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Author Topic: Datawych's Devious Delicacies  (Read 6116 times)

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Datawych's Devious Delicacies
« on: November 11, 2013, 03:00:11 AM »
Datawych's current cravings: My Life as a Mind-Controlled Maid

Announcement: Anyone who is interested in a Champions 6th Edition game (particularly someone who wants to GM!), give me a PM.

Hello everyone! You may have occasionally seen this thread at the top of the RP Requests subforum, or maybe this is your first time seeing it... I typically have more luck seeking out other people's stories than generating interest for my own, but if I don't write down any ideas I might have, I'm prone to forget them. Some of these stories may be ones I've been toying with for quite a while, and some of them are probably rather new... My taste in roleplays tends to be rather eclectic, and some of these ideas may seem rather 'out there'. Or not! If any of them seem to be right up your alley, don't hesitate to message me about it!

I try to answer posts in the order that I get them, but if I have a really good idea for one of my characters, I may go out of turn. There isn't a specific posting frequency that I ask of RP partners, but it is kinda disappointing when I get really engrossed in a story and then suddenly the posts stop coming. If you can let me know ahead of time if your posting frequency is going to drop, I would really appreciate it.

I would also like to ask that you please do not reply to this thread. I can delete my own update messages when they're no longer relevant, but I can't delete posts by anyone else, and I'd like to keep this thread as neat and clutter-free as possible. Thanks!

About me. Please read prior to sending me any PMs.
So I've realized that, despite me saying this in both my O/Os and my roleplay preferences, I get quite a few responses from people who clearly didn't read either of them, so I'm putting it on here as well.

I am a grammar nazi. I want to be clear on that point. If your grammar sucks, please don't bother messaging me. If your grammar is bad, I can't read what you've written, and if I can't read what you've written, I have a very hard time getting into character and caring about the story. If English isn't your first language and it's obvious that it isn't, don't bother. I know that sounds rather cruel, and I know it isn't giving everyone who might be interested a fair chance, but it's really difficult to hold a conversation with someone I can't understand, and I feel the same way about native English speakers who neglect their grammar.

I don't mind if your posts are on the shorter side. I've noticed that during scenes with a lot of back and forth (sex scenes, scenes with a lot of dialogue, non-con scenes, etc) that most peoples' posts tend to get shorter, and that's fine. It's a symptom of those types of scenes. I do expect the posts to be quality ones, though. There's a significant difference between a post that is short because the writer didn't have a lot of options due to the way the scene was unfolding and one that is short because the writer was being lazy. Having said that, though, nobody likes seeing that exciting orange 'new' tag on a thread, only to realize that the new post is 2 sentences long.

Finally, I promise to try to post regularly, but real life often gets in the way. I'm not ignoring you, but if you feel that I'm not posting quickly enough, it won't hurt my feelings if you decide to withdraw your interest in a story that we have going together. I'll try my best to let you know if I'm going to be particularly busy, but sometimes things really get away from me and it'll slip my mind.

Also, if you use the word 'dominate' when you mean 'dominant', I'm sorry, you're disqualified.

Alright! So if the 'About me' section hasn't scared you off, here's a list of my most current ideas. If any of them catch your interest, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM. If you have an idea that isn't on this list that you think matches up with my O/Os, feel free to send me an overview of the idea. Remember that these are just story hooks, and I try to leave them with enough wiggle room so that both parties will be satisfied with them. Most of these are a little (or a lot!) on the extreme side. I'm not usually one to go for a more typical romance story, so... You've been warned, abandon hope all ye who enter here, dead men tell no tales, etc.

A few of these I need to be in the right mood to want to play, some old favorites that I always like, blah blah blah, but if it's posted here, I'll generally want to do it.

Pleasing Plots and Story Suggestions

In this section - My personal roleplay ideas, condensed into text form.

