to me. Moving gingerly so as not to wake her I get out of bed. My eyes travelling up and down her sleeping body, wondering just what her loose clothing  was keeping under wrap.

Getting ready for work, i find the old spare key that Jane had and the fob for the front door leaving them and a note telling her I would be back home around 3pm that night. All day my mind wonders if she was going to be there when I get back home. Not lying to myself hoping beyond all hope that she
would be.Beat I make my way home to an empty apartment, Sian not there. Oh well maybe her and her boyfriend reconciled sometime during the day.

Going to make myself something to snack on, I’m surprised when the door opens and a suitcase is wheeled inside.followed by a bundle buggy with three garbage inside. Getting up I pull the suitcase and buggy out of the way of the door, finding Sian in a white leather  ball jacket and black sweatpants

“Graeme!. I got all my clothes from my ex, Is your offer still good?”

“Of course it is!”

That was over three years ago, now tonight I plan to make Sian stay beside me longer, checking the ring in my pocket as I unlock the door.

“Sian you here?”

"In the kitchen Graeme!”

                                                        The End