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Author Topic: Queen of Spades' plots (F seeking M or F)  (Read 5065 times)

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Offline Queen of spadesTopic starter

Queen of Spades' plots (F seeking M or F)
« on: January 15, 2014, 05:23:08 PM »
Hello and welcome to my little corner over here, below you'll find some of the plots I'm interested in doing. If you see something which sparks your interest then please let me know in a PM, the plots aren't set in stone, I am very open to discussion about each of them.

I'm open to a very wide range of kinks, from the extreme involving: death, bloodplay etc, to more vanilla kinks. What primarily draws me in is a premise or characters, we can always start tweaking and adjusting a story afterwards to including kinks we both enjoy or want to highlight. See my post history for writing samples.

*I also enjoy playing multiple characters if the scene calls for it*

*Don't post in this thread please, just send me a PM if you want to talk to me.*

I'm open to all sorts of pairings: Transgender, Female, Male. I don't mind so long as the scene is interesting enough to get my imagination worked up. Some of my plots/scenes target a specific gender or pairing, but are open to discussion and significant changes. My preference is playing a Female character though.

Full List of Ons and Off are in O/O thread: Here

The Continental --- M x F, Consensual, assassins, light, Rough sex, possible BDSM, possible role-playing, romance.

Background: All around the world there exists a chain of hotels, simply entitled “The Continental”. Situated largely in areas where other exclusive hotels lie, on the outside it looks like just another hotel for celebrities and the rich. Except no amount of money alone will net you a room at The Continental, no matter the breadth of influence or wealth. The Continental catered exclusively to the most shadowy of professions - assassination.

The hotel catered towards assassins, providing a place away from home whilst they conducted their business, with all the luxuries one would expect from a 5 star hotel. With a few extras as well, given the special needs of the client base - no questions asked. It was a bit of a hub for those in the business of assassination. A chance to mingle and relax with fellow ‘colleagues’, enemies and friends alike. There was only one rule patron’s had to adhere to - no business was to be conducted on hotel premises, with the warning that heavy penalties would be incurred by those who broke the rules.

Scenario: A story involving two assassins’ who occasionally meet at the Continental hotel whilst on business. There could be a light rivalry between them, perhaps even a little conflict. But I’m primarily looking to tell a story of two people who are in love with one another, but don’t have the time to pursue a relationship, given their work and alligences. The short time they have together at the hotel is the best they have, and they don’t know when or even if they will meet again.

Requirements: I’ll be playing the female assassin, I’m looking for a partner to play the male assassin, someone who enjoys writing out long posts.

--- Queen Bitch --- F / F, Non-con, Mistress/slave, humiliation, bdsm
Scenario: Maxine, the head of a fashion firm, hires a new personal assistant to replace the previous one, who suffered a bit of a breakdown. The new employee quickly finds out that working with Maxine is a special kind of hell. Demanding nothing less than perfection, Maxine regularly scolds and berates her new PA for even the slightest mistake, or task not done according to her strict specifications. Day in and day out, she works her into the ground, and seemingly finds new ways to torment her new PA. However tough or demanding Maxine is, it would pale in comparison to what she had planned for her sweet little PA. The weeks and months of agony she inflicted on her we’re just testing the waters. Maxine wanted to see what she was like, how she dealt with her demands and the misery she inflicted. It wasn’t simply being a bitch for the sake of it, Maxine wanted something specific out of her new PA - a new lesbian pet. And she was assessing carefully if she was up to the task - whether her new PA wanted it or not.

Setting: Modern day

Requirements: I will be playing Maxine, I’m looking for someone to play the young personal assistant.

la chambre noire --- M/F, Comedy, Romance, Affairs, interracial

Breif: A light hearted, comedy role-play involving a interracial themed sex club (la chambre noire). And a woman who acquires the club wholly, with the intent on shutting it down. Only finding out the reality of the club once she attends the meeting with it’s manager. I want to inject a lot of humour into this scene, plenty of sexual double entendres relating to the business world. With both parties contributing to it. Other themes include, inter-racial affairs/cheating, public sex and maybe group sex/gangbangs.

Scenario:‘la chambre noire’. What the hell was that? June thought. Flicking through her files in her cabinet, for something which would solve the mystery. Whatever it was, she owned it in its entirety - for about 3 months now. Apparently the club was acquired as part of a larger investment she had made at the same time - just simply overlooked it. Such an oversight was a bit of a worry to her, in the future she should be more careful. Pulling out a folder, June found a series of documents, bearing the logo of the club. For the most part, they were the usual documents one could expect from owning a business, as well as some monthly profit reports. The business was doing alright, not fantastic. However June was use to buying and selling companies that were worth 10x as much, this seemed like something she could afford to lose without too much of a worry. Along with the reports were a few letters, from the current manager - requesting a meeting. June was the new owner after all, now she recalled the letters. At the time June had been quite busy, simply filed them to one side and forgot about them. There was a little guilt from not having returned his letters or phone calls - but she was a busy woman after all. Elizabeth, June’s personal assistant  was supposed to organise matters like this, according to the letters he had called several times, or at least tried to. Giving her secretary a verbal dressing down for her mistake, June temper was cut short when Elizabeth reiterated her own words at the time back at her. It had been an extremely stressful and hectic time, and she had explicitly told Elizabeth to just put aside anything that wasn't related to the Hanson acquisition - including calls.

Not worth having a meeting now, June thought, sifting through the documents one last time. There was the possibility of selling the club, however going through that much effort for a business so small was beneath her. There was no indication of what kind of club it was anyway, this was all something June was unfamiliar with.

“Just get rid of it, shut it down, let everyone go - all of it. Write a letter to the manager, the usual, ‘thank you for your services...blah blah etc etc’” June said dismissively, setting her PA to work.

That was the last June heard of the affair, and the last she expected to either. Except 2 weeks later Elizabeth came back to her.

“The manager wants a meeting, the manager of la chambre noire club I mean. He is pretty insistent on talking to you face to face, especially about a matter as serious as closure.”

June had a stern, fed up look on her face - she didn’t have time for this.

“He walked all over you didn’t he Elizabeth!” June scolded.

“I’ll talk to him myself, tell him to come tomorrow morning.”

“.....he said hes not having a meeting anywhere but his club” Elizabeth said hesitantly frightful of how June would react.

“Is he trying to play games with me?” June rhetorically asked her PA, glaring at her before changing the tone of her voice to a softer one.

“When am I free to pay this Gentleman a visit then.” Doing her best to contain her annoyance, picking up a stress ball and squeezing it tightly.

Elizabeth already knew June wasn’t going to like the answer, she wasn’t free for a while. Perhaps there was something though, tapping on June’s blackberry before letting out a little bit of a mumble.

“Theres nothing we can shift around, unless this friday night, the club is open anyway at that time….” Elizabeth replied, fulling bracing herself for the worst.

“You mean the same friday night I’m suppose to be having dinner with my husband. At the kind of restaurant you need to book 3 months in advance for?” June said clutching the stress ball as tightly as she could.

Elizabeth simply nodded sheepishly. It looks June was going to have to cancel her date.

“Very well, arrange it Elizabeth” Speaking calmly, she was saving her annoyance for Friday night now it seemed.

Requirements: A partner to play the Manager. Who enjoys writing humour, is creative, (especially when it comes to double entendres!) And loves long posts! If we’re both happy this could potentially become a longer term role-play. With both characters keeping an affair under wraps whilst advancing a business together.

Picture inspiration for the look and feel of the club

I dream of anything but Penny.. --- M/F, Comedy, Romance

Name: I dream of anything but Penny..

Content: A man meets his Guardian Angel who is more than willing and eager to help with life's little problems.

Scenario: A lonely man stuck in an unremarkable life and mundane job, dreams of something more for himself, yet lacking the means to make a change for the better. His boss is an overbearing bitch, co-workers regularly make fun and take advantage of him, and things generally don’t seem to favour him. Chief of his desires are the affections of a young woman who has recently got a job at the same company. His efforts so far, what little of them, have been unsuccessful, and she barely knows he exists. He always says the wrong thing at the wrong time to her, and has little to no sexual experience, or general knowledge about women.

Almost resigned to his fate, things take an unexpected turn when one night returning home to his modest apartment, he finds bad 80s pop music blaring out, with an angry landlord blaming him for leaving his stereo on so loud. Inside a beautiful young woman, seems to have made herself at home, pawing through the contents of his fridge and wearing his clothes.

“Mphmmm Penmphm…” Peering over the fridge, mumbling with a mouth of food once he caught her attention. Her manners left something to be desired.

“I mean I’m Penny, or Penelope if you’re feeling fancy” Adding with a little smile, pausing for a moment to clear her throat, before taking another bite for the glazed donut in her hand.

“Mmm these are good, where did you get these from.” She exclaimed, bringing the box up from inside the fridge, by the looks of it she had pretty much eaten the whole box of 12 - by herself.

Penny didn’t seems to be in any sort of rush to explain the situation. She had broken into his apartment, sifted through his personal possessions, worn his clothes and was even helping herself to more than a bit of his food. Yet she seemed rather relaxed and at ease about it, as if he was the one in error - wandering into some girls apartment instead of his.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’m your Guardian Angel!” She said with an absolutely straight face, offering him a bite of a half eaten donut, as something like a consolation prize for his predicament.

Setting: Modern day

Requirements: A comedy story foremost, about a man who encounters his ‘Guardian angel’. Who offers him help and advice in not only courting the woman he has affections for, but also helping him in his career and social standing. Only he can see and hear her, which sometimes causes problems for him as others catch him talking to himself. Penelope’s methods are unconventional to say the least, using her seemingly infinite powers to coach him. She will resort to changing her appearance to the woman he fancies and putting him through a series of mock dates, acting just as she would until he gets it perfect!

I would be playing the role of Penelope and the people around the main male character, including his lover interest, I’m primarily looking for someone to play the role of the main male character, and to help write the story with, contribute ideas through PMs etc.

Pet Demon Bitch --- F/F, Domination and submission, Pet play, religion, BDSM, Humiliation

Name: Pet Demon Bitch

Content: A demoness is made into a submissive lesbian pet at the hands of a nun.

Scenario: A powerful demoness wanders the earth, not to bring about the apocalypse - just to have a little fun! At first it was simply murder, it was fun to end their feeble little lives. It didn’t take long for her to outgrow it though, it was far more enjoyable to toy with humans in more subtle ways. Seduction was one she found the most amusing, disguising as a daughter and making sexual advances to family members, seducing married men and women. She almost always ensured they got caught too, watching the inevitable fallout with a gleeful smile on her face. Tormenting those of faith was particularly enjoyable to her as well - until she picked on the wrong person. Instead she found herself being collared and subjected to a special kind of torment, at the hands of a nun no less.

This is a story of a demoness who is eventually collared and made into a slave bitch by a dominant nun. Completely turning the tables on her, the demoness is strictly trained to serve as an obedient lesbian pet, punished and humiliated harshly to atone for her misdeeds!

