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Author Topic: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames (Still Accepting Applications)  (Read 9647 times)

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Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames (Still Accepting Applications)
« on: September 12, 2011, 10:16:09 pm »

Centuries ago, before the time of the Scourge, the destiny of the continent of Parn was guided by the Order. Paladins and keepers of the peace, the greatest amongst their number were the Kin, with the blood of the drakes flowing in their veins. Mighty beyond their mortal counterparts, their greatest gift was the ability to bond on a spiritual level with the dragon kind. The history is hazy after the destruction of records during the Scourge, but what is considered to be true is that the Kin grew over bearing in their zeal for righteousness.

They called it the Scourge, when the people revolted, the Order itself turning against Kin and Dragon alike. Forced to chose between betraying humanity or the dragon kind, after years of battle, the Dragoons made a pact with the elder Drakes, granting them their own kingdom on the other side of the Vecht Mountains. Nature abhors a vaccum, especially human nature, and so it came to pass with the Order itself a crippled shell of what it once was, a new order came into power under the leadership of Our Eternal Mother Sheridan Bristol, may her reign reach the Heavens as it does the Earth.

Though the bards will sing of the glorious days of the Order, the Ecclesiarchy has truly served the people of Parn well enough. Offering steady spiritual and governmental leadership, they have been as a compass through the stormy and chaotic times following the Scourge. It was only until the 412th year of Our Eternal Mother that strife again touched our shores.

An army of misfits scours the land, beneath the leadership of a creature known only as Abyss. Reported to be a necromancer of some undocumented variety, his ranks are swollen with the infernal and undead. The greatest heroes and villains of ages bygone draw their swords at his behest, twisted and warped by unknown magics. Most terrifyingly... the Abyssians under his spells are not limited to men. For the first time in centuries, the sky is darkened by the shadow of dragons, made awful and vicious by their years on the other side of the veil, twisted by hate and a thirst for vengeance.

Our Eternal Mother, in her infinite wisdom, has submitted her plea to the Order for its documents of lineage, desperate to rediscover the bloodlines of the Dragoons. Selecting a few of the remaining known Kin, she sends them ahead as an envoy to the gates of Vechtland... to open the gates and negotiate with the creatures betrayed by man and Kin so long ago.

Our only salvation, the Dragons and their Kin...

(This is a game that recently stuttered, and thanks to the players enjoying the concept and characters, we decided to try and reboot it. That being said, any old applicants are preapproved if interested in joining.

Speed was a big issue in the previous game, so we're kicking it off in the next few days, regardless of how many players we have. That doesn't mean you can't join, and I've made this set up intentionally fluid so we can add players as we roll. Additionally I've got a game mechanic in mind that will assure the story will move at a pace that will suit everyone.

I know a lot of people got excited about their characters and never really got to see them played out to their potential. I'm hoping we can get some of the old and some new and make something memorