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May 13, 2021, 01:11:23 am

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Author Topic: Futanari misstress (includes furry/kemonomimi)  (Read 7313 times)

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Offline BryanRolax

Re: Futanari misstress (includes furry/kemonomimi)
« Reply #50 on: May 06, 2013, 12:38:13 am »
Name: Aroku
Age: Between 6 and 7 hundred
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire

Black/Grey pants and shirt, short white sleeves, red hair and eyes, about 1.75 tall, black shoes.

History: A Vampire who once lived in the Takan clan, The Takan were a clan of vampires that thrived on raw predatory instinct, living in Makai, in the day they rested, but in the night, they scoured the lands in search of subsitinance; the blood of humans was needed to keep them alive and fuel their powers, they became infamous as nomadic nocturnal hunters, hated and feared by humans, they were hunted down one by one during daylght when they couldnt be at there full strentgh. now their numbers dwindle... he never wanted to kill to get blood from humans, for that, Demetrio always brought him some spare blood for him to drink, so he can avoid killing, he also does not get hurt from the sun since he adapted himself to it in the clan, the 1st time he killed someohe was to save Demetrio from being killed from one member of the vampire hunters. He felt very bad that he killed that person even though he saved his friend.

His life in the clan was him being a calm and nice person, even when he never drinked blood from humans. He also has never killed a vampire hunter when he was in the clan, in battles with vampire hunters, he only knocked them down and let the others kill them, but no matter what, he protected the members like if they were his best friends.

After his runaway from the clan because of his guiltiness, he ran through the forest, ignoring everything behind him, running away from his own nature, of what he has done, avoiding destiny's truth over him, a killing machine, he never expected to be that. After losing himself in the forest and finnaly exiting it, he only wanders in the night, looking at the moon, thinking in only that...

Personality: Cold, Serious, Nice. He is nice to some people, but him being nice is almost non present, since he rarely is nice, he only is nice with humans that are not hunters and to avoid detection. His seriousness never puts him happy nor something similar. He is cold and serious due to his thoughts on his past, most of the time he is serious and cold because of it.

Powers: Blood Danmaku. (Even though he never wants to drink blood, he needs it to regenerate the blood danmaku, he will go to an internal conflict called ''Guilt by Survival'' (Tip thanks to a friend ;3))

Black Sword: He uses it in some spellcards, to deflect bullets and do to slash waves

EX form: You may know about EX forms by now. Well, he has one, his hair turns into a more blackish tone making it Black/Red, his personality changes here too, making him even more serious than before, when he fights, he doesint play around and attemps to finish the fight quickly