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Author Topic: DarkCassandra's Deviant Desires 2.0 [Mostly FxF]  (Read 1060 times)

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DarkCassandra's Deviant Desires 2.0 [Mostly FxF]
« on: July 01, 2013, 05:32:03 PM »
HI! :D

At the top: Sorta kinda back for a little while! I'll be reworking this as things go, most likely...

These are all more like backdrops with the occasional potential plot hook in an attempt to spark your curiosity, and hopefully creativity, rather than completed stories with a beginning, middle and end.  Obviously some have more depth than others, but I felt that note was important!


Please see my O/O's!

Some of these are better off as one-shots, and some of them are great for long term. All of them can be adapted for either. These are not all of my ideas, but it's a start.  That can change. And for what it's worth, the more "complex" scenarios I do have rather filled in my head, but it'd simply take way too much time to type all that right now. So, enjoy, but do not think story is always absent!

Most also work for multiple settings (Sci fi, fantasy, modern, etc.) and genders, but I prefer female...

Many more of these are locked in my head, these are just the...uh...the common ones!

PM me, please! :D


Yellow=Desired but not quite craving

Black=Definitely doable, though less priority.

Hostile Takeover FxF

Long term, for sure--or at least potentially. Unlike most of the other scenes listed here, this one starts out with--wait for it--my character in control. The whole idea is that she's climbed a corporate ladder somewhere, and your character is an equally dirty lawyer that takes bribes and uses tons of blackmail to keep her position. Mine, using yours as inspiration almost, has done the exact same thing. The catch? She's finally got some heavy stuff on YOUR character, and begins to use it.

Eventually, the tables turn, and your character gains the upper hand. Where it goes from here, well, we can figure out; I've got a few ideas of my own, but it shouldn't be a happy ending for my character and will likely only be the beginning of her life as, for all intents and purposes, your character's bitch. Getting there and playing the struggle is half the fun, though, and makes it so much sweeter when my character is finally taken down!

A Brave New World... FxF

Corporations rule the world. The social class divide is almost feudal, but in this world, it's far too late to change that. Runaway politicking with unlimited funds lead to the first corporate-run government in the old United States almost one hundred years ago, and those same corporations soon took control of other nations. The world was divided into corporate boundaries, and old culture/state lines were practically ignored.

Now, with their power secured and money as the source of it all, they have turned the Earth around. They didn't want to pollute it; it was the only one they had, after all. Why destroy their own home?

To fulfill their more carnal desires, the corporations have legalized, more or less, slavery. People of the "lower" classes (minimum wage slaves in debt for multiple lifetimes, homeless persons, etc.) can be purchased and sold as the highest form of currency. Sex, as always, is high in demand-and the powerful male and female executives have only developed the most depraved tastes around. Even their staff can have access to such personal service, but nobody knows just how far that depravity can go except for those at the top...

Freaky Fetishes FxF

You are the owner of a certain fetish shop, full of every toy you could imagine, hoods, latex wear, gags, everything. You run the only successful shop of this type in the area, and people worldwide come to you and order special things, custom made toys, or just the run of the mill BDSM gear and equipment.

Obviously, you'll have a lot of money. One floor above is your living quarters, the living room, and the normal 'house' equivalent. The 'ground floor' is the shop itself. And the basement is...where the real fun happens. You own your own personal dungeon down there, filled with [insert imagination here].  And you occasionally need a new...model for your shop. One that you can bondage up to the point where nobody will even think she's a human, but a lifelike doll. And later on, you take her downstairs and have the real fun, for as long as you want...

This can be twisted to be consensual, but mostly non-consensual bits come to mind.

(It's bondage-heavy and probably will involve harder kinks. Not for everyone.)

Addicted 2.0 FxAnything!

Somehow, someway, via hypnotism, addiction, mind control or another method we create [there are many.], you enslave a friend of yours. Not just to you, but more specifically, something you have. Be it a body part, such as your ass, or a substance you create, you find a way to make this friend of yours unable to live without it. She physically and psychologically needs this item, whatever it is, and through it, you can get her to do absolutely anything.

