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Author Topic: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!  (Read 7085 times)

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Table of Contents

All links are clickable.

I: About me
II: The one thing that I require
III: One-shots
IV: Ideas that can either or
V: Long term/short term
VI: Twisted Fairy Tales/Fandoms

Until I get off my ass and finally add these all to the thread proper. I am just going to link to all my other request threads here. As with all these ideas, keep in mind that these are old, and need changing. So feel free to ask should you need further clarification

Slave to A Genie
All things interracial
All thing Pokemon
Even Spartans can love(Halo Themed RPs)
Roulette world
Dragoness ideas
Bimbos wanted! Note: I have some ideas for this now, but I just didn't add them to the thread itself. Please, feel free to ask me.
The nerd gets the girl and I guess he has a demon inside him Note: This one is going to get it's own updated plot and look much nicer than the thread when it gets added.
Programming The Mind
Incest with a small twist Note: I have another idea for this. Again, ask for now, but it will be added to thread soon proper.
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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2013, 12:36:02 pm »
About me

Hello everyone, my name is Retsu! I have been a roleplayer for five years now. I am more of a mirror when it comes to my writing ability as I simply match that which I am given. If you only want to write two to three lines, then that is fine with me. If you write two to three paragraphs, then all the more power to you. Whatever skill level you are, come to me with a good idea, or express interest in my own, and I shall please you all the same.

Now then, I shall take this moment to direct you all to my F-list? It has everything you will need to know about my likes and dislikes in regards to kinks.

Another thing that I would like to say is this. Yes, I know most of my ideas are more sexual, and I realize that; however, don't think I am only interested in sex-driven roleplays. I love all kinds, and are more than happy to play your own just as I am mine. So, feel free to PM me your own ideas if none of mine interest you, and the worst that I can do is say no.

And hey! If you ever want to just chat while we play, then I am always up to make friends, and if you are a fellow gamer and we become friends? I have a Steam profile just waiting for you~
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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2013, 03:35:33 pm »
The one thing I require

Please do not post here on this thread. I only want you to PM me as those are easier for me to check.

Yep. The only thing.
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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2013, 09:15:09 pm »

I am going to be playing two black men(need I say why?) which your character, who can either be some lonely wife whose husband doesn't pay any attention to her anymore, or some eighteen year old girl in college that is looking to explore, asks if my two characters can double team her. Obviously, this is all about the sex, and you must be fine with these following kinks. Double penetration, anal sex, face-fucking, black cocks, large cocks, dirty talk, force, hair pulling, and...really anything else I can think of; however, anything else I will run by you first. ****

I have another rather odd request. This is more of something that I just want to try to see if it would make a good Rp or not, but I would like to play an Rp where my character has two cocks. Doesn't really matter about the pairing or setting just so long as my character has two cocks. ****

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2013, 09:55:08 pm »
Ideas that can go either or

I love babysitter(18-21) x parent(30-49) Rps because I am a somewhat fan of affair Rps. So I am looking someone to engage in such an Rp with me. It can either be a short one-shot Rp where you will play a really slutty babysitter who is out to have a steamy night of sex with the sexy husband of your employer, or it can be a more romantic kind of Rp where your babysitter character or my character starts to feel attracted to the other. So my character starts to have an affair with your babysitter character behind his wife's back. Hell, you can even suggest your own little ideas to this as well, so feel free to give them. *****

This idea just randomly came to whilst I was surfing the web, and I thought it would be a good idea. Picture this, a mere mortal human finds a way(we can discuss this in planning) to teleport back and forth between Heaven, the living, and Hell. While in heaven, he finds a most beautiful angel and wants her as his own. In Hell, he finds a succubus who is the sexiest thing his eyes had ever seen, and wants nothing more than to show her off to all his friends; however, he can't pick between the two. So, my idea was this. My human character decides to take them both as his lovers, and possibly even turning them into his pets. It is a bit cliche, but you don't see too many of these Rps where the lead female roles are both a demon and an angel. I might even be willing to turn it into a three person group Rp if I can find two interested parties, and they would be willing to collaborate together. *****

