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Welcome to St. Arcadia Academy

St. Arcadia Academy defines the standard of excellence. Those who enroll hold their heads high knowing that the path they take is one of exclusive achievement.

Our world-renowned classes and devoted faculty shape and mold youths into fine, upstanding adults. The facilities of Arcadia are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with only the best textbooks and resources available equally. Within our walls, education is the utmost importance, as is school pride and personal self-esteem. The teachers that educate and advise build not only intelligence, but manners and lifestyle as well. Whether you pursue physical strength in many of our outdoor facilities, or delve deep into the expansive shelves of our library, Arcadia will accommodate your every need.

Historically, Arcadia was a girls-only school, but has recently opened its doors to boys as well. This was the decision of the Morimoto family, who now are the primary management of the campus and its grounds, and believe that all students be given the fair and equal opportunity to obtain the best. Though the campus is largely dominated by females, this is by no means a suggestion that males cannot excel to their fullest potential. In fact, our male alumni have gone on remarkable things, as do our female alumni. Our staff is willing to go beyond their duty to make sure that each student, regardless of gender, is able to excel in their field. Arcadia graduates include a long and respectable list of some of the world's finest: physicians, lawyers, architects, and engineers, and it is our hope that you join the growing list as well.

It is my pleasure, as Headmistress of Arcadia, to welcome you personally to our campus. The path to excellence begins here.

Reina Morimoto
Headmistress of Arcadia

(Please present this letter to the Headmistress upon initiation.)

This group game is set within the setting of the Discipline hentai series. It includes elements from both the hentai game and the anime, and it is preferred if players had some knowledge of either, but ultimately, just the players desire to be involved in a sexual school-based roleplay is fine as long as you appreciate and play within the structure the game has taken since it began. The game was originally not intended to follow the plot of the game or the anime, merely the setting, and as it has developed, this has been the case with the framework of the anime being followed fairly closely, including several of the characters, and most of the general ideas.

The plot of Discipline is about a private, prestigious academy and the students and staff that attend. While it seems like any other private school, it is run by the corrupt Morimoto family who use blackmail and sex to prostitute some of its students, as well as faculty, to high paying clients, some of which are involved in illegal activities. Students run amok and engage in sexual activities, both consensual and non-consensual.

Original characters are accepted, provided they fit the setting. The original H-game and anime take place in Japan, as does our role-play and Japanese characters are preferred. However players may submit characters of any ethnicity, based on anime or manga pictures provided they are fully human.

Things to be explored

Since the background of the story is a prestigious school secretly turning select students into sexual servants, with faculty and students getting intimate with each other for little to no reason, pretty much anything is acceptable provided it reaches consent between players. Extreme things go in the extreme section, non-con in the non-con section, etc. Players will not be forced to do things they are uncomfortable with. We always discuss limits, and I think we can all be mature enough to make necessary sacrifices or adjustments to get along.

[bUltimately, in terms of plot, the school remains a school, for all intents and purposes, but as I stated before, this is only a cover for its true purpose which is a type of factory for producing high-class prostitutes, both female and male. Things like grades matter to the students, and students are still pushed to excel academically, however there is an all-pervading sense of sexual tension throughout the academy, with some sexual acts being openly performed in class and elsewhere on campus such that very quickly, no student is unaware that something very wrong or strange is going on.

It is the ultimate reason why the place is full of sex and BDSM that is kept concealed from most students until they are well along the path to being trained as sexual slaves. This means there are no explicitly sexual classes, where students learn about how to have sex. Rather, all of the sexual training is done mostly privately by the faculty and some select students.[/b]


The role-play is free-form, with no system involved. There is in place a set of school rules for students and faculty to abide by, mostly covering conduct, timekeeping and dress code. These rules, of course, can be broken or bent in a realistic manner, and serve more as a guide to how rules in this kind of academy might actually be. I am overseeing the school as GM/Headmistress, but I interact with the players as necessary and try to keep things balanced and structured where necessary, moving the calendar and plot elements along accordingly.

Several important characters from the series are in play, namely the two sisters who run the academy and a number of their asisstants, both students and faculty. Other 'canon' characters have been introduced by some players who have since dropped out and are available for reactivation from NPC status, and other 'canon' minor characters who have little personality in the origianl series may be played by players and developed in their own style.

