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Author Topic: Game of Thrones (F looking for M)  (Read 1762 times)

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Game of Thrones (F looking for M)
« on: July 09, 2015, 09:20:37 PM »
Hi! Thanks for taking a glimpse at my request thread. As usual, please do help yourself to some cookies and tea before we get on to business!  ;D

So, I'm craving a good GOT story. It can feature both OCs and canon characters, but mostly CCs. I do have a few ideas, all of them alternative universe concepts. If anyone is tempted by them, please do send me a PM, don't post in this thread. If anyone has any other pairings (F/M please!... Maybe F/F, but I'd have to be tempted into a fun pairing) or ideas for a good GOT rpg, I'd love to hear them as well.

Daenerys-Jon Snow/Robb Stark

What if Daenerys and Viserys were caught before they met Drogo? What if Ned Stark, in his impossibly honorable ways, spoke in their behalf and managed to convince Robert to have them (either both of them or just Daenerys, being able to save just her, being unable to pass the Targaryen last name onto her children and being younger) remain hostage and ward, much like Theon Greyjoy?

With Daenerys living in Winterfell, a relationship with one of the Starks men (either Jon or Robb... or both?) would be possible, and in my mind at least, quite interesting to taste. It can be either quite vanilla or a darker kind of story, with Daenerys not being quite welcomed in Winterfel by the brothers. It's up to discussion.

Another option could feature a similar begining than the previous idea (Daenerys being caught), but instead of sending her to Winterfel or executing her, instead they decide to punish her for life, sent to the Wall to act as a indentured servant.
This opens different possibilities for a story, since running away and falling in love are prohibited for any man sworn into the Night's Watch, so the emotions Jon and her would develop should be kept a secret.
They may try to escape the wall and begin a new life far from Westeros (since coming back would mean facing death). Alternatively, she might might try and convince Jon to run away with her and cross the sea, recover her army and dragons and come back to Westeros to take the Iron Throne, promising to protect his family of any harm.
She might even be sent to the Wall with her dragons (or one of them, having the rest of them go into hiding) with her, as their captors might figure they will never be more then measly little things  for the last recorded dragons got no bigger than that.

Since the latest season of Game of Thrones finally had Daenerys and Jon meet, I'd also be happy to continue on that same storyline and imagine what comes next, or modify it to the extent needed to create our own version of it

I'm particularly interested in a rpg with Jon Snow with another pairings other than Daenerys. A wilding (both OC or Ygritte) would be a lovely choice, for instance, particularly a story set in the most recent seasons, I quite fancy the way Jon has developed as a character. I'm quite open to other options, though.

Tyrion Lannister and...?

I'm open to discussing possibilities, to be honest. Maybe an OC? Maybe Margaery Tyrell? Before the whole of the 7 kingdoms started fighting each other and all hell broke loose, marrying into the Lannister family might have been a good political move, specially to the future king's uncle and heir to the family's fortune.
Sansa Stark might work as well,  following the original timeline up until their marriage, a romance growing between the two of them instead of the mild friendship they seemed to be engaged in. I am currently engaged in rpgs featuring one of these pairings, but I'm still very much interested in another rpg featuring Tyrion Lannister.

Daenerys Targaryen-Khal Drogo: Both at the begining of their relationship and in an AU where he doesn't die. What if he was still alive, and he aided Daenerys in her campaign to take over the Free cities and free the slaves, before finally travelling to Westeros? How would their relationship have continued to grow?

Daenerys Targaryen- Jorah Mormont: What can I say? I fancy handsome older gentlemen. The impossible romance. I am well aware it's a complicated rpg, since after the initial tension is gone and they indeed begin a relationship, there would be little left to do, but I am certain other conflicts can be found to keep the game going.

