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Started by Modrid Brennan, April 04, 2014, 05:27:54 PM

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Modrid Brennan

I'd like to change my display name and I'm having trouble. I was instructed to post in here. :D


You need to PM any available staff member and they can help you.

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~raises hand~ That was my bad. I forgot it was 'pm Staff member' and not just a matter of posting here.  :-[
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Modrid Brennan

So then... who do I pm? As I pm'd Aislinn and I'm going to assume she can't help me (for she sent me here).


Aislinn is a Mentor, she isn't Staff

Staff are S level - Siren, Satyr, Sidhe (moderators) - or G level - God, Goddess or Genie (admins). ;)
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