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July 20, 2018, 06:02:16 AM

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Author Topic: Smutty Freeform Adventure Needing GM for Monsters/Aliens/Beasts! [Solo/Group]  (Read 559 times)

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Offline SilentFoxTopic starter

What I am After in General

This is an adaptation of one of my current request threads but I figured it may be better suited here and may even be something that works for a group if a GM can be found for it and enough other interested people want to join in.

The following list is just some general points to help give you a better idea of what I may be after but if you feel you need clarification then you need only ask and I'll do my best to answer, this isn't the be all and end all, just the core ideas so to speak:

  • Story:Whilst this will be fairly smut heavy a good story will still be needed, I will offer plenty of ideas below for us to work with and brainstorm about.
  • World Building: I am more than happy to contribute to world building if we decide to create an original setting.
  • Non-human on Human: This is predominantly what I expect, I'll go into more detail about various creatures and such and inspirations for such below but this is a core component.
  • Consensual, Pseudo Non-con and Non-Consensual: All are available as options, just discuss ideas and we'll get along just fine.
  • Communication: I am always open to this, to make sure all involved are on the same page, there are no misunderstandings and the like and everyone enjoys it.
  • Violence: I'll accept it depending on the setting and world but only so far as combat and conflict go or to some extent as a means of the 'opponents' subduing their prey at most.
  • Solo/Group: This can be just a solo thing with me and the GM or a group though I have zero experience with group RP so go easy on me!
  • Smut: I'll go into more details below by linking the relevant F-List profile but this will be a fairly smut heavy affair.

My Character

In general for this kind of RP I very much prefer to play a shemale/transgender/femboy type of character. For which I have a template that suits for various settings in my O&O thread which will be linked below.

The link to my O&O thread: O&O Thread plus Template Character.

A link to my kinks on F-List: F-List Kinks

Possible Scenario's, Story Idea's and Things That Might Inspire!

Here are some themes we could use to shape any setting either an established or original one created by us using either one of the scenario's below:

  • Darkness, Horror (Very Much Preferred): These creatures squirming in the darkness are creatures of impossible terror, and present themselves as such. Creeping from shadows, dripping quietly from ceilings, slithering, tentacles first, out of impossible gaps and crevices to torture and immobilise their prey with pleasure. They live in shadows, they dwell in darkness and bend the mind with their unkind visages. They are evil, incarnate.
  • Moody (Good alternative to pure horror if you would like write more varied moods): The land is draped in disconcerting darkness, rot and blight plagues the land. The sun never shines for long, and when it does it is swiftly swallowed by blankets of damned clouds. The mountains billow soot and ash, the forests and jungle reek of rot and the monsters dwell in filth, scuttling through the mud and rutting their victims into submission in shadowy caves.
  • High Fantasy: The land is mysterious and magical, majestic waterfalls, strange fruits, grand sun-kissed deserts and grand, beautiful ruins. Everything is bright and glorious. What could possibly go wrong here? Well, the hordes of slavering, sex-starved tentacle beasts, possibly.
  • -More Ideas to Come!-

All Scenario's are simply ideas and we can brainstorm one from scratch, these are merely here to help ensure we are both on the same page!

Some scenarios for consideration, these aren't the be all and end all just some basic concepts and settings to give you a general idea of what I am after and maybe inspire your own ideas to add to or provide if you are interested:


  • An epic quest to depose an evil wizard/sorcerer/demon-lord/old god/ancient horror through a land filled with sexually active critters. A bit cliche perhaps but it's just a basic idea to work from as are all of these.
  • A Land under siege/conquered by a vast horde of drooling sex crazed monstrosities or a land at war with such a kingdom ruled by a vicious warlord/warlock etc.
  • Fantasy has long been and always will be a favourite of mine so if you come with a nice idea I'll be all ears!


  • A ship crashes on a bizarre alien planet whose flora and fauna hungers in a very different way.
  • An explorer or science ship gets sent to a strange planet filled with various alien life after a colony goes dark, maybe the critters and plants have developed a taste for humans in a sexual way and have evolved various mind-shatteringly pleasurable ways of extracting it, over and over and over again.


  • The Cabin in the Woods: A setting based on the film but with a more sexual twist for my character, where those behind the scenes select which monsters and horrors get my character next and make bets on how many times this one will make her/him cum.
  • Haunted/Infested House: The things in this place hunger for flesh in a wholly different way.
  • A post apocalypse setting, think along the lines of Fallout, Wasteland, Stalker, Metro and you will have the rough idea of the kind of thing I have in mind. General idea's for this would be a wanderer searching for a mythical paradise through a nuclear wasteland filled with mutated sex-crazed critters.
  • The Modern World is invaded when dimensional rifts open up and various monstrosities fall through and begin to 'feed'. Could see my character trying to hunt for family/friends or simply trying to reach some kind of evacuation point or simply surviving the hordes of tentacle parasites and other predators who hunger for meat in a wholly different way.
  • Anything Lovecraftian, Modern Horror etc.

These are just some ideas, more will be added over time as and when inspiration warrants!

Monster Idea's!

These are really just examples to inspire inspiration, there are pictures on my F-List (see my O&O thread for a link to it) If you come with your own ideas all the better:
  • A giant-land locked squid or jellyfish or shambling mass of tentacles.
  • A semi/fully intelligent plant that hungers for a different kind of 'meat' or an entire garden of different kinds of them (maybe even some kind of mushrooms).
  • Giant or oversized mollusks with varying means of subduing their prey, tentacles, masses of suckling mouths etc.
  • Hordes of smaller creatures who swarm and overpower, worms and the like for one example.
  • Your typical hentai/anime-inspired tentacle parasite
  • Smaller, stealthier critters, the kind who might slither into a sleeping bag at night, or drop from a branch and slither down your collar until they attach themselves to the shemales cock and proceed to milk her for hours and hours until they've had their fill.
  • A dog or wolf with a taste for something sticky or anything along those lines is fine, maybe even an entire pack of such?
  • Toads, amphibians, reptiles, those long tongues.. eep!
  • leeches, spiders, snakes etc etc.
  • Lovecraft inspired horrors!
  • Eldritch Horrors and the like!
  • Ghosts, poltergeists, non-corporeal beings.
  • A mass of slime or goo (Not the most imaginative but these are just ideas to spark more!)
  • Anything non-human that has a craving for my character is more than welcome to be discussed, be imaginative, creative and we'll be fast friends!
  • Be imaginative, creative, keep that air of mystery about some of the monsters you use if you will!

As said it's not restricted to this, can be something like it a combination of one or all, the more creative the better, no-one likes a boring monster, if you'd like some more ideas or want to provide inspiration, pictures, videos etc are always welcome!

Offline ViperFang

I could be into joining, though I think I'd rather play one of the victims of these lusty monsters~ I really enjoy freeform RP. Just out of curiosity, would it be alright if I played a female character when this all gets settled?

Offline SilentFoxTopic starter

I don't see why not, should a GM type show an interest to begin with that is, early days for now. This would be my first foray into group RP like this anyway, hence the looking for a GM rather than being the GM. Thanks for showing an interest all the same and maybe a skilled and willing GM will take an interest as well!

Offline ViperFang

I sure hope so :) I'd volunteer, but I'm awful at running group things XD You should've seen how bad of a DM I was when I tried it out~