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Author Topic: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP) Check First Post!!!  (Read 6706 times)

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Offline Joslyn

Re: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP)
« Reply #25 on: November 17, 2011, 03:16:10 PM »
What about you Jos? You figure we could use more blokes in the mix?

Well, Sarah is bi with some submissive tendancies, so the more the merrier of either gender. :P

Offline Chrystal

Re: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP)
« Reply #26 on: November 17, 2011, 04:07:09 PM »

Nice post, LT.

Just a quick one, Sir, are you planning on using this thread for OOC discussion? May I respectfully suggest not? The reason being, Sir, that this is a public PG15 area, and is probably not suitable for the OOC discussion of things that may well be going on in the IC thread.

Just a suggestion, Sir!

Offline Cal1496Topic starter

Re: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP)
« Reply #27 on: November 17, 2011, 04:40:58 PM »
Likely right Chrystal...I just hate abadoning the thread while the RP is so young.  Won't get much attention or the possibility of new people being hidden in the Extreme thread.  But we do have enough to get by.  I'll set up the OOC now and hopefully this stays at the top a while.

And here is the link for the OOC
« Last Edit: November 17, 2011, 04:43:01 PM by Cal1496 »

Offline Chrystal

Re: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP)
« Reply #28 on: November 17, 2011, 05:13:09 PM »
We aren't abandoning it... "Leave no thread behind"


Put a link to this thread and the IC thread in the first post of the OOC thread, put a lint to toe OOc thread and the IC thread in the first post of this thread.

The only thread with no links should be the IC thread - unless you plan on using multiple threads, but I would advise against that ... Sir!

By the way, "xenos" is from the the Greek "ξένος" meaning Stranger, Foreigner, or Alien....

Online Writersblockade

Re: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP)
« Reply #29 on: November 19, 2011, 08:31:51 AM »

Try this one on and let me know if he needs any changes!

Name: Michael “Dust” Deville     

Rank: Private     

Role: Gun-mule, carrying the heavy machine gun he calls “The Sweeper”     

Age: 27     

Height: 6’5”   

Weight: 230   

Summary Mike was a never-do-well from the start. Call it what you want. Absentee parents, low income area, or just the near constant state of urban warfare that occurred on his part of the planet. While the rich resided in the domed areas with the best terra-forming, the rest who couldn’t afford the ritzy digs were used as laborers. It was an age-old problem of the domes representing the best society had to offer, while they stayed under the radar. Nobody asked questions, and as gritty as life was, it was life.

That was until a group of teens, including him, decided on a raid on the domed city. To his credit, Mike did his part and got them in, but things went FUBAR from there. Half got killed by the authorities, and the other half were put “on trial”. Needless to say, the authorities couldn’t have anyone around with the balls to go against them so blatantly, and the option was more than clear. Before he had a chance to say “Wait, what?” he was doing PT on some grubby piece of rock that made even his home seem like a resort.

He made an excellent soldier, but still had a rebellious streak. He’s been busted twice to private, and was lucky that was all he got. He’d tell you each time was worth it, and if the soldiers he saved are still fighting, they’d say the same.

Education Military Issue

Service Record
State to Military Transfer – Age 17
Training Facility dubbed Camp Phobos
Battle of the Frost (Planet Tundra Campaign)
Zegema Beach (Purple Heart)
Proteus War (2 Year-long campaign. Rose to the rank of Corporal in battle)
The Hades Conflict (busted to Specialist)
Miners’ Cause (Police Action)
Operation Storm Crusher (counter-revolution, busted to private)

Psych Profile

*From the log of Doctor Victor Tasker

Private Deville, quite simply, has everything we could ever want in a soldier. Big, capable, and smart. Perhaps too smart for his own good. While good at following orders, he has a tendency to let his feelings get in the way of objectives. This has caused his meteor-like fall in ranking, and has almost excluded him from future considerations. He has taken this with something of a grain of salt. He understands the war machine, perhaps too well, and has admitted to his inability to command people to die needlessly. I have no choice but to advise his continued use as fodder…such a shame.


Infantry Protection (Level 1, flak jacket and helmet)
Infantry Supplies (Standard issue)
HZ-666 “Diablo” SAW w. Combat Harness
FN-17 Assault-grade pistol
FN-25 Assault-grade rifle w. EZ fly grenade launcher attachment
FATback ammo kit

Offline Cal1496Topic starter

Re: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP)
« Reply #30 on: November 19, 2011, 01:47:25 PM »
Looks good Blockade.  Feel free to post any time in the thread or work out some story line with people in the OOC.

Offline Joslyn

Re: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP)
« Reply #31 on: November 19, 2011, 04:53:55 PM »
Welcome aboard. :) It's possible Dust is from the Prisoner Enlistment Service I made up in Sarah's background. That might make things a little less lonely for my character. :P

Online Writersblockade

Re: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP)
« Reply #32 on: November 19, 2011, 09:31:10 PM »
*shrugs* why not? Saw, for instance, the ole school bus makes its way to the military prisons and pick up the ones they feel they can still make soldiers out of. Besides, fodder in jail is wasted gov't money! Can't have that now, can we?

