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July 21, 2017, 07:55:11 AM
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Author Topic: Starpoint Horizon "A sci-fi survival horror" - Closed!  (Read 357 times)

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Starpoint Horizon "A sci-fi survival horror" - Closed!
« on: October 19, 2015, 05:48:29 PM »
GMS: Blissy. Supporting GM: November Bleeds. Please contact us for any further questions.

Welcome to Starpoint Horizon!

“May the horizon of our newest discoveries and horrible mistakes burn like the brightest star we have ever seen”


So what's our aim with this little game? To establish yet another survival horror experience. This particular experience deals with the science fiction genre in whole and the many reaches of horror that it has been known to obtain. The game will persist of various kinds of “fear” and “evils” and is not entirely bound to one primary source of origin that can be easily explained. We wanted to keep this game open and vast to the possibilities of others. Different people like different experiences and themes within the science fiction horror genre and with this game we are trying to cover as many of those themes as we possibly can. We want your characters to be interesting and immerse and feel very different from one another. Our focus with characterization lies highly in the field of “job roles one may find on a space station”. Some of these roles are more customary and familiar while there are a few unique roles as well. Each role will be fit and balanced with a points system, that will allow you to make an interesting and unique character that is both strong in certain fields and weaker in others. The purpose behind this system is to make our characters believable with who it is they are. There will be further explanation of this in the character sheet section.

Your characters goals in the role-play will to be to survive, explore, investigate and escape the ship before it “maybe” to late. The role-play would begin with your character being woken up from cryogenic sleep.. your characters memories erased, with nothing more then there names given to them. Aside from the side effects of cryogenic sleep, your character would bare a single electronic bracelet that cannot be removed. My character (Blissy) would then enter and then activate your characters bracelet and your role would then be remembered by your character.


There is a station on the outer reaches of space. This station can be found outside the reach of our own galaxy and on the edge of another. This space station is known as the “Starpoint Horizon ”. At first the space station was a place of evolutionary science and technology, a real marvel into a step forward into the future. The station was rumored to house all kinds of wonderful researched phenomenons, things that our earth couldn't even begin to know nor understand. Only those who were fortunate enough were sent to work on the station, or so we've been told. In truth the station itself is mostly made up of residences who had no choice being there and were brought there under anything but the premise of freewill..

For the Starpoint Horizon has been known to carry many secrets, there hardly seems to be enough answers to parallel them..

Up until a month ago, the space station was booming with life. Things couldn't have been any better as the station had been making a number of apparent breakthroughs with the extent of ti's research and exploration. It was a time of success and populace, the space station had never been this successful. It was was time to send earth a sample of some of things they had uncovered.. Up until the entire starpoint fell silent one day later..

The last transmission sent to earth from the space port was one of phenomenal success and discovery and then just silence took over the station. It's been one month since earth has made contact with the space station and it's also been one long grim month of mysteries that followed with the space stations sudden silence. Earth hasn't been able to make contact with the space station and will not sent any teams out to investigate the situation until they've managed to make a connection with the space station. Earth is far far away and they cannot help you..

No one quite knows what happened upon the once high rise space bound structure of wonder, but then again nobody quite knows what's going on in the space station today.. Except the likes of nine very different associates of the now desolate space station.

Star Log
(Everything you need to know leading up to the beginning of the role-play.. Written by: Korbin Thompson..)
The Star Log (Recent)
Year:: 2758
-”A Monday. Starpoint horizon received another large shipment of supplies from the earth resource team. Supplies included everything needed to keep the station running fit and well for the next five years. Its going to get crowded down in the cargo bay if they don't organize those new supplies properly. I know we got a lot of new comers coming in but, this is a lot of supplies.. I thought my group was going soon? Free to go? Maybe not. Ah well, I got to speak with command about this..”

-”A Tuesday. Starpoint horizon received a handful shipment of new recruits. Each of which were recently fit with their roles on the station. Training processes have been smooth and simplistic, advanced training will presume sometime next week.. Never did like the way things worked around here. Training is slow and the new recruits are always a handful. Noisy bunch these ones are. Whatever, they're suppose to be my replacements so who cares right? Bunch of underachievers I think.

