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Author Topic: The Darkness Rift... (STILL OPEN FOR EXTRAS!)  (Read 7297 times)

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Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Team scientist added played by olufemi :)

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Character profile updated

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I like to submit a character for the game.

Name: Lieutenant  Ja'tarri  Saar
Age:  29
Race: Togruta
Sex:  Female

Race Description:  Togrutas are a humanoid species native to the temperate planet Shili, positioned in the expansion region of the galaxy. All Togruta have colorful markings on their skin, a genetic trait left over from their predatory ancestors. Long, striped, curved, hollow horns spiral upward from their skull, and three darker striped head-tails drape downward, two to the front, falling over their chest, and one thicker one located in back, beginning at the base of their skull. A Togruta's skin is deep red, and their dark eyes and gray lips are embellished by the white markings that adorn their face. Vertical red and white stripes run down their chest and back, all the way to their toes, thus allowing them to blend into the thigh-high turu-grass that Shili is covered in. While hunting, their montrals aid them by providing echolocation abilities and a finely-tuned spatial sense, allowing them to encircle their herbivore prey.

Togrutas are a peaceful, quiet people who are fierce in combat. Loyal to a cause and happy in larger groups, they work well with others and easily fit into teams of mixed cultures. Most do not like to be alone, however, and will tend to follow members of their group around for companionship.

Outsiders unfamiliar with them might mistake Togrutas as being venomous, as they possess prominent incisors that give the impression of a venom-injecting snake. Sociologists believe this mistaken thought results from the fact that Togrutas prefer to eat small, live prey, and when others watching see the animal quietly go through its death throws it is mistaken for venom-induced spasms. It has become common knowledge, though, that Togrutas are not venomous.

The Togruta are a people who pay a great deal of attention to detail, making them excellent and incredibly efficient engineers. They handcraft almost everything produced on their homeworld and keep with their traditions of near-perfection as a result of personal inspection of each and every item produced.

Bio:Ja'Tarri graduated head of her class as a pilot.   Like her race it is because of her attention to detail.   That allows her to exceed as a pilot.   It is said that one would want no one else to be piloting even a heavy bulky freighter within  a asteroid field.   She also expects perfection or a strive for perfection from those around her.    She also knows a baker dozen different intergalactic languages.

Class:  Pilot
Special Training: Star craft piloting,  Linguistics
Flaw:  It is not by chance that Ja'Tarri finds herself primary as a larger class pilot in space craft.   Her need to be within a group is a driving force.  Almost to the point of being like claustrophobic if she finds herself alone for long periods of times.   The worse thing that could ever happen to Ja'Tarri is if she were imprisoned and put into solitary confinement.   

Nude Portrait 

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Fetishes:  Orgies, multiple partners
offs:  Blood, gore, maiming and feces   

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Awesome welcome aboard!

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Ok guys I need at least 2 more people! Well be starting soon

Offline Tydorei

I might take up the other engineer slot... not sure yet.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Hey be what you wish lol, i truely just need about 2 to three more players to start this thing :)

Offline apygoos

im interested in this plot..what spot needs more people?

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

i need a captain apy?

Offline Fredasce

Yeah! We gotz people. I have to admit, Chree, you were right when you said that the darkness tends to get what it wants (Therefore, I'm assuming you are the darkness :O

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

lol i will be playing as both the evil darkness and my character so im a little bit of both lol

Offline Lady Avacyn

Name: Phia Orrin-Phur
Age: 50 (teenage for her race)
Race: Capran
Sex: Female

Picture: Suited/casual

Race bio: Phia is a healer of the Capran race. The people populate a planet well away from the rift known as Mataq. They have long since surpassed their warring tribal ways and have come to accept The Great Peace, allowing them to make advances in healing and medical technology. Seeing the state of the universe after the opening of the rift they have done everything in their power to help including sending some of their most revered healers to serve on board United Universal Alliance Starships.

Personal bio: Phia is one of her tribe's best healers, unfortunately she is seen as a tad too radical in some of her methods. So her 'expertise' was offered to the Alliance and she was shipped off world. her interests lie in learning about he medical and anatomical aspects of all the races, now that she has seen more than her own. She has always loved to learn and as far as she's concerned this trip is one big research expedition.

Class: Medic
Special training: Extensive Medical training, minor hand to hand combat training, Proficiency with primitive weapons, and blaster pistols.
Flaws: A little too overzealous when it comes to examining a race she hasn't encountered before, to the point of being off-putting, and tends to go off into her own little world (space out or go on a random tangent) mid conversation.

Sexual bio:
Nude description: Her normal outfit leaves little to the imagination. Her lithe and athletic body are covered with a mixture of scales down the front of her torso, and short silky, multicolored fur on the rest of her. The scales extend between her legs and down the underside of her prehensile tail. Between her legs are a slit and a hole similar to human anatomy, only difference being that the anal opening is covered by a small scale.

Sexual orientation: Straight/bi-curious
Ons: Bondage, anal, alien, dominant partners, nipping, dp
Offs: Scat, vore, gore, torture, mutilation.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Offline Charlemagne

I'd like to app for the captain, or the an engie (since those are the last 2).

However, I was wondering about one thing. As a Captain, I really don't wanna be bossin' everyone around and having to essentially lead the story, since it's not mine. So, that said, can I still app as the Captain?

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

well ill be playing as the Lt. as well as Gm, basicly when i do the NPc characters theyll be adressing you as group leader, and youll do things like " hey chreestafer you and her go down that hall and check that area out..." i wont lead you astray :)

Offline Charlemagne

Cool. I'll get you an app tonight.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

sweet welcome aboad!

Offline Charlemagne

Name: Eric Cisco

Age: 45 (Appears 30)

Race: Human/Cyborg

Sex: Male

Two Photos:

Bio: Captain Eric Cisco wasn't always at the top of the food chain. Before his 'accident', he was one of his academy's highest record keepers in military exercises and tactical reviews at his school. For over ten years he served as a platoon leader as part of a unit that was constantly engaged with enemy combatants. During one battle, Eric was engaged with a man who had been so enhanced by cybernetics that his weapons seemed to simply lodge projectiles into the hulking man, not affecting his well-being at all.

The man's crackling blade pierced into Eric's armor and slipped straight through his body, frying most of his internal organs. When he finally woke up, Eric found himself in a medbay with numerous tubes and machines plunged into his body. After months of surgery and recovery, Eric was a new man. With the exception of his brain and parts of his heart, the majority of his internal organs and functions were supported by artificial implants. Suffice to say, more than 80% of his body is now man-made. His skin, brain, and most muscle tissue remained intact.

Now, many years later, sits at the rank of Captain. He had been kept out of most serious combat missions, which negated the use of his augments. During recovery, he was outfitted with armor that worked with his body to keep him updated of his own status and the status of his weapons. It was virtually and AI, without an annoying voice to bother him.

A final side affect is his health. He hadn't seemed to age at all since the injury, yet it had been over a decade.

Class: Captain

Special Training: Military Background, Piloting, Mild Hand-To-Hand.

Flaws: Eric Cisco will sometimes suffer from major headaches/migraines and has a slight drinking problem. Since his organs are mostly machine, it takes a large amount of alcohol to start to affect him.

-Sexual Bio-

Nude Description or Photo:

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Fetishes, Ons: Passionate Sex, Surprises

Offs: Dirty Sex, Forced Sex, Multiple Relationships

I did this while watching a movie and skyping with someone, so forgive me if it's not too good :P

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

So is he a make shift cyborg? Read my characters bio he's a cyborg as well bit for different reasons.

Offline Charlemagne

He's not the same as yours, he's just your average Human. Well, was, until he got owned and whatnot.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

im gonna have to think on it, i might let it slide aas i need a capt, however i was hoping for noone to be human...

Offline Wargtass

Something like this for a Captain. Pictures to come, once I get my pencils warmed up.

Character Profile

Name: Valery Crom
Age: 303
Race: Khurack (troll) of Klan Shoumgii (swamp-dwellers)
Sex: Female

Race Description (until I have drawn her out): Khuracki come come in many sizes around their homeworld. From the large lumbering Khulani (steppe-trolls) to the hard and stocky Fakhour (stone-trolls) to the rather small but ferocious Shoumgii. While the swamp-dwellers are the smallest variety, they are still some 10-12 feet tall and very compact in muscle-mass. On the Homeworld they are known as ferocious conquerers. No wonder they are now turning their gaze towards space.

Bio: If you want to get anywhere in Khuracki society, you have to bash in a few hundred faces. Double so if you are female. Valery never had a problem with that and quickly became a rather prominent Warlady on her planet. When the UA came around she was quick to join up to find new challenges. It was hard work, but in the end she started negotiating with both her words and fists (mostly in that order, but not always). How she actually ended up in command is hard to say, but dammit if she's not actually real good at being boss!

Class: Captain
Special Training: Tactics, Heavy weapons, Diplomacy
Flaws: Brash and quick to anger. She may have a drinking problem off duty...

-Sexual Bio-
Nude Description or Photo: Valery is a big woman by most racial standards. While she's very intimidating... always, she's not really ugly. Once you look past her muscular limbs tipped with claws and a lot of anger, one can't help to notice curves, a soft belly and a sizeable bust. She's no stranger to sex and has been known to use it to her advantage. One could say though that underneath the surface is a big softy with an even bigger temperament...
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Fetishes, Ons: Anal, clothed, dom, oral, non-penetrative, toys.
Offs: If it belongs in a slasher, morgue or toilet, no thanks.

Offline Charlemagne

im gonna have to think on it, i might let it slide aas i need a capt, however i was hoping for noone to be human...

That's cool, its your game. I know you said be original, but I just had to use Nathan Fillion, and he's human. Anyways, you have another app for the Captain. It's no biggie.
« Last Edit: November 06, 2012, 08:12:40 pm by ItsOzone »

Offline TheGlyphstone

That's cool, its your game. I know you said be original, but I just had to use Nathan Fillion, and he's human. Anyways, you have another app for the Captain anyway. It's no biggie.

No, he's a Jossonian, from the planet Whedonia. They look human from the outside, but....[your creativity goes here]. ;D
« Last Edit: November 06, 2012, 08:04:55 pm by TheGlyphstone »

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Im gonna go with Wargtass as captain on this one, however ItsOzone, you can have that engineer spot if you wish...