Offline Chrystal

Re: Operation House of the Rising Sun ( Sci-fi Military RP)
« Reply #33 on: November 25, 2011, 03:34:12 PM »
Just posting here in the hope that some more folks might see this thread, read the posts so far in the game thread, realise what a great game this is going to be and decide to join!

And as I'm not the thread's originator, this doesn't count as a bump! *grins*

Offline Cal1496Topic starter

Hello!  If you clicked here you are looking for a Sci-fy RP.

Good news for you, it's already start!  The first Chapter is done, and we are at such a point that it would be rather easy for any character of yours to insert themselves in.

A very quick and in no way just summary is, our characters were in a fleet travelling through space, got ambushed by space orcs, are ship got blowed up, but we escaped in pods and various other ships to be picked by another.  Right now our characters are back enroute to there drop zone on another planet.  The platoon is weaked so any characters you come up with I'll just throw in saying we are getting our ranks boosted.

I don't expect you to read every single post, but it would be an idea just so you are as up to date as everyone.  Fill out the character profile, and come up with what you guy or gal was doing during the space battle.

Link to RP

Link to OOC

Offline Cal1496Topic starter

Added a little bit more to update.

Offline Chrystal

More players please?

*flutters eyelids sexily*

There's s steamy sex scene going on, and the possibility of another one happening!

Offline NinjaWeazel

Still looking for recruits?  If not, disregard the following.  :D

Name: David Feather     
Rank: Specialist     
Role: Infiltration, Close Combat     
Age: 27       
Height: 6'1   
Weight: 235 lbs   

Raised an orphan, moved from home to home, planet to planet, never really seeming to 'fit' with any of his adopters.  Applied for early entry into the Imperial military at the age of seventeen, underwent rigorous physical and mental testing and was found to have an aptitude for jobs requiring swift action and staying clear-headed even under extreme pressure.  The records get... muddy after that, until a recent report of a failed mission where an incompetent junior officer made a series of poor calls and got most of his unit killed.  David pulled the remainder of the squad back to an evac point and was busted down to specialist & transferred back to general infantry as a result of insubordination and beating the JO nearly to death.

Alan Rugby highschool

Service Record
Mostly classified.

Psych Profile
At first glance David comes across as 'distant'.  Delving below the surface finds something much colder, much more ruthless.  Years of being passed around through orphanages exposed him to the worst that people have to offer, and as a result he does his best to keep himself emotionally isolated and driven by rational thought.  He finds people interesting, but he does not trust them.  His loyalty to the military is unwavering, viewing it as the first 'family' he ever fit into, and his savage beating of the JO was based on the simple fact that his incompetence got several of his 'brothers' and 'sisters' killed out of stupidity.


Infantry Protection (Level 1, flak jacket and helmet)
Infantry Supplies (Standard issue)
Silenced 9mm semi-automatic pistol
Matte-finish Ka-bar combat knife
Standard & Electronic lockpicks
Duct tape (always, ALWAYS duct tape)

David has short brown hair and piercing blue eyes, a strong chin and sharp cheekbones.  His nose has clearly been broken on multiple occasions and healed slightly crooked, his teeth are small and even, none missing despite a career of violence.  His shoulders and chest are broad and well-defined as a result of weight-lifting and martial arts, narrowing down to a trim waist and the sculpted legs of a long-distance runner.  His hands are large and bear more than their fair share of scars, but surprisingly dexterous.

Offline Joslyn

Our GM just started a two week vacation a few days ago, and he probably won't be checking on things until he gets back. I like your character though, I'm sure if you don't mind waiting for things to resume that you'll be allowed in the game. :)

Offline Chrystal

Yep, the character is good, but, being only a non-com, I'm not allowed to approve it.

(I already got a chewing out for making comments that looked like I approved a previous character...)

Please be patient and the LT will be back in a bit. I don't think much is going to happen until he does.

Offline NinjaWeazel

It's all good.  If boss is on a leave of absence I totally don't mind chillin'.  (Not that I have much choice.  ;D)

Offline kitakaze

would there happen to be room still for enlistment, as it were?

Offline Joslyn

I can't promise anything with our GM on vacation, but my guess is we could take one more. :) Feel free to make a character and post the sheet here, and you should hear one way or the other before the end of the month.

Offline Chrystal

What she said...

Offline kitakaze

Name: Lucas "Archer" Jordan
Rank:  Corporal
Role:  Engineer / Munitions Specialist
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 168 lbs

Lucas comes from a middle-class family, the second of four children, and was raised in a moderately large bubble-city on Ganymede, considered to be the unofficial capital of the Jovian metropolitan cluster. His mother was an archeo-anthropologist and his father a retired veteran. Between the two of them telling stories of recent and ancient battles and societies, it would have been almost impossible for him to turn down any path other than the guard.

