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February 19, 2018, 02:09:21 AM

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Author Topic: A Collection of Cravings (MxF, MxM, FxF, Fandoms & Originals - UPDATED 8/28)  (Read 255 times)

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Offline somethingwithinreasonTopic starter

Hello Everyone!

Iím very new to this community but not to the roleplay scene, so I hope youíll be patient as I set up my request nest here~

My roleplayís tend to vary based upon my current cravings, so I may cross items off at times but that doesn't mean Iím not at all interested! I just may need some extra convincing to pick the story up.

I also roleplay a lot of scenarios that are a bit ďself servingĒ ( as in, a Canon with an OC). So in these scenarios, to keep things fair, I am more than willing to double up whether in the same or a different story setting with your character and a Canon of your choice.

Please keep in mind these are just brief summaries of proposed story ideas - I'll of course discuss them in length if someone is interested. It is extremely important for me that my partner and I build upon ideas together, so that what we create is enjoyable for both of us. I am fueled by the desire to stir emotions in my partner, so I can assure you I'll be very dedicated to our story and our characters as well as, hopefully, our creative friendship. I do like to establish an OOC conversation, but if you're not really comfortable with that it's quite alright! I just hope you'll forgive my enthusiasm, haha.

Fandom Based

Great Expectations**Greatly craving someone to play Miss Havisham or someone in similar circumstances**

So I very recently watched the latest version of Great Expectations and I found myself entirely enthralled with Helena Bonham Carter's performance as Miss Havisham. (Stay with me here, haha) What I have in mind is something a bit warped and twisted, that borders upon the romantic and sadistic - and I hope I can find someone to join me. I'd like to alter the timeline, so to speak - and get rid of Estella (mostly because I dislike her immensely) or at least post pone her adoption. So in the midst of Miss Havisham's desperation and building insanity, someone comes to her - a man...but a man who is not entirely human. He promises her revenge and all that she desires - even love(To quote Jareth from the Labyrinth "I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave") Now we can play this multiple ways - that this "man" is truly there and is capable of what he says - or that he is simply a figment of Havisham's dwindling sanity, and that any onlookers only see her condition worsening...Or, perhaps a bit of both, haha. I know this is a very skeletal concept, but I'm overflowing with ideas. Like I said, I'd like to play this dashing stranger - so if someone is willing to play Helena's version of Havisham, or someone in similar circumstances, I'd be very grateful.

**Fallout** -
What Iím craving: James/Lone Wanderer
Who I can play:  Flexible- just ask

Now Iím admittedly a bit desperate for this one.  Usually in Karma based games I try to explore all my paths Ė but Fallout 3 is the one game I cannot finish on a deviant level, and I blame Liam Neesonís voice entirely. So Iím looking for someone to help me sate my desire to be a bit of a terror in the Wasteland (not too drastically, though.  I donít think I could blow up Megaton!) Now of course, a religious man like the good Doctor wonít tolerate his daughter acting so atrociously Ė or perhaps heíll enjoy it more than he cares to admit. I have a much larger back story for this, so if youíre interested please let me know!

Dragon Age

What Iím Craving: Loghain/Cousland Warden(M or F), Teryn Cousland/Cousland Warden(M) Hawke(F)/Carver
Who I can play: Morrigan, Alistair, Zevran, Leliana, Fenris, Isabella, Merrill, Anders, Bethany

Orange is the New Black

What Iím Craving: OC/Soso
Who I can play: Various Ė just ask

After marathoning both seasons (again) Iím really interested in having my character take Soso under her wing. Thereís so much symbolism in the stories of the women of the prison, and I think that itís very vital to the nature of the show. So my character is in essence a victim of the sex trafficking industry. Also, this doesnít necessarily have to be a sexually based story, but it could be.  Once again I have more details for this, so if youíre interested please let me know.

Game of Thrones

What I'm Craving: Dani/Viserys, Cersei/Joffrey
Who I can play: I'm still wading in the shallow end of knowledge for this series..once I'm more comfortable, I'll update more options.

Non Fandom Based

School Girl Complex

Iím a bit obsessed with Asian horror films that are based around school life (Whispering Corridors is a great series!) So Iíd love to do a story based on two girls in a Korean high school that have very recently started a secret relationship. In these scenarios, I tend to play more of a ďmasculineĒ role? In the sense that my character tends to be more reserved, interested in sports, and is likely the more cautious of the two in regards to pursuing the relationship publicly.

A Not So Typical Sherlock Holmes Request

So this a bit of a convoluted plot, so Iím hoping that I explain it clearly. Earlier this year my Father and I went to a weekend interactive dinner theatre that was based around a Sherlock Holmes play. Each day an act was performed, the audience was given clues and there were activities throughout the day with character interaction so that the audience could try and solve the case along with Holmes. What I would like to do is have the actor and actress playing Holmes & Irene Adler to begin an affair Ė something that begins on stage, fueled by a strange and powerful chemistry Ė and spreads into their real lives. Now thereís a lot of potential for drama here and Iím overflowing with details Ė so if this makes sense, or if it doesnít and youíd like me to explain more, please let me know, haha.

So this is all I have so far!My Ons & Offs page is located here->, but if you have any questions for me please feel free to message me and ask.

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