This is more of a general idea, and something I would like to try. Ever hear of illegal street racing? Basically, a group of people get souped up cars and race each other through streets without any regard for the public. Well, I just want to see if an Rp could be done about this where you play a woman who is rather bored with her life, and winds up falling in love with a street racer. She has watched fast and furious before, so she is afraid what might happen to her, but her romantic interest, my character, assures her that he will protect her. Again, this is mainly a general idea, and I am not quite sure how it will work, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try. ****

The Cosplayer
Nothing really super fancy about this story, but it probably isn't exactly what you are thinking. While most people count cosplay as dressing up like an anime or video game character, that is not exactly what this is going to focus on. Sure, we can throw those in, but let me tell you what I mean.

This hasn't really been too fleshed out, but the basic premise is that you will be playing a woman who loves to cosplay.  My character can either be her boyfriend, who encourages her to cosplay, and sometimes even asks her to cosplay certain things for him, or some random stranger to her who courts her, finds out about her love for cosplay, and asks if she wouldn't mind cosplaying a few things for him. This can go one of two ways, and they are the reason I put this under either or. It can either be a more short term roleplay where we go through a couple different outfits that is maybe a little more sex driven, or we can make this go more long term where it is more romantic, and whatnot.

Again, this idea really isn't fleshed out all that well, so any insight my potential partners can give me, or ideas to add to it is greatly appreciated.

Her Wedding Night
It's YC's wedding night, and she couldn't be more happier. She had an absolutely beautiful white dress, and one handsome man who would become her husband. She loved him to death even before he asked her to marry him, but all that changed once she found out he had a brother(MC). While it was true that she loved her soon-to-be husband, even she would admit that he had some flaws to him. Something about this brother of his drew her towards him, and soon enough, they were fucking in her dressing room with the door locked.

This story can go one of two ways. We can either make it a one-shot where the MC and YC fuck behind her soon-to-be husband, and thats the end of it, or we can make this more long term where the same thing happens, but she still goes off to marry MC's brother; however, she soon finds out that MC's brother isn't as good in bed as MC. She tries to endure and tell herself that maybe it will get better, but caves under pressure, and does the same thing she did at her wedding night. From there, it is a story about them going behind her husband's back to become lovers, and having to make sure they don't get caught while doing it.

A simple story of corruption
I have played many corruption stories in the past, and I have enjoyed a lot of them; however, something came to my attention recently. I have always been the corrupter. I have never truly noticed it much until now, but I must say that now I truly want to try it. I don't know yet if I want to play it as a submissive, or a dominant character, but I guess that depends on whatever my partner is. All I ask is that your character is good at teasing men, and seducing them as well as being manipulative. So no concrete ideas, but I would love to brainstorm with any interested parties.

Island Paradise
MC's was traveling alone on the open seas one beautiful summer afternoon, and everything was peaceful until the storm started. The waters got rougher and rougher with each passing amount until a huge wave suddenly came up from behind him, and smashed into his boat. He thought he was going to be dead, and swore he the light that people would speak about whenever they are about to die. He did see a light, but it was nothing more than the light that hung above him in some sort of medical room. He is startled awake only to find out YCs found him out cold on their beach, and quickly took him to their medical facility. Soon enough, he found himself on an island inhabited entirely by women, and also found out that their men had died out a long time ago to some sort of disease.

Now MC has his own little harem of women willing and wanting to serve him and let him breed them so their male population can grow once more.

As you can probably this is going to be an Rp where you shall be playing a whole slew of women. Not always at the same time mind you, but there will be times where you will be playing more than one woman at a time, So I advise you be at least decent at being able to play more than one person before asking to play this story.

Sister Wives
No, this has nothing to do with the show on TLC, but it is where I got the idea.

MC is happily married to two sisters(YCs), and neither of them mind that their love has to be shared. They believe it makes them a little stronger of a family, and it's not like MC doesn't treat them both equally. He loves them both the same, but shows it differently to both of them as the two sisters aren't carbon cutouts of each other. No, he married an interesting family of sisters in the fact that one is more loving and romantic, and one is a nasty little slut who loves a good romp with her man, and teasing him whenever his attention isn't on her sister.