Story Ideas
A black title means the story is up for grabs, a blue title means I'm currently discussing the story with someone (but doesn't necessarily mean I'll say no... quite often someone will begin discussing a story with me, and then I'll never hear from them again), and a red title means the story is taken. If a title is green, it's one I'm really excited about at the moment. Titles in purple are available, but are ideas I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to start up.

One last thing I think I should mention before getting to my list of ideas; I'm a little bit wary of stories - particularly one-on-one stories - with dominant males. I'm not saying that is never an option for me, because it can certainly be done well. However, in my experience, this type of story is the most likely to devolve to a state where nothing is occurring other than ego-stroking. I have a strong preference for female-on-female, female-on-futa, and futa-on-futa based stories. Just to make myself clear, I am not saying I will immediately turn down male-on-female or male-on-futa pairings, but... If you're looking to play a male and you want my character to just fall all over herself in awe of his awesome manliness... Maybe you'll have better luck elsewhere.

My Life as a Mind-Controlled Maid - I'm fine playing either female or futa for this story, based on partner preference, seeking any (but someone willing to take a pseudo-GM role with multiple characters would be best)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Emily knew that she was due for another shift, but she still had not adjusted to the shock of being called. She fell asleep in her own bed, but when she awoke, she immediately knew that she was back inside The Office.

This can't be happening. Not again. Denial. The first stage of grief.

She stood up, looking to escape from her prison before they could do anything. Certainly there was some way out of this room? Some tiny weakness that had been overlooked that she could exploit?

The closet door slid open of its own accord, revealing the uniform - if it could really be called such - that had been selected for her.

They expect me to wear THAT? Well fuck them! I won't do it. Anger. The second stage.

A small compartment opened in the back of the closet, revealing speakers that began to emit a pleasant, calming tone.

"N-no... please don't... I'll... uhhnnn..." Bargaining.

When she came to, she was wearing her uniform and holding an empty tray. Several of her 'coworkers' were busy getting things ready for that evening.

Is the rest of my life really going to be like this? Can nothing be done? Depression.

The first pair of clients had walked through the door. Both of them were wearing custom-tailored suits and had the air of people so powerful they could do whatever they wanted.

Emily looked at the two of them, hating every fibre of their beings and everything they represented. Her conditioning forced her lips into a welcoming smile. "Hello, sirs. My name is Eden, and I'll be taking care of your needs this evening. And I do mean all of them." Acceptance.

My Life as a Mind-Controlled Maid tells the story of The Office, a mysterious organization that abducts women and mentally conditions them to serve as the perfect waitstaff/playthings for the ultra rich and powerful.

Our protagonist is one of The Office's newly-acquired targets. She is unconditioned or mostly-unconditioned, but slowly begins to find that her life inexorably leads back to The Office in order to perform her 'duties'.

Story elements
  • Maids
  • Hypnosis-mind control
  • Abduction
  • Non-con/dub-con
  • Degradation/humiliation
  • D/s
  • Exhibitionism

But I... Um... *whimper* ...Yes, Mistress... - I'll be playing a futa (submissive), seeking any dominant (though I believe a futa + futa or futa + female pairing would work best for this idea)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Inspiration Image! NSFW

I'm a sucker for vastly exaggerated power dynamics, and that's the main focus of this story - a burgeoning D/s relationship between someone (your character) who has little interest in a vanilla relationship and someone (my character) who has essentially no relationship experience whatsoever.

Natsume is not a typical twenty-something by any stretch of the imagination. The last time she truly felt normal was some time in middle school, when she and her friends were getting all giggly and embarrassed from discussions about sex and serious relationships. Unfortunately for Natsume, she never seemed to make it past this phase; as high school came and went she watched in despair as all of her friends become much more 'adult' about sex and relationships, and she was left in the dust. Natsume has always blamed this on being a futanari - her embarrassment about how a potential lover might react to finding out about her 'problem' certainly hasn't made finding the 'right one' any easier - but that isn't the whole issue.