-”A Wednesday. The “research” team received their first phenomenal breakthrough. The contents of this report have been kept confidential until allowed by the chancellor in the research division. Just more stuff I need to log, but don't really care about.. This job sucks. Can't I go home soon? Jesus!”

-”A Thursday. The station seems lively, things are going well and the division responsible for technology development has apparently been experimenting with a form of new technology that they believe will bring a breakthrough within a short time. Everyone's got secrets, but meh, I got a bud or two. Its nice to have someone to spread rubbish with when you feel left in the dark about mostly everything outside your field on this metal hunk of “wonder”..””

-”A Friday. That damn A.I “S.I.N.C” that monitors the station has been acting up again.. Power to the station was lost for several hours, but quickly restored. Everyone was a little rattled up, but things are going well again. Never did like computers, never understood the ones that could think like that, weirds me out a whole lot.. But who cares, accidents happen right? Thank god for engineering.”

-”A Saturday. The exploration teams that go outside the ship have been talking about some amazing archaeological discovery. They've disclosed what it is and refuse to tell us what is going on out there.. I am going to keep on trying to figure out what's so damn special about it anyway..”

-”A Sunday. Since that oh so grand discovery the other day, things have been getting a little weird around here. People that normally talk about things just started shutting up. I don't know what's got into everybody, but it's like were not allowed to be curious around here. Not like we choose to be here in the first place. Whatever, I'll just try not to let it bother me.”

-”A Monday. It's like people are disappearing around here.. The halls are getting less crowded and people aren't all in each others way anymore. It's a bit weird. Everyone’s been hush hush about everything, so it's been tough to find a source of explanation. I swear the station was twice as populated just the other day..”

-”A Tuesday. I have no idea what's going on.. This is insane. Just the other day things were quiet but now.. Im hiding in a damn vent. I don't want to go out there again. God knows what-.......!”

-”A Wednesday. Maybe I was dreaming? I can't remember a damn thing... All of last week is blank. I checked my PDA to refer back to everything I logged and I don't remember writing any of this. My head feels heavy and my body weak, like I haven't slept in days.. Im just going to curl up here and sleep for a bit.. I'll finish this log later..

-”A Thrusday...... The door is shut...”

-End of logs..

I can and will expand on these logs if the role-play gathers enough attention. I understand these sort of logs of information generate a sense of immersion and that is key when forming group plots. If this is something players want to see more of, I may expand it upon request once all game roles are filled.

How will the pace of the role-play move forward?
A big question that might come up for anyone who may recognize my name among these group interest check forums. I do in fact run another game that runs in a simliar genre as Starpoint Horizon. That particular game known as “Deadwood”, took off to speed faster then I expected. It's been a load to deal with, but myself and my lovely partner and supporting GM “November Bleeds”, have finally found a good pacing for that role-play in particular. Some of you might be wondering if this will be anything like Deadwood. I suspect it may very well be, though with a slightly more laid back focus and pacing to it. There is no post limit per say and the game itself is half the size of my other game. I would like “Starpoint Horizon” to be kept up to speed, but have no where near the same expectations of it then I do for Deadwood. Please do not feel pressured to post and contribute to the role-play. Each and every post you make and question you ask will be respected and valued as much as the next. If this role-play proceeds slowly then so be it, whatever works best for the players and the pace they'd like to aim for and achieve!

Roleplay pacing will be a bit different. While this is an “interactive story” so to speak, it is also a role-play that is consistent of various writers that will be coming together to create an interesting and unique story. I will be moving the story forward along with my character and through the usage of ambiance and monsters that your characters will see along the way. I do not have an exact expected outcome for the role-play and the course of the role-play will depend entirely on the players within. I do however have a bit of a outline that I'd be looking to reach. You will be able to explore the ship at your own leisure, but certain restrictions will be thrown in place temporarily. This provides the ability to play with sandbox conventions and customs, while maintaining a moving story where players aren't roaming and find themselves stuck at dead ends. It will be my job to move the story forward. We will start off slow and gradually work our way into the feel of the roleplay at whatever pace is most comfortable for everyone else.