You've known this friend for a long time, a friend you can vouch for and make excuses for. A friend that, if disappears, you're the go-to person for. Where did she go, they'll wonder? You can make up a variety of excuses they will all believe. Perhaps even staging her death, making it so she couldn't rejoin her life if you gave her the chance...But she's not going to get that chance.

The 2.0 part: I'm looking for something with long term possibilities. The kinkier the better, with me, but that does not have to be the case here. I'm leaning towards the usage of gas (literal gas or a special concoction you've created) as the method of control; there's something about gas masks and breath control that just scream "I own you", and guess who likes to be owned?

Special Delivery! FxF preferred

This one is very, very simple. In a world where slave trading is legal, [or perhaps you just have excellent connections] they are often delivered to one's house. In this case, yours. You can even 'Order' them to specifications; from looks to level of training, and in some cases, even the fetishes that they have. Or you can buy a fresh one. Either way, they wind up on your doorstep or in your living room, inside of a too-small box, tied up, sore from a long trip. Today, yours has arrived.

Can be Holiday themed, too! Red and green gift-wrap, anyone?

Desperate Housewife(wives)FxF to the Nth power.

Set in a neighborhood where all the men are either gone to war, always on 'business trips' or something else that keeps them away from home for long periods of time, the housewives are left to themselves. And after a while, they start to get lonely, as you can imagine. These wives are...different, however, in the fact that they all share with each other everything. Stories, gossip...Even sexual desires. And in this case, all of them[Or most of them at least] all have a dominant sexual tendency. And together, it just doesn't mix well, oh no...So what do they need to do?

They have a few options. They can capture/kidnap someone they've seen on the streets, or if we include slave marketing in this world, buy one from there from pooled money. Either way, this girl [Played by me] would be the...shared slave to the housewives, since they all wanted her. Whether that means all at once or one at a time, as a party favor, a present, and a bunch of other things I've got floating around in my head, this picture-perfect neighborhood has...quite the dark side.

The Reporter's Secret FxF

A reporter, she's always had interest in things of the BDSM world. But being who she is, she can't just come out and say that. It would absolutely destroy her career! In order to learn more about BDSM, this reporter agrees to follow a professional, well-known and infamous Dominatrix around, putting her signature on a piece of paper that says she will do what this Domina says, no matter how dangerous or obscure. They go to a BDSM festival of sorts, and slowly, progressively, things just get worse and worse...

...Until finally, she doesn't know if she even -wants- the handcuffs to come off.

Art. FxF preferred

I was inspired by a story I read a while back; it wasn't sexual and it was themed around gargoyles and statues, (whether as creature, concept, or theme). Essentially, someone ends up encased in a gargoyle statue by a sculptor and the story ends with them being pulled up to the ceiling. It was a little gory and heavily psychological thriller-ish.

You are the famous artist who can capture so many human expressions in your work. You can show compassion, fear, hatred, love...Every single human emotion, and all of your works are different. Each body, each hair style, each eye color if they can be seen, and even each facial expression...From the amount of wrinkles down to the look on their face. They are all different. And nobody knows how you do it!

A reporter comes to your house, and decides she's going to get an interview, no matter what it takes. She'll even have sex with you if that's the price she must pay. But this story will make her career, and she knows it! She takes a leave of absence, saying she's going on holiday, when really she's on a hunt for you. With such an alibi, nobody will miss her if she suddenly disappears on some tragic accident...And you know that. What she doesn't know is that there is a deeply disturbing reason why your art is so...lifelike. Why it seems to look like an actual person, not a sculpture, or painting, or something else...

Moving In FxF

My original idea was a spin off of the fetish shop one, where the woman would call frequent club goers up to her room and objectify them, turning them into her club's newest furniture after a night of torture and/or other things. If that idea interests you, let me know! Or this one, obviously.

