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Author Topic: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)  (Read 4777 times)

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Offline AidenWhite

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #25 on: May 10, 2016, 02:20:33 AM »
Aiden, as I said, you don't need to do relationships for every character. It's just adding a lot of extra lines. Saying 'hate' or 'really hate' isn't all that relevant. If there are any meaningful relationships with other characters, those would be the ones to focus on with a line or two. If not, you can forgo them entirely.

Right, I didn't know how descriptive I needed to be and I got rid of the ones that have no meaning.

Online Haibane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #26 on: May 10, 2016, 03:09:50 AM »
I have edited Leona's relationships, paring them down to just the important ones.

Offline NileGoddessTopic starter

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #27 on: May 10, 2016, 09:04:32 AM »
Zaer, Aiden, and Haibane, theyou all look good. You can go ahead and move them. Aiden, please make separate poats for your town characters.

Haibane, we're you going to make profiles for characters like Umeki and Suudo? Or just make them NPC profiles?

Dragon, please switch your character's name so that it is given name and then surname. Also, there is a prominent female NPC named Matsuno from the game that may cause some minor confusion, so you are welcome to change it, but it's not necessary. Otherwise he looks fine.

Offline TheBlazinDragon

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #28 on: May 10, 2016, 09:26:46 AM »
Dragon, please switch your character's name so that it is given name and then surname. Also, there is a prominent female NPC named Matsuno from the game that may cause some minor confusion, so you are welcome to change it, but it's not necessary. Otherwise he looks fine.

All fixed ^_^

Online Haibane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #29 on: May 10, 2016, 11:45:24 AM »
Name: Asuka Momonaki (aka "Momo-chan")

Age: 18

Position: Student, third year. Vice President of the Tennis Club. Vice President of the Health Club.

Appearance: Green hair cut in an attractive pixie bob with long side bangs. Reddish-gold eyes. A small upturned perky nose and a perpetual cheeky smile. She has a plump curvy body, heavier than the glossy magazines would have us think is the 'best' body shape but certainly not obese. She could be described as chubby with an excess only in the right places. She is petite at 5' 2" and 138lbs and has magnificent firm large breasts, a thickish waist and a chubby behind. She had several piercings put on her body on the orders of Leona Morimoto in her first year at St Arcadia, namely a heavy gauge platinum ring through each nipple, a bar-and-stirrup-ring triangle piercing (at the upper apex of her inner labia and directly beneath the clitoris so that the piercing abrades that sensitive place) and two more rings, one through each inner labia, about half-way down. Needless to say these rings she adores as they make her hyper-sensitive, especially her nipple rings. Her dark brown well-defined nipples consequently always seem to be erect, the teats being especially large and nubby about a centimetre long and the same in diameter. She has been known to orgasm just from having them sucked and chewed. Momo, as she likes to be called by her friends, always wears the school uniform, taking especial care to be obedient in such matters but around the dorms, or on sunny days at the weekend outdoors, she often skips happily about stark naked or in just her underwear. For her naturist activities on summer weekends the other girls have named her the Forest Nymphe.

Sexual Preferences: Submissive, bisexual (with a leaning more in favour of boys). Momo likes to submit and enjoys most forms of BDSM play, especially having her bottom spanked, bondage and being given orders to do slutty things.

Personality: Happy, cheeky, mischievous, bubbly, easy going, though something of a submissive in that she loves to please others and see them happy. Momo is an outgoing party girl and she has a vast sexual appetite, always seeming to be in heat and wanting it... from anybody! She was straight and a virgin when she came to St Arcadia this time two years ago but since it was an all-girl's school she was corrupted into the arts of lesbian love by the Social Club but now that the school has become co-ed she's very eager to meet boys and get to experience as many cocks as she can! A woman's mouth and fingers and a dildo are all well and good, but Momo craves cock.

As VP of the Tennis Club, Momo is an excellent player and quite a good athlete in spite of her buxom shape. She adores and looks up to the club President, Kumi Yamanaka.

Momo is not strong academically and has to work hard at her studies for the big numbers and big words to squeeze into her head. She tries hard though and is eager to please.

Much of the time Momo is looked after by Karen Himeki to whom she is very obedient.

Existing Relationships
Karen Himeki: Pet and plaything. Momo looks up to Karen as her "Mistress and provider".