The plot idea is short, but I believe it gets the point across. Basically, this is a true mixed Rp as one of your characters is more romantic with MC, and the two take on a more loving approach(the story-driven), and the other wants to have more sex to be their romance(the sex-driven). Now then, you must first be okay at playing more than one character, and must also be okay with incest because I might be willing to have a threesome scene, and I would want YCs to have sex with each as well; however, it isn't required, so those who don't like incest can apply the same as well.

I Love You, Daddy!
Before those incest alarms in your head start going off telling most of you to stay away, and never read this plot. May I redirect you to a friendly little link?

Have you read that? Yes? Good, then you should realize why this is not going to be an incest story. Let me just repeat that for those that don't read the link *ahem* THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE INCEST. With that out of the way, how about I actually get to some plot?

......Knowing me you should expect that there is no plot for something like this; however, there is always a general idea as to what I want. If you have done your research then you should this is basically going to be a somewhat sex-driven roleplay between a daddy and his little girl. I say somewhat because the concept of D/g is not completely sexual like one would find in a master/slave or D/s relationship. It is more of a sexual love than anything, and the girl's daddy is there to be her idol, and to help mentor her. Again, no concrete ideas, but I would love to explore this new idea that I found out about only a couple days ago. So really the plot is exploration based on what that tumblr post says, but we are free to build our own little world.

Stripper x client

I couldn't think of a proper title for this one, but I do actually have an idea for it.

After playing a bit of GTA V, and going to a strip club for the first time in the game, I got a little idea from it. The idea is nothing new and probably has been done in the past, but it is new to me and that is all that I care about. My idea is simple. YC has been working as a stripper for about two years now just to help pay her way through college. She is an absolutely gorgeous woman and nearly all of the men that visit the club she works at requests her. MC is a rich entrepreneur who decides to just visit his local strip club because he wants to know why so many men visits such places. The first thing he sees when he walks into the main area of the club is YC, and he is instantly attracted. He wants her, and immediately paid top dollar to have his own private dance with her. It is hard not to notice how rich MC is and YC character sees this as a way to get more money than she can shake a stick at. At first, that is solely what she thinks of him, a way to get money, but was time goes on, and he keeps requesting her over and over. They start talking.

Learning about each other, laughing with each other, and she sometimes even allows him to break the no touching rule on occasions. This is her way out of this lifestyle, and she wants to take it now.
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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
« Reply #5 on: June 27, 2013, 06:27:24 pm »
Long term/short term

Master x pet **
Master x slave **
(step)Son(18-21) x (step)Mother(49-60) ***
(step)Father(49-60) x (step)daughter(18-21) ***
Uncle(30-42)x niece(18-21) ****
Nephew(18-21)x aunt(30-42) ****
(step)Brother(18-21) x (step)sister(Same as brother) **
Teacher x student(18-21) ***
Demon x angel ***
Demon x human(18-30) ***
Angel x human(18-30) ***
Roommate x roommate(Both 28) **
Boss x employee(Both 30) ****
Husband x wife **
Butler x princess
Knight x princess
Cop x Criminal

2.) I play a kinda perverted uncle who has had the hots for his niece(your character) for sometime now, and it doesn't help that she has a killer body and she flaunts its around to show everyone. Her family is coming up to visit their her uncle for a few hours, but she is going to stay a week or two because it has been years since he saw her.

I want your character to be a virgin, but she is a closet slut who enjoys giving men blowjobs and having guys eating her out. My character just has to coax her into submission so that not only will she let him fuck her, but he can also turn her into his little toy for his own pleasure. ****

3.) I do not have a plot or an idea at all, but I do want to try something with hypnotism and/or mind control. ***

4.)If anyone has played/heard of Box -Hako- by Illusion then I kinda want to do something like that. Here is a wiki link just incase you want to read up on it ***

5.) A demon was sent to kill your character, and while he tries to at first. He finds that it would be just as easy to torture her and then kill her. That way, he can have a little fun with her before he does off her. His torture mainly consists of physical abuse and using his tentacles to sexually assault her. **

