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Author Topic: Skynet's Selection of System Role-Plays: Pathfinder, D&D, and more!  (Read 458 times)

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Offline SkynetTopic starter

I figured that instead of making a few thread each and every time, I'll make a collection of ideas right here of story ideas and plots I want to try out.  I'm open to both male and female writing partners, but when it comes to characters I'm only comfortable with M/F, F/F, and M/M pairings which use yaoi art.

I have a personal fondness for systemless, free-form role-plays, but in recent times I've been eager to try mixing things up a bit with table-top game systems.  I am most experienced in Dungeons & Dragons games and its various editions and retroclones, particularly Pathfinder and old school (re: pre-3rd Edition) stuff.  But I also want to try out World of Darkness (especially with yummy vampires!), Eclipse Phase, and any RPG out there which sounds particularly interesting and doesn't have a steep learning curve!

Don't be afraid to leave a post here or send me a PM if you're interested!

My Role-Play/Story Ideas


Magic School (Fantasy, D&D-like system)

Congratulations!  You've been accepted to the prestigious Redhurst Academy, the finest institution of arcane knowledge in all the Known Realms!  As a freshman of age 16, you'll have the freedom to pursue the courses you want to be the kind of mage you want to be!  But that's not all, for school would be nothing if not for rivalries, teenage hijinks, and hot, steamy romance!  And that's not mentioning the expansive dungeon beneath the school grounds, or the secret saboteur planning to bring down Redhurst at the behest of their evil master!


Against the Shadow (D&D, Midnight Campaign Setting, 3rd Edition/Pathfinder)

A long time ago, there was a war in the heavens.  Izrador was the god of corruption,  and fought the gods, turning many angels into devils and demons. He lost the war, so the gods punished him by banishing him to Eredane for all eternity. Izrador's fall created the Veil of Izrador, a barrier that prevented the other gods from influencing the land.

When Izrador fell to earth, his first thought was of reaching godhood again, and what better way to do that than make all of the humans and elves and dwarves give him all their magic? Izrador has since taken over the land, so few magic in Eredane is not his own, and Izrador has become "the Shadow."

Much of the land of Aryth is without hope.  The elves remain cloistered in their forests, gradually losing ground against the Shadow's torch-bearing armies.  The human realms struggle under the oppressive yoke of evil.  All religion save for the dark god has been banned, the texts of countless works burnt to prevent the commoners from knowing the truth.  Orcs, goblins, and other folk serve in Izrador's armies and take what they want with impunity.  What few magical traditions remain beyond the reach of the forces of darkness, hidden behind cloistered doors or working for evil.

But there is still yet hope.  Organized resistance against Izrador flares up in those realms which still carry on the fight.  You are a lone agent for one of these liberation movements, traveling from hamlet to hamlet, on horseback, on riverboat, on foot, remaining one step ahead of the Shadow.

Currently, your latest mission brought you to Northern Erenland, a once-proud human kingdom now one of Izrador's most loyal realms.  One of the Legates, shadowpriests of Izrador, holds an elven artifact she intends to pervert to evil uses.  You must remove it from her hands by any means necessary.

Imagine the Lord of the Rings, but if Sauron won.  Themes include elements of dark fantasy, potential bondage/S&M if you get captured by the enemy, of traditional fantasy tropes in a less forgiving world.

Tentacle Girl Hero (Modern, Urban Fantasy)

Beyond the veiled illusion of normality lurks a world of magic.  Vampires rub shoulders with businessmen in the New York subways, Neo-Pagan rituals unknowingly conjure magical energy which can be manipulated by the truly knowing, and secret orders of witches and sorcerers police their own kind from revealing their existence to the world.

Too often the masses of humanity are left without defense against the supernatural monsters which would do them harm.  But you, a seemingly average high school girl, number among a prestigious order of guardians tasked with fighting evil.