You are the owner of a brand new house. Whether this is a mansion, a small apartment, or anywhere in between is up to you. It could even be your own store that you need to get furnished. And you have the perfect way to do so.

By means of kidnapping, a slave market, blackmail, ways to repay a debt...You get the girls you need to get the job done. And what's this job?

Well, moving in, of course! You have a love for bondage, and have always wanted someone to test out your own creative abilities on. You've had a few relationships here and there with some BDSM involved, but nothing like what you are about to do. You do not buy a single piece of furniture for your house. All the utilities are there except for a toilet, but there are no couches, footstools, doormats, chandeliers... Nothing. Your goal is to create a house full of human furniture.

Orally Fixated FxAny, preferably F
This next one isn't so much of a plot idea, as something I've been craving. I do indeed have a couple of ideas about how such a thing could occur, but that's left for us to discuss, in this case.

A girl that's orally fixated...That one that you always see putting things into her mouth, chewing on her pencil, swishing juice around inside...All signs. But she's never come out and said it, oh no, and why would she? How would people react? Not well, most likely. But you...You would love it. And not just because you, well, love oral. Oh no. The thought of being able to stuff anything inside an open mouth occurs to you, and whether she likes it or not, that's exactly what are going to do.

Luckily for her, she's always been told she has a big mouth. Perhaps it's time she shuts up a bit, for once.

Two Lovers FxF

.A story of 'two lovers', we would play two ladies who have known each other for god knows how long. And they've also been involved for a good chunk of that time. Luckily for them, they are the perfect match. Sexually, personally. Everything you could ever want in a partner, they have, they could say they are truly in love.

And truly, together, they were. Only, their love was...different. It was consensual in every way, however it may not look that way at all times. They both love the world of BDSM. No, they crave it. And each one of them fits the other. One is masochistic, full of thrilling ideas for her partner to use with and on her, always eager to do more...And the other. Well, she's sadistic, beautiful, slightly psychotic...but won't do anything too horrible to her lover, would she? It's been a few years, and the relationship has escalated...

For the above idea, I'm really looking for a long term roleplay, and would require a lot of OOC communication between my partner and I. Ideally, this would cover the full range of things, fetish-wise....Vanilla to sadism. As for the story itself? That's what we talk for, silly.

You're such an ass kisser! FxF

Alexis is the type of girl who will do anything to get ahead in the corporate world. Anything. There have been rumors going around the office that, more than once, she's sucked off her co-workers in order to get a good word put in for her. She's done the same for her various male bosses, and has been rewarded with pleasant 'bonuses' and better-than-average treatment, a flexible work schedule, and when she's at work...doing relatively little than agreeing with whatever they say. But now, the bosses are changing-and the women are taking over. But Alexis doesn't care! No, in truth, she's always preferred the ladies-and has been sucking up to her new female employees that know nothing about her ways, her female bosses that have just moved in. Showing them around the office, treating them nice, giving them respect and ideas...Kissing their asses, basically.

But one woman-she sees this. She has seen the game before, and she wants to teach Alexis a lesson! Perhaps more, but she would get a kick of humiliating the bitch in front of her co-workers...or even on her own! Calling Alexis into her office one day, Alexis' boss would ask her to do something nobody else has-to kiss her ass. Not metaphorically, but...literally. Kiss her ass. Why?

This is where the OOC bits come in. If you like the sound of the brewing scenario, shoot me a PM about it;- it's got many potential paths it can take. One shot, long term, extreme, vanilla...but please. You must have a certain respect for the butt! Or at least, having someone else respect yours.

Drow meets Surface Elf. FxF

You would play the Drow, here. And by whatever means necessary, you grab yourself a surface elf-perhaps even a long forgotten cousin you must eliminate! Regardless of the how, or the why...You want a new play thing. Not someone to be a piece of your slave staff, oh no. You could be the Matron Mother of a house, or even just a lonely female drow, a high ranking member of society that seeks a pleasurable release. Unfortunately for anyone outside your own mind, the drow's idea of a pleasurable release is far more painful for them than it is for you.

