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Author Topic: League of Legends: Shadows of Valoran - Recruiting!  (Read 5134 times)

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Re: League of Legends: Shadows of Valoran - Recruiting!
« Reply #175 on: April 24, 2013, 02:55:06 PM »
Demacia: A paragon of peace and prosperity, the people here live and fight under those ideals
-subfaction: Jarvan IV's Elite: The elite guard and squad of the crown prince of Demacia
-Subfaction: The Dauntless Vanguard - Lead by Garen, this military force serve as the bannermen for demacia and some of Demacia's fiercest fighters.
[note, for the start of this RP so far, the Vanguard and J4's elite are together]
Notable cannons avialable for play from Demacia: Jarvan IV, Quinn, Shyvanna, Lux, Garen, Xin Zhao, Fiora, Vayne, Galio, Janna, Sona

Noxus: a Warmongering nation, Noxus seeks to eliminate those that stand against it using any means necessary, They harbor notions of discrimination towardthe yordle folk of Bandle City, which lays south of Noxus.
Subfaction: the Relentless Warfront: Lead by Darius, they take larger missions directly from Commander Swain, often times they may work in conjunction with the crimson Elite
Subfaction: The Crimson Elite- a smaller bunch of soldiers, who each have eben individually chosen by Commander Swain to carry out high priority missions. The most notable members of the crimson Elite are Talon and Katarina
Notable Cannons available for play: Darius, Talon, Katarina, Swain, Cassiopiea, Riven, Draven, LeBlanc, Vladimir, Annie

Ionia: A Soverign island nation in north-eastern Valoran that tries to remain as one, while political struggles keep it unstable. They have fought off several attacks from Noxus, including the great Battle of Ionia that took place only two years ago.
Notable cannons available: Karma, Irelia, Akali, Shen, Kennen, Zed, Lee Sin, Udyr, Varus, Syndra, Master Yi, Wukong, Nami

Freljord: A iceforged nation divided into three major factions, all seeking to unify Freljord by their own ideals
Faction: Averosan - Lead by Queen Ashe and King Tryndemere, this factions has some of the strongest allies in the Freljord Struggle, Olaf, Gragas, Nunu, and Anivia. This faction lookss to unify freljord under teh notion of peace and progress.
Faction: the Winters Claw- The "loud" contender inthe bid for unification of Freljord, this faction is lead by Sejuani, having powerful allies in Volibear and the Ursine tribe. They seek to unify Freljord under the notion of strength, power and, tradition
Faction: The Frostguard. This faction seems at a glance to be in the similar light of Ashe, but in the dark of night, the queen Lissandra's colors show true as the ice witch, who plots not just the conquering of Freljord, but all of the world,to make the world end in Ice.

Solari: High up in the mountains, a race of people that worship the sun exist. They call themselves the Solari. The Rakkor live and breath War, but those who acend to be Solari often move to a higher calling, much more scholarly and religious.
notable cannons: Leona, Pantheon, Diana

Bandle City: The small nation of the yordles. This species of peoplemay be small, but do amazing things, evne in the face of adversity.
Noteabel cannons: Teemo, Tristana, Lulu, Veigar, Rumble, Poppy, Ziggs

the Void:a force of pure corruption that has becan to emerge in force around Valoran, dark magics and horrific creatures come from this place of horror
subfaction: cult of the Void- lead by Malzahar, this group of people worship and work to spread teh corruption of the void across Valoran
notable cannons: Malzahar, Kog'Maw, Cho'Gath

Piltover: a city that thrives on progressiveism and technology, they find themselves being the pioneers of the Hextech age. The Sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn and ehr partner Vi have become a more prominent of a force than of the government itself, leaving room for teh would-be vigilante Jayce to stir the pot every now and again.
notable cannons: Jayce, Caitlyn, Vi, Ezreal

Zaun: the feuding neighbors of Piltover, they have an alliance with Noxus, often presenting them with their scientific finds and breakthroughs
Notable cannons: Warwick, Singed, Dr. Mundo, Viktor, Blitzcrank, Orianna

The Shadow Isles: An island off of north west Valoran, this dakr and gloomy land is often viewed as  an embodiment of death, and rightly so, death is what its inhabitants focus upon, though as twisted as they are, they do acknowledge there is baalance in the world that must be maintained.
notable cannons:Hecarim, Thresh, Mordekaiser, Evelynn, Nocturne, Elise, Karthus.