Original characters are of course always welcome, though please bear in mind that the game has a strong fem-dom setting and the opportunities for male-dom characters are very limited. Male-sub and female-sub characters are always welcome, as are antagonist characters who might have reason to fight the system.

The game is set soon after the academy has gone co-ed, with boys being in the minority. If male, students will be new to the school. Female students may be new or returning second or third years and since the intake of students is not based on the regular national academic system, students can be of any age in any year, with a minimum age of 16 and an upper limit of about 20.

Students can be innocent victims caught up in the school's whirpool of sexual depravity, or start out innocent but
agree to enjoy the setting to its fullest debauched and hedonistic value. A student might even be a sexual predator who uses and abuses the system to indulge their dominance on the more submissive girls and boys. We need a healthy balance of new students and returning students.

Teacher characters can be proposed although there are often periods of 'downtime' for such characters as much of the action takes place outside of classes. Thus my preference is for student characters and, if you enjoy the game and play reliably for some time, a teacher could be created as a second character should you wish. Teachers can be dominant or submissive, although again, all are blackmailed or forced into helping the shadowy Morimoto family achieve their goals, or teachers may willingly helping them by choosing students to turn into sexual slaves.

Please use the following template, and post your characters and interest in this thread. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to either message me or post them here to start a discussion.

Please use the following template, and post your characters and interest in this thread. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to either message me or post them here to start a discussion.

Character Requirements
The families of all students enrolled in St. Arcadia must be under some form of blackmail or extortion, and the 'purpose at St Arcadia' section of the character profile should reflect that. The nature of this situation can be flexible, but it should be kept simple, concise, and to the point. Realistic and believable situations are preferred over outlandish reasons based around the extremes of crime. It must involve the Morimoto family blackmailing your character's family, with the student being enrolled into St. Arcadia as both collateral, and to be used in the sexual activities of the school. Failure to abide by their terms would result in the complete destruction of their family's reputation, career, social status, etc. There may be no exceptions to this rule as it is a basic building block of the main premise of the role-play and is a carry over directly from the anime and H-game. Students can't get into the Academy through money, merit, or influence alone. The students themselves should technically be unaware of the blackmail plot as well. If you have questions about it, please contact NileGoddess.

[float=left][img](Character Image here)[/img][/float]
[b]Position:[/b] (Teacher/Student)
[b]Sexual Preferences:[/b] (Dominant/submissive, straight, bi, etc. Can also include kinks.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Brief written description in addition to picture)
[b]Personality:[/b] (How they act, quirks)
[b]Purpose at Arcadia:[/b] (How they got enrolled/hired, why they are there, additional background)

OOC Thread


Sounds interesting! I've been looking for a good school-based game for a while now and this one looks like it's right up my alley. I'm not familiar with the Discipline series beyond seeing some pictures from the game here and there, but I'll look into it tomorrow.  Is St. Arcadia a high school or a college? And is it a boarding school type situation, where the students live in dorms on campus?
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I might be interested too, depending on how many people we get-I lurve boarding school stories ^^


Interested, though not sure if I'd have time for it. Bookmarking it for now.

Zaer Darkwail

Interested also. Bookmarking so can follow and come up with char concept.


I am interested NileGoddess - if you'll have me - I'm leaning towards playing a dominant girl, perhaps a family member or perhaps a friend within the Morimoto family circle.


Quote from: Meliai on November 09, 2011, 02:36:07 AM
Is St. Arcadia a high school or a college? And is it a boarding school type situation, where the students live in dorms on campus?
Meliai, I believe in the anime and manga it's geared more towards boarding school. I'll get into this once we get past the initial stage of interest checking, but there is a main campus and grounds, and this has all the has all the school buildings and facilities, and then a short distance away are the student dormitories.

I believe it's considered more of a college, given the age of the students, but we can extend the age to slightly younger students if we desire.

Quote from: Haibane on November 09, 2011, 07:12:12 AM
I am interested NileGoddess - if you'll have me - I'm leaning towards playing a dominant girl, perhaps a family member or perhaps a friend within the Morimoto family circle.
You are welcome to join, Haibane. I'm sure having a domme with your experience will come in handy. You'd make an excellent Leona Morimoto.


