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Started by The Great Triangle, July 27, 2008, 04:48:54 PM

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The Great Triangle

Basically, I've got an idea for a game about crushes and craziness at an all girls school.  The idea is that one of the students (The Yandere) is crazy in love with another student (The Schoolgirl.)  By crazy in love, I mean that she'll do some really nasty things for her lover, even beating potential romantic rivals senseless. 

The crush isn't unrequited however, and the Schoolgirl really does like the Yandere, even if she sometimes goes a bit too far to try to prove her devotion.  Therefore, crazy hijinks ensue as the Schoolgirl struggles to keep the Yandere on a short leash.  (both literally and metaphorically.)

Some character concepts for the Yandere:

A simple minded athletic team captain.
A badass juvenile delinquent.
A nerdy sociopath.
A rich and terribly obsessive secret shame of her family.

Some character concepts for the schoolgirl:

A geeky and shy teacher's pet.
A Gothic princess.
The most popular girl in school.
An athletic prodigy.

I'm posting this in players wanted since it would move the game along if there were some other players to create love triangles and other plot complications to make the game more interesting. 

Some other possible characters:

A best friend/boy next door who likes the schoolgirl.
A member of the Yandere's gang who feels the same way about the Yandere as the Yandere feels about the Schoolgirl.
A school administrator or other authority figure trying to keep the situation under control.
Another, possibly more insane Yandere, who the Schoolgirl does not like.

I'd be willing to play any role in the game really, although I'd prefer one of the leading roles.  Any takers?
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Ons and Offs


Hahha, it's funny. I'd love to do a really long term committed game on this basis, something like the anime "Strawberry Panic!" with about 20 players and relationships building and shifting and hatreds and rivalries growing and such, but I don't see Elliquiy being the place for any 'long term committed games' and secondly all the players would need to be female. It's a neat idea though.



  Is this role play still going on? I'd like to play one of the schoolgirls if it is. Maybe a cute & popular girl that's on the school soccer team.

The Great Triangle

You'll want to take a look at Herodias Academy in Bondage: human small groups.

The game is currently closed to new players, but if you PM Haibane, you might be able to get in.  :)
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