She has always been subconsciously seeking a relationship with someone who is willing to take complete control.. Not just to 'take the reins', but to decide what she wears, how she should act, how she should speak, how often to have sex, what that sex should involve... Take control of absolutely everything.

Obviously this hook could go in a lot of different directions, story-wise, and I've left that part rather open on purpose. I generally like to discuss potential story options with a partner before things get started, rather than having a road map all laid out from the beginning. I like to be surprised and see how things unfold naturally. However, the most important part of this idea (to me) is the relationship between Natsume and her new domme, so I feel I should elaborate on that as much as possible.

I've always been interested in the dynamic between female dominants and male submissives (it seems so much different than the one between male dominants and female submissives!), but of course it's not something I'm really capable of trying in the real world, which is why I made the decision to make Natsume a futa. The sort of D/s relationship I'm looking for would be one of control, frustration, and humiliation, rather than one of typical sex, so I want to be really clear on that. The way I'm envisioning this story, there probably won't be a lot of sex, per se... A lot more embarrassment and humiliation.

The type of relationship between Natsume and her 'tormentor'... Natsume would enter the relationship out of arousal and fascination, then remain in it out of a combination of obedience, fear, and a strange sense of love. Your character's motivations can be her own, but I'm looking for a somewhat 'cold' dominant character, here. Not necessarily cruel, but not warm, loving, or encouraging either. At least not on the outside. The kind of dominant with the ability to reduce Natsume to a state of combined terror and arousal with little more than a hard stare.

I feel like I'm coming off as rather vague here... But I'm not doing intentionally. It's somewhat difficult to verbalize exactly what I want without having someone on the other side to converse with.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Usually I don't much go in for stories set in a universe thought up by someone else, particularly if it is a newly created one. I don't typically go for ones based on videos, either, but I've recently discovered one that I'd really like to explore/expand upon.

The original music video/anime short ME!ME!ME! (NSFW) tells the fantastical story of someone who has completely withdrawn from society and lost themselves in a world of escapism. Namely, sexual/romantic escapism, to the point of addiction. To the point where he is no longer sure if he loves it or hates it, but feels as though he has no hope of breaking the cycle.

The story I'm interested in playing out is something similar to this, but with a slight twist; the world the protagonist continually escapes to is completely real... At least to them. Whether it actually exists, is a delusion/hallucination, is a dream/nightmare, or is something else entirely is open for discussion.

This fantasy realm is full of indescribable pleasures, but can turn dark, twisted, and horrifying under the wrong circumstances, the incorrect outlook, or even something as simple as a desire to leave. Will the protagonist find him or herself forever lost in a world of decadence and fantasy? Will they become forever trapped in a sexual horrorscape? Will they manage to find some way to break the cycle and return to reality (sane or not)? The answer is up to you!

I should warn anyone considering this story that it is very likely to plumb the depths of psycho-sexual horror, and so could get incredibly dark and disturbing. Addiction and self-destructive escapism are major themes as well, so if those aren't story elements that you feel comfortable with, I'd advise steering clear of this idea.

I'm looking for someone to play either a male or female protagonist. I'll be taking on the role of several prominent inhabitants of the world of fantasies/nightmares, as well as (possibly) members of the protagonist's real-world family and/or love interest. Of course, if you are willing to occasionally take the reins and control some NPCs once in a while, that'd be a big help. This story may get a lot darker than my usual flair (for anyone familiar with my other stories), so... Y'know, be warned. XD

Mistress Melody Mathers' Futa Farm and Ranch Resort

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Melody is back! Albeit in a slightly altered form, with more room for differing storylines. Anyone who has been following my request thread for a while may remember Miss Melody's Futa Farm, a story I wanted to do that never really made it off the ground.

In the near future, the gradual shortening of the Y chromosome has lead to the first major evolutionary change to humanity since we started walking upright and using tools - the third gender. Collectively referred to as shemales, futanari, or dickgirls, members of this gender possess beautiful, exaggerated feminine bodies and significantly oversized male genitalia.

