Dasha's death wish

Started by Dashenka, December 29, 2011, 02:06:34 AM

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I'm looking for people who do not shun the extreme. Basically all that is set in the games I currently want is that a) they have a fixed ending and b) my character dies.

How she dies though is not sure. I could be an accident, like a plane crash or car accident or a military execution or simply a robbery, rape or more extreme like being cooked and eaten or severely mutilated or something else. Something else I would like to try my hands on is the mamabliss comics. Any sort of dying scene is worth discussing. Even World of Warcraft scenes. If you have an idea that you would like to try, please let me know.

I want my partner to be literate and very descriptive in his or her posts as for me, the beauty of dying is in the details. Also I am not only interested in the death scene. If for example we play out a plane crash, I would like to play out the characters relationship and the whole process of waiting in the terminal. Maybe of the characters having a Final Destination moment. The same goes for all the rest. Execution, rape, anything, I would like to play out a bit more than just the final scene.

So are you not too freaked out yet, or do you have a good idea or are you simply interested in something and think you and me could work out? Please let me know.

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