6.) A man and a woman have been dating for months now and love each others company. They are almost never seen apart and people just don't dare get between them. They do share a little secret though...the boyfriend loves to take control over his girlfriend and she loves him when she does just that. He constantly humiliates her by making her have vibrators inside of her while in public, making her show off to all the male passersby, forcing her to wear slutty and very revealing clothing, and etc. ****

A twist to add flavor: Basically the same premise as the above story, but instead of a normal human female, you will instead be playing a submissive succubus. My character sold his sell to get both your character, and a couple sexual enhancements for himself. This one will have lots of details to discuss via PMs, so be sure to do just that. *****

7.) Same boring day, same boring men. She was tired of faking her orgasms every time just so she could appease her fans, and once just once. She wished she could find a man who could not only let her feel a true orgasm, but also loves her for herself and not because she is a porn star. Meaning that she knows just how to please a man. That isn't true, she really doesn't know how to please a man at all and only knows what her director has told her about. What happens when she meets a man who hasn't heard about her porn star status? Will she try to keep it a secret for as long as she can or will she tell him and hope that he doesn't hate her or assume things about her? ***

8.) He wanted someone to help give him the sex his wife wasn't. She wanted someone to give her the sex her husband was too afraid to. What happens when these two meet? The juicer details will be discussed if someone expresses interest in it, but it will basically involve a cheating husband and a cheating wife having fun behind their lover's backs. I should explain something about this one. I know this sounds boring, and it totally is, but my original idea for this was to make it a sort of experiment Rp. Basically, it is a way for my partner and I to test out a kink to find if we would like it or not.

9.) The year is 2018, and the government has began a business that involves the making of slaves. These slaves are created by the government themselves to fit the buyer's wants and desires. My character sees an ad on TV, and thinks it is a scam at first; nevertheless, he calls the number that appeared onto the screen ordering the girl of his dreams. This one will require you to PM me as I have a couple cravings of what the girl should be. *

10.) A brother and sister(will sub for father and daughter or son and mother) have been teasing each other sexually for years now. They have no idea why they are attracted to each other but they have no problem with it. Their parents recently get jobs where they will be gone for most of the day which leaves them alone to do whatever they want. This Rp is going to be having on the sex, but sexual intercourse will not come into play until much later on. ***

11.) Techno Kitten Adventure- Meat Pack Song

I had a sort of idea for this song, but its more of a general idea than anything. Basically, you play a girl who had a one night stand with my character. You loved every single minute of me, and just couldn't get enough.

From there, I had two ways we could go about this. One is more sex driven, the other is more story driven.

Sex driven-You sell every you own, and come to my doorstep with only the clothes on your back. "I'll do anything for you." your character says, and at first I am against it and turn away all your advances. Which consist of sexual ways(letting you decide them), but I eventually take you as my pet.

Story driven-You find my character at some place and are immediately reminded of how much you loved me. From there, you constantly try to make me feel the same way, but I want nothing of it because you were a one night stand only. ****

I don't have any ideas(again), but I want to do something involving pregnancy. I don't care if the pregnancy occurs consensual or non-consensual either. ***

I am a huge fan of Chikan(Japanese for groping a woman on a train), and I have always wanted to try something like this for an extremely long time. This can really go so many ways and can have so many kinks to it. Plus, we can even make it a quickie Rp, or we can make it into something longer where the woman starts to like it after a while. ****

14.) You play either a peasant who stumbles upon an orc camp or a warrior who thinks she is attacking a small orc encampment. Either way, you turn kidnapped by the orcs and made into the orc leader's breeding slave. Now, you must be okay with a couple of kinks and this is what may spoil the idea for some of you ladies out there. You must be fine with large cocks(think, ten to fourteen inches), pregnancy, birthing, lactation, cock/balls worship, gang-bangs, sex while pregnant, and cum inflation(either light or heavy. Just whatever works for you). Now I have put up this story before, but no one was really able to keep it interesting for me, so I must request this. I want someone who can post a minimum of one paragraph, but is willing and able to post more than that, and someone who can keep the story interesting enough for it to be awesome for the both of us. **