However, evolution is not always kind, and your average futanari must deal with problems that make living in human society rather difficult. They are more instinct-driven than other humans, relying less on intelligence and abstract thought than males or females. They also possess dangerously high sex drives; greater than a male sex drive and a female sex drive combined. These two traits lead a significant percentage of the futanari population down a bad road, with many of them ending up imprisoned for sexual deviancy.

Enter Melody Mathers, herself a futanari. Melody is one of the lucky ones - she is far more intelligent than the norm for futanari, which has allowed her to discover constructive (and legal) ways to deal with her hypercharged libido. While working to understand her gender, Melody made several significant discoveries about futanari milk and futanari semen that changed the world...

  • Their milk is incredibly rich in essential nutrients, much more so than cow's milk, as well as being much easier on the digestive system. It has been proven to help those with osteoporosis, brittle bone disease, vitamin D deficiency, and more.
  • Their semen contains previously undiscovered compounds that have been proven to stimulate weight loss, breast growth in women, penile growth in men, and reduce/eliminate the presence of cancerous cells. It also contains blank stem cells, which has made futanari cum an invaluable resource for treating damaged nerve cells and neurodegenerative disorders.

Melody used her new-found influence in the medical and scientific communities to push through Executive Order F, which established the two-strike rule for futanari. Any futanari who is found guilty of breaking the law more than once is no longer considered human, and has rights similar to livestock.

Because of Melody's discoveries, the semen and milk of futanari are both in incredibly high demand. To deal with this demand, Melody opened the world's first futa farm - a facility where futanari are milked of their precious liquids in order to satisfy the world's incredible need for them.

Ever the entrepreneur, after she had established the farm, Melody turned it into a ranch resort. It includes everything one might expect - horseback riding, hiking, hay rides, rustic-yet-charming cabins, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, ATVing... Anything that could feasibly be done outdoors in the area. Of course, the ranch also caters to those with dirtier desires as well; visitors are welcome to watch the ranch hands break/brand new futa fillies or punish stubborn ones, and the ranch offers workshops on futa milking and futa 'riding' (for an added fee, of course!).

There's a lot here that appeals to me... I quite like the idea of a brothel that owns its girls/treats them like livestock instead of people, but there's also plenty of room for BDSM elements, exhibitionism/voyeurism, group play, cum play... Lots of things, really! Things could get really medical and scientific, or things could be very hands-on and Wild West-like.

I'm open to suggestions regarding who plays what, though I'd like someone to play Melody (whether that's you or me is open to discussion), a few of the fillies (perhaps Melody has a favorite), perhaps some ranch hands, and maybe some tourists. This is definitely a story that will require both participants to play multiple characters, but the actual number involved is quite variable... There could be only a few important characters (those with names and backgrounds) and a lot of NPCs (characters who are controlled by whoever is convenient), or a larger number of named characters with fewer NPCs.

Inspiration Image! NSFW

One last thing I want to mention: if you want to play Melody, you'll receive major bonus points for playing her with a southern drawl.  ;D

Miss Candice's Charm School for Exceptional Young Ladies - I'll be playing a female, seeking a partner to play any

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Chastity Ekstrom is from an incredibly traditional, well-to-do, old money family. Young members of the Ekstrom clan are the kind of children who have their futures planned for them years ahead of time. The boys are expected to become doctors, lawyers, or executives, and the girls are expected to marry into other powerful families, where they organize fundraisers and high society events, as is proper for ladies of their station.

Traditionally, the girls in the family are sent to very exclusive finishing schools at the age of 16, and Chastity's parents have that very thing planned for her. Chastity is everything that she thinks he parents want her to be - studious, virtuous, and eager to help those less fortunate than herself. However, the Ekstroms have a well-kept secret.