Pacing flow will be entirely dependent on players. There is a story to be told here and secrets to be unfolded. Upon beginning the role-play the eight characters will only be given access to three rooms. These rooms will serve as your starting area to role-play within. Further rooms can be unlocked, but will be inaccessible until their point of entry is discovered. Some doors may not just simply open and others may be blocked off or broken, alternative means of entry must be found. Finding alternative doors to new rooms and expanding the knowledge of the characters is entirely in players hands. I as a GM will drop hints and clues.

What Roles Were Looking For

- ?.?.?.?.?.? – Played by: Blissy [Taken!]
- Security Officer – Played by: Writersblockade [Taken!]
- Researcher - Played by: Rachubka [Taken]
- Citizen [Reserved]
- Engineer – Played by: Dashou [Taken!]
- Janitor/Handy-woman – Played by: Keidance [Taken!]
- Medic/Doctor – Played by: November Bleeds [Taken!]
- Pathfinder  – Played by: Fetwick [Taken!]
- Scraper – Played by: Bekah Boo [Taken!]
- The other role (Still a work in progress. Role is unknown currently.)

Points System

19 points to spread out through the six categories below! As mentioned above, this system exists within your character profile to provide a sense of strength and weakness to them. This MUST be applied to the end of your characters profile upon posting your application on the interest check thread. If there is any confusion regarding this system, please do not hesitate to ask myself how this would work through PM or on thread.

Small and important things for you to know while forming your character using the points system.
- You may only have a single “5” in one category. This exists to keep your character from expanding the foundations of their role aboard the station.
- Any “5's”, will grant your character a 15% bonus to the usage of that skill. An example would be: (Your character may be confronted by a heavy object that blocks their way. They are being pursued by a form of danger. The object is heavy and would be very difficult to move alone if confronted by anyone below a level 5 strength category. Your character is strong with this particular strength. A 15% movement speed of the object moving would be thrown into passive effect)
-Each player with a “5” will be given a very moderate passive ability or perk effect. For example “The Medic does a better job tending to wounds then a self patch up would suffice” or “The Scraper can spot worth in junk that others could not. There-by making themselves make shift items to benefit themselves or the group”. Your ability/perk, will be given to you have claimed the role and formulated your characters strengths and weaknesses.

Strength / Power (Hands on capability. Ability to carry weight or use physical force):
Will / Endurance (Your characters ability to motivate themselves. To do things. To take pain):
Performance (Ability to perform at said role of expertise) :
Agility / Stamina (How nimble is your character? Can they pace themselves while on the move?) :
Combat / Weaponry (This factors melee and weaponry, balance them out) :
Intelligence (This isn't common sense. Everyone has that. This is your characters ability to really think. Solve puzzles) :

Example of acceptable points profile:

Strength / Power: 1
Will / Endurance: 4
Performance: 5
Agility / Dexterity: 3
Combat / Weaponry: 2
Intelligence: 4

System & Choices
(Copied from Deadwood almost exactly..)
Our system here is pretty simple, but further explanation can be found on it in the Q&A section below. We will be working off a free form system, one where you have the freedom to make your own choices and see the outcomes at your own discretion. It's a bit outside the norms of general freeform, but for the most part it's relevantly simple. We've experienced with this system in another on going group role-play and it's been getting really good results and responses. We'd like to bring it to this role-play as well! Further explanation on prompts will be given below.

Below is a quote from our Q&A section to further explain why we have chosen a free form system.

Freeform. There will be only partial dice usage. We trust in our players that they will be able to make reasonable choices through writing. That being said, as a player you are more than welcome to use dice or flip a coin to choose whether or not your character will go with A or B. The GM's will ONLY use dice to determine the fate of a character if they find themselves in a “Critical Phase”. A critical phase is the event that a player character has basically cornered themselves for death or serious injury. You will always be given at least TWO red prompts prior to a “Critical Phase”. We will always try to give you a way out! If you choose to persist with your attempts to tackle danger head on, then once you've entered the “Critical Phase” your characters fate will be left up to probability.

The Critical Phase dice system is simple. A random roll from one to a hundred will take place. You will be shown this roll (how this can be done can always be discussed through whatever makes players feel most comfortable). If a player receives a role below 50, your character will die while in the critical phase experience. If your character rolls above a 50 then they will be spared! The numbers in between determine the graphic nature of your characters either undoing or valiant attempt to cheat death. You will not escape unscathed!