Hanako Sakamoto: Best friends! Yeah!

Chiba Hiruyugi: A very good friend and fuck buddy.

Leona Morimoto: Momo is deeply afraid of the proud and haughty head girl, but respects her with an unshakable intensity as well. She is always utterly obedient to her.

Online Kimera

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #30 on: May 10, 2016, 12:48:12 PM »
Name: Saori Takahashi

Age: 19

Position: Student

Appearance: A cute girl with short raven-black hair. She has a nice fit body, showing that she enjoys sports and exercises regularly. Hidden underneath her pale skin one could feel her well developed muscles. Saori takes care of her body and skin, making sure it is smooth and shaved, including her sex.

When not in uniform, swimming or naked, she prefers clothing that show at least some skin, like tops and shorts. She's also a bit into cosplay.

Sexual Preferences: Bisexual with equal interests for boys and girls. Saori also switches between being dominant or submissive, depending on her mood and partner. Bondage and shower or pool sex are her turn ons. She's a bit of a sexual masochist.

Personality: Dark and quiet, Saori has grown a lot as a person during the first year, no longer the shy, ditsy blonde she pretended to be.  She's a bit in the middle of everything, able to stay at everyones good side without getting in any sort of trouble. Over the year she has become a bit more assertive from the beginning, partly after the events with Shin, and partly because of her new role as a club president, even though she still has her overseers at the social club.

Though she has no problem with the social club itself, she has considered the anti-social club at one point, but her only motivation was to get Saeko out of Honda's hands. Nothing really came of it. In fact, she actually joined the social club instead.

All in all, Saori likes to hang in the middle, not a true sheep, but certainly not a true wolf either. Just a cute and clever little fox trying to get around.

Her hobbies include all kinds of sports, but swimming and pool volleyball are her passion. Saori also has a thing for manga, anime and role-and cosplay, something she also enjoys using in the bedroom.

Existing Relationships
Saeko Mizuki: Her girlfriend and lover. They share a secret, forbidden love.
Chiba Hiruyugi : Sexual partner assigned to her by the social club as a trainer. Also a lifeguard in the reformed swimclub
Hanako Sakamoto: Close friend. At one point shared a love interest for the same boy and became friends. Invited her as an officer in the swimclub. Saori often treats her as a little sister.
Shinsui Tatsuya: Close friend. They had a very intimate moment sharing each others past after she saved him from drowning. he in turn helped her to burry her past and grow as a person.
Karen Himeki: Friend. Saori's trainer and supervisor in the social club
Magoichi Honda: Homeroom teacher. The evil oni that has stolen her little princess

Additional pictures

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Online Haibane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #31 on: May 10, 2016, 01:09:25 PM »
Name: Umeki Matsuyuki

Age: 18

Position: Student, third year. Member of the Social Club and the Martial Arts Club.

Appearance: Umeki is petite and has a beautiful mane of flaming hair that reaches to her middle back. She is 5' 3" tall and outrageously busty with wide honest eyes and a meek and sweet demeanour. She spent her first year at St Arcadia wearing a series of corsets that Leona forced her to wear so that her waist was reduced to a fragile and vulnerable looking 20". She is still under orders to wear them regularly from time to time. Combined with her large firm bosom and small trim backside her figure is delightful and because of this and her appealing personality this causes Leona to often employ her at the Social Club as a waitress or in other social support roles.

Umeki's most customary appearance out of lesson time is as a bunny girl serving drinks and collecting dirty plates from tables in the student dining hall - another arrangement Leona has forced upon her.

Sexual Preferences: Submissive and obedient. Her shyness appeals to many and while she professes to dislike rough sex of any kind, or bondage, or anal, or group sex (that is her vs a group pf boys), she is often reduced to a wailing squealing ball of delight after just a few minutes of the most intense sexual play. Umeki lives in denial of her explosive sexuality, claiming again and again that she hates it, even seeming neurotic about the entire scene yet her body's honest and strong reactions prove this lie time and again.

Personality: Umeki is shy and probably won't make the grade as a Morimoto Whore but her shyness appeals to most of those in positions of power in the school since her reaction to being made to do nasty things is so adorable.

Other than being shamefully exploited for her cute looks, Umeki is actually trying her hardest to be a good student and her grades are among the highest in the school; she submerges herself in her studies to get her mind away from what her tormentors are doing to her. If there was a student group that coalesced to oppose Leona, Umeki would certainly join them.