In order to ensure that future husbands always remain sexually satisfied, the Ekstrom clan sends its daughters to a very special charm school - Miss Candice's Charm School for Exceptional Young Ladies. Here, girls are taught everything they need to know to be proper ladies, but are also physically transformed into perfect tens, and put through an incredibly vigorous and demanding sexual curriculum to turn them into perfect lovers.

Little does Chastity know that when she gets to school, she'll be spending most of her time learning sexual techniques, rather than etiquette.


I've tried making a story similar to this one into a group RP, but it just didn't end up how I wanted it. It seems that my ideas just never translate into group stories well, so I'm giving it a try as a one-on-one, instead. The ideal partner for this story would be willing to play multiple characters, which I'm planning on doing as well. I'd like each of us to play at least one student at the school, with each of us taking control of the various teachers and staff as necessary. Training and transformation will be an integral part of this story; the students will be trained and transformed into bimbo sluts, while simultaneously learning to hide it from the world at large and come off as prim and proper ladies/wives.

I imagine that this would play out more like Harry Potter and less like a hentai, though. I'd like to focus more on the school and act of learning than the sex itself (though not exclusively, of course) - an unwitting character who is introduced into a world that she was always meant to be a part of, and she has no idea that it even exists until she receives her acceptance letter.

If you're interested and know other roleplayers that you think would be interested (say 1 or 2 others, 3 as a very-unlikely maximum if we think we have 5 people who are all interested and dedicated enough), I'd love to include Chastity's best friend as a character, or possibly have someone who is interested in the teaching aspect of things.

Life Among the Futazons - I'll be playing multiple characters, seeking a partner willing to play multiple characters as well.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
With society's continued technological advancement, space really has become the final frontier. Gone are the days of those clumsy machines that we used to call 'space shuttles' - the interstellar equivalent of trying to cross the Pacific in a rowboat. Our new means of space travel are more along the lines of the cutters, cogs, and frigates of the 1700s; the journeys are still long and uncomfortable, but transport is available to most anyone, rather than only the incredibly wealthy.

This availability of space travel has ushered in a second Age of Exploration, with humanity branching out into the galaxy due to its near-compulsive need to 'fill in the edges of the map.' There has been an incredible resurgence in fields of study that had lulled somewhat, with xenobiologists, xenoanthropologists, xenobotanists, xenochemists, xenolinguists, and many others being dispatched to all corners of the galaxy to learn more about life on other planets firsthand.

Our story centers around the crew of the White Dwarf, a small ship full of - strangely enough - all-female researchers sent to study a planet with confirmed intelligent life on the far edge of the Milky Way. The crew knows that they're in it for the long haul, as the Dwarf isn't scheduled to turn to check up on them for 8 years.

The planet is warmer and more humid than Earth, and the majority of the habitable landmasses are covered with dense rainforest, similar to the interior of South America. The inhabitants of the planet were nicknamed 'futazons' by their discoverer, and the name is incredibly appropriate. They are extremely similar to human females, but their average height ranges between 2.2 and 2.6 meters. They are stronger than they appear, with strength easily double that of an average human. And, every single one of them has a cock, which average between 40 and 50 centimeters long.

Futazon society is aggressive and strength-based, with the strongest, most-skilled warriors assuming positions of leadership. In Futazon society, might makes right, particularly when it comes to sex. The Futazon believe that if you are unable to prevent another from forcing themselves on you sexually, then it is only natural to submit to their sexual will and desires.

Surprisingly, this has lead to an ordered, well-maintained society where success is rewarded and failure is punished in an orderly, predictable fashion.

So, what I'm looking for is a partner to help me translate this idea into a story. I'm not looking for someone to play a particular character. In fact, I expect both of us to play multiple characters, both Human and Futazon. This allows both partners chances to be aggressive, badass warriors; courageous, intrepid scientists; terrified (or perhaps secretly elated), ravaged rape victims; willing submissives; aggressive, even sadistic, rapists; and strong, willful dominants.