Setting: Modern day

Requirements: Someone to play the role of the Dominant nun preferably, and enjoys long detailed posts.

Police Brutality --- Rough, aggressive sex, bondage, lots of dirty talk

Name: Police Brutality

Content: Dirty talk, rough and violent sex, bondage

Scenario: Megan, a girl in her early twenties has a knack for getting in trouble, partly due to her brash and confrontational behaviour. She loves to irritate people, and poke at them till they snap. She has been in trouble a few times with the police, nothing serious, and mostly unfairly. Megan has struck up a relationship with a corrupted police officer, and partly the reason for her getting in trouble with the law so often was the abuse of police powers, unfairly arresting Megan and taking her somewhere private for a quick fuck. Megan wasn’t one to complain for too long though, the sex was rough, physical and usually left both parties sore and aching - just the way she liked it anyway.

At the time the scene starts Megan hasn't seen the corrupt officer for a while, perhaps several months, and now has a relationship with another man, someone with his own long run ins with the law. Megan’s partner is arrested and she finds out she knows the officer all too well, being taken along for the ride. A quick detour to a deserted side street, and her boyfriend out cold from rather hard strike around the head, Megan and the corrupt officer rekindle an old affair.

Setting: On the bonnet of a Patrol car!

Requirements: Someone to play the role of the corrupted police officer, who enjoys scenes with a lot of dirty talk, rough housing and writing lengthy posts.

Cassandra VII --- Scifi, plot driven, cyborg, androids, incest, extreme kinks (bloodplay, etc)

Summary: This one is less of a specific plot and more of a description of settings and character. I'm looking to share the worldbuilding with someone and play out plots and scenes within it.

Kinks: Open to discussion but usually revolving around the strange and extreme.

Extended Summary:Queen Cassandra VII ruled over the largest empire in the 4th millennium, in a world dominated by conflict and strife; hers had been an empire that had withstood the very worse that had been thrown at it. The turmoil which had brought down lesser empires, Cassandra had weathered through it, gaining strength in their downfall. She was quick to boast about the fall of her enemies, a selfish, manipulative and egotistical woman, Cassandra wanted to be seen as a goddess in the eyes of her people; with each fall of an empire – the ones that worshipped all sorts of demons, ghouls and spirits, she was quick to preach to her subjects that their unflinching faith and devotion to her and her alone is why they have survived where others have fallen, and why she was indeed worthy of such admiration and worship. Through her empire Cassandra regularly denounced those that dared to worship others than her as heretics, unfit to even breath the same air as the devote. Holding sadistic public executions of heretics and dissenters, anyone who dared go against the Queen in any form met with a torturous end. Life was by no means easy under her rule, on a dying earth resources were always scarce; the poor suffered while the rich enjoyed lavish lifestyles without a care for anyone but themselves. The world itself was very different in the 4th millennium, A.I and artificial life forms had already come into existence thousands of years before Cassandra; the resulting wars between human and machines having left the earth scarred and dying. From the ashes rose a new race, one which flourished in harsh new earth; a melding of machine and man.

The cyborgs seized control and sort to create order from the chaos that had been wrought on the earth by both man and machine. Superior in every way they established a society with them on the top and the lowly man and machine on the bottom. For it while it worked and there was some structure and order but it didn't take long for the new race of augmented humans to fight amongst themselves. History as told by propaganda in Cassandra empire told that it was at this time she began her rise as power, in an almost messianic rise she took what was destined to be hers, ascending from a lowly human to augmented being and denouncing the demons and spirits which they had worshipped, slaughtering her foes and instilling herself as Queen and the only one worthy of devotion. It was a fantastical tale of half-truths designed to keep her image as a goddess in the eyes of her people. She was named Cassandra VII for the amount of times she had 'died' for her people, only to be resurrected once again; proving to her people that she really was immortal. Each time she lost a little more of her once human form; becoming more and more augmented with technology and cybernetic enhancements. Now the only her neck, head and part of her shoulders could be considered human; the rest of her body comprised of a mixture of synthetic flesh and machine parts.

Selfish, jealous, sadistic, manipulative, greedy and hedonistic only began to describe Cassandra dark personality, she was anything but a sympathetic and kind ruler, taking whatever she wanted whenever she wanted and quashing any resistance with brutal violence. The centuries of her reign only seem to further twist her personality and desires, becoming even more violent and sadistic. The pursuit of pleasure was a keen past time for the Queen, especially sex. She was known as the 'Black Widow Queen' amongst her enemies, often luring them under the guise of a truce and promises of sharing her power with them; playing on their desires. Regaling them with stories of how she had been waiting for someone like them to come along and rule with her, seducing them into her bedroom for a night of sex before murdering them. Cassandra's depravity didn't end there though, she loved to keep a memento from the enemies she lured into her bed; removing the males penises and, with the aid of technology, turning them into twisted sex toys for her personal use. She found great pleasure and satisfaction in using such toys and was rather proud of her collection; her enemies had brought her pain in life, but in death they would only bring her pleasure. Cassandra herself encouraged her subjects to engage in sordid sex, considering it way to honour their Queen, the anniversary of her rule was always met with lavish and depraved orgys, celebrating her rule by filling the day and night with twisted sex. There was one thing that she hadn't had the pleasure of engaging in – incest. There was no one worthy enough to mate with in her eyes, and any offspring would naturally be tainted with their genetic material, something which was unacceptable to her. Cassandra set about remedying this though, through their advancements in technology she was able to take genetic material from herself and use it to grow two sons – her pride and joy. She was very specific about them, they were to be created as a hallmark of physical perfection, adequate enough to pleasure her, always obedient to her every whim and desires and extensively augmented, to serve as her personal bodyguards and leaders of her vast army. When her boys had fully grown and been augmented she invited them to her bedroom, celebrating their 'birth' with a night of incestuous sex. Cassandra treated her sons with motherly affection, something which is rarely afforded to anyone else, they were her pride and joy and especially enjoyed the way they carried out her orders and the brutality her armys inflicted under their command. One wholesome mother-son activity in particular she enjoyed with her sons was watching them sadistically torture enemies during interrogations, or just for the fun of it. Instructing her sons to fuck her roughly after they were done with her enemies, often making love with her sons with the blood of her enemies still on thier hands – she was truly proud of them.

