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May 25, 2018, 02:01:29 PM

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Author Topic: Player Looking for a Group (History/Fantasy Particularly Desired)  (Read 444 times)

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Offline SekahTopic starter


Hello all! Name's Sekah. I tend to play a plethora of characters when I join a group. I get very hands-on and involved, and love helping to further plots and enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Preferred Genre(s) or Fandom(s): Supernatural, steampunk and fantasy of any type will probably be the best bets, particularly set in historical periods or even loosey-goosey medieval/what have you. Historical roleplays are my favorites, but please, before you pitch yours, look down at what I outline in my looking for/not looking for. Fandom-based forums for any fandom at all are fine as long as they allow panfandom animation characters, or allow for the creation of original characters. Smut-based dominant/submissive roleplays I've done in the past and enjoyed well enough, so if you have an S&M/Slavery-based roleplay you want to pitch, pitch it!
Preferred Word Count: None, though a small word count (around 100, 200 at a stretch) I might be able to deal with.
Preferred Violence Content: Free-for-all
Preferred Sexual Content: Free-for-all
Preferred Level: I'm fine with any level; it's all fun to me.

Looking for: I'm not too too concerned with how long you've been open or your activity levels. As long as the admins are friendly and there's some writing I can sink my teeth into, we're good! I love to plot with everyone on a site, if possible. That's very important to me. Also, I like research and won't shy at the need for it.

Not Looking for: So here's the only things that will make me run, and I will run: if you think the only people who live in an area or lived in your representation of the past—and by association, the only characters who could possibly exist on your site—were straight white cis-men, I don't want to be on your site. I've been on enough of them. This is particularly important for history groups. There were structures of power imbalance in the world after the dawn of the 1500's that tilted strongly in European favor, a tilt that didn't reach much of continental Africa and any part of East Asia until well into the 1800's, but I've just plain read more than enough of rugged, heroic white nobles and seamen, who were all straight as an arrow. On the flip side of that coin, I'm not here to read Jane Austen. I don't particularly like Austen. Jane Austen was writing at a time and place where women were kept provincial, uneducated, and so circumscribed that she spent years writing out romantic fantasies of a dashing, handsome man falling in love with her, but was never married herself, and likely died with very little knowledge of men, in a biblical and general sense.

Sodomites, sapphic couples, slaves, press-ganged men of color; Roma, Jewish, and Muslim minorities (or majorities, in some places and times); not to mention all the people who lived in the areas the boats docked, the majority of whom were not white straight cis-men or lady daughters; if your site allows and welcomes those historical realities, I might be persuaded. And if you can play someone from anywhere, I'd particularly be interested. If your site in setting or desired characters isn't Eurocentric, sign me up right now I want to be on.

Willing to look at other groups not listed?: Yes, of course! If you think I'd fit, feel free to hit up this topic! The only thing I won't look at are groups that aren't Extreme/NC.