May this system only ever be used to resolve immense conflicts. This is not how all character fatalities will be handled. This system exists give players who aren't as open to a freeform experience a real chance to leave their characters decision up to fate.

Please note that this role-play is run by myself and my on and off site partner November Bleeds . No one decision is ever made solely by one GM here and we will always discuss larger scale outcomes on a shared agreement. We will always go into depths before coming to any sudden conclusions. We consider your choices as they will make and break your character.

The choices you make will ultimately decide the fate of your character. Choose wisely! Here's an example of how choices may work from our Q&A!

Q: What types of choices will our characters get?

A: I'll leave you with an example. Say YC is walking on ice and the GM's explain the ice is very slippery. Is your character going to fall? Are they going to slip but attempt catch themselves? That is your decision to make for your character. Cause and Effect.


What are prompts? How do we use them?

You may find more on this in the second post of this thread. November Bleeds will post further information on how our system works with prompts.

The Weapon Rule

How we deal with weapons here.
Over time or depending on a certain scenario we may provide a means of blatant combat as a means of decision. In these events your characters may find weapons and due to this, a rule has been put into place. If the weapon is something of low tier defence ex: a pipe or wrench than there is no requirement to use said weapon. The only factors of your characters ability to use a melee weapon would reflect their strength. Some people will hit harder then others and be more taught in means of self defence, depending on how you scale your character. However if the weapon is say a handgun you should take into account your characters familiarity with fire arms as a whole. Not every character in this role-play may have even shot a fire arm up until that deciding moment and that is to be considered. Pulling the trigger may result in a less expected result, perhaps the gun will fire off target or perhaps jam all together. Please be considerate of your characters strengths and weaknesses when approaching combat as a means of self defence. It may prove to be a strong form of resistance against a threat, but also does not come without knowledge.

If your character is passing an obvious weapon (knife, gun); please write it in the colour red. Guns are dangerous, so we like to see them highlight in red within posts. All characters must write what items they have on hand at the top of each post (total: 3). If your character is receiving a weapon and their inventory is already full, your character may accept within reasonable means. For example, if the gun has a strap, if your character has a backpack or if your character can drop an item in its place or exchange the item at hand for another; go for it. If you are ever uncertain, contact a GM.

09/06/15: The Durability System
We and November did some talking about how we pictured a lot of the hands on combat to look like in the role-play and naturally we decided we should add some form of durability to the equation. This addition to combat would add a certain element of suspense and possibility that may have further impact on a characters final decision, while in a hostile situation. We want to keep the durability system as simple as possible and so were only adding three differing levels of strength to each and every weapon that may find itself in the role-play.

In the event that your character finds something that could obviously be used as a weapon you gain the ability to give it a efficiency, based on where and how its obtained. For example you wouldn't find a "Strong pipe in a scrap pile (unless your the scraper and have a special eye for these things). Be literal and reasonable with your findings. We have no problem with characters getting their hands on a basic means of defence, but we also don't want that concept to become a power trip for any character in the role-play. In short, please no "unbreakable" weapons. Guns and fire arms will work in the same light, only the durability of weapons will focus more so on ammunition count and the counting of shots. You must also factor noise and rate of fire into gun play, due to this being a science fiction role-play. If you fire off a gun down a corridor without a sound suppression to it, you may alert all matter of terrible things down upon yourself. Be smart, be careful. No unlimited weapons. Also with guns we've taken the matter into the hands of the GM's and will be deciding the outcome of the shots effect (based on your characters profile!). There is a section that moderates a characters ability to perform with a gun. We'd mostly be looking to make the usage of a fire arm more of a balanced means of resolve. There is very much the possibility that if a character abuses their exposure to a fire arm, we may cause the gun to jam. In the event this happens, a character will always be given a second option. Also please consider the weight of your weapon. Sometimes with durability comes strain and a character may be forced to discard a weapon in a literal sense.

Durability System

*Durable: - Performs well, has a lower chance at breaking or failing. (Very few strong weapons will exist in the role-play and their usage will be heavily moderated)
*Fair: - Performs moderately, has a fifty fifty chance at succeeding.
*Fragile: - Performs poorly, has a lower end chance at succeeding and can break easily.