I have quite a few ideas for this, and because magic could easily be involved...oh, it's SO open ended! Definitely need to be EX, though.

The Asylum! Would work best as a future setting. FxF

A strange Asylum for those deemed 'crazy' by their families are taken, possibly even by a corporate plot, only to be made these "rubber slaves" for the rest of their lives, with the only chance of escaping being death, or to become a Mistress themselves...Most are perfectly sane, yet are convinced otherwise.

Imagine, being told you're crazy, forced to believe it, medicated...and on top of that? They're coating you in rubber, doing experiments on you, controlling what you eat, even controlling the very air you breathe. Who's to say that isn't some gas as well, infused with a drug for compliance?

And who are "they", anyway?

Sound interesting? We can discuss it more via PM's. Believe me, my ideas for this run long...

Mafia's Revenge FxF, FxM, FxFuta...FxAny. Futuristic/modern. NC only, Extreme.

Basically, I'd play a character that wrongs the mafia (preferably in a future world where crime has ramped up again) and in a way that cannot be repaid. This comes at a time when said Mafia (or other criminal organization) is out to make a name for themselves, and they need to make a point. My character happens to be that point. The message your group wants to send is not a simple "Don't mess with us or die", but rather more along the lines of...

"Don't mess with us, or we will destroy you. And here's our proof..."

Destroy psychologically, financially, socially and even deformed physically if they desire. The specifics are up to you and I, as are whatever crime/double crossing my character performed to get into such a situation, but the premise remains the same.

Eat it! NC, FxF, Force-Feeding, Weight Gain

You're slightly chubby. Not fat, by any human standards; you are curvy, rather beautiful in fact, but in a day and age where everyone is as thin as a cell phone due to eating disorders or something? You are considered 'fat'. However, you know better, and thus are one of the most confident people around. You can seduce men where others fail; you can get that job others cannot, and you've actually received modeling offers.

There's always people that hate you for it. One of these such people would be a poor soul that happens to throw an insult at the wrong time. You've had enough of the insults, and decide that you're going to take out years of anger on this one poor woman.

How do you do that? Let's just say she won't be very skinny when you're done with her.

Eat It 2.0 FxF

Remember that Fetish shop bit earlier? Imagine instead the owner of a chain of successful, home made bakery stores. Cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, chocolates...the works. And for some reason, this owner [you] have the most delicious candies on the planet. Some might even call them addictive, but chemical analysis has never yielded any strong evidence for it. They must just be that damn good!

Anyway, as you might imagine, they are addictive. And as a lover of all things sweet, this owner is likely a tad chubby herself. Why not? But the best part is just how easy it is for her to keep employees. Feed them for free for a while, and they just won't want to leave. If they do, they're a lifelong customer-like everybody else...

And sometimes, they don't leave at all. Nobody knows what really happens to them, but conspiracy theories surround it-much like they surround anything successful. Some are simple, like just loving the place so much, and some say there's a farm where the chemical is synthesized in the human body via the strangers that are never heard from again, which is put in the food. But that's crazy.

But there's also a dark, and far more profitable side, to it all. Your special, life-size, to-specification candies. You can figure it out from there...

And for those not into the above, it's an easy set up for a heavy humiliation and force-feeding scenario. Because food is such a delicious thing to torture somebody with...

The Suit

The setting for this is a somewhat near future Earth, where brain-to-computer interfaces have been developed. Your character is one of the lead designers of these things, and has come up with a way to literally hack someone's nervous system. The only problem? The "suit" you have designed must be on the flesh for at least an hour for the connections to be made and secured. The suit itself can take the form of a range of clothing, and it only requires a small surface area of the skin to begin its work.

This suit can shift its appearance once it has been successfully attached, allowing it to be almost undetectable or capable of encasing its victim. While constant override of a person's neural system can be deadly, it works wonders in nudging people in the right direction, or to force a particularly defiant subject to submit...

