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June 20, 2018, 12:37:36 PM

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Author Topic: Cyberpunk themed story (F lf any)  (Read 445 times)

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Offline mj2002Topic starter

Cyberpunk themed story (F lf any)
« on: June 11, 2015, 02:53:58 PM »

I'm currently looking to start a cyberpunk themed story, perhaps even two. In the longer run, I will try and attempt to do a cyberpunk themed group story, but not before I have some experience with the genre in one-on-one stories.

The concept of this story is still very broad, there is no specific plot yet. Instead, I'm meaning to envision some boundaries in which a story would take place, and then discuss more details with a potential partner, until we have enough to get started. This thread is going to have a lot of images and art as helpful material for brainstorming. None of these individual images (or videos) have details that are somehow required to be in the story, they merely serve as inspiration.

When it comes to characters. I'm personally used to play female characters and I mean to continue doing so. I am open to different approaches for these stories, as I'm interested to try out new things as well. In my previous (non group) stories, I usually controlled one main female character, whilst my writing partner may be controlling multiple characters. For this story, I am open to giving that a try as well. If it fits the plot, I'd be happy to play side characters, recurring characters, etc, female or male. If a future writing partner is used to/happy with playing multiple characters as well, that would be amazing.

As for the background, I am very much open to suggestions on this part. I don't have a specific plot set out yet, though the cyberpunk genre in itself kind of assumes a few basics. Mostly it concerns low life characters in a technologically highly developed society. However, the characters could be involved in some plot on very different levels. Sometimes it leans towards military science fiction, whilst other times an emphasis is put on a philosophical issue identity-technology issue, whilst in yet another instance, the focus of the story could be a lone criminal in conflict with a larger and more resourceful entity. I am open to any of these, though I'm not looking for a pure military science fiction story here.

Things for the setting are always very interesting in a cyberpunk themed story. There are some clear guidelines on what background a story usually takes place. Inevitably, it is going to be having a large city as the main setting, I don't remember any media of this theme without one. It's certainly no utopia, instead, there are large and powerful entities at work (corporations, governments) who take advantage of the common people in one way or the other, or are engaged with each other in some conflict regarding new technology. I would imagine our story taking place in such a setting, though I'm once again always open to alternative ideas.

The technology aspect of this setting are interesting enough to discuss separately as well. This topic can go in a variety of directions, from cybernetic limbs and bodily enhancements to mind control and blurring the line between consciousness and artificial intelligence. I'm not sure if I want to go that deep in a story here, but I'm not against the idea. Technology will take an important place either way. It should lead to interactions between characters that otherwise wouldn't have taken place. They're more than just a simple plot device. Technology should be an integrated part of the storytelling process and it can change the story's direction. What the extent of it is and how it will be used, that's to be determined.

As for the more usual details of the story, I'm looking for a versatile person, who is happy to play a side character or two, isn't afraid of non-consensual scenes and can deal with the fact that my posting frequency can be shaky. Sometimes I will be available to post back-to-back for hours on end, but other times, especially when I'm having difficulties with coming up with a reply, I might not post a new one for a week. Communication through PMs or IM is very important to me for this. As for post length, I am reasonably flexible, though I know I can feel pressured when my partner keeps posting very lengthy posts. While nice, it sometimes makes me stressed into thinking that my post has to be that long as well. Once more, communication is everything.

If any of this sounds and/or looks inspiring to you and you're interested in making this little brainstorming thing of mine into a story, please let me know. You can either post here and we can discuss some details, you can send me a private message right here, or you can add me on Yahoo messenger, and we can see if we can make this into a good story! I'm looking forward to it already.


Offline mj2002Topic starter

Re: Cyberpunk themed story (F lf any)
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2015, 02:04:19 AM »
Still looking to get this going. Reply here or send me a PM if youre interested. Might take me a few days to respond.