Other Rules

[Aside from Elliquiy's rules, these are few of our expectations]

We are searching for players who can write 2 or more paragraphs per post

We are LGBTTQ+ Positive here. Play off any type of sexuality or identity.

Know you are getting into a survival RP. Understand that YC may or may not die during this.

Please try your best to get along with the next person. Leave the drama for RP, not OOC.

Do not move or speak for another players character without first asking them. Writing things such as “would try to...” or “would attempt to...” are acceptable. They are requesting a response from another player. Writing things such as "grabs her hand and drags her out" - are not acceptable unless you received the players permission. GM's -when necessary- are the only individuals who may physically move or harm others characters. That's not to say our characters playing alongside yours (other college students) will god-mode: no. We will follow the rules as well.

General Character Detail & Application

18+ Characters Only!

Please mail your applications to me. Once approved you can post them openly on the interest check thread! Blissy . Any further questions you may have can be directed to either of us! Feel free to post your interest here however!

Code: [Select]

[img height=300]Your image here[/img]
[b]Nicknames & Alias[/b]: [If any at all.]
[b]Astrological Star Sign[/b]: [ex: Cancer, Taurus, etc]
[b]Starting items[/b]: (Two max. Make them relevant to your character. These will be rp'd in within their first posts. These items will be found in front of your character upon awaking from cryogenic sleep)
[b]Personality Traits[/b]: [Three key traits please]
[b]Hobbies & Interest[/b]: [Help further define your character, what makes them who they are? Optional.]
[b]Pet peeves[/b]:
[b]Habits & Mannerisms[/b]: [Little things that define your character physically or mental. Ex: Biting your nails, negative thinking, quick to assumptions.]
[b]Pessimistic or Optimistic[/b]:
[b]Morality[/b]: [Is your character good or evil by nature? See above character application.]

Strengths & Weaknesses [Points system]
[b]19 Points Only! Spend wisely.[/b]

Strength / Power (Hands on capability. Ability to carry weight or use physical force) : [1-5]
Will / Endurance (Your characters ability to motivate themselves. To do things. To take pain) : [1-5]
Performance (Ability to perform at said role of expertise) : [1-5]
Agility / Stamina (How nimble is your character? Can they pace themselves while on the move?) : [1-5]
Combat / Weaponry (This factors melee and weaponry, balance them out) : [1-5]
Intelligence (This isn't common sense. Everyone has that. This is your characters ability to really think. Solve puzzles) : [1-5]

[b]Distinguishing Figures[/b]: [Besides their photo, what else defines them?]


[b]Writing Prompt Of Your Character[/b]: [We ask for a two paragraphs minimum. Example of your character in role-play format doing anything at all. You can choose to define their personality with this, working on a hobby, yelling at somebody, anything.]


[b]!Disclaimer! By filling this character template out you are giving consent to take part in a role-play where your character will not always win. You accept this and the consequences that come with your characters actions and decision. No one character in this role-play is immune to death. Please provide your E-RP username at the end of your application with the words “Sincerely”.[/b]

Please note:: We are working hard to get everything out officially. We are almost there!

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Offline BlissyTopic starter

”The three prime evils”
(These are the three primal forces that make the Starpoint Horizon the danger that it has become to our eight survivors)

The "Machina"

- The “Machina” is a name of a race of cyber terrors that haunt the halls. The title will be given to the eight characters in the role-play by my own at the very beginning. They are a collective assortment of various “cybernetic horrors”. They are some of the first threats our characters will be encountering. The “Machina” are all controlled by a single source, the artificial intelligence that has gone rogue and controls the station. The Machina were human made experiments that the A.I “S.I.N.C” hijacked and took control of. S.I.N.C has managed to take control over their protocol codes and released them throughout the halls for various purposes. The Machina are drones to S.I.N.C and will fulfill any of her wishes upon simple command. The Machina are dangerous and relentless. Mindless shells of their former living selves. Beware of their presence..

The "Parasite"

- The “Parasite” is a name of species that was given to an assortment of strange alien like creatures containing parasitic values and traits. They are not from this world and relate to a report that may be found later on during the middle of the game. I will be disclosing further information regarding them at this point, so as not to spoil further details ahead of time. As the game paces forward more about this species will be unlocked. Clues will be given out about them prior to their first encounter.