Growing up in such a central, and consequently well protected, region of the empire, Lucas had little direct exposure to the effects of war. Perhaps because of this he became fascinated by the similarities between the way Orcs were described by his Father and the way his Mother described archaic pre-Empire civilizations. In particular he enjoyed reading about tools and machines of war, and how they shaped the battlefield as much as the soldiers using them.

After earning his degree, a demand his parents both made of him, Lucas enlisted with the eagerness only found in the youths with no idea of what they were getting into. His natural aptitude with military equipment and unconventional ways of using it got him streaked into SF Engineer school almost before his promotion to PFC was stamped. His first assignment as a Specialist was with the 214th Mobile Infantry, whom were already en route to a factory planetoid to break an orcish siege that had been going for nearly seven months.

During the course of the operation, Lucas and three other members of the unit were cut off by a swarm of orcs which came rushing out of a warehouse without warning. Three hours later they were still pinned down by arrows and other thrown weapons hurtling their way amidst the roaring and whooping of the orcs, and out of ammunition to boot.

In a sudden flash of inspiration, Lucas decided to try something "creative" that he had always wanted to attempt. Snatching up one of the huge orcish bows and a cracked axe handle, he set to work and fashioned a particularly crude crossbow while muttering to himself in though. It took two tries reattaching the bow to the handle, and he had to use his feet and arms both to nock an arrow, his two surviving allies staring at him incredulously the whole time.

When the first shot streaked through the air and buried itself up to the ragged fletching directly in an orc's eyesocket, the sporadic attacks from the orcs suddenly ceased. It was almost more than they could process, trying to comprehend just how one of their arrows had come back towards them. The pause gave the three men time to scramble back to more solid cover in an office space, and they grabbed up as many arrows as they could as they went.

Six clean kills later, the orcs had reorganized themselves to attack just in time to be cut down by a hail of mounted gun fire from behind as the backup finally arrived in the form of two APCs mounted up with 50mm turrets. Only five members of the 214th left that planetoid outside of a bag, and it was summarily decided that they would be redistributed rather than putting the effort to reform the unit.

M.A. in History of Earth Combat
 -University of New Columbia, Colonial City, Io

Infantry Bootcamp
 -Camp Torson, Europa

MOS-18CX Certification (Special Operations Engineering and Improvised Munitions)
 -Variable Orbit Training Facility "Helheim"

Service Record
Infantry Bootcamp - Camp Torson, Europa
Promoted to PFC
MOS-18CX school - Variable Orbit Training Facility "Helheim"
Promoted to SPC
Assigned to 214th Mobile Infantry
Operation Jackhammer - Meritorious Action Medal
Promoted to CPL
Reprimanded for Insubordination.
-Told CO to "go get another orcish anal fisting before you shrivel up from loneliness"
Reprimanded for Insubordination.
-Threw part of a severed orc hand at CO.
Transfer Requested to off-world Mobile Infantry division.
Transfer granted. Reassigned to 109th Light Infantry Division.

Psych Profile
Corporal Mason is a soldier on a much more even keel than the average grunt. Having come from a relatively stable background, he lack some of the natural aggression that is preferable, but he more than compensates for it with his razor-sharp focus. While he is a superlative engineer, and is able to follow multiple tasks and lines of thought simultaneously, he has a tendency to lose track of conversations which he finds "irrelevant."
It should be noted, as well, that although he has a very long fuse, Cpl Mason is more than capable of losing his temper to extreme effect when pushed repeatedly on any single issue.

Infantry Protection (Level 1, flak jacket and helmet)
Infantry Supplies (Standard issue)
SO Engineers' tool kit (Includes explosive ordinance tools)
AR-28 with tactical light and spotting laser
Collapseable high tension crossbow (rated for use against up to Class-I Ballistic Armor)
Combat hatchet-knife
Pack of C-7 (Five pre-cut blocks, five pounds each)

I still may want to fiddle about with his personality, but here's what I've got for ya!

Offline Joslyn

I will leave a post in our game's OOC thread to remind the GM to check here. With any luck he will be back on monday and not too jet-lagged. :)

Offline Chrystal

We are still looking for players for this, in case anyone is interested in a sexy military-political sci-fi romp with lots of death, lots of aliens to kill and lots of pretty girls to *PG15*. (And if you don't know what word really belongs there, what are you doing on an adult RP site?)

Post here if interested and Jos or myself will give Cal a nudge to take a look.

Offline YouMustRealize

Whew!  Just got approved and I can finally apply to the thread that made me join in the first place. :)  Very interested if you're still looking for bug fodder brave studly starship troopers.

Offline Chrystal


Welcome to E, congratulations and the LT will be along soon. In the mean time,


*giggles* Just kidding.

If you want to put together a character profile, Cal will take a look at it and either approve it or make suggestions.

Offline Cal1496Topic starter

Or just automatically let you become bug fodder...Really that is more accurate lol

But seriously though, probably gunna die.

From space orcs though, not fighting bugs...Yet ;)