I think this hook really has the potential to go in a variety of directions.

Catch Me If You Can! - I'll be playing a female or futa, seeking any.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the near future, extreme police corruption and incompetency have led to a surge of masked vigilantes. These individuals fight the criminals that the police are unable, unwilling, or unequipped to fight, and have helped significantly reduce crime throughout the entire world. However, as these things go, the rise of masked heroes led to the rise of masked villains, those who share the vigilantes' flair for the dramatic but not their sense of selflessness.

Alice Hildebrant is relatively unassuming for a university student. Her grades are decent, but could be better; she is idealistic, but only when it doesn't require her to try very hard; occasionally she goes out drinking, overindulges, and ends up with vague stories about what may or may not have happened; typical college stuff. She also harbors an intensely strong crush on one of her fellow classmates... One who wouldn't pay her any mind if she was jumping up and down in front of them with a sign that said 'Pay attention to me!' hanging around her neck.

Whether by chance or careful observation and deduction, Alice finds out that her crush is one of the masked vigilantes. So, in a misguided attempt to get her masked crush's attention, she takes on a persona of a masked villain. Oddly enough, she is incredibly good at it, and she manages to draw the attention of her crush... And of just about every other masked vigilante as well. However, whenever she encounters the one hero she actually wants to catch her, the sparks fly, in more ways than one.

Now, Alice faces a major dilemma. Admit to her crush who she is (and probably end up in jail), or continue along her path as a villain and hope that the next hero to try to foil her plans is the one she has a serious thing for.

Fighting With Ourselves - I'll be playing multiple characters, seeking a partner willing to do the same.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Have you ever tried playing a game of chess with yourself? It just never works out, does it? You're in your enemy's head in every sense of the phrase. Either you subconsciously let yourself win (or lose to yourself, if you're a pessimist) or things always end in a stalemate.

This is a rather odd idea I came up with recently that I think may have some merit. I typically avoid stories where I play characters on two sides of a conflict because of that same feeling of 'playing against yourself' that you get when you try to beat yourself at chess. It always feels like one side or the other got an unfair deal. However, I'm intrigued by the idea of seeing a conflict from both sides... To really get a sense of both side's motivations and their opinions about their enemies.

I'm not very experienced with military (or similar) stories at all, so I'll ask that anyone interested in this idea please keep that in mind. Additionally, while I enjoy the occasional historical or fantasy settings, I'd really prefer this story was some kind of sci-fi. That's just how I always picture it in my mind.

What I'm looking for is a partner who is willing to play characters (at least 1, more if you're open to it) on both sides of a military conflict. In particular, a near-future or full-on sci-fi conflict. Possibly humans vs a humanlike alien species, but I would also be fine with both factions being human and having differing ideologies.

With two people having a say in controlling each side, rather than just one, I hope to do several things.

  • Avoid the 'playing against myself' feeling that would go with a single person writing two characters who are actively fighting. This could of course be handled with one partner controlling someone from Faction A fighting against the other player controlling someone from Faction B
  • Avoid the 'in my enemy's head' feeling associated with controlling both sides. If there are two of us making decisions for each side, each of us can only predict part of what the 'other' side will do.
  • Get both of us interested in both sides. I know it's hard not to play favorites, but I'd like both participants to have a character they like/want to see succeed in either faction. If we honestly didn't know which faction each of us wanted to win, I would consider it a major success.

I apologize if this entry isn't up to my usual grammatical standard or seems a bit scatterbrained. Putting my idea for this story into words proved much harder than I anticipated. Undoubtedly I'll be making a ton of edits to this entry.

Cocks! Cocks Everywhere!
Any ideas that you might suggest that involve futa-on-futa, or RP worlds where futa are common, I'd probably be interested in discussing.

Boutique of Erotique

In this section - Images meant to be the jumping off point for potential roleplays. Combine images from this section with story ideas from the above section for bonus points!

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