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October 22, 2018, 03:47:11 PM

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Author Topic: Songs that are creepy/disturbing but are overlooked because they are catchy, etc  (Read 14879 times)

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Offline AutumnFury

Having a hard time embedding videos today, so I'll just leave behind names and artists for later.

Deathwish - Red Sun Rising. (I really love these guys, to be honest!) Apocalyptic.

Bloodfeather - Highly Suspect (again, love this band.) A bloodfeather is someone who will hurt you/is hurting you, but you still refuse to hate.
Lydia - Highly Suspect - Drugs, murder, and whatnot.

Online RedRose

I thought 'la petite mort' was a slang term for an orgasm?  Like, Victorian era slang?

It is. The song is definitely a play on word for that though the topic is creepy.

Online RedRose

starts sounding like a kid left home alone misbehaving, turn out it's about a dumped gf who destroys her ex's home, this cover is better than the original imho and also darker (incl self harm and gun stuff) 

Offline Oniya

Somehow, the idea that Traci Lords had an album is kind of disturbing in itself...

Online RedRose

Yes! I discovered her 'other' interests (?) googling for more songs… I first thought it was someone else with the same name.

so many songs have disturbing lyrics or stories

Online RedRose

very nsfw. What's with the lust/hate, the gore, the poor kid, the "I sleep with the guy who tried to force me and then I like him". I also think the clip and the lyric don't really match

Offline Nico

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Love this one.

Online RedRose

spoiling one's life for a guy who gave her a compliment one day (period appropriate classism)
obsession, masochism, as "beautiful" (she throws her life away but it's not Worth much)

parent basically tells his child life is shite and he can't escape it

Offline Mr Quixotic

Based on the true-life story of sixteen year old Brenda Ann Spencer, who on being asked 'why?' after shooting dead two adults and injuring six children at a local school from the window of her house, replied with;

"I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day."

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Online RedRose

Just remembered those songs from movie Pretty things

Offline StarcryTopic starter

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Sooo Chester Bennington wrote and sang this song exactly 8 years before he committed suicide.

and this one a few months beforehand...

Those who are fans of Linkin Park will know that Chester had been battling depression on and off for most of his life. Therefore it is believed that he was apologising for his own death in both songs. With this in mind, it makes the songs more haunting when you listen to the lyrics. It is clear that he had thought about it long enough that he left behind the songs like this.

Rest in peace Chester. You will be remembered for your profound lyrics and powerful voice that touched people who suffered like you. Thank you.

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Online RedRose

A friend set up a play list that really qualifies

Online RedRose

Some more than others (number 7 is about Star wars and really cool, 3 5 9 16 are really gloomy, 14 is VERY disturbing). Basically about life in the poor areas in Marseille. Violence, prostitution, forced veiling, islamization, drug, dowries, everything.
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Offline Lilias

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Trees of Eternity, Hour of the Nightingale

There's nothing inherently disturbing about this album; it is, in fact, heartbreakingly beautiful gothic/doom metal of the fine Finnish school, perfect for building atmosphere this time of year. Everyone will probably have a favourite track (mine is 'Eye Of Night'). What just cranks up the eerie factor is knowing that the singer, who is primarily responsible for the atmosphere, had died several months before the album's release - had likely been, knowingly or not, desperately ill during its creation. A textbook haunting experience.
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Online RedRose