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Author Topic: [M/M Plots] Modern-day Curses and Manipulating Vampires  (Read 2587 times)

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[M/M Plots] Modern-day Curses and Manipulating Vampires
« on: January 03, 2013, 11:03:54 PM »
This is where all my fleshed-out plots live. If you're after more open cravings or pretty pictures, please check here.

I'd ask anyone wanting to start a game with me to first read my Ons and Offs to check we have compatible tastes. Also...
Please don't post in this thread - Send me a PM about any interest, thank you...

The Plots.
Note: Names can absolutely be changed - they're there to make writing the plot smoother.

Birth Rite
Modern Fantasy / Horror
Non-con: Exotic or Extreme
Justin Fairfax has always been different, and not just in looks from his parents. His interests run to the magical and mysterious while theirs seem very pedestrian and simple. Where his parents would try to encourage him to  venture outside where the other local boys played, he would choose to remain inside, researching occult tradition and old fairy tales. There is one thing, however, that seems to worry his parents more than these strange habits. Justin has an obsession with the LesMarces Mansion; a looming structure on the edge of town, famous only for the grim history of it's previous owners.

Ritual sacrifice, murders, kidnapping, black magic. The walls are coated with horror and yet Justin can't resist the pull he feels towards the ominous place. One night during a particularly restless sleep he is woken by a deep, smoky voice echoing through his mind. "Come... come to me... I'm waiting for you inside... Hurry..."

He knows immediately where the voice is coming from. He knows that he has to go. Heeding a voice he can't deny, he sneaks from the safety of his home and out into the night. Strangely the large iron gate surrounding the mansion is hanging open that night, and he slips inside, along the vast driveway to push open one heavy wooden door that gives easily - welcoming him inside.

It is there, standing in the middle of a great entrance hall that a man stands. Somehow Justin knows that this man called him, and he feels a strange sense of ease that only deepens with the man's smile.

"I've been waiting for you... Welcome home."

This is more a set-up to a story rather than a plot. I'm looking for someone to play the mysterious man in the mansion - who or what he is is up for discussion, but I have a couple of ideas...
  • For an incestuous take, it's discovered that Justin was adopted when he was born after the terrible events of the house came to light. The man is actually Justin's father and used some ancient dark magic to son his son back to the manor in order to complete some debauched ritual that needs sex and blood to work.
  • Another idea is a twist on the vampire story. The man is an ancient, old vampire with Justin being the product of a long process of vampire-human breeding. Justin stayed inside so often because the sun, while it didn't burn, was always unpleasant and he stayed away from people because unconsciously he knew that to be around them would be dangerous. The story would then follow the man bringing out the vampire in Justin - making him in his ideal image.
These are just two ideas. Any other would be welcome.

Modern Fantasy
Bondage: Exotic or Extreme

A modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast...

It's difficult for anyone to find a job in these difficult times, especially when a person is from the dregs of society. Any potential employer seems to just take one look before dismissing the somewhat rough appearance of a slum-dweller as someone unworthy of their precious time. And so the poor stay poor and the rich grow richer, no matter how hard people try.

Young Richard is just one of many just leaving the safety of school to be thrown into the real world. He tries for months to find employment to support himself, going through seedy bars, strip clubs, even street cleaners, but no one chooses to give him a chance. It is when he's on his way back from yet another fruitless trip that he is called to by the shadow of a sleek black car, a hand beckoning him closer.

He moves as asked, and a powerful, rough voice speaks to him. "I've been watching you come over these roads for hours... You're looking for work? I'm in need of an assistant... provided you don't ask a lot of questions." An address is thrust into his hand and Richard is left blinking in confusion as the car drives away.

The next day he leaves early, throwing caution to the winds to make his way to the written address. To his shock it takes him to Rose Hall - a manor high on the hill above the town he calls home. It is a sorry place that has been left to the elements. Weeds grow over cracked stone and there is an air of sadness about the place as he steps up to the ancient door. He knocks, waits for several minutes before the door is opened by a tall, strong figure, white hair flashing briefly in the light of day before the door is shut.

"I'm glad you decided to come. My name is Seban... This place is my home. It has fallen into disrepair... I'm sure a young man like yourself isn't opposed to some manual work?"

