Sexual Elements in Ons/Offs Matrix - Impact Play?

Started by Haibane, December 17, 2013, 01:43:01 PM

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Something I have just noticed that is completely missing from the sexual elements part of the O/Os options is impact play. When your average person thinks "BDSM" they almost always think "whips and chains". Impact play is a huge part of BDSM and a huge part of many RPs on this site but there is no way for members to adequately quantify their preferences using the matrix.

There's a Pain and Torture section but to me that only actually covers Torture because the subheadings in there are all quite extreme.

May I make a suggestion?

The Pain and Torture section is renamed Torture.

A new Impact Play section is introduced and in there the subsections:

Being Spanked/Giving Spanking (the Spanking section will need deleting too)
Being Paddled/Giving Paddling
Being Flogged/Giving Flogging
Being Whipped/Giving Whipping

The idea is that these subsections increase in severity.

There could be another section entitled Impact Play Areas with subsections such as:


Though this might be an unnecessary complication.

I'd like to ask that this update in detail be considered for incorporation in any future version or update of the O/Os system. Thanks.

Avis habilis

Suggestions for future technical developments should go in the CMS request thread for ease of reference.