Umeki is loyal and committed and always tries her hardest either to better herself or to support any cause she identifies with or undertaking she is given.

Existing Relationships
Sanada Makatake: Umeki is his girlfriend and is deeply in love with him. This frightens her as sexual and romantic student relationships are banned by the Social Club. Since she was bullied last year by Sakuragi Hanamichi and Sanada saved her, she looks up to him as her shining knight and protector. In return for his protection and guidance she has willingly given him her heart and body, doing things with him she'd not normally agree to do, such as letting him use her bottom.

Recently Umeki placed herself into deep and dangerous waters by telling Leona she would do anything the Social Club asked her to do if in return Leona would let Sanada form and be president of a Martial Arts Club and have its own dojo. Surprisingly Leona agreed but then she has her own agenda which Umeki's offer meshed neatly with.

Leona Morimoto: Plaything, waitress, bunnygirl. See also above concerning her deal with Leona and Sanada.

Offline Empyrean

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #32 on: May 12, 2016, 12:53:49 AM »
Name: Karen Himeki

Age: 19

Position: Student, fourth-year. Recently appointed President of the Social Club, President of the Student Council, and Head Girl.

Appearance: Karen is fairly tall at 5'6", with flowing hair of pure silvery-white that reaches to her mid-back and pale skin. She is slender and petite of frame, with a large bust and rear, and a generally curvaceous figure. She has vivid green eyes that lighten or darken with her moods. She's almost always seen with a pleasant and cheerful smile on her face. When not in uniform she has an array of clothing at her disposal, all of it cut and tailored to highlight and emphasize her body. She's never found without her distinctive gold and diamond engagement ring these days. 

Sexual Preferences: Bisexual and dominant. Karen prefers to be in control, though she can switch as needed and is submissive and obedient to Leona and the Morimotos. She is an exhibitionist as well as a bondage enthusaist.

Personality: Karen can be described as dual-natured. To the general public she is sweet, polite, and very well-spoken. She is known by much of the student body as a friendly older sister figure who's earned the love and respect of the underclassmen. She carries herself as a dignified and genteel young woman with interests in philosophy, literature, and music. Out of the public eye she is manipulative, cruel, and sadistic. She enjoys and abuses the power she's been entrusted with for her own sexual gratification and the gratification of her superiors. She knows very well what the Morimotos get up to and is a loyal enforcer of their program. She uses her sweet exterior to sugarcoat the worst of it, to present things in the best possible light, and to lure others in. Her loyalty to her superiors and their agenda is exceeded only by the passionate love she bears for Leona. She prides herself on being Leona's perfect assistant and accomplice, as well as her lover. In many ways she represents the sweet side of the Morimoto operation, prefering not to dirty her own hands publically. She tends towards hypercompetence and overachieving, and always acts with elegance and grace.

Existing Relationships

Leona Morimoto: Fiancee and lover. Karen was trained by Leona and served as her apprentice and right hand. They have since become friends and lovers devoted to one another.  Karen would sacrifice her life for Leona if she had to, and has cheerfully sacrificed any conscience or sense of morality in the pursuit of Leona's goals and happiness.

Saori Takahashi: Friend. Karen regards Saori warmly and does what she can to guide her as Swim Club President. She sees herself as Saori's mentor in school and in developing sexually.

Asuka Momonaki: Pet and plaything. Momo was Karen's pet project during her second year, and she played a large role in developing Momo into the nymphomaniac exhibitionist she is today. Karen is immensely proud of how Momo turned out, and her kept her on as her own personal pet and slave.

Ginei Aokoto: Karen doesn't really think of Ginei much at all. She had a role in ruining his life and enjoyed it at the time, but on a daily basis he's not on her radar.

Umeki Matsuyuki: Plaything. She sees Umeki as Leona's project. She'll do what she can to help Leona break her in, and enjoys casually abusing her at whim.

Chiba Hiruyugi: Personal project. Karen is fond of Chiba's enthusaism for sex and his willingness to be molded to her purposes. She has worked to shape him into a perfect male whore for the Morimotos.

Makatake Sanada: Karen doesn't have any particularly strong feelings for or against Sanada. She finds him eminently corruptible and a useful tool for reeling in Umeki.