Thanks! Not sure about a canon character as it's been years since I watched the anime and read the manga, though I still have both on my computer so will do a quick re-watch and re-read tonight.

I might end up preferring the freedom of an OC, but we'll see how it goes when I re-acquaint myself with Leona.


I'm interested in this one too, thought I do not know the series. Is this a drawback?

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Not really Annie. Some knowledge would be preferred for the sake of the setting, but as I said in the interest check, it ultimately won't matter, since we won't be following the exact story line. This can be considered an alternate universe, if you will.


Great! I would take the role of a submissive OC char, if that's ok. A new student, maybe.

“Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” - G. K. Chesterton


I've realised that the manga I have on my HDD is actually Bible Black! Having now looked around the interwebs I can't see that there ever was a manga of this, not an official one. There seems to be at least one doujin set in a prequel or something. The anime was only ever six episodes and is easy to find via a google search so if anyone wants to watch it and get an idea of the setting and types of things that go on, it wouldn't be hard to get it, nor take long.


Name: Zack Sabreheim
Age: 17
Position: Student
Sexual Preferences: Straight, Semi-Dom; Fetish for big breasts and shapely hips, athletic women, cheerleaders
Appearance: Despite the look of the pic, Zack's left arm is perfectly normal save for some runic tattooing along it that has been touted by people in society as pagan or something and he's been forced to conceal it though he doesn't really care what people say; it's just easier to hide it than constantly dealing with whiny bitch complainers. (The girl in the pic is his step-sister technically. They're quite close as they tend to get ignored by parents. As long as they stay out of legal trouble.)
Personality: Zack is a bad boy simply said. He likes to cause trouble of all sorts and has been arrested for possession, Solicitation, Vandalism, Racketeering and a count of murder. Suffice to say he does what he wants with a whole disregard of what authorities say or do.  His family is also very wealthy and this keeps him out of the court's as the police chief in his homecity is under the family's thumb and won't accept prosecutions and will destroy evidence against him.  He's cocksure and kind of arrogant, believing himself to be the cream-of-the-crop and is willing to prove it. He doesn't do drugs actually but he doe sknow it's a good way to make a quick buck. (as a side note)
Purpose at Arcadia: He's there because he's been thrown out of every other school for his behavior and his family is at their wits end and said that unless he gets into the academy; he's cut out of the will. Which is bad for him since he's already plotting their eventual assassination once his claim to the wealth is ironclad.  This is also a way for them to be safe from his predations in that area as well.  His connection to the Morimoto is that is his family is "allied" with theirs, but in a different country; probably poland, germany or Russia. Whichever the case is, he's not from Japan origiinally. His family operates something like the russian mafia does and hes' supposed to be the next "don" but he's too reckless and impulsive. They hope that the school can temper that with intuition and a an injection of business saavy.  But they don't mind underhanded dealings of course and launder money to the school to pay for his stay and reparation for damage he might do.

Bloody Rose


Name:Natsuki Miramane
Age: 30
Sexual Preferences: Submissive/Bisexual
Appearance: She often dresses in long jeans and a shirt, very casual for the school since in her opinion she wants the students to see her as one of their friends and not a teacher. When the family orders she dresses as they want since she has no other choice about it. She is known to be very varied in terms of clothing, one day wearing a short skirt and a shirt that reveals her cleavage while another day being conservative.
Personality: She is a all around good girl, perhaps reason why the family took her and forced her to serve them. She hates being forced to do stuff and often rebels against the family only to be put back into place again. She knows how to read people emotions and way of acting perhaps reason why the family took interest in her. However a mistake in her past and her attempt to hide it made her a target. Sleeping with the son of the chancellor of the first school she went in wasn't that well thought especially with a video running around. When the family discovered that video they hired  her to teach at their school knowing that a scandal like her sleeping with a student would ruin her teaching career and her life for good. Soon after she was enrolled in the school and a couple of weeks later she was shown the video by some of her students controlling her via blackmail also via a chastity belt that the family put on her with only they having the key for it. With no other choice but to serve she is hoping it will end soon not knowing that it would be only beginning. While teaching she is a very good and kind teacher, students seem to love the way she acts around them giving them opportunities to pass the class, if a student fails on her class it’s because they want to fail. In her opinion the students should not be punished by the decision of a few of them, it also helped that she understood being young and restless. She wants revenge however she knows she cannot do anything against the family and their allies but to help them and hope for the best.
Purpose at Arcadia: She went to university to get a teaching degree and soon after was enrolled by the school. Once they figured out that she was capable of reading people’s emotions and way of acting they blackmail her to help the family against her will.