Richard is taken aback by the forwardness of the man in front of him, but a job is a job, and he is also given a modest room in Rose Hall to live in for the duration. The only stipulation of his stay is that every night he locks his door, and that he ignores whatever strange sounds he might hear...

I would play Richard here. He would be a strong character in his own right to challenge Seban's arrogant air to make a heated relationship between them both.
Initially I'd like Richard to be unaware of Seban's curse, but natural curiosity drives him to one night ignore the warning and follow the noises coming from the other rooms, where he would discover that Seban changes into a white wolf whenever his emotions become unstable. The night is a naturally bad time for him, hence the rule of locking his door. Whether non-con sex happens with the wolf is up for discussion. (I would love it, but it's not essential).
I'd want the wolf to be kind of like a second personality to Seban - always there in the background trying to make him turn. This would lead to the main arc of the story, where they start to form an attraction to each other, with Richard trying to figure out how to remove the curse. Details of why it's there in the first place can be worked out.

From Grace...
Non-con: Human or Extreme
He was once the greatest of them all. Beautiful, intelligent and desired by anyone who looked upon him. Asher used to control most of the world, holding it tightly with a bond of blood help with the lesser Vampiric Lords who were allowed to live within his vast Empire. He was feared and he was loved by both vampires and humans and it seemed there would be nothing to stand in his way of conquering the entire world... but it was not to be.

He fell under the terrible spell that was love. A mere mortal man no less, a blood-servant who should have been a simple meal and a release became so much more. This granted his enemies a weakness, a chink in his seemingly impregnable armor. He never expected his lover would betray him. He believed himself invincible, but during the day when he slumbered his lover crept from his side to unlock the great gate of his palace. Humans under the employ of Asher's enemies crept into the palace and it was then they struck.

Almost his entire house was slaughtered while they slept; turned to dust, leaving Asher with no option but to flee from his sanctuary. His followers abandoned him, choosing to side with the betrayers who took his crown.

For centuries he lived in sewers. Ugly, wretched and ashamed. He didn't reveal himself out of humiliation, but he was one day discovered. Another vampire making his way beneath the glare of the sun happened on his scent. It was one still instantly recognizable and, though Asher had no desire to be taken, he was weakened by hunger... the scuffle lasted barely a minute before he was subdued and forced along an unfamiliar path.

He found himself eventually in the minor noble house of Arlax, and despite his expectations to be dragged through the streets as an offering for the Empire, he was given clean clothes, a meal, and a room. The vampire who found him reveals himself to be one of the more neutral Lords, someone not especially loyal to the new order. Asher knows his safety hangs by a thread. At any moment he could be turned in by his supposed savior... a way must be found for them to live in harmony, at least until Asher has his strength back...

I'd be playing Asher. I would need the opposing vampire to be a strong, manipulative character who knows the opportunity he has in front of him. I'd want there to be a lot of power-play between them with Asher trying to both be respectful enough that he's not turned out, and trying to gain the upper hand with limited success.
There would be blood involved in this story, maybe Arlax demands blood for his rescue and Asher can't refuse? I see this being non-con in the beginning with Asher not wanting to submit, but eventually their relationship would even out and they would become more intimate.
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Re: One Who Desires... (M/M Requests, Dom and Sub Roles Available)
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2013, 05:52:16 PM »
Removed plots that no longer hold interest.
Added some new cravings and pictures.

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Re: One Who Desires... (M/M Requests, BIG REVAMP Feb. 24th)
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All new plots.
Added lots of new pictures.
Reformatted and refonted - general tidying.

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Re: One Who Desires... (M/M Requests, UPDATE: 16th April)
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Everything updated!

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Re: One Who Desires... [M/M Requests] *Update May 20th*
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Damn my inability to write plots...

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Re: One Who Desires... [M/M Requests] May 30th: All New Plots Added!
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Ypdated! Everything new!

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Added two plots and a craving

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Re: "I am the Duke of Yore." [M/M, Bon-Ex]
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Re: "Shh. You know you want this. You're trembling." [M/M, Bon-Ex]
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Re: [M/M Plots, Bondage - Extreme]
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Added Nocturnal Tendencies and The Hunter and the Fox

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Re: [M/M Plots] Modern-day Curses and Manipulating Vampires
« Reply #13 on: December 29, 2013, 06:23:34 PM »
All new plots added!