Bang! [female assassin x male gun-slinging mercenary]

Started by kasper, November 23, 2016, 08:46:42 PM

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Hi all!

I've been playing a video game you may have heard of called Overwatch - you do not have to have played this game or know anything about the game. I'm really just looking to play a cold, unfeeling French assassin against a Southern gun-slinging rogue type. I'd like to play the assassin. I'm interested in having these characters cross paths and clash. I was thinking that the gun-slinger could be on a job to protect somebody or something and the assassin is on a job to steal said object or take out said target. After the initial meeting, they happen to come across each other again and again where ultimately the cowboy manages to get the cold woman to warm up to him emotionally.

I would like this to be both a romantic and sexual role play with elements of drama and even occasional comedy. I plan on playing the assassin as sexually aggressive or outgoing, meaning she's not innocent, not shy and not afraid to go after what she wants. Doesn't mean she's dominant - more likely a switch type, but she's not the innocent, helpless virgin type. She's seductive, knows her way around a man and, like a spider, enjoys toying with her victims!

I'd like the guy to be like an outlaw, with the personal brand of "not good, not bad, but sure as Hell ain't ugly" and maintain a lighthearted or more playful side to him at times - and of course, be a complete womanizer! I would like him to see the assassin as a hell of a woman, seeing she can take care of herself and is a damn good shot - (she's a sniper). Despite hearing she is not capable of having emotions, he is relentless in his effort to get a smile out of her (and, naturally, a possible lay).

I do imagine that both are somewhat lonely, as they try to keep others at a distance - even though I am entertaining the guy having a lover on the side (that relationship likely being more physical than emotional).

I have a lot of ideas about the game with themes and kinks I'd like to explore, here's the some things I have in mind:
-sexual tension
-emotional roller coasters
-personality clashes
-trust & betrayal
-light bondage
-sexual teasing
-orgasm denial
-anal sex
-public sex
-physical struggle/fighting
-general teasing/antagonizing
-acrobatics/flexibility/position play (my character)

If anyone is interested please let me know!



Here's a few face claims you can choose from if the illustrated versions don't work for you!

French Assassin

Southern Gun Slinger



Sounds like a solid idea. I'll send you a PM so we can discuss.
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