Where can I find decent adult chatrooms?

Started by Sethosayher, August 25, 2008, 11:06:19 AM

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I really have NO idea where to ask this question. Elliquiy seemed to be my best bet. Where can I find adult chatrooms that are not populated either by bots or by incoherent users? Is this an ideal that cannot be found on the internet? Does anyone here have any suggestions, recommendations?


If you look at the tool bar on Elliquiy you will see Chat. Click it and it will take you to the IRC channel for chat in live time with Elliquians.


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... and the only one I go into is the chat aspect of Elliquiy. I have found no other good ones. *points up* You can try it if you like; it's the chat tab.


Once on IRC (Internet Relay Chat:  The chat that Elliquiy uses)  you can look on the server for other rooms by typing /list  This will display all the open chatrooms on the server and their topics.  From that you could find a few adult chat rooms I would think but theres no way to tell if they're any good or not untill you enter them and try to say hello.

Hope its helpful =^.^=


Thanks for all the response and assistance so far. Elliquiy chat is very decent; the IRC chatroom is what actually introduced me to the Elliquiy community. But I'm looking for a room more obviously devoted to adult conversation - or am I asking for too much?

I'll check out what else is available on SorceryNET.


Elliquiy does have an uncensored room that unapproved members are not allowed in ... #Ellounge.


Looking at SorceryNET, I have to say that finding casual adult chatrooms is proving to be difficult. Most of these rooms seem to be dedicated to a particular persistent role playing scenario/universe....

EDIT: Just visited #Ellounge, seems rather inactive but I think that's because it's still somewhat early.

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Finding a good general adult chat room is pretty much impossible, since those sorts of topics will tend to draw the semi literate and underaged like flies. 

Having a specific fetish you like can make things easier, but in general, adult chat is a wasteland of immaturity.   :)
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Sethosayer, I have only been in #Ellounge once or twice and both times I got talking to someone in #Elliquiy and we mutually agreed to move the chat to the lounge. I don't think it is used that much actually so it might turn out more practical to agree with someone to have an adult chat session then meet up in there. Both times for me resulted from just bumping into someone in #Elliquiy.


The main use of the Lounge is when a flirt goes out of hand in #Elliquiy, the involved participants can move it to the Lounge, since there's no PG-13 limit there. It's as active as people make it to be.

Keep in mind though, that Ellounge has a basic setting, a living room (though very lenient on details), and anyone who hops into the channel, hops into the virtual room as well and can interact with whatever's already going on.

If you want to RP in your own setting, you'll have to set up something privately. Call me on IRC (just mention my name to let my computer play a sound) and if I'm around, I can help you out on making such a channel.

As mentioned, the /list command shows a list of channels, and there are some decent ones. However, those usually involve everyone participating to be part of a greater setting. It seems to be the only decently working setup, as settingfree rooms are just the crappy cyber channels.