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Author Topic: IRC: Revised Guidelines and FAQ  (Read 7618 times)

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IRC: Revised Guidelines and FAQ
« on: August 05, 2014, 09:55:33 pm »
Elliquiy IRC Rules, Guidelines and Instructions

We now have a real IRC channel, as opposed to the fake, hamstrung one we had before.  We can actually give the server out, this time.

server 9000
channel   #Elliquiy

For a tutorial on how to log into the IRC channel with mIRC (an IRC chat client for Windows), see here.

Alternatively, click on the IRC CHAT button in the navigation bar below the Shoutbox (between Find Partners and Voice Chat) and it will automagically log you in with your username.  Since this is a public server, the chat is open to guests.

Behavior in the IRC channel should follow the guidelines below.

General Guidelines

1. Follow the Elliquiy Site Rules in all Elliquiy IRC Rooms

2. Please do not monopolize the channels. The purpose of our IRC chat rooms is to provide a venue similar to the Socializing threads on the site, where anyone should be able to join in on any conversation. If you are having a conversation that by default excludes others (playing a game, watching a movie, etc.) please find another venue (Private/Public Temporary Channel or other room) to do so.  Do your best to include everyone in the conversation not to exclude others from the conversation and leave room for them to contribute.

3. Be Polite. Not only to those you know but with everyone. If you have troubles with a specific user make use of the ignore function or bring the issue up with IRC Staff.

4. Comply With Requests. If another user finds a topic of conversation uncomfortable and requests that it be changed do your best to comply or move to another venue.  If another user asks you to stop, STOP.

5. NSFW Images. All images posted in public Elliquiy channels should be labelled as NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) where appropriate.  In #Elliquiy (where NSFW porn type pics are not permissible) this means things that are not suitable for our younger than 18 audience, or would breach the family-friendly atmosphere we try to culture there.  In #ElliquiyLounge, that means things that would fall under the Extreme or trigger category.   In PM this is up to you.

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Re: IRC: Revised Guidelines and FAQ
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2014, 10:11:14 am »
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I get into IRC?
    • You can find a quick guide to here.
  • Great.  Now I’m in, but I want the voice thing everyone else has.  How do I do that?
    • Register your nickname with’s nickserv by doing the following:
      • /ns register YOURPASS YOUREMAIL
      • YOURPASS needs to be replaced by the password you would like to use in the chat. This should not be the password for your Elliquiy account or your email account!
      • YOUREMAIL needs to be replaced by an email. sends a confirmation to this email, so please use a working email address on this step.
      • Make sure there are no spaces in front of the / sign!
      • Also, this registers your current nickname. Think about the nickname you want to register, before you register it.
    • PM an op with the request to be voiced.  You must be an approved member of Elliquiy in good standing to receive voice privilege.
    • The op should ask you to verify your identity by sending them a message in the forum.  This assures you are who you say you are and that you are in good standing.
    • Provided you are a member of Elliquiy in good standing, they will take care of the rest of the process to voice, and you should get an invite to #ElliquiyLounge, which is one of the private rooms Elliquiy has to offer.
  • How do I find a roleplay over IRC?
  • Can I talk to one of the members privately?
    • If you wish to message a member privately, it is common courtesy to ask them in the public channel first.  It is their choice whether they say yes or no.  Please respect their decision, whatever their answer.
  • I want to make a private room.  How do I do that?
    • Type in /join #Channelname (where you make up your own channel name).  This is only a temporary channel that will exist until the room is once again empty of users, but they are a great location for quick chats and group games carried out on IRC.  If you wish to register the channel, use the /cs help register command for more information.  The /cs help command can give you information about ChanServ and working with IRC channels in general.
  • I have another question that is not answered here.  What do I do?

* Please note that DivineLightning in our channels is a bot, not an actual Op. Please do not message the bot--it will not message back. Message one of the Ops on this list!
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Re: IRC: Revised Guidelines and FAQ
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2014, 10:15:14 am »
Elliquiy’s Official IRC Channels

#Elliquiy is the “general” channel, or main room.  It is the first thing a new Elliquiy member sees of IRC if they are not a regular IRC user.  This is an 18+ room with public access.  That means anyone coming in through IRC in general will see 18+ and know that the nature of Elliquiy is of an adult member.  Please keep interactions here family friendly as there is no filter on this room and anyone can get in (even underage folks browsing

Yes, we are an “adult” site.  No, we do not want the thunder of any number of deities on our heads because an underage visitor saw something of the “adult” rating.

Regarding images and links:  NSFW in this room cannot contain anything that means porn.  Things of a gory nature (i.e., things you would cover the eyes of a child around but are not porn) follow this guideline.

#ElliquiyLounge is the “adult” room of the Elliquiy channels on IRC.  Pretty much everything kinkwise goes here, from vanilla to extreme.

Regarding images and links:  It is polite to mark links with NSFW for those who are browsing IRC from their work environment, but it is pretty much safe to say everything in #ElliquiyLounge could very well be NSFW by default.

#Ellisystems is the gaming discussion room (for systems like AD&D, Exalted, Forgotten Realms, GURPS, etc.).  Generally a room of discussion about what systems are and how to navigate them, it can also be used to schedule gaming nights by permission of the ops.  There is an optional dice roller administered by Tsenta in the Systems room for D&D rolls, with flood protection in place.

#Ellirants is a channel that allows members to get the grumblies off their chests and is moderated.

Note:  If the op on duty notices the rant is less a rant and more something that needs to be handled by an op or staff (boundaries breached, safety of members, disregarding Elliquiy’s rules, etc.), the ranter will be asked to go into a private message with the op to find an amenable solution to the problem.

Case Study 1:  Ranter comes into #Ellirants and complains bitterly that partner in the forum isn’t writing quickly enough for their taste (leaving out identifiable details that would allow readers to discern who it is), or that their best friend’s dog ate their kid’s homework.  (This is a rant.)

Case Study 2:  Ranter comes into #Ellirants and complains bitterly that partner in forum isn't writing quickly enough, but keeps PMing them for details about their RL whereabouts despite messages by the ranter to stop.  Ranter complains partner is “creeping [them] out” and wishes they would stop. (This is a violation of Elliquiy’s rules and is also stalking IRL.  The op would take the ranter into a PM and instruct them to send logs of the event to a staff member in the forum, or tell them in the rant channel that staff needs to be notified.)
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