The Queen was very much a hypocrite as well, as she hid a dark secret from her subjects with only her sons having knowledge of it. The demons, spirits and ghouls that were worshipped by other religions and rulers were very much relegated to myth and story, believed to exist by those that worshipped them but easily discounted by the likes of Cassandra and others as definitive proof was always lacking. In reality they were very much real, creatures from an alternate dimension which manifested themselves as demons and ghouls in the human realm, possessing and causing mischief behind the scenes for the post-humans, enjoying their ignorance. They rarely listened to those that prayed to them, deeming them as lesser beings unworthy of attention, let alone an answer to their prays and devotion. One devote believer in particular caught the attention of some stronger demons – a young Cassandra. It was a mystery as to why they decided to pay attention to her and not others, perhaps they saw her future; what she would become with their 'blessing' and found it amusing; 'an interesting spectacle' to sit back and watch. Before she was a Queen, Cassandra was merely an ordinary human, and as such was on the bottom of society, always at the mercy of those stronger then her. She believed that her faith in the various unholy demons would set her free from her miserable life, give her the power over others that she lusted over. Eventually her prays were answered, forming a pact with one particular spirit. She had nothing to offer him, only herself for an eternity of servitude - something he was more than happy to receive. In exchange for her body and soul she was given his 'blessing' - not super powers, but everything from hence forth went along to her desire, it was almost as if it was destined to happen, dark spirits aiding her behind the scenes throughout her journey. Cassandra never revealed her true beliefs and alliances, they were kept a secret; infact she openly denounced the various demons and spirits to her subjects - something which they found amusing. It helped them toy with humans more and more, as they remind ignorant of their existence. Cassandra herself they found particularly enthralling, how she treated her subjects with such brutality and inspired such devotion in them; she toyed with them much in the way they liked to toy with humans.

Cassandra VII had a secret room in her bedroom, one which was completely devoted to the demon she had made a pact with all those centuries ago. Whilst there she was reminded of her place, and that she was an owned whore – Queen or not, Cassandra would always be the same lowly whore she was when she made the pact. Her body and mind wholly his to use for his pleasure. And thus she served with devotion as his fucktoy in secret, enduring whatever, hard, rough sex that was inflicted on her. Cassandra was regularly punished for her blasphemy against the demons and ghouls; they enjoyed watching her do it – but also enjoyed punishing her for it..

After show dance --- Rough/Aggressive sex

Summary: This one is simple: two ballet dancers, known for their grace and beauty on stage engage in a different type of pas de deux when the performance ends. Making a habit out of engaging in rough, brutal sex after every performance. Pairings for this one can be Male x Female or Female X Female, and open to multiple characters.

Kinks: Extremely rough sex, passion, breathplay. Other kinks open to discussion

La Dama Negra (The Black Lady) --- Domination and submission

Summary: This one isn't as dark and twisted as the opening would suggest. To sum it up, a condemned woman becomes a submissive for the man assigned to carry out her execution. The sex exploring themes such as domination and submission as well as her inevitable death at his hands. I don't forsee this as a long term roleplay, just a one shot scene. The opening below is a quick summary of events taking place before said execution, some backstory about her character. If you fancy writing some smut based around the kinks listed then get in touch. (Ps. Theres a few pictures included which inspired the scene.)

Kinks: Sadomasochism, Bondage, domination and submission, breathplay, collars, restrains/shackles.

Image inspiration (NSFW)

Opening:Valentina Maria Avana is a name cursed by many for the many murders she committed, affectionately known as “La Dama Negra” (The Black Lady.) A textbook psychopath Valentina was exploitative, obsessive, defiant and unsympathetic to those she hurt or murdered. No-one knows what caused her to inflict such horrific brutality on her victims, born in an era when the only accepted explanation for her deeds was that she an evil woman; a wicked otherworldly entity praying on mortal men. The reasoning was fantastical at times, perhaps it eased the minds of her fellow man. The assurance that such wickedness had to be born of something not of this realm, that no human could be so dark and twisted. In reality, Valentina was nothing of the sort, her dysfunctional personality born from the unfortunate hand life had dealt.

In an more enlightened era she might have found help before she had a chance to harm anyone, but what she had done could not be undone, and judgement was passed on her. For the 10 murders of local men Valentina received death – by beheading. Many suspect that there were more victims, but 10 was only the number they could prove. Details slowly spread of her deeds when she was captured, the very thought of such acts being committed for so long right under their noses made everyone feel uneasy with themselves. Valentina had a fixation with sex and death, the two were one of the same for her. Seducing her victims, Valentina often played the vulnerable and desperate prostitute. To give the impression that she would be easy to control, to abuse and have their way with. Some of the men was initially violent with her, perhaps even intending to do away with her once they had their fun. That didn't absolve Valentina of her behaviour, she had no such moral illusions of doing justice to evil men. It was simply an easy character for her to play, to trap them in her clutches. No-one care to notice, but all the victims were remarkable similar aesthetically; tall, brown haired, predominate jaw line, often with rough hands from excessive manual labour. It was simply what she found attractive, sexually desirable in a mate.

