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Started by Retsu, October 31, 2013, 07:23:36 PM

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Back when I first started roleplaying. I was on a site that was for some kind of animal collection site; not neopets though. That site had a forum, and one the sections in said forum was a roleplay section. Another user and I were frequent users of that section, and we had many roleplays together as we just seemed to work together so well. One of our roleplays together didn't have a title, but it was my favorite one that we played together. We had only a very basic plot, but it was so much more as we started playing.

A basic synopsis of it was that my character, a nerd, was a secret admirer of my partner's character, a cheerleader. He would always be dropping off letters to her in her locker, and giving her gifts from time to time as well. Until he finally worked up the courage to reveal himself to her. She was impressed that he had done so, and agreed to go out with him so long as they tried to keep things a secret.

Not to spoil too much, I will skip ahead in the plot. My character was also special in that he was the last remaining member of a special clan that had enhanced strength because of a demon they carried inside them. He doesn't know this however, but does know that he has this enhanced strength. There was also another clan which his fought with who was the same as his, and someone else from that clan comes to his school. He takes interest in my partner's character, by now our characters have made them relationship official, and this obviously angers my character. Since he also tried to make my partner's character into his girlfriend as well

Again, I don't want to spoil too much of it, so that is all I will say. I always wanted to try it again ever since I remembered about it, and want to now go further than we did. The site we were on dealt more with kids stuff, so the most romantic we could get was kissing. I do hope that at least one person takes interest in this story. As I have wanted to redo ever since I first remembered about it.