Player: Haibane
Name: Leona Morimoto
Age: 19
Position: Student. Head Girl. President of the Student Council. President of the Social Club.
Sexual Preferences: Dominant, bisexual (with a slight leaning more in favour of girls).
Appearance: Blonde hair to the middle of her back usually worn with long flowing ringlets over her shoulders and the side bangs tied back with a white silk bow. Violet coloured eyes, lightly tanned skin, 5' 6", 34D-25-34, 145lbs. Leona holds herself upright and her poise is perfect. She always wears a crisp fresh school uniform of purple and grey with a yellow-panelled double breasted bodice.
Personality: Leona is forceful, cold, haughty, cruel and domineering. She will randomly inflict pain on studnets for little or no reason, even those she has befriended but who are trapped in her power. As the younger sister of the academy's owner and governess, Leona exploits her position of authority which is absolute second only to Reina. She uses the "Morimoto technique" as a form of blackmail to bring any student she takes a physical liking to under her control, most often to enjoy their bodies but sometimes to have them do tasks for her. She consequently has a well established network of spies and informants throughtout the student body and teaching staff - even the faculty are under her authority via her position with respect to the governess. Leona is at her happiest when she has another person at her power and writhing under her - whether in sexual ecstasy or in abject terror. When crossed or denied her own way she can lash out with cruel purpose, often extorting or blackmailing her victim and making their life a misery. Many students have discovered that life is so much easier to just do as she asks.
Purpose at Arcadia: Leona was the first student at the academy and it is often thought by many that she is effectively the eyes and ears and hands of her older sister, progressing Reina's agenda in the classrooms and study halls and dorms while her sister remains in the background and observes and directs Leona so that the Morimoto family plan reaches fruition. The Social Club was set up by Leona as a device to bring the students together to "explore and develop the boundaries of erotic pleasure". She will reveal more to any student who joins though many actually have no choice.
Ons: Dominating (naturally), bondage, flagellation, piercing, anal sex, lingerie and costumes (even on naughty boys), public humiliation, orgies, rape, outdoor sex, cross-dressing and forcing boys to experince yaoi, mind games, teasing, bestiality (as in setting some of the dogs that provide security in the school grounds onto those who say 'no' to her once too often).

EDIT: Added her ons. Thought this could be helpful.

Zaer Darkwail

(Well, not seen the animes yet but anyone who can link me to episodes I would be grateful :) )

Player: Zaer Darkwail
Name: Makatake Sanada
Age: 19
Position: A student, specializing in martial art classes and plans open hobby club for it in school
Sexual Preferences: Straight, appears dom most time but can be switch
Appearance: With sea blue hair and with wiry muscular physique and cream colored skin with sharp and dark eye brows with dark brown eyes Makatake Sanada carries himself in strong confident presence and stride. His movements could be compared to panther's as there is both grace and lethal nature in them, a unreleased speedy power. He stands around six feet height and weights close two hundred pounds.
Personality: A strict, disciplined and aloof. He is not purpose a jerk but most think he is because of his confidence, overconfidence somesay. He is man of strong pride but same time he is man of honor somesort.
Purpose at Arcadia: No one knows really, he was in media declared top most prodigy in martial arts and renown for it quite widely. He comes from rich influential family which rivals in power with Morimoto family (and Morimoto knows Makatake aren't clean boys either in their business practices). However despite similarities the families haven't crossed any fashion for generations because their business focus just different areas.

