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February 18, 2019, 12:17:54 PM

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Author Topic: (Interest check) Cloud Atlas (Sci fi, sandbox,accepting all kinds of characters)  (Read 1691 times)

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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

Welcome to Cloud Atlas, watch your step. Its a long way down.

What is this Game?

Laid back Sci Fi sandbox that has GM run events throw in. It takes place on a massive floating island hundreds of miles wide  that hovers above the surface of a massive water world and it held aloft my several anti grav engines placed on the outer edge of the island. This game allows for almost any kind or type of character and allows players to create thier own content if they so wish.

The weather is a constant if not muggy 80-90 degrees year around. During the early spring monsoon season, massive thunderstorms dumping up foot of rain are not uncommon though the complex and efficient drainage systems ensure that there is little standing water once the storm passes. There are city wide warnings to head for cover when a storm is coming in.

The planet below is  massive water plant that has countless islands that very from small sand bars to massive state sized chunks of land covered in dense jungle. Visitors are more then welcome to visit the plant surface.

Character Creation

Anything and everything is allowed. Supernatural creatures, fantasy creatures, canon characters, original characters, horror based creatures, video game characters, anthros. You can play monsters, demons and the like, robots and cyborgs. Throw it against the wall and see what sticks.  The only thing I ask is for the character to not be over powered and to be able to communicate. 

You can currently have up to three characters, any gender, any orientation.

How your character enters this game is largely up to you. Magical accident? Telaporter accident? Maybe the character has thier own space craft and it lands on the island? Or your character is pulled from thier fandom verse by a malfunctioning telaporter on Cloud Atlas. You can take the alternative route ad your character has been living on the island for a while now.

Visitors to the station have general access to all public areas. Upon arrival, they are pointed toward the impressive Silver Tower were they, upon entering its massive glass and metal doors will be able to speak to Tower AI through a the large holo screen situated in the impressive lobby or go to the ever popular bar and grill and talk to the local residents.

Over time the AI that runs much of Cloud Atlas will make small adjustments for characters. These adjustments are anything from keeping the characters room a certain temperature to adding certain plant life to a garden zone the character frequents. Its never weapons or anything game changing

Silver Tower

Largest structure on Cloud Atlas. Its a massive fifty story tower comprised of shimmering silver metal and glass hence its name, the Silver Tower.

Staying at the Tower and eating at its restaurant and using its falcalties are free. Its rooms are not only free of charge but fully furnished and equiped with WiFi, digital cable. Most the Towers functions are run by the resident AI non sapeaint, Asphodel, who name you character can call out and it will provide yoru character with what ever they need with in reason.

All apartments come fitted with automatic maids, simple drones on wheels that do simple tasks and are under the control of the resident AI. Automatons are stored within apartment walls and navigate on wheels.

First floor

Tears of Venus Bar and Grill
Floors one through  47  residential
floors 48 and 49  reserved for characters who fly. The rooms have a very opne floor plan to prevent a feeling of claustrophobia that many fliers have. Large bay windows and the balcony is an extended landing pad
The very upper most floor is jammed full of communication equipment


Cloud Atlas's ecosystem is designed as to be self-regenerating. All the garden zones have natural rock and sand formations, grass of many varieties and highly accurate filtration to ensure clear clean water. All natural areas all support a self-perpetuating, completely stable  (within the limits). Even if the farms and ranches eased production for any reason, the wild zones would be able to produce more then enough sustenance to keep the population of the island well feed for centuries.  Provided nobody hogs all the honey bees.

It would be impossible to list each of the residential zones' features. They are, simply put, havens. Anything you would expect to find in a major metropolis is here. Unlike the Tower and the surrounding residential homes, things in the markets and stores (which are all privately run) are not free. There is how ever a thriving system for trading and credits can be eared by taking menial   jobs like operating the Sky Cabs. Of course there is always the more risky dealings with less then savory characters.

Crime on Cloud Atlas is regulated solely by the characters since there is no police force on the island.

G01   Garden Zone 01. Open some what flat manicured grass, benches, several small drinking fountains, many varieties of fruit and citrus trees.
G02   Garden Zone 02. Thick temperate forest populated by deer, elk and other harmless wild life. Scenic tours available
G03   Garden Zone 03. . Meadows and plains, forest, shallow lake. Campaign destination.
GO4. Smallest of the garden zones, contains animal ranches and farms.

All the houses in the residential zones that surround the Silver Tower are the same. One to two stories, simply made houses. There are no "poor" or "unsafe" districts unless residents make them that way.

R01   Residential Zone 01 shopping centers, farmers market, famous spice market and high class hotels
R02   Residential Zone 02 Olympic-standard training centers. Science museum and quantum engineering library
R03   Residential Zone 03 Large theater
Ro4  Residential Zone 04

Networked visibly throughout Atlas's zones are high-powered cameras, holographic projectors and quantum teleporters as well as Sky Cab docks. Small non discript buildings not unlike an Earth bus station only these are for Sky Cabs, AI drive sleek hover vehicles that hold up to twenty five passengers. There are four Sky Cab docks to each residential zone and the arrivals and departures are posed clearly on holo screens inside the building which is air conditioned and has many conformable benches as well as flat panel TVs to keep those who are waiting for a ride entertained.

Teleporters are large, distinctly-designed gray circular platforms on the ground.  Characters us the touch pad located near the device to program their destination.

Although long distances can be crossed by teleporter, private flying craft and Sky Cabs, shuttles, walking is always an option.

Offline Chaosfox

This looks interesting keeping my eye on it

Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

I'm still working out the kinks but its based on a board I used to have. Allowed to play almost anything and the island Ai would, over time, modify parts of the city to suit the characters