You made a strange alliance on one of your missions, one you had no idea to suspect.  While tracking down a monster from beyond the stars you ran into one of its brethren assuming a mortal guise.  Beneath his exterior of a handsome boy you saw a mass of dark tentacles, of gibbering thoughts of beings who breath, hear, and see things in seas of copper and green skies.  He was utterly inhuman, but he was not an enemy.  In fact, he (if gender conventions even exist among his people) came to this world to apprehend a particularly vile member of his species to bring to justice.  He cannot do it alone, and needs your help.  He can grant you a bit of his power via a "union," a lengthy process which involves the baring of clothes and the slithering of tendrils along bare flesh and the filling of bodies with liquid power and other things too embarrassing to mention here.  Reluctantly, you accepted, and found that he was as good as his word.

But that's not all!  After your successful mission, you find that the alien is staying on your home planet, to further help you!  Even so far as going to your school under the guise as an exchange student!  He knows nothing of conventional human norms, he's sticking out like a sore thumb!  Like it or not, you have to keep an eye on him in addition to your normal duties as a magical girl.

My Character Ideas

I'm just as happy being the player in a game, with you as the Dungeon Master.  Game stats might vary depending upon system, but here's a few PC ideas of my own below.


Tamrithra is a catfolk adventurer.  Born into a merchant caravansary, she is no stranger to life on the road.  Over the years she's had the opportunity to hone her skills and finally set out on her own path as an adventurer.  From the ruins of ancient empires to the thriving bazaars of the land of silk and spices, she can blend into just about any social situation.  She does not care for most personal possessions, long ago learning the value of impermanence in a nomadic life, but there is one treasure she truly prizes.  On her 14th birthday she was given an ancestral curved blade by her father, passed down by the clan's greatest warriors.  It is said that it will unlock its true potential at a time of greatest need, but little is known more than that.


NSFW Tamrithra captured as sex slave


A succubus from the infernal planes, Basmat currently resides in the mortal world to search for skilled and powerful mortals to lure into her diabolic lord's service.  It is a hard job, as the reputations of demons and their ilk is both ancient and widely feared.  But there are places in this world, born of desperation, greed, and other lowly emotions where even normally righteous folk will stoop to dealing with her kind, if only to put things right.

Basmat is a contract demon, a professional diplomat and troubleshooter who performs services and aid to mortals who enter into an agreement with her or her lord.  As most mortals ask for great prices in exchange, her job is one of frequent danger and high risks, from killing the hated leaders of an enemy nation, to stealing the wealth of merchant princes to tempt others with great wealth.  And she's not above using her feminine wiles to sweeten the deal...


NSFW Basmat being punished by tentacle monster


An elven sorceress proficient in the wielding of ice magic, Avlendell's kin hail from the northern reaches where the nights are long and the winters are biting cold.  For decades she lived in a magical fortress-city which saw almost no contact with the outside world.  It was rare for the citizens to venture beyond its walls, raised on tales of the myriad dangers of the outside world.  Avlendell was an exile, wrongly banished from the city for a crime she did not commit.  Forced to survive in an unknown world, Avlendell quickly fell in with an adventuring company to support herself and ward off disreputable sorts.  For a time she was a skilled spellcaster and invaluable asset to the team, but today she walks a lone path again.


A soldier in the military like her father before her, Moriko's work was never done even in times of peace.  She got no respite upon returning to her home country, being deployed to frontier fortresses and wilderness outposts to help fight against bandits, monsters, and other evil folk.  It was little surprise, then, that she did not adapt well to civilian life upon retirement.

Moriko now wanders the lands, hoping once again to reunite with her father (believed lost in the war), and use her sword skills to help the common folk in her own way.  She tends to be reserved and stoic around strangers, an attitude she adopted in the military.  Before then she was an outwardly vivacious girl, although that part of her personality can still show through now and again, if the right person earns her trust...



NSFW Having Some Fun


Beautiful, graceful, skilled in magic and swordplay, Alliaris is the iconic elven adventurer.  Unlike other elves, she grew up among the human Church of the Celestial Choir, and tends to be reserved and anxious when meeting others of her kind.  Even though she has many suitors, Alliaris feels that it would be wrong to bind herself to a person while she remains an adventurer; what would happen if she were to die away from home, leaving no recourse for her lover to find her?

An explorer of dungeons deep and caverns old, she has a knack for running into all sorts of trouble, not the least of which includes monsters and wicked humans who desire her for her body. >:)


Captured by Orcs

Afflicted with an enchantment spell

Soulswapped with a mirror entity
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