The "Anomalies"

- Rumors.. thats all they are right? For now anyway..

Offline BlissyTopic starter

[ Reserved ]

Offline November Bleeds

Hey there everyone. I am the second GM in command. Assisting majorly with the prompt system as well as playing a character of my own!


Here it is, the full explanation of how the prompts will work throughout the role-play. Prompts will come in three different forms.

Red Prompts
Red Prompt

Relates to danger.  Only usable by GM's or Monsters.
Players may only use red when they are responding to a GM or Monster's prompt with their choices whether or not they choose either option.
Characters passing weapons must please write weapon exchange sentence in red. If YC is giving a weapon away; please ensure we know.

Red Prompts are immediate, they need to be responded to and cannot be avoided. They have a heavy impact on a characters fate.

Example of an Red Prompt:

The way is shut. Korbin cannot get out. There is something coming on the other side of the door. It wants in. The metal of the door can only hold whatever it is for so long, until..

Korbin needs to act fast. He's seen what those things can do out there and he doesn't want to be caught. Korbin has trapped himself in a small room with very few means of escape. There is a window, though if Korbin looks through it he will see that the opposite room across him is black. It is impossible to tell what might be on the other side..

There is also a ventilation shaft nearby. Perhaps Korbin could open the ventilation shaft and use it as a means of escape? God knows how long it's been since someone has been stuck in the vents. The vents are also dark, though much more narrow and confined then the large size of the window in the room..

Does Korbin...

A. Decide it's wise of him to try and break the window down? Large open spaces may provide an advantage, even if it's dark on the other side..


B. Decide that smashing a window and causing a commotion is not worth the risk. Instead he deems the ventilation system a more sensible approach. It's confined in there, it's not like whatever is chasing him could get in right?

The actions of a red prompt do not take control of the character in question, but put them in an unavoidable predicament. A player given a red prompt must provide either an “A” or “B” answer, or confront a GM for an alternative. Players respond with their choices in ''red".

Orange Prompt
Orange Prompt

Relates to important character relations that are mostly socially impacting. Any character/player can use these.

Orange Prompts can impact a characters long term relationships with other characters, given the circumstances of the prompt. In a sense this has to do with direct allegiances and relations and can alter the status of other characters opinions or feelings regarding your character based on your answer or statement.
More or less: If your character feels this question is important to them, ask it!
Example of an Orange Prompt:

Korbin felt uneasy with all the rumors he had been hearing since his awakening. Things seemed to be all out of control and already he was quickly feeling unsettled. He didn't know how he was taking the reality of everything partaking around him. Half the group wanted to try and get through all that debris plastered to the wall down the central corridor and the other half wanted to find an alternative means of getting the hell out of mess hall. Korbin didn't like being trapped. It made him feel edgy. The situation looked bad until Millers stepped up. Millers told him everything was going to be okay and Korbin really appreciated that.

“Do you think Frank is really going to come back for us? It feels like we've been stuck here for three days.. Do you really trust that he'll pull through?”

Any player character can use an orange prompt at their own discretion. Orange prompts can be used to boldly strengthen or weaken relationships. They are questions spoken purely out of appropriate concern for the situation, whatever that may be. They may bear a certain element of risk or favor to them in being spoken but can also vastly prove to increase a characters knowledge of others around them.

Brown Prompt
Brown Prompt

Relates to a physical involvement. Any character/player can use these.

Payers should only be use brown if they are doing something very important. Moving somebody, picking a character up, anything you feel is necessary as 'important' to your character.

Example of Brown Prompts

1. Peeling the bandage free, she gently pressed the pad against the cut, before coiling the adhesive sides around the affected digit.
2. Tried to help ____ to their feet, reaching  a brave hand forward.

3. Attempting to push her against the wall.

Basic Explanation (TLDR or need to revise!):

GM & Monster Prompts.
Characters responding to prompts. (Just colour the sentence in red)
Character weapon exchange. (From one character to the next)

Socially impacting questions related to YC.
Alliance or Dissension.

Important physical moves your character makes that may be important to the story.

