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June 14, 2021, 07:25:22 pm

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Author Topic: Devil's thrall  (Read 811 times)

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Devil's thrall
« on: July 14, 2013, 09:22:44 pm »
So, I'm really bored and I need someone to rp with me. I prefer m/m but I can be talked into other things...maybe.
I enjoy grammar. Everyone isn't perfect and that's fine but please at least use some.
I love long replies. The longer, the better I usually say.
Don't make character's one-sided. Like people they need many sides.
Need to know anything else send me a PM, please?

Demons Thrall
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Living at Lucifer's only son can be demanding and after a couple centuries you get tired of your dads mouth. What better way to get on his bad side as to do what he had warned you about for centuries. Find a human or an angel and show face. Unfortunately, the plan backfires and you find yourself falling into love. Who knew, right? Can the demon keep his love life secret and what's this plan about taking over the Underworld?

Like I said hopefully m/m.

Demon acquaintance
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Alec didn't expect anything when he found the black feather billowing in the breeze. If he did, he probably wouldn't have picked it up. Bad mojo. Of course, when he needed to feel the bad mojo he didn't. That night after the discovery of the feather he's approached in his dream by a tall, well dressed man who offers him a contract. The man will do anything he wants as long as in the end...he's about to kill and eat Alec's soul. Thinking it's only a dream he agrees. I mean, how could that possibly come true?

Demon's lover
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When two bumbling underlings bring you the small and frail body of a young handsome man what do you do? Well, it's not like anything else is happening so out of the kindness of your heart...or there lack of you decide to keep him. A human living in a demons world is bad enough but when the demon only wants to play certainly gets worse.

Bound and gagged
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When Julian first found out about his cousin's debt he didn't think too much of it. At least until his sleezy cousin drugged him and sold him on the black market. Now, he's stuck with some rich older man who deemed himself as Julian's savior. Julian certainly doesn't believe it to be true but he has to play by the rules if he wants to live. Incidentally his new owners son has been watching him quite intently. What's that all about?

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So I've loved this idea so much in the past I want to do it again. Basically, the demon has a thing for watching humans and every so often he finds one that he really likes. After watching them for several years, learning their habits and ignoring his demon companions he decides to "visit" said human. Typically the watcher is weird, creepy and has odd habits that irk the humans very being. Make it good because I love it.

Anything vampirexhuman
vampirexhunter is amazing. Any suggestions, PM me.
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