Hanako Sakamoto: Karen regards Hanako fondly. She sees her as a good friend to her little pet Momo, and as someone who is a natural fit for the St. Arcadia program. She generally looks after Hanako and her club, and does what she can to help Hanako's sexual education along.

The Nishizaki Sisters (Yuri and Momone): Friends and confidantes. Karen works as the silk glove to the brutal twins' iron fist. The three of them coordinate and execute plans as a well-oiled team, whether in the bedroom or in the daily functioning of the Social Club and the Morimoto program.

Miki Tatsuyana: Personal project. Karen recruited Miki into the Social Club by playing on the short girl's insecurities and fears. She then molded the girl into a nasty, brutish, and effective member of the Club and the Nishizaki's Disciplinary Committee. Karen is very proud of the progress Miki has made, and continues to mold and shape her progress.

Shinsui Tatsuya: Karen has a general distrust of Tatsuya. She believes him arrogant and potentially disruptive, but is confident that Leona's effort will tame him. She is always pleasant to him when they must interact however.
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Online Haibane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #33 on: May 12, 2016, 01:54:01 AM »
Thanks Empyrean, Karen looks good. Please upload her to the characters thread.

Offline LeSane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #34 on: May 12, 2016, 02:29:20 AM »
Hopefully I did a decent job making him unique in comparison to everyone else.

Name: Komiya, Furukawa

Age: 17

Position: Student, First year.

Appearance: Furukawa has heavily tanned brown skin due to living in Okinawa for the majority of his life, and barely breaks the 5'9" mark. Since arriving to St.Arc he was instructed to dye his hair to back to his natural color though ends still have slight remnants of faded crimson dye. His hair is parted on his right side though his hair is usually very unkempt and shaggy. He often has a frown on his face, with his dark blue eyes slightly squinted. He is very tall and slime yet muscular build due to various manual labor. He is constantly hassled thanks to the tattoo which covers his left arm of a traditional dragon which coils around his arm. He wears the usual school attire though deterring close to breaking regulation. His casual summer clothes consist of a loose, white tank top and tan cargo pants. In the winter, Furukawa is often seen with a light woolen shirt, a black hoodie and a dark body warmer.

Sexual Preferences: Curious sexually though seen as a blank canvas ripe with bottomless potential. He attitude has kept people away while be accumulated to the school, but has been pegged as submissive due to never wanting to be praised for aiding others. It is quite the opposite as once his switch is flipped he is very dominant, but it takes a lot to do so. Oddly enough he is into recording the exploits of others or himself on camera be it vanilla sex or rough play showing both voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies. Secretly he edits these videos and sells them as POV so that he does not incriminate himself.

Personality: Furukawa has an cheerful and  slight immature and childish personality. He tries to be friends with everybody, including those who seem gloomy and distant; he exclusively adds -cchi to the people who he respects name and those he dislike just to be a bit of an ass, and has the habit of ending his sentence with the suffix -ssu. As a result of his attitude many act as if he is like some hyperactive dog with a short attention span, he is hated by a lot of his fellow people at school. As immature as people claim him to be Furukawa can be very determined to the point it can be quite frightening once he has a goal in mind regardless of how impossible it seems. Because of the way he was treated in middle school he would rather have others take the spotlight for his actions. All he ever wants is to participate because all he wanted to do is fulfill his role as a good friend, though at times doing this does make his buddies gain a large ego. Whenever that happen es he won't hesitate to sometimes advice them when out of check using scorn and criticism.

Existing Relationships
(Character name):
None at the moment...
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Online Haibane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #35 on: May 12, 2016, 11:14:25 AM »
Hi LeSane, thanks for submitting the character. I love the image, Koyima's face is really interesting.

I'd like to comment on a few aspects - first he must enrol as a first year student despite his age. If he were a second year student it would imply he was there last year and you'd have to read tens of thousands of words of previous game posts to know where he stood in the academy social system and heirarchy!