Makatake Sanada is heir of the family but his father lives and haves strict grip on the business. So real reason is not known to anyone why he exactly came to the school but those with connections and access inside Morimoto family private student archives know bit more....
High ranked Morimoto only

Makatake Sanada was send specifically because he lost his cool in the top. Burn out. So he was send to the school cool off from martial art life. Keep on max hobby level only and not in competition level and most of all not enter any fights in school as his body counts as lethal weapon.

The specific way how burn out happened was that he was stressed and he raped his GF out of stress for sexual release. He went too rough with her and she got seriously injured in the process as GF had resisted him too much. His family got rid of her (permanent fashion to avoid scandal) after the incident and she has been labelled missing for months. So to get him a alibi not be involved with disappearance he was send to the school attend there and public only knows reason being broaden his education in other fields. When in truth he was send there to relax and get stress out from himself.

Sanada does not know what school is about but the elders in Morimoto family have some clue and had specifically send memo where it reads; "Ensure Makatake Sanada has all his stress relieved from his mind, spirit and body by any acceptable means."
On: Likes blond/white haired women, favorite eye color either blue or green. Skin tone not mattering to him. Likes athletic healthy women with nice breast size (C or higher usually but depends). Likes to be in control but has secret fetish to loose fully control by a woman who holds him in control. Likes women with stockings and nice underwear. Also counts in personality and intelect, grace and manners be important traits as well. Has much curiosity towards women who practice or show interest in martial arts.


Sorry for my absence today everyone. I would have loved to keep up, but I had a long, tiring day at work. I've been able to sneak on with my phone, as some of you might have seen, so I'm not completely out of the loop.

You've got Leona down perfectly Haibane, so you are good to go.

Zarazel, I like Natsuki, but I would like to see more specifics in your profile. What you've mentioned about her is sort of vague, especially as to why she is forced to teach at the school for the Morimotos. What did she do that she is being blackmailed for, especially if she is such a good woman?

Snake and Zaer, your characters look fine at the moment, but I need to go over them a little more. I might have some questions.

Haibane brought up an interesting point to me. In the anime, most, if not all of the students were actually children of people that the Morimoto family employed in some way or another. These people somehow screwed up in some fashion, and are forced to send their children to the school. Since they are collateral, it gives the Morimoto family free reign to do anything they wish. Feel free to talk about this, or implement it into your characters, as it could be a very interesting concept for certain students, or even staff.

I will have Reina up by the end of the night!

Bloody Rose

I fixed it up a bit and added a bit about her past and why she acts the way she does. I apologize for the vague profile it was late and night and I wanted to secure a place since I am looking forward to this rp. Also note that English is not my main language so some errors are bound to happen.


I understand Zarazel. Looks better now, just wanted a little more detail so we didn't have to establish background in the beginning of the roleplay.

Name: Reina Morimoto
Age: 32
Position: Headmistress
Sexual Preferences: Dominant, bi-sexual. Prefers full intercourse with men, and sees women more as playthings and amusement.
Appearance: Reina is curvy and voluptuous, sometimes appearing tall due to high heels. Like her sister, she has long blonde hair, something that quickly became a Morimoto female trademark (though hers is a slightly darker shade), and mischievous bright blue eyes. In her early twenties, she began to fill out her curves, and possesses a large set of natural breasts that she doesn't hesitate to flaunt from behind low cut blazers and blouses. In fact, she prides herself on having one of, if not the largest chest in school. During most days at St. Arcardia, she can be seen wearing the traditional colors of the school: navy blues and trimmed with gold, usually in the form of professional blazers and short skirts. Her undergarments are usually white, from the bra peeking from under her blazer to her garters visible from beneath the hem of her skirt.
Personality: Reina is a very commanding woman. As Headmistress of Arcardia she is a woman who demands the proper respect from her students, despite her young age. While neat and orderly about things, she does have a wild side, and isn't shy to explore new avenues, especially sexually. Outwardly, she is the formal Headmistress of the school, but her youthful appearance and personality make her easily approachable by students, at least at first. However, new students quickly find out that the cool, professional exterior gives way to a woman who abuses her power. Trips to her office usually end with sex, or even orgies, some of which she videotapes for later. Disciplinary issues sometimes consist of BDSM, bondage, and humiliating acts.
Purpose at Arcadia: It has only been a few years since the Morimoto family has taken over St. Arcadia and used it for its twisted business. The head of the family placed Reina as Headmistress to oversee its purpose to make sure it ran smoothly, and its true purposes kept a secret. She catalogs all of the students, both academically through grades and transcripts like a headmistress should, but also more deviously in a private index of twisted sexual behavior so that she can find the best students to prostitute into sexual slavery for the Morimoto family's clients. She never hesitates to sample the students for herself, or keep one beneath her desk for long, boring days in her office. The faculty that is forced to work under her are subject to the exact same treatment.


