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June 21, 2018, 07:53:06 AM

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Author Topic: Devil's Disaster (M/M - NC, Bon)  (Read 369 times)

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Online KhorazTopic starter

Devil's Disaster (M/M - NC, Bon)
« on: February 24, 2012, 08:58:49 AM »
This idea was started long over a year ago, and sadly it faded out... I would love for anyone to either continue this story with me, or we could start a-fresh along the same lines...

Here is the existing story for you reading pleasure, but just to give some background as to the characters and the plot that's been made...

The Plot.
The diabolical twins, Eerie and Aeori were spawned from the deeper regions of Hell; at their best when indulging in sin and debauchery, the mortal realm seemed like the perfect place for them to venture and enjoy the delights humans had to offer. Always impulsive however, they didn't stop to ponder how to return to their home from the human's world and as such they found themselves trapped, not at their fullest abilities and soon to be chased by various religious fanatics. The one solution they could come up with was to search for a human Master; someone to direct their powers together and thus, amplify them enough to enable them to get home... But the twins are picky.
Their search for the correct human who could contain their lust for power and pleasures of the flesh went on for years upon years with never a sign of someone who could satisfy them, with no sign of ending soon...

The story essentially would chronicle their various ventures across the world and their search for a Master. The religious groups would always be chasing them, and perhaps sometimes they succeeded in capturing them (see the first scene in the story), but all of its up for discussion...

The Twins.
I would be playing Aeori; he is the more submissive of the pair, though is often terribly pushy at demanding his brother's affections to the point of never letting Eerie get away from him. He is, in a word; a slut who delights in pleasures of the flesh and the corrupting of innocent souls, taking any chance to indulge his appetites with his brother and with other people. He is playful, mischievous, and far too curious for his own good. Stubborn also; he won't let something he wants get away, and he enjoys teasing and toying with everyone around him (his brother included).
You would be playing Eerie. While I don't want to write your character, there are a few things that I'd want to include; he is the dominant side of the pair and tries to keep Aeori under control, though often he finds himself unable to resist his charms. He is always focused on the eventual goal, unlike Aeori, and likes to use his twin to twist nd corrupt the human souls around them...

You'll get more of a view of what they're like by reading...

As always, please PM if you're interested! I've been craving this for months!