Sex with them initially was never quite enough though, leaving her obsession to grow and fester into something more horrific. Gradually the murders became more violent, it was gratifying unleashing such brutality on her lovers; exploring the boundaries of the obscene with successive victims. There was a certain jealously about her behaviour as well, she wanted to be their last love – the one they would die for, enjoying power she commanded by ending their lives.

Once the town had caught onto the goings on, catching Valentina wasn't hard, her only concern was engaging in her own twisted perversions, neglecting to cover up her tracks very well. During the trial a new obsession dawned on her, centred around the man who would deal out her punishment – the executioner. His job, incharge of dealing out death to those that broke the most serious of laws, filled Valentina was a sense of admiration. A man so skilful and that in her eyes it would be an honour to have her life ended by the end of his axe. Shockingly, on the day before her sentencing , Valentine declared her self adoringly his to execute in whatever way he wanted. That she would submit to the anonymous man's blade however he wished out of love. When the day of her execution came Valentina was hooded and shackled, lead to her anonymous executioner.

Reluctant Wife ---  Affairs, swinging

Summary: A married woman has her arm twisted by her husband into attending a swingers party, the kind of night she ends up happening is open to discussion!

Kinks: The kinks for this one are more open than usual, generally they involve; affairs, swinging, romance, MF, FF, MMF, + more

Opening:Sofia married Jack when she was a young girl in her at 19. At the time her husband was an up and coming lawyer, when getting married to Sofia he started his own law firm employing Sofia as his personal secretary. For 20 years they had been happily married and ran a successful practice – which meant money was never a big issue for them, they had what they needed and then some.

Although age had taken its toll on her husband, a little bit of a fat here and there she still loved him just as much. Sofia on the other hand seemed to get more beautiful as she got older, in her younger years she was a brunette bombshell – but she had matures into a stunning woman who easily looked 15 years younger. Not many people noticed how attractive she was, Sofia and her husband came from Christian families – Sofia especially experiencing a strict upbringing. She was always taught to dress modestly and not flaunt her body – except for her husband of course.

Even though she didn't like it her husband suggested that she wear something “sexy” for the office every now and again, mainly to impress important clients. A shorter skirt to show off her long toned legs, higher heels to help push out her cute ass, and unbuttoning a few buttons on her shirt, exposing some more cleavage. Sofia especially hated the leers her co-workers gave her while she wore her sexy attire around the office, but there was little she could do about it. Sofia had been brought up with a very old idea of gender roles – men were the man of the house and their wives were expected to fall in line, which meant that Sofia was rather submissive to her husband.

Sofia didn't know much about sex, her religious upbringing taught her that sex was something only for a husband and wife. In the early years of her marriage sex was very vanilla, it seemed like her husband was the kinky one, she didn't know what to make of it sometimes. Jack often bought his wife sexy underwear and clothing to wear for him in bed, Sofia didn't mind that too much, although some of the items he picked for her barley qualified as clothing from how little they covered. Sofia was shocked when her husband had suggested they watched pornography together, how could he suggest watching such filth? But she wanted nothing more than to please her husband, even if it meant gritting her teeth and baring his ever increasing kinky desires.

In later years Jack had problems getting an erection, the pornography seems to help with his desire, but it wasn't long before he started to suggest more to add some new kink to their sex life – partner swapping. In retrospect Sofia should have saw it coming, most of the porn she watched with her husband were tales about married sex starved women cheating on their husbands with very attractive hung studs – her husband always picking out the porn for him and her to watch. Sofia felt a little guilty about being turned on by such sinful activities, there was something about their musculature and the size of their cocks which always seem to make the women purr with pleasure.

Sofia still wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of partner swapping, but she was a slave to her husband's desire and whim. Eventually Jack brought home a pair of invites for an upper class swingers party out of town, the invites were so fancy they could have been mistaken for wedding invites. On the back were a long list of rules: Couples only, Condoms were to be worn by all men, Women had the final say etc. Sofia didn't realise something like this was so organised. While Jack was excited as the days approached to the party, Sofia dreaded it. When the day finally came Sofia reluctantly got dressed in the gown her husband had bought her. It was a rather expensive blue dress which ran all the way down to her feet, with a slit going up one side to show off her smooth slender legs. Complimenting the look with a pair of blue 6 inch pumps, plenty of red lipstick and her hair tied up in an elaborate fashion.

Biting her lip nervously the whole way there, she dreaded what she thought she would see when they got there – half expecting to walk in on one sordid orgy. Pulling up to the mansion a valet took the car, and with her husband made her way to the front. Entering the main hall she was slightly shocked to find the room buzzing with joyous conversation and waiters weaving in-between the couples offering drinks. To Sofia it seemed like just a normal high class party, rather than a swingers party, everyone was talking and enjoying each others company.

Sofia and Jack soon bumped into a work mate, she was slightly embarrassed to be seen by someone she knew at an event like this, but from the way he conducted himself with her husband it seemed like he had been the one that told Jack about the event. Soon her husband was whisked away from her by him, leaving her with only a quick kiss on the cheek and something about meeting another women. Sofia picked up a glass of champagne from one of the waiters and nursed it for a while hiding herself slightly behind a large potted plant. She thought to herself that maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all, there were so many people here no one would surely spot her. All she had to do was remain inconspicuous for the remainder of the night and everything would be fine – well that was her plan anyway.