15.) The Risamo family holds a dark secret that they keep hidden away from the rest of the world. It only happens once every five years, and that day has once again arrived. If a male child is born on the fifth day of the fifth month on the fifth year then all the women of his family are forced to submit to him when he becomes eighteen. This is due to a curse that a witch put on the Risamo family long ago because of a woman in the family sleeping with her husband. Darren Risamo is that child, and the women in his family have been secretly training him to become their master. However, Darren has a choice of who he will pick. Will it be his milf of a mother, his innocent looking but slut of a sister, his cousin who isn't afraid to show her odd attraction to him, his aunt who constantly teases him with her own body, or will it be all four?

Now while I would like someone who is capable of playing all four characters, but I would gladly accept someone who can only play one and they can pick which they play. Also, even though I don't normally do this, I am willing to make this into a group Rp. I don't care what gender you are behind the screen. Just so long as you are willing to take your pick between the mother, sister, cousin, or aunt, and be willing to accept a new choice if it is already taken. ****

16.) Having such overprotective parents is always a drag, and poor[insert name here] couldn't become the pokemon trainer that she wanted to be when she was ten. No, it took another eight and her moving out of the house to finally become a pokemon trainer. Because of her parents, [insert name here] was never able to fully grasp of rules of being a pokemon trainer, and only understood the basics. So, once she hit eighteen. moved out of the house, and headed off to become a pokemon trainer. She never expected the trouble that she was going to get herself into. She never knew that she could become a play thing for pokemon.

For this, you can either play an OC or even a canon female character(up to dawn only) from pokemon. Just keep in mind that this will be mainly sex driven, and I will be playing most of the pokemon; however, feel free to take control of some if you feel up to the challenge.

UPDATE: I will also now accept Rps where I am the trainer, and my pokemon take on a more human form. I will be playing an OC, and will not be playing Ash, Brock, or any other male character in the show. ****

17.) Like most of my ideas, this isn't so much a plot as it is just a general idea.

I want to play out this little idea that I got from playing an eroge(yes I play eroges! So what?) where your character is a female knight that gets taken as a prisoner of war during a battle with my character. She is beautiful even for a solider, so my character takes her to become his slave. Obviously, she doesn't want that and constantly fights him. She should have a lot of pride because she is the next heir to her family and the commander of the army. I also want her to have some insecurities about herself as well. Maybe she is a bit of a tomboy and not a lot of men desire to marry her, or maybe there is a weird quirk about her body that she doesn't like. Whatever it may be, I leave that entirely up to you. ****

18.) MC aunt has always been a bombshell. Men were her playthings, and all MC personal firsts were with her. His first boner, his first wet dream, and eve his first masturbatory session. It didn't help that she hung around MC's house all the time in a swimsuit or tight jeans and a tank top.

She raised him a bit. It was only a year or two, but MC parents moved away. It was his senior year of highschool, and he weren't going to abandon all of his friends just for one year of education. The thing is, living in her house made her think that you owed her for the rest of your life. MC has graduated now, and become a fairly successful businessman, and here YC is still. Showing up at his house drunk to crash on his couch, or hitting him up for money. Well tonight, it's the last straw. He is going to take his revenge. *****

19.) What a complete sadist. MC's neighbor(YC) has been bullying him his entire life. She is a fit and trim athlete, and MC just some scrawny guy. He can't count the number of times she's whooped his ass. Speaking of asses. Jesus. Christ. Her's is so fucking firm and juicy that he can't shake the image of it out of his mind.

