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January 19, 2019, 09:32:33 PM

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Author Topic: Here's Some Seasauce for You (CSoS)  (Read 1009 times)

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Offline scribus1000Topic starter

Here's Some Seasauce for You (CSoS)
« on: January 21, 2016, 10:19:51 PM »
I've been working on an arcade-themed rp in world building for the past few weeks, that involves a system, some combat, phat lootz and smutty stuff. A good summary is below, but the very short and brief gist is this: The RP is set in a non-descript future where video gaming has gone into virtual-reality. These games have also been given the Rule 34 treatment, so now there are full-fledged VR games out there dedicated to showing the player a good time.

This is one such concept.

Genre/Setting: Sci-Fi setting, Virtual Reality (Fantasy)

Inspirations: A lot, plus roguelikes in general (Like Spelunky). Based on and inspired by a similar RPG on another site named "The Labyrinth". Also inspired by Corruption of Champions and monsters (and the monster-girl counterpart) in general.


'In the not-too-distant future, technology has taken leaps and bounds as opposed to the little steps it's been used to for the past few decades. However, with such technology, there is still the golden rule that ways to pervert it can and usually are found, much to the pleasure of those without inhibitions. Virtual-reality tech can interface with the human mind and drop a living person right into the center of the action. With all five senses fully engaged, the player can explore vast, brand new, carefully crafted worlds or create their own.'

You attach the few electrodes needed for the console to your temples, then slide your finger across the touchscreen of your VR console, flicking through the options until you find the game that you want to play. When the logo for the game "CSoS" appears next on the screen, you tap "play" and lie down on your bed, smirking with the knowledge that a game like this can get...messy.

Messy is what you were looking for.

Your vision fades, then shifts, as your bedroom morphs into something else entirely as the console goes to work...

You patiently wait as the introduction sequence and opening credits begin, the text appearing dynamically with the forested landscape before you. Only you can see and read this as you tread a long-worn and dusty path:

'The evil that trails from one of the Kingdom's old temples is growing out of control; abandoned by society and seen as a hazard, an ancient threat lurks beneath the surface that is spreading deep veins of corruption across the land. Nothing is safe, and the Sanctuary's surroundings bear the worst signs of all about what is coming. In this dead zone, trees cling to life with withered, twisted branches and scarce wrinkled leaves. The fauna are absent, and have been for quite some time as not a single bird's chirping outcry can be heard; grass and even weeds are thin, greyish and stringy, crackling under the tread of boots. It is as if the Sanctuary drains life itself from its surroundings; and even light, pure as it is, even in hand as a lit torch, dims unnaturally. The rumors are rumors no more: one of mankind's greatest threats has returned. And it must be stopped at any cost.

But can you do that, hero? Will you? The temple will do more than merely test your skills and might. Even your sanity and resilience against such sinful power will be questioned. Thousands of adventurers before you have tried and met terrible ends. The few that have escaped remain "tainted", altered by the temple's influence forever. Perhaps you will succeed where they have failed. Perhaps you can find the grand treasures hoarded by the creator of this domain and get out alive. Perhaps you could even be the one to defeat it, and purge the evil from this world.

Or like many, many others, you can succumb to it, surrender mind, body and soul in the throes of numbing pleasure, and join the innumerable Legions of the fallen.'

As you travel to your destination, you crest a steep hill, and you can see the next line of text floating along the broad side of the Sanctuary's north wall.

_____Welcome, to the Corrupted Sanctuary of Sin._____

'Walk down to the north gate, and close it behind you to begin.'

The entire content of the game is located here. It's fairly detailed, however.

As far as why I posted this here, my concerns for it are fairly simple. Do features seem feasible? Are sections cluttered and/or not explaining things clearly? Basically I ask, if you have the time and the interest, to leave some comments here about it.