Second - his height. Japanese people due to a traditional diet tend towards being smaller than westerners, could you lop a few inches off his height please? I have found that females trend between about 4 feet 10 inches and 5 feet 7 while males seem to average between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 10. Something in the middle of the range rather than its top end would be preferred as we never seem to get average characters in so many RPs ;)

Lastly, his personality seems to be rather quiet and introspective. We have found through many months of hard RPing that the more introverted characters drop out of the game because their players do not make enough IC effort to involve themselves in the social aspects of the school. We have seen it be equated to a player just being lazy and expecting the action to come to them. Our players are not going to do that - they naturally trend to interactions with the more lively characters. I am not suggesting this will be the case with you, or indeed any individual, but it has been our general experience. Therefore we would rather not see any more "reserved" "quiet" "moody" "loner" personalities in the game. In fact the processes the characters go through and the socialising means that the more gregarious a character the more action they are gong to enjoy.

An outgoing person is therefore much preferred.

Thank you.

Online pdragon

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #36 on: May 12, 2016, 01:26:12 PM »
Name: Alexander Jubei "AJ"

Age: 17

Position: Student

Appearance: Stands at 5'7 with a lithe, petite frame. His skin is fairer and paler than average, something he's inherited from his American mother along with his bright blue eyes. His natural light brunette hair is dyed a soft pink, and while it is actually quite short, he often wears hair extensions to make it appear longer (the extensions are actually made from his own hair from back when he had it grown out longer). He has soft facial features that side on being feminine, allowing him to easily pass as a woman with minimal makeup, while also giving him a youthful, boyish appearance when he dresses in "normal" clothing.

Sexual Preferences: A pansexual switch, AJ is quite outgoing and open when it comes to sex. Regardless of his "position" AJ typically likes to be the one receiving (whether it be a guy's member or a strap on with girls) though despite that he isn't one to just lay back and take it, even when with considerably more dominant partners. He prefers being active in bed; he knows what he wants and isn't shy about obtaining it. AJ also has a fixation with sucking on things, and will usually be seen eating some kind of candy just to keep his mouth busy. Appropriately he's very fond of most any kind of oral play. While he's not really a big fan of bondage and other more extreme kinks, he's not particularly hard to convince to experiment with them, especially if it's for the sake of his partner. Regardless of any misgivings he's usually down to try something at least once before out right dismissing it.

Personality: AJ is a rather spunky and outgoing individual. For the most part he tackles things with a carefree attitude, preferring to not to think about things too hard and just have fun. He can be quite mischievous and flirty as well, and very much enjoys teasing his friends, especially his male friends. Still while he may come off as goofy and happy go lucky, he can be very fiesty when angered, and isn't afraid to throw himself at people twice his size if they manage to piss him off. Above all else AJ genuinely loves the arts, and does everything he can to improve himself, from picking up new instruments, to picking up parts in the school's theatre program, he's always looking for ways to expand his range of experience. In fact theatre was one of the things that initially introduced him to cross dressing. Taking inspiration from classic Kabuki tradition, AJ has stared in several female roles in plays as far back as late elementary school, after realizing how much he enjoyed dressing up in cute costumes and feeling pretty he began dressing and acting feminine in every day life and now tends to change between his "male" and "female" personas depending on his mood.
Existing Relationships
None at the moment

Online Haibane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #37 on: May 12, 2016, 01:50:02 PM »
Hi PDragon. I like Alex a lot. We have not had a crossdresser in the game yet, nor any character who shows hints of male homosexual tendencies so I think Alex will be a nice fresh addition. His preferences will also fit in well with the game's premise of being a suitable prostitute for the shady Morimoto family in teh future, when he's been fully trained up.

He - and she - is accepted at once!

Please add your CS to the Characters listing here and drop by to say hi in the OOC.

You also need to make sure you have read and understood - and agree to abide by - the RPs rules.

Thank you


Online pdragon

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #38 on: May 12, 2016, 02:05:03 PM »
Thank you kindly, I'm glad you like him  :-)

Offline Pink Kitten

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #39 on: May 12, 2016, 03:39:11 PM »
Name: Mai Shimizu

Age: 16

Position: Student, first year

Appearance: Mai is an elegant young beauty, someone you'd be more likely to call "beautiful" rather than "cute", despite her young age. Her most striking features are her captivating red eyes, most times accompanied by a heart-warming smile. Her thick black hair flows down all the way beyond her buttocks, and she usually keeps it on a loose ponytail that allows it to flow down her back freely.

Mai is on the shorter side at 5'0'', with a slender frame and modest but very feminine and pretty curves. She wears skirts almost exclusively, school uniform or not, and loves to accompany them with thigh-highs, especially in colder weather. She keeps all her body hair shaved almost obsessively, as she thinks it's disgusting and unladylike.