Sansa Stark-Theon Greyjoy: After she escapes with him, what if they didn't part ways? What if they remained together and didn't find Jon quite so quickly? Of course the torture Ramsay inflicted on him would be a bit less harsh than in was both in the books and the shows to make this pairing possible. Sansa slowly bringing Theon back to his former self as they escape together, as she continues to grow in confidence, perhaps even convincing him to eventually return and take vengance over the man who hurt them both so. Perhaps even returning with an army of their own, after reuniting with Jon or dealing with Petyr Baelish.

Sansa Stark-Ramsay Bolton: Yes. It's twisted, it's dark, it's wrong, and yet I find myself craving this. It could be simply a dark story, albeit a short one. I am far more tempted to imagine and AU where Ramsay isn't the complete moster he is in the show. A man who had inhereted his father's cruelty and grown to resent the world so fiercely his heart hardened. Would Sansa be capable of softeninig his heart enough to make him human again? A very... twisted human, but then again not an irredeamable monster, a man capable of his own version of love.

Sansa Stark-Petyr Baelish: Petyr's obsession with Sansa (and her mother, as well), has always been oddly fascinating to me. Another kind of twisted romance, a desire to possess rather than love, to control with manipulation and through the need of a young, vulnerable young woman. Such a story can go a number of different ways, from Sansa being corrupted to a more pure love growing from the seeds of obsession which have been festering in Petyr's soul ever since he was refused by the Tully.

Daario Naharis-OC:
I have been craving a rpg between Daario and a female warrior. A woman who refuses to believe only men can engage in war and battle, and tries to find her way into both of them, perhaps even attempting to find employment in the seconds sons, or for some reason finding herrself in a struggle against Daario (She could also be a spy or a mercenary, having been sent to steal something which was either in his possession or under his protection) and thought he could have easily ended her life right then and there, he's impressed by the potential she showed.
I think that's mostly the kind of woman who'd manage to catch Daario's eye other than Daenerys, a strong willed and strong woman.

Daenerys Targaryen-Daario Naharis: "Her love for Daario is poison. A slower poison than the locusts, but in the end as deadly.". A passionate, unwise romance, as Daenerys continues her campaign to free the slaves, as she continues to grow more confident and powerful, along side with a ruthless killer who is truly devoted to her.

Oberyn Martell-Margaery Tyrell or Sansa Stark:

Margaery has always seemed like a good pairing for Oberyn in my option, since she's bright, seductive and knows how to play the game, not easily intimidated by Oberyn's hedonistic ways. For that to work, she would have to put her heart in front of her brain and her desire for ultimate power, and that might very well be one of the main problems of the game. Their illicit love, which she refuses to openly admit, for as powerful as the Martel House might be, she will never be Queen by his side. Or perhaps she can push him to desire for so much more than merely vengeance.
The very timid, very impressionable Sansa Stark, is also an interesting character to play against Oberyn, thought it would mostly work as a corruption story... not so much luring her to the dark side, but to a way of love and sexuality a girl like Sansa couldn't imagine were possible. The story could take place after her engagement to Joffrey is finalized (without her marriage to Tyrion taking place), or perhaps even while she still is engaged to the king.

Margaery Tyrell and... ?

She's bright, charismatic, seductive and is adept at anything related to politics. She's the kind of woman who won't hesitate in making a man, any man, fall in love with her, or grant him what he desires, if it will give her power. She may be depicted as a woman of great ambition with a gentle heart within, or a ruthless manipulator, and many shades in between, depending on the story and the pairing.
I'd be willing to discuss possible pairings for her other than the ones mentioned here, and even OC if they fit a good storyline. Any story with Margaery will probably start either in High Garden, or more likely, King's Landing, with her trying to take advantage of the current political and social situation, whichever it might be, to ensure power for both herself and her House.
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Re: Game of Thrones (F looking for M)
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2016, 09:40:02 PM »
I'd be interested in a new GoT story, so giving this a bump

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Re: Game of Thrones (F looking for M)
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2017, 04:51:14 PM »
I'm back and craving a GoT rpg. Updated the list of requests a tiny bit as well.