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Started by Lithos, June 23, 2008, 05:37:54 PM

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I am very interested in this, and I would also be interested in helping to organize the plot and the game itself, though I don't feel I could appropriately GM it since I have not yet done such a thing.

I'm a quick learner, and really great at organizational sorts of things. I like the idea of something of a local community, a small city in the Roman empire or somesuch... where players can meet and interact all together at a few different locations. They could easily exist as separate threads (I think, ex THE ROME GAME: The Fourm. or THE ROME GAME: The baths) That way individual RPs would not be hard, you can interact publicly and take it to PMS -- OR perhaps houses could have their own forums? I have no idea how much liberty with different forums folks here have, being a newb.

There are some thoughts for ya! I am interested in characters scholarly, perhaps a educated daughter of somebody important, a priestess, a philosopher. I need to research more on how patriarchal ROME was and whether or not it would be within the realm of believability to be a woman with a career.

Feel free to PM me if you'd like to partner up and start some planning!

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Sorry folks, I'm going to withdraw from this now, I don't see it working, its just too big a subject and isn't attracting enough players. Also I'm playing in and planning a lot of games ATM. My apologies to everyone.


What time would this be set in? I've always liked the idea of playing Valeria Messalina, if this roleplay is set around her time, I might participate. ;)
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At this time I declare this game project indefinitely frozen. I need to find some good idea how to, and motivation to run it. It is great that there is so much interest in it though, I will definitely resurrect this once I am in good GM:ing mood, and figure a way to make sure that it would actually run smoothly.

Of course, if someone wants to run this, I have nothing against someone using this idea and making a game. The little slacker in me of course would rather just play than actually run anything :P
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If people are still interested in a Rome game, I could run one. Although I tend to prefer freeform and open ended scenarios to tightly managed and system based play. I'm fond of that entire era, so I could definately manage the environment/plot for those wishing to be involved.
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A ravishing blue-haired Dori would be fun a priestess of Flora and the grandest of prostitutes, maybe even educated a Greek Jewess, well educated for a woman perhaps even studied a bit of Rhetoric.