Q & A's

Q: What type of system are we using?
A: Freeform. There will be only partial dice usage. We trust in our players that they will be able to make reasonable choices through writing. That being said, as a player you are more than welcome to use dice or flip a coin to choose whether or not your character will go with A or B. The GM's will ONLY use dice to determine the fate of a character if they find themselves in a “Critical Phase”. A critical phase is the event that a player character has basically cornered themselves for death or serious injury. You will always be given at least TWO red prompts prior to a “Critical Phase”. We will always try to give you a way out! If you choose to persist with your attempts to tackle danger head on, then once you've entered the “Critical Phase” your characters fate will be left up to probability. More on the “Critical Phase” can be found above.

Q: What types of choices will our characters get to make?
A: I'll leave you with an example. Say YC is given a prompt that has them spot a fire arm, but there's a monster or threat lingering about. Is your character going to chance going for the gun? Are they going to throw themselves in risk or just try to sneak away? That is your decision to make for your character. Cause and Effect.

Q: How do I know if my character is in serious danger? When should I be worried about them?
A: Beware of “RED PROMPTS”

Q: Is my character going to die?
A: Maybe. But going into this RP you will have to understand that 'anything' is possible. Signing up as a player, no you are not expected to just die in the first few posts. “Survival” RP. Anything can happen!

Q: How does my character make good decisions?
A: Well, what is a good decision? This is the Butterfly Effect. Whether your character chooses to eat banana's, some toast or not to eat at all can determine their future.

Q: What is a bad decision?
A: See Above.

Q: Can my character kill another character?
A: With the other players permission; yes.

Q: If my character dies, can I bring in another character?
A: No, try to make the best out of the current character you are playing. We are denying this to maintain a sense of immersion. If tossing a characters life aside is unimportant the sake of immersion is not met.

Q: It's been a while into the game and I no longer want to play, what do I do?
A: Contact a GM and let them/us know. We will either kill off your character, cause them to disappear or leave entirely. You may also make an exit post if you wish.

Q: If I no longer like my character, what can I do?
A: Discuss that with a GM and see what we can do about it! If it's early into the game, it's probably a lot easier.

Q: Can I have multiple characters?
A: No only one.

Q: Can GM characters die?
A: Yes! Whether they are our own characters playing along side yours or GM situations with NPC's.

Q: How often am I expected to post?
A: We'd like to hear from you within the span of '3 days' if possible. If there is a delay, please let us know as soon as you can.

Q: How often do GM's post?
A: As a GM role, we post when necessary (as GMs). As our characters that we're playing; constantly. As individuals on the forum, we are here regularly.

Q: Can I play monsters?
A: No. All monsters are GM driven for the sake of the game. You may request suggestions for monster encounters prompts and we will happily try to incorporate them. Ideas for potential threats may also be suggested.

Q: How will the story take off?
A: It will be a slow arch focused on building up atmosphere. Like any horror game or movie, it gives brief background story and character development and you get to see and understand how everything and each character work. Horror is all around you, please keep this in mind. Choose your actions carefully.

Q: Does my character have to make a choice?
A: No. Your character never HAS to make a choice at all. Just because you are given “A” or “B” doesn't mean you have to choose either of them in your post. For example; John Doe could “Run away” instead of hiding or blocking the door. If the option is applicable.

Q: Can another player choose or interfere with a prompt?
A: No. A player cannot interfere with a prompt. If we are tagging “John Doe” and “Millers” is around, he cannot interfere with John's prompt and choose for him- but she can follow him and assist him. If he chooses to “run away” - she can run with him. Or if he decides to block the door- she can help him; as long as she is not preoccupied.

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Re: Starpoint Horizon "A sci-fi survival horror" - Interest Check!
« Reply #4 on: October 19, 2015, 07:31:53 PM »
I will likely be opening this to a ninth role to accommodate one more player!

Further news on this role will be posted ASAP!

Please don't be discouraged by taken roles!

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Re: Starpoint Horizon "A sci-fi survival horror" - Interest Check!
« Reply #5 on: October 20, 2015, 03:01:49 AM »
So I guess this thing is cast nearly completely?

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Re: Starpoint Horizon "A sci-fi survival horror" - Interest Check!
« Reply #6 on: October 20, 2015, 02:03:25 PM »
As of last night we had three roles open but they were all taken in PM's soon after posting this.
Our apologies!
We were hoping to figure a last role but we did want to keep the game small.