In fact, that ass is his greatest muse. You see, MC is a PhD Chemist now, but she goes to the same gym as him. It doesn't matter what he has achieved, she'll look down on him for the rest of his life. Until he hits her up with this thing: a super powerful aphrodisiac. He can't wait to get that bitch face down, ass up, and begging for his thick rod. ****

20.) Another one of my general ideas instead of a plot, but I digress. I really want someone to play an angel against my demon who has his sight on corrupting her into his queen/pet. Why he wants to do this is something we can discuss in PMs. ***

21.) I just have a whole crap-ton of odd requests, don't I? *Ahem* well this one is something that I am sure isn't something that most people find "normal", but what is normal here? Anyway, For this idea, I am going to be playing your choice between a canine, feline, or equine(bull perhaps, but you really gotta convince), and I am not talking furries here people. I mean, I am going to be playing an actual canine, feline, or equine of your choice. As you might of guessed, considering the forum you are on, this is going to have elements of bestiality.

I said this was a weird request, didn't I? This is going to take someone who is rather good at roleplaying as you will not be playing alongside a another human, or an anthro. As we all know, animals can't talk, so you will have to be good at moving the story along without much conversations or dialogue. ****

22.) Recently, I have had a craving for a doctor x patient Rp. I have no specific ideas as usual, but I did think of three different ways we could go about this.

Idea one: It is a simple romance story between a doctor and a patient. Nothing more nothing less.

Idea two: Another simple romance story, but this one is also an affair story. Reasons why my doctor character is having an affair with your character shall be discussed.

Idea three: My doctor kidnaps your character, and rapes her before drugging her and taking her to his house. There, he continues to rape her until she has become his sex slave. Since he is a doctor, expect me to use different medical instruments during sex. *****

23.) Basically this is the same as my doctor patient ideas, but I want them to be Boss and Employee instead. Same as before, but I have a fourth idea for this one. Basically, my character blackmails his female employee into doing whatever he tells her to do I.E: giving him a blowjob under his desk while giving an interview, showing off more skin than would be accepted in the workplace, and having her accompany him to a meeting which a vibrator inside her. *****

24.) I got this idea from re-watching the Disney Hercules movie since it came to netflix, and now I really want to try it.

The idea is that my partner will be playing Meg, and I will play both Hades and Hercules. Instead of Hades enslaving her, and forcing her to do his bidding. He has actually courted her instead, and she is deeply in love with him due to the fact that he can make her darkest desires come to life, and give her pleasure beyond belief. Everything is normal until Hercules comes along. Since she had Hades, no other man really interested her despite some being bold enough to ask her out, yet she always rejected them. Hercules, on the other hand, displayed an aura about him that drew her towards him. She had to have him, and it wasn't long until they were kissing in front of the sunset. He made her feel so special and he treated her like a princess in the way he spoke and acted towards her. Now she was in love with him as well, but had a problem on her hands.

She couldn't pick between Hades or Hercules. Hades, gave her so much pleasure and could make her feel sexier than ever. Hercules was so sweet and gentle that her heart would soar up towards the heavens each time she saw him. Who she chooses, is up to you.

25.) Most, if not all, of us have done corruption stories in the past. Someone gets taken, a demon puts a spell on them, and etc. It is old-hat, and yet people still do them; however, I thought of something that is just like the rest of them, but different in so many ways.

That idea is what I like to call, reverse corruption. This has many ways it can go, but the basic gist is one character is either a horrible person, an extremely slutty girl, or perhaps even a demon. Someone comes along, and decides to change that person; why is something we can come up with. That person starts to work to change whoever the bad person is to become good, a woman instead of a slut, or an angel instead of a demon. Whatever it is, one person goes from bad to good.

The Snow Angel

I got this idea from a picture on the internet, and I like to think this is much different than what my brain usually comes up with.

For years, MC has been alone all his life. He thinks himself unattractive towards women, and avoids any and all contact with them if possible. Then...she happened. MC loves winter, and loves to go outside, and play around in the snow despite being a full grown adult. Just something about it calms him down, and let's him forget his worries. His favorite thing to do is make snow angels, and he has made hundreds in his lifetime. Finishing up his fifth snow angel of the day, MC went inside to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa. Suddenly, a bright flash of light blinded him, and when he opened his eyes. She was standing behind him with a warm smile on her face. She was an angel sent from heaven to become his companion, his lover.