I'm working on my char. I hope I'll post her sheet today.

Zarazel, english is not my main language too. I know how you feel. ;P

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Name: Saeko Mizuki
Age: 17
Position: Student
Sexual Preferences: Submissive, straight (until now).
She is a shorty one (5' 1"). Blonde, smooth hair, green eyes, slender body. She always use clothes that make she looks cute, like dresses, skirts and blouses that do not emphasize her bust too much (kind of a challenge, due to her breast size). And she loves tighhighs, so, whenever she can, she uses them.
She is a shy, innocent one. Usually high spirited, she trusts people very easily and tends to look at the brighter side of things. Being a bookworm and not having much experience about the outside world, she's prone to look at the world in a romantic way. She is not a very good student, though. While she's skilled in history and literature, she really sucks at math and physics, making her just above average.
About her sexuality, she's totally inexperienced (still a virgin). She loves hentai mangas and, of course, keep it a secret. About her tastes, she really like (or think she would like) being dominated, with some twist of exhibitionism and voyerism. She couldn't help to get wet when she thought about expose her body to someone unknow. But, of course she would never do such a thing in real life. That's not something a good girl should do. And, something she knows for sure that she never would like is bondage. She really can't understand why receive pain could give pleasure to someone. 
Purpose at Arcadia:
She went from a family that couldn't afford her studies in a good school. The Morimoto family created some kind of contest offering a scolarship in St. Arcadia Academy, inviting several students from many schools. Saeko was one of these students and, after some exams, she won the scolarship.
Of course the contest was just a facade. What the Morimoto family really wanted  was someone with the best psychological and physical traits to become a wonderful slave for them. No one know if this is some kind of new experiment or just some wicked game for them, though.

“Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” - G. K. Chesterton


She looks perfect for St. Arcadia Annie!

Snake, it would be nice for there to be a little bit of a more significant connection with your character, either directly to the Morimoto family, or indirectly. Perhaps something like his parents owe the family in some way, and as compensation, he has to attend the academy for their perverse needs. That way, his parents would still want him to do well, lest they anger the Morimotos further.

Zaer, your character might be a little too old for his new position at the academy. Based on that Haibane has Leona around 19, and she's likely one of the middle to upper students, he would have to be younger. Also, your character could be another great example of what happens to people involved with the Morimotos. The girl he raped could have been an employee, or affiliated with the family, so as a favor, they made her disappear, and that would leave both him and his family susceptible to blackmail. The way you have him now sounds like he's at the school for a vacation to blow off steam, and given the nature of the school and its purpose, the two don't work together.


I love Saeko, Annie. Such a cutie! I think she'll do well here... *evil laughter*

Zaer Darkwail

Ok, I can make him younger. I place him to 19 age so he is one older aged freshmen in the school. Also true his GF would had been (not in his knowledge) a employee of the school which had been placed specifically meet his needs. But reason or another she declined which led a stressed up char rape her and be overly rough with her which led to serious (but not lethal) injuries.

So true the Morimoto family could blackmail him (and his GF could had told some other dark secrets in his closet; like using steroids in clean based MA contest). But also some dirt went to Morimoto (or somesort 'product quality responsibility') because of the GF who failed do her duties as she was meant to. So perhaps school does not outright abuse him but use blackmail in using him educate or train the girls there despite it's against his honor code.

He could be lots way clueless about background things but his family is blackmailed first to send him there and then kept there by Morimoto family. He has top class physique, stamina and looks so he would make top class companion but they need break down his independant spirit and pride. Or somehow seduced to such deviant life style.


Is that better? I've put in that they're an.. ."ally" of sorts to the family, and help launder money if need be and all.