Your character and mine are dating. Your character has always been a little...demanding, and mine has decided that while she has enjoyed the ride thus far, it might be time to take a break in the relationship. Yours feigns acceptance of this, but has one last present to give mine: an -insert suit form here- (Bikini? Set of lingerie? Full on business suit for job interviews? You decide.) My character agrees and gladly accepts the present, putting it on for yours.

And then the fun begins. This can go a variety of ways, but (as you might have guessed by now) I'm thinking of an NC scene that likely ends with my character finally, genuinely submitting 100% to yours. And your character acquiring both a way to test her new program(s), as well as a pet/slave that will never be able to speak up about her position!

Galactic Perversion

A small, brief backdrop. If you're familiar with Peter Hamilton's writing, then you can use his universe as something to draw inspiration off of! Otherwise...

It's about a thousand years into the future. Humanity has spread out from the home solar system, thanks in no small part to incredible energy technologies and the ability to warp space and thus appear to travel faster than light. [Hint: They don't, that's impossible. You bend space and...yeah, you probably don't care about the technical stuff!]

Humanity was at first, united for the first time in its history. After spreading out enough to make resources available back on Earth once again, the cracks began to show. Asteroids were mined, comets melted, gas giants harvested for their Hydrogen deposits. But, as the early twenty first century predicted, humanity was not alone. The galaxy is a place of almost infinite possibilities when compared to a single planet, and though at least six other species have been discovered on a space-faring level along with countless worlds of different climates, only about fifteen percent of the galaxy has been mapped at this time in human history.

Now, where's it get kinky? Well, I'm glad you asked! With all the potential for new societies to spring up so long as they have the resources, they have done just that. Some are "naturalists" and remain on Earth; some have moved to become completely digital, and others are halfway between the two. With hundreds of habitable planets and moons available in their region of space, humans have spread to create their own ideal societies with like minded others upon them. Jungles, urban planets, oceanic planets, frozen moons, Earth-like's all possible.

The societies range from orderly to downright chaotic. Because of technology, the average human lifespan has all but quadrupled, and true immortality is not out of the question.

What do you want to craft in your corner of space? The only limits here are the laws of physics and your level of depravity.
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Re: DarkCassandra's Deviant Desires 2.0 [Mostly FxF]
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2013, 01:58:13 PM »
Removed Basement Bondage, reworded some stuff.

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Re: DarkCassandra's Deviant Desires 2.0 [Mostly FxF]
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2013, 05:24:03 PM »
Added "Mafia's Revenge", again reworded a couple of things towards the beginning to clarify that not all of these thoughts are complete plot ideas.
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Re: DarkCassandra's Deviant Desires 2.0 [Mostly FxF]
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2013, 01:43:41 PM »
Added "The Suit", reworded one tidbit I caught while editing. Going to rename something here in a minute, but one update shall suffice!

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Re: DarkCassandra's Deviant Desires 2.0 [Mostly FxF]
« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2013, 02:37:29 PM »
Updated with COLOR, yay! And removed some stuff. Added "Galactic Perversion, Addicted 2.0".

Probably going to update this again today, but this will serve as my "umbrella notice".
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Re: DarkCassandra's Deviant Desires 2.0 [Mostly FxF]
« Reply #5 on: August 25, 2013, 03:51:41 PM »
Updated some colors and "Two Lovers" got more added to it. Also added a small note to the top.
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Re: DarkCassandra's Deviant Desires 2.0 [Mostly FxF]
« Reply #6 on: June 03, 2014, 10:44:06 PM »
So...yeah. It's an update. I'm shaking off some of the dust and letting the world of E know I'll be around, albeit in the shadows, for a little while!

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Re: DarkCassandra's Deviant Desires 2.0 [Mostly FxF]
« Reply #7 on: June 25, 2014, 01:30:24 AM »
I'd love to play your "Addicted" scenario with you, but before I shoot you an idea for it, could you provide me a list of things and bodily parts/ perhaps functions that you'd find it hot to be "addicted" to?