The basic gist is that my character has been alone all his life, and then this angel suddenly appears out of no where. Because he has always avoided women, my character does the same to her. He tries to avoid her, but she constantly keeps trying to get him to open up to her, and that slowly happens. His shell slowly becomes broken, and he starts talking to her more and more. Soon enough, he is comfortable enough to be her friend, but nothing more. She pushes to become his lover now, and slowly that becomes a thing as well.

THIS IS NOT DOM/SUB. I REPEAT, NOT DOM/SUB. This a consensual roleplay where your character is trying to get mine to open up, and eventually become lovers. This will be long-term, and I want someone who can play a gentle, sweet, loving girl. Perhaps she has some sort of cutesy factor to her as well.

Real Forever
I got this idea from Even In Death by Evanescence

Keep in mind, that some of my stories sound a lot better in head than they do when I write them down. I do believe that this will be one those, so feel free to ask me anything about this should you have questions.

MC was happy with his life. He had a wonderful, and beautiful wife, a nice sized house, a good paying job, and family on both sides that loved and supported him. He loved his life, but it all came crashing down on him when the incident happened. His wife died in a horrible car crash, and they had an even more horrible fight just the day before. Neither of them had the chance to make up, and she was actually going to him to do just that before she died. That caused MC's brain to just snap, and didn't want to believe that his wife was dead. He didn't have to though because she came back to life! Or...that was what he thought. In reality, he had just found a woman who looked almost identical to her, but it seemed she didn't remember him. That was of no concern to him though, the car crash probably just erased her memory of him.

That woman, is YC character and MC kidnaps yours thinking that she is is dead wife come back to life. He treats her as such, and tries to make her "remember" him.

Honestly, I'm not quite sure how this will really go down, but maybe with a bit of help from anything potential partners. This can be a fun one.

The Key To Hell
Despite the dark sounding title, this is actually more of a sexual romantic story.

Things were normal for MC. He had a good paying job, a decent sized apartment, had a good social life, and even had a few girlfriends here and there. Nothing much really happened in his life past that, but he didn't mind it much. Things continued to be as normal as ever until he lost the spare key to his apartment one day. That was weird for him though because he hardly ever had to use his spare key, and only found out because he had accidentally locked himself out of his room when going to get his mail, and had to call a locksmith to allow him to get inside. MC was slightly worried about the lost key for a little bit, but eventually wound up forgetting about it, and thinking he might of just misplaced it somewhere. Nevertheless, it wasn't until a week later after he returned from a night of drinking with his friends.

Hearing a strange noise coming from his room, he headed there to investigate where he found a woman laying on his bed dressed in nothing but a bra and thong. She introduced herself as a succubus, and told him that she stole his spare key in order to gain access to his apartment. Why? That is where my partner comes in. She can be there simply because she took interest in him, and wants to have sex with him, or she can have some sort of motive for entering his apartment.

Regardless, she has a key to his apartment, and a key to have fun with him anytime she wants.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Twisted Fairy Tales/Fandoms

After recently playing through Kingdom Hearts(an absolutely fantastic game, albeit a little hard, but one any gamer should at least try), I recently have begun wondered what it would be like to take some Disney princess, and put a naughty little spin on them; however, I am certainly not the only one who has done this, so this is where I shall let you be my imagination and me be yours. I want someone to create a plot with based on any of the Disney princess(though not the two most recent ones), and give them that naughty spin I was talking about earlier. For reference, I shall supply you with these.

Looking for something else besides fairy-tales? Why not take a long at the fandoms I am willing to do as well?

The Labyrinth of Insemination

I got this idea from someone else's Rp, but added my own spin to it, so it isn't a carbon copy.

Deep within the jungles of a remote undiscovered island lays an ancient temple. Built hundreds of years ago as a place of sacrifice to appease a demon-lord who ruled over the island. The sacrifices were always the females of the island, and were given as sex slaves. That was long ago, and he had gone dormant after years of nothing; however, he was not the only one who had taken up residence in the temple. Alongside him were his plethora of mythical creatures which he kept as pets. They were allowed access to all his female slaves as well, and they were starting to get restless. It had been centuries since they last had any action, and were starting to become uncontrollable. This was a problem because if they got too far, then they could actually destroy the island.

