YouTube page layout has gone weird

Started by Haibane, December 09, 2012, 05:37:21 AM

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I logout yesterday to a 100% fine webpage and login this morning to find this:

These screens show the left 1/3rd of the webpage. The right hand 2/3rds are blank. I have one other webforum I visit doing the same as this, all my other links are okay. YouTube is the same whether I'm logged into my account or not.

Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1 Windows 7

In this state YouTube doesn't work at all, doesn't play any videos, etc.

What I did do last night was run free Avira System Speedup which cleans out junk files, temp files, broken registry links and defrags, but I have run it numerous times before without any damage or anything weird happening.

Also to my horror I found out just now I no longer have any system restore points on the PC whereas in the past I had several. It looks like the Avira software removed those without asking me!

I have a laptop with the same favourites/bookmarks configured on. I could use that to bring that file across, though not sure if it'll work.

Anyone got any ideas?


o.O this happens to me when the internet slows down and it can't fully load the page... but it shouldn't be consistent, or website specific.


Yeah, its website specific, many other sites are fine. Its affecting only 2.

I can only assume I have deleted something in Firefox that I shouldn't have via this annoying Avira System Speedup tool... I just have no idea what!


Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall Firefox?
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I haven't, though I'm thinking I should.


Youtube is messing around with stuff lately...maybe on their end.
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I don't think so, its been like this for over a day now. The world would have melted apocalyptically if YouTube had been effectively offline without notice for that long.

One other forum I visit went the same way at the same time. All my other webpages are good.

I'm 100% sure its on my end. I just really don't want to uninstall/reinstall Firefox unless theres no other way.

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Try CTRL+F5 on those particular pages, perhaps?
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What did I do that it needed ctrl+F5 to put it back?


Here's a link with the difference between using the control function when reloading as opposed to not.

Essentially what happened was the page loaded wrong and it got stuck that way in your cache. Nothing major it happens sometimes. Nothing was really wrong, but it had to be reloaded without pulling it from your cache. At least that's what I gather from that fixing it. So, nothing to worry about, it was just an interwebs glitch.
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At least you don't have to fool with reinstalling the browser now!
I can go from southern belle to ghetto thug faster than you can say "Bless your heart".
Status:  All caught up and loving it!