Stepford Wives ---  Scifi, brainwashing, behaviour modification, domination submission

Summary: Based on the "stepford wives" book. A town where the women are unusually submissive, in-reality they are actually androids built to replace their current wives. Becoming the perfect woman in their eyes.

Kinks: Transformation, androids, behaviour modification, brainwashing/hypnosis, BDSM, group sex, Dom/Sub, non-consent.

Opening: Eve was an intelligent woman, from a young age she had been taught to study hard and the rewards would soon follow, although it wasn't as easy as that to begin with, and it seemed like it was much easier to simply marry a rich husband and serve as a loyal housewife, rather than study hard. She never really wanted that though; despising the submissive nature of most women. Eve wanted to carve out a name for herself, not fame and fortune; but simply independence, to do things by her own accord and not have to rely on anyone else. She had met Alexander while studying at university, they had a somewhat typical boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, although she wasn't as sexual adventurous as some of her friends, she still loved him and ended up marrying him while they were still studying together, the first amongst their friends to get married. A testament to how mature she thought she was, rather than sleeping around or kinky sex adventures Eve was more interested in settling down and focusing on the future. Studying law wasn't for the faint of heart, there was a lot of reading and complicated terms to grasp but Eve persevered through it and it paid off, winning a placement at a top law firm as part of her final year study. The pay wasn't great and the work was mediocre; that didn't stop Eve from taking the opportunity and learning the ins and outs of the job. By the end of the year she had been offered a more lucrative position at the firm with a marked increase on her paycheck.

Graduating at the top of her class gave Eve the edge she needed, climbing up the career ladder at an alarming pace. It wasn't long before she and her husband were able to afford their own place and move out form her parents place. It was a modest dwelling, comfortable but not outlandish, although Eve didn't see much of it; her desk at work was her home during the day and the occasional night when the workload was particularly excessive. Eve's budding career was putting a few extra zeros on the end of her bank balance; which was little comfort to the toll it was taking on her marriage. Starting to see less and less of her husband, sex soon became a rare luxury, to be done in a hurry because there was always other things to do, and that was when she wasn't simply too tired for intimacy.

Eve didn't detest sex, she very much enjoyed it, along with spending time with her husband, but everything kept getting in the way, her lifestyle didn't really lend itself to experimenting with sex; thus she hadn't experienced anything past very vanilla sex. Alexander seemed to understand that her career was opening doors for her that would make life better for the both of them. So, it continued for several years, Eve seeing her husband just enough, the bare minimum, to maintain her marriage. After a while they decided to move, amassing a sizeable amount of money allowed them to move to a seeming sleepy town on the outskirts of the city. Eve especially was itching for a change of scenery and the town looked like it was perfect. They had bought a lavish house, easily affordable, perhaps it would do her marriage some good, a big place in the quiet suburbs away from the big city.

Moving into her new place everything seemed just perfect, oddly so, even with the town in general, there was nothing out of place and all the towns folk got on with each other remarkably well, especially the women. Not only that but the whole place seemed to be suck in the 50s and 60s, it was defiantly a big change from the city. It didn't take long for Eve and Her husband to get invited to the local barbeque, taking the opportunity to meet and greet their fellow neighbours. Eve was especially excited, part of the reason she wanted to move to the town was because it was popular with successful self made women, and Eve was looking forward to networking with them. The reality was a bit of a shock though, not only did she stick out like a sore thumb with her boring modest attire, but the other wives seemed far more interested in talking about the latest recipes and fashion, rather than their careers or politics and news. Infact she wasn't even sure they worked at all, content with the outdated notion of the 'stay at home wife' while the husbands earned the money. It was a tad creepy, but nothing really gave her cause for alarm, despite seemingly being from a different planet from her they welcomed her into their circle reassuring her that she would fit right in just perfectly soon enough...

Inactive --- These plots I have fallen out of favour with, you are welcome to offer your own perspective on them though, might rekindle my interest in them!

The Latex Symbiote --- Brainwashing, mind control

Summary: I want to do a scene based around a Latex symbiote, bonding and changing with an unlucky woman. The creature could be disguised as an innocent pair of black heels, waiting to ensnare its victim. There are a few possibilities for its origin, either its an otherworldly entity, or something of human creation. Perhaps some rather unscrupulous people seeking to create the perfect little 'fetish dolls' to serve their needs.

Image inspiration (NSFW)

Kinks: Brainwashing, dollification, bimbofication, mind control, transformation, behaviour modification, leather/latex, fetish wear, non-con.

Partner Pref: Looking for someone to play the role of the symbiote and or characters around it.

Rosemarie and Ross presents... --- Swingers

Summary:A swinging/cuckolding couple create a little home porn film, complete with auditions for the cast! Looking for Male characters to play either a lover, husband or both.

Kinks: Cuckolding, video taping, MMF, creampie cleaning, rough sex.

Opening: The turn of events had been rather unexpected for Rosemarie. She was one to dirty talk to her husband while they were having sex, and one particular time she mentioned the point of letting her husband “direct” her lover and herself. In fact she hadn't envisioned anything more than her husband with a home video camera and the both of them putting together a very amateur production. Rosemarie hadn't thought her husband would run with the idea and go the whole nine yards with a professional pornographic flick. One morning she was awoken by her husbands voice, making her way downstairs to find him flicking through her “little black book” while on the phone - the book she kept most of her lovers names, numbers and a few little stars next to their name; the better fuck they were – the more stars next to their names! She thought nothing of it at first, but over the next few days Rosemarie realised the phone was practically glued onto his head, there never seem to be a moment when he was off it. After a while she stared to wonder exactly what was going on, one evening eventually catching a moment when her husband was off the phone she enquired about what was going on. It was then that Ross shared with her his grand plan so to speak, not merely a amateur porn film, but a full blown feature; with proper lighting, camera work, sound men – and even a coherent plot! That was more than the vast majority of porn films, Rosemarie realised that she and him had very different ideas about shooting a porn movie together.