So the demon lord's personal assistant, a goblin named Nekor, took matters into his own hands. His master was the only one who could get the creatures under control, but he needed sexual energy in order to re-awaken. Which means that he once again needs female sacrifices to get that energy. Nekor began sending out letters to various females around the world, and inviting them to a beautiful island resort that was completely free, and they would be treated like queens for their entire stay. Waiting for the unlucky women to take the bait.

Although it may not seem like it, this is actually a fandom Rp; however, it is fandom in the sense that your characters will be characters from various video games, animes, comics, and TV shows. I am not going to limit you as to what character you can play just so long as said character is a female. You will also be playing more than one character at a time, so you must be comfortable with such. They may not be all used in the same scene, but you will still have more than one character.

For a list of anime and video game characters that I am familiar with. You can take a look at the list under my Nymphomania story; however, those are hardly the only ones I will except. Feel free to suggest your own characters, and they will be just as welcomed.

Pairings that we can do and create plots for

Male OC x Ritsu Tainaka

Male OC x Mio Akiyama

Male OC x Tsumugi Kotobuki

Shingeki No Kyojin
Pairings that I will do and we can create plots for.

Eren x OC

Levi x OC

Dragon Ball Z

Male OC x Bulma

Male OC x Videl

Male OC x Android 18

Vegeta x Bulma

Vegeta x Android 18

Imperfect Cell x Android 18

Nymphomania! ***

I know it's a shitty sounding title! Don't judge me!

Before you ask, no this idea is not one hundred percent original, and it is overused as hell; however, I would still like to try it.

I play a nerdy guy who doesn't have a social life besides the internet. He spends his time watching anime, going on assorted forums, watching porn, and playing eroges. Never once has a girl ever asked him out, kissed him, didn't tell him he was ugly, or ask him out; so you can imagine he was quite tired of his life. Now if only there was a way he could have girls like him without actually having to go out. Well, he just so happened to hear about an experimental game from an online friend called Nymphomania. Nymphomania is a game where you can do whatever you want with your dream girl, considering that dream girl is an anime or game girl, and she will be your little slut for as long as you want her to be. Naturally, I buy it because I love the concept, and the best part is? virtual reality, and a device which plugs right into your nervous system letting you feel every little thing that happens to you.

I would love it if you are good at playing multiple characters at once, but I will take those you can't just as much.

Now you are probably thinking about what kind of girls I am talking about, and I shall list in pictures. They'll also be SFW because I don't believe in having NSFW pictures when they aren't really needed. A note on their personality, you can either have them be what their actual personality is, or you can just invent your own. For this kind of Rp I really don't care either way.


Video games
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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Added three new pairings, and added a new idea(number twenty-six). I am really craving it right now as it is something I haven't done yet.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Added three new ideas. The Cosplayer and Her Wedding Night under ideas that can go either or, and Real Forever under long/short term ideas.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Added another idea under ideas that can go either or; A simple story of corruption.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Added two new ideas. One under ideas that can go either or, Island Paradise, and one under long/short term, The Key To Hell.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Added one new idea under Ideas that can go either or Sister Wives.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Added another idea under ideas that can go either or The Labyrinth of Insemination.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Added a new idea under Ideas that can go either or I Love You, Daddy!(NOT INCEST) and a new section Twisted Fairy Tales.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Added the big green new ideas line at the top of the page, and added one new ideas under Ideas that can go either or. No proper title yet, so I am simply calling it stripper x client for now.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Added a new section onto Twisted fairytales to combine it with fandoms, made all of the table of contents clickable, and added a fandom for Shingeki No Kyojin, K-On!, and DBZ. No plots yet, but they may come soon as I think of more.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Long bump!

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Thirty day bump.

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Re: The RRRC(Retsu's Roleplaying Request Center)! Now with one fandom!
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Since I am back, and those who want to know the reason why should go here, I figure I might as well give them a huge bump. All of these ideas are old as fuck, and even the entire thread is in need of a massive grammatical overhaul, but that is something for a later time. Nevertheless, these ideas are still my babies and I love them all.