Sexual Preferences: Mai is bisexual, although sexually quite inexperienced. Her only sexual experiences so far have been fooling around with some female friends, which she thought was fun enough, but nothing special - she doesn't consider herself to be a very sexual person. In reality, that's far from the truth: Mai just hasn't had the chance to find out her true fetish yet. In a stark contrast to her assertive personality and natural leadership qualities, sexually she's extremely submissive, bordering sexual masochism at times. Pure vanilla sex or having to be the more dominant partner doesn't do much for Mai, but being dominated, tied up, or even forcefully taken, sexually tormented, or publicly humiliated would make her go crazy.

Personality: Coming from a wealthy family and having had a good upbringing, Mai is always (or whenever needed) elegant, kind, soft-spoken and well-mannered. She seems to always be in a good mood and loves being around people.

However, Mai is actually an extremely excitable girl. She considers anyone she meets to instantly be her new best friend, to the point where some more introverted people will be annoyed by how pushy and intrusive Mai can be. Mai loves exploring new things and new places, going on "adventures" as she likes to call them - and generally tends to pull others around her with her. Mai's excitement is contagious, and being with her is always a lot of fun, even if her crazy ideas were sometimes anything but safe.

All throughout junior high, Mai was a unique headache to her teachers. In front of her teachers she was the perfect model student with perfect manners and good grades, yet she was constantly in trouble as well: her adventures often took her and her friends to break school rules or etiquette, or took her explore places that were off-limits for students, or both. But whenever she was confronted or punished for her misdemeanors, she was again like another person. It was hard to believe that one could be the delinquent troublemaker and the elegant top student at the same time.

In Mai's mind, she was getting the best of both worlds: she was acing her studies and wasn't letting her family down, but she was also having a ton of fun, and making her friends have a ton of fun as well. Perhaps she learned to think that with a pretty face and a kind smile she could get away with anything at all. It has seemed to work that way in the past, anyway.

In short: Mai is an outgoing, excitable girl; a natural leader, who tends to almost naturally make friends, pull others into her schemes, and get everyone (especially herself) in trouble for it, not really thinking of the consequences but assuming she can get away with anything with a wink and a nice smile.

Existing Relationships
None yet!

Online Haibane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #40 on: May 12, 2016, 03:46:30 PM »
Hi Pink Kitten. I fell in love with Mai instantly, especialy her potential to be a complete slut! I have a character called Leona who would love to meet... and exploit her.

She is accepted.

Please add your CS to the Characters listing here and drop by to say hi in the OOC.


We now have many characters and new players so recruitment is closed for now. The game will be open for IC posting soon and we may find that more characters can fit in as the IC days go on. If so, we'll reopen the recruiting thead then.

LeSane - your character is open for approval once you respond to my questions given above. He will be accepted depending on your answers but then the recruiting is closed.

Moon Hound - ditto.

Thanks all - the response has been amazing.
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Offline Pink Kitten

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #41 on: May 13, 2016, 02:09:05 AM »
Hi Pink Kitten. I fell in love with Mai instantly, especialy her potential to be a complete slut! I have a character called Leona who would love to meet... and exploit her.

Looking forward to it! ;) ...even though she maybe isn't! (Yet?)

Thank you so much for the kind words and the accept!

Offline LeSane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #42 on: May 13, 2016, 10:17:18 PM »
I changed the things required and happily await.

Online Haibane

Re: St. Arcadia Academy: Second Year (hentai school game)
« Reply #43 on: May 14, 2016, 05:28:14 AM »
Hi LeSane, thanks for the edits. He looks good now. When you put the CS in the school students thread would you please make one small change.

The sentence "he is hated by a lot of his fellow people at school" will not of course apply at St Arcadia as he isn't known there yet so making that remark refer to his middle school friends would make sense. Something like "he was hated by a lot of his fellow people at middle school." world work fine.

Please add your CS to the Characters listing here and drop by to say hi in the OOC.

Many thanks and welcome to the game!


Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in the game. We have one more player who is reactivating a character from the first iteration of the game and we are now closed to recruiting. We'll run the game for a while with the characters we have and if more openings become available I will announce it here.

Thanks all for your kind interest.
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