It was quite intimidating at first, a lavish feature film about a wife cheating on her husband. Rosemarie wasn't opposed to the idea, it was just unexpected is all, and from the sound of it – a lot of work. Rosemarie was ultimately supportive of her husband though, she could tell this was something Ross wanted to do, despite the cost and work involved, and during the next few days Rosemarie tried to help best as she could. Calling around to some of the men she had been with before proved to be a bit fruitless. Rosemarie knew them better than her husband and was on hand on suggest and pick people, but they weren't, actors or performers. This was more than inviting them over to fuck Ross's wife for the evening, they would have to play a role. Eventually the two of them decided to put out a casting call, it was quite a surreal experience, Rosemarie had experience with dictation and putting together documents from her job as a secretary, so she put together her husbands thoughts and requirements into a very professional sounding ad, eventually posting it on a website which catered to this sort of “talent”' along which a rather sexy shot of her, being listed as an “actress” made Rosemarie feel feel a bit giddy inside.

Over the next month Ross was kept busy organising his little pet project, Rosemarie on the other hand seem to be playing the role of his secretary more and more. Taking down names, calling back places to check for availability, even forwarding calls to him, she had even taken to calling him 'director' in a teasing manner on some occasions. It left very little time for sex, infact she had no casual sex for the past month – although the auditions were a different matter. As expected the ad brought back a healthy number of replies, and of course each one had to be interviewed . There was some poor showings, some men obviously lied about the size of their cocks and just weren't up to par when she and her husband put questions to them. But a few made it far enough to be giving a quick chance to 'show what they could do.' The interviews usually went about in the same fashion; the men would come over, talk to Ross for a bit, then Rosemarie would come down – in something smart but designed to get the blood flowing to their loins, and then the 'inspection' Rosemarie really enjoyed that part. The men were asked to removed their shirts so that both Rosemarie and Ross could see what their build was like, after all it was important. Some of the more attractive hunks Rosemarie offered to unbutton their shirts for them – their firm abs and pecs making her weak at the knees, flirting with them lightly. After that came the measuring, some of the men had no problems gaining an erection, especially if she flirted with them. There was a wide spectrum of cock sizes, and Rosemarie seemed to spent quite a while sizing up the biggest hunks. A series of questions followed, which included; previous experience if any, limits, and more personal ones like if they would be comfortable having sex with another man's wife – after all it wasn't something everyone could stomach. Few made it far enough for a little test – giving Rosemarie a quick screw in front of her husband to grade. Some men were rough, some passionate, Rosemarie had expressed her favour for the rough ones, she had to be reminded by her husband how many times she orgasmed with them, losing count herself – usually a good sign. 

What's your name today then? --- Mystery, light femdom, affairs and cheating

Summary:A married man gets involved with a femme-fatal, sleeping with her for one night. It was only suppose to be a one night stand, but things get a little stranger when she starts getting involved in every aspect of his life, hungry for more sex. Worryingly still she has a nasty habit of getting what she wants. Things escalate when a series of murders take place across the city during the time of their affair. One or two seem to have a loose connection to the mysterious woman, but nothing is ever solid.

The roleplay can be played from one of either point: from their first meeting, or the time after their first night of sex. The plot following a married man's affair with a woman who may or may not be quite dangerous. The twists and turns, as she turns his life upside down with her insatiable hunger for sex.

I'm seeking a partner to play the role of the married man.

Kinks: The central ones are: sex in public places and affairs/cheating. Other kinks are open for discussion, depends on how kinky you want things to get!

Image inspiration

Extended summary:What was her name again? Anneke? Or was it Josephine? Arthur couldn't quite remember, she seem to go by a different name every-time they met, “I've never been one to commit” she always explained with a heart warming smile, the kind of smile that always seem to cut through Arthur's defences. It had started innocently enough, her name was Catharina then – that much he remembered. Meeting her in a dusty old bar in the heart of the city it was almost like out of a film noir picture. Catharina on the microphone, singing a sombre song of love lost in a captivating voice, while Arthur contemplated his marital problems over a stiff drink. Maybe it was all in his head but it seemed like Catharina was singing directly to him, as if she knew his woes. After the song she parked herself right next to him, ordering the same drink as him. Catharina had the allure of a femme-fatal, the kind of woman that perhaps wasn't a good idea to get involved with. The conversation started out innocently enough, but things soon escalated into something more intimate. Before Arthur knew it he was having a one night affair with the woman, he knew it was wrong, but it was that damn smile, it seemed to tempt him into the most ill advised situations and calm his fears.

“Oh don't mind the pictures, I'm just house sitting for a friend” Was her explanation when she lead him back to 'her' place that night. Innocent enough excuse, Arthur thought, if a little strange. He did wonder if the original home owner knew that the sitter was bringing men home for the night, probably not, as he would soon find out; Catharina had a bit of a tendency for mischief.

The night itself was incredible, Arthur was a little ashamed that he forgot about his wife during the whole encounter. Catharina even having slipped off his wedding ring without him noticing, distracting him with sinful temptations of her body. In the morning she was nowhere to be seen, It was naïve to think that a woman like Catharina would stick around for long. Perhaps it was a good thing Arthur contemplated, his mind a little clearer now, there was something about Catharina that was a little off.

For a while things were normal, Catharina was nowhere to be seen. No phonecalls, no emails, nothing. Then Arthur just happened to bump into her – everywhere. She was at the gym, the coffee shop, at his work place – even having made friends with his wife! Catharina seemed to have invaded his life, going by a different name every-time he met her. Was it just a bit of fun? That was the only thing on her mind, especially the kinky variety of fun. Catharina had a persuasive way of coaxing sex out of Arthur even at the most inappropriate times and places. Things were getting utterly out of hand, and Catharina was getting rather obsessive about Arthur.

Things started getting stranger when Arthur flicked on the news the headlines dominated by one story.

“Man found dead with heart missing”

It was a story that was rather surreal, someone had stabbed a man several times and taken the time to carefully cut out his heart. Some terrible things happened in the city but that had to rank up there with one of the worst; the last bit was especially chilling. Arthur's own heart skipped a bit when the picture of the victim flashed up on the screen. Wasn't that the person from Catharina's apartment? The one in all the pictures, who she was suppose to be house sitting for? Arthur couldn't quite remember, maybe he was seeing things that weren't there, he didn't get that great look at the pictures anyway, and it was a long time ago. His phone started to ring shortly afterwards, it was his business phone and his boss was calling. Except all Arthur heard when he picked up the phone was Catharina's voice. How did she even get a hold of his phone?

“Hey honey...” Catharina said, in the most cheerful voice imaginable, as if nothing in her world was even slightly a miss....

The Demon Next Door --- Cults, demons and plenty of sin!

Summary: Essentially a married womans affair with a demonic entity in disguise next door! I do like playing this scene on the extreme side of things, plenty of dark kinks and themes. A simple light hearted affair isn't something I'm looking for.

Kinks: Cults,  transformation, affairs, BDSM, religious themes, slavery, domination/submission, blood play, death/resurrection

Opening:Marie had been married to her husband for 10 years, since she was 17. She married young to a man who was 5 years older then herself. Both her and her husband Richard came from strict Christian families, Marie had been sent to an all girls school run by nuns for her education, a small school in the heart of the American bible belt. Marie hadn't known Richard much before they got married, it was organised by both of their families. For Marie it was 'normal' she led a very sheltered life away from the more modern ideas on love and relationship. Despite what some may have thought of such a marriage it wasn't an unhappy marriage; Marie had a loving husband and more importantly someone who also shared her faith. As she grew older Marie took more and more responsibilities on her way to becoming a nun at the very school she was taught at, while her husband on the other hand worked at the local church eventually becoming the priest. It was an absolute pleasure for Marie to get a job working in the church along with her husband, when he took over he could think of no one better, and it was a Joy to be working in such a historic building – the centre of their faith.

Marie and Richard were regarded as pillars of their community, organising charity events, fund raisers for good causes and helping those in need, as well as spreading their faith. They were always prim and proper, without a hint of the untoward about them, and a lot of their members of the community sort to them for moral guidance, even if their views were somewhat 'traditional.' Marie had blossomed into an attractive blonde woman, with a petite figure that was almost certain to attract the leers of men – if they knew of course. There was hints of how alluring her beauty was but Marie had always been taunt to dress modestly and never wore make up, her clothes were always a size too big and did nothing to show off her figure – rather hide it infact. They looked like clothes that her grandmother would wear – not a young woman in her 20s. Marie wasn't after the affections of other men anyway, she already had a man in her life.

Speaking for sex, it was virtually non-existent, she was taught that sex was suppose to be something strictly for procreation, and taking too much pleasure in it was the path to sin, as well as engaging in it often. For Marie she could count the amount of times she had sex with her husband on the fingers on one hand - in her whole marriage, sex was the sort of affair to be done with the lights off, and over quickly. Over the past week things were a little different for Marie though, oddly enough ever since the new neighbour moved in next door, although she had no reason to think there was a connection. Marie was having nightmares, leaving her in a cold sweat when she woke. The nightmares were always the same though, fragmented images of a nude woman moaning lustfully in pleasure, accompanied by the beastly groans of her mate, she could never remember who the woman was, or even the person she was with – only the intense rush of emotion that was on display.

Marie woke up early one morning, the lack of sleep from the nightmares was starting to take its toll, but she always started her day early anyway. Getting dressed in her attire for her duties at the church – a modest navy blue dress, with long sleeves and a long hem; something which wouldn't be out of place in the 40s but was definitely very conservative by today's standards. Arranging her cross around her neck she made sure it was perfect, Marie never took it off, only the few exceptional cases where she removed it for a moment she was always careful to not simply discard it anyway, such was a sacred symbol of her faith. On her way downstairs she noticed a small card pushed through her letterbox. It was a notice for the street party. Every year the whole street was closed and there was a bit of a community get together and car boot sale, but primarily a social gathering, she had forgotten all about it, glancing over it seems like her husband didn't though, there was stacks of boxes in the hallway.

Making her way to Church, Marie was in charge for the day to day running for today, on account of her husband organising the street party, it would only be for the morning though. Making her way back at lunch time she noticed the party in full swing, weaving in-between the crowds. Richard was on a loudspeaker organising the various events, it was at that point Marie noticed her new next door neighbour, recalling that he had moved in some time ago but her work at the church had kept her busy, not having a chance to say hello. Gathering a small basket of home made treats from her table Marie walked over. “Hello, excuse me!” She said politely grabbing his attention in a soft voice. “My name is Marie, on behalf of my husband and I, and the local Church I would like to welcome you to our neighbourhood.” She added with a warm smile on her face.

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