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October 07, 2022, 08:33:46 am

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Author Topic: Interest Check for a Monster Academy RP (All Genders and Sexualities Welcome)  (Read 16951 times)

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Offline TwilightGeminiTopic starter

I think this is closest albeit it's without a peak. Hentai section has lot more kappa's though but their friskier pics :P.

You aren't going to find many female kappa images befitting of those qualities unless you are artistic or know someone enough for such image.

I only found four kappa images that weren't risky rated, none had beaks(ones that did look full kappa) and none really had other descriptive qualities.

Only one had webbing hands.

Another was kind of mostly human with kappa-ish hands and feet I guess, and had some type of flower on head.

Other two were, eh to me. One look like green human with flower on head and other was kappa/human-ish with shell on back.

On more relevant topic, I would advise some form of OOC section in meantime, instead of using this repetitively with banter. There is always possibility of mod coming by and policing this thread. >.>

This is the last I will be posting in here, I am still around, but I will only further comment or chat in a proper OOC area.

Thanks, Zaer and Drake, for wanting to help me out, but I do have an image I'm going to use. Just needs some finishing touches.

Also, here's the OOC thread. Apologies for not posting this earlier.

(Now off to work! See you all in like ten hours!)

Offline arthenwel

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I see no problems with the changes. The adaptability thing sounds a little interesting, too!


I think it could create some rather interesting situations with other characters.

Offline Idlewyld

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Hi, if you're still taking new students, here's my character...

Species: Cupid
Sex and/or Gender: F
Age: 19
Student or Staff Member? Student

Appearance: Desiriel sports straight shoulder-length magenta-colored hair with an almost metallic sheen. Her eye color matches her hair to the exact shade. She stands about five foot six and has a lithe frame. This leaves her a little less than curvy, but she's cute enough to turn most heads.


Desiriel likes to wear clothes that are light and frilly, as well as minimal when it comes to things like coverage. This is largely because she likes the freedom of movement and certainly needs an area from which the two large white feathered wings can extend from her back. The wings flutter and flap of their own accord, acting as an involuntary emotional indicator. Needless to say, she isn't the foremost poker player in the world. She is never without her trusty bow and arrows - the bow is made of gold and extends from her head to her knee. The arrows are arrayed in a panoply of colors, tips matching feathers, and all the arrowheads are shaped like little hearts.

Personality: There are basically two kinds of angels - overbearing virtuous types and kind, caring sorts. Desiriel (Desi to her friends) is a good example of the latter. She is a genuinely open, warm-hearted, and sweet to practically everyone she knows. She always flies about with a smile on her face and is quick to help out a friend or do a favor.

Desi is also very excitable. She constantly flits about as she talks, which can be a bit disconcerting. More to the point, the more excited she gets, the more her wings flap in a reflex action. Many a skirt has been accidentally blown upwards by an overemotional Desiriel.

However, when it comes to love, she is a bit overbearing. Her philosophy is that there cannot be too much love, and she will often act to bring two people together, whether or not they particularly want it. In this regard, she tends to be a bit of a know-it-all, and will almost never take advice - especially if that advice is to stop and think before acting.

Background: Desiriel is a Class Five Cupid. This means she is responsible for encouraging and promoting love between sentient beings. She has been a Class Five Cupid for her entire existence - approximately three centuries. This is actually somewhat sad as by this time most angels will have been promoted to at least Class Three, or at least Class Four.

Desi, unfortunately, has a file inside Heaven's bureaucracy that weighs nearly three tons, so promotion simply isn't in the cards. In other organizations, she probably would have been fired by now, but her superiors tend to be lenient and she is much too likeable (and much too pitiable when crying) for any angel worthy of the name to issue any consequence that severe.

Instead, she has been "assigned" to the Monster Academy in the hopes that continued study and contact with other beings will improve her performance in the long run. That at least is the official story. It may just be a way to try and keep her out of the Greater Powers' That Be hair - effectively passing off their problem to another authority.

Abilities: All of Desiriel's powers except flight are triggered by impact with one of her arrows, as follows:

Red: The anger arrow. Anyone hit with a red arrow will immediately find some way to be insulted by whomever he or she is interacting with at the time, immediately proceeding to Tsun mode.

White: The like arrow. Upon impact, the target will find the first being he or she sets eyes upon interesting and favorable. As in the Zoosk ad - First comes like. Desiriel generally prefers using the white arrows to the more powerful ones as she likes to nurse relationships along little by little.

Pink: The love arrow. When struck by a pink arrow, the target falls madly and desperately in love with the first being he or she sees.

Green: The passion arrow. Whereas white and pink are about deeper emotional connections, the green arrow delivers a package of pure lust. The target will basically throw him or herself on the first available target with the express intent of dragging him or her to the bedroom and tearing his or her clothes off (but not necessarily in that order.)

Blue: The sympathy arrow. This arrow causes a distinct desire to relieve the physical or emotional suffering of the first person in distress that the target may happen to stumble across.

Purple: The need for attention arrow. When hit with this arrow, the target will feel an unrelenting need to garner the positive regard of the first person he or she sees. By any means possible.

Black: The hate arrow. Being hit by this arrow causes the target to develop a serious dislike for the first person he or she sees.
Clear: The reverse arrow. This arrow basically undoes the effects of the previous arrows. For some reason, Desiriel always seems to be short of them.

Flight: This isn't an arrow of course - Desiriel can fly. Much better than she shoots in fact.

Weaknesses: Desiriel has two distinct flaws that makes life around her... interesting. The first is that she considers herself the foremost expert on love, which means that she is constantly trying to fix people up regardless of whether or not her instincts are really all that impressive (and often they aren't.) On this one issue (and really this one issue alone), she is impervious to reason, argument, pleading, or anything else because she truly believes that she knows better than anyone else who should be paired with whom. This makes her the universe's most dangerous yenta.

And that is before one considers her second flaw. Desiriel's aim is just plain awful. She might be able to hit the side of a barn from point blank range with some guidance. Otherwise, watch out.

Other Special Characteristics: If one ignores the wings and the hair and eye color, Desiriel looks pretty human.

Preferences: Oddly enough, although Desiriel has very strong opinions on the desires of everyone around her, she really hasn't thought too much about what she herself would want. Since her philosophy is based on the idea that the more love there is, the better, she is open to all sorts of relationships, not biased against any gender or species except perhaps devils, who are, after all, the sworn enemies of angels like her. Deep in her heart, Desi wants to be swept off her feet and romanced - which is actually a quite common sentiment among Cupids.

Turn Ons/Likes: More than anything else, Desiriel loves to see love blooming, especially in people she likes. And she likes practically everyone.

Indifferences: There is very little that Desiriel is indifferent to.

Turn Offs/Dislikes: One thing that does turn Desiriel off is cruelty. In her opinion, love is a delicate and beautiful thing to be shared, and shouldn't be spoiled by evil intent.

Permissions: Putting it simply, please PM me before doing anything rash.