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This was more of an opinion thing, rather than an actual technical question, but I figured posting it here might be better than anywhere else.
Currently I have my plots posted in my ons and offs thread, however I was going to add some more plots to it, but wasn't sure if this would be a good idea as it is.
The alternates that I had come up with were:
Make a new thread where all my plots would go, and link to it from my ons/offs.
Make a new thread where all my plots would go, but keep my currently craving plots listed in the thread (also linking to the whole list).
Make no new thread, and just add them as is.

I'm sure there might be other ideas or ways to go about it, I just didn't want the thread to look too cluttered, and be fairly easy to navigate around, so any opinions would be much loved.


If you aren't sure, then why not keep a complete list in both places?  If it's a little unwieldy, maybe group the plots by general subject matter, so that people can jump to the ones that might interest them.

That would ensure that anyone who's looking sees all your plot ideas, and doesn't miss one that might interest them.  It might be a lot of work though, haha.
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I sort of organized mine into categories to keep them from getting cluttered, and I edit in new plots when they come to mind.  Some people will do that and then put a notice at the top to discourage replies in-thread - I don't care, personally.  If you've edited in a plot and want to be sure that it comes to the top without being mistaken for an insubstantial 'bump' post, just put in a post that says 'Updated with...' and whatever you've added.

Linking to your O/O's, whatever you decide, is always a good thing.
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Well you only get one on/off thread. The great thing about that is that you make as many replies as you'd like. I use mine for my on/off's of course, to maintain the list/links of my active games, to hold the links to my old games and for my game notes. At one point (currently changing) I had my game ideas there too. To make it easier to navigate I provided links to specific posts and had them grouped by common themes. I also kept a copy of those game ideas in my games wanted thread.

recently I decided to make a new and neater games wanted thread so I am slowly moving all of my game ideas there. My list is pretty extensive because I don't usually retire an idea. I am even listing some ideas more than once if they fit in more than one grouping.

Some people also use elluiki to maintain their lists and notes. It is simply up to you and your preference. You can always look through others o/os and games wanted threads to get different ideas of organization.
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You could also rotate your current favorite craving in your Preferences (On and Offs at the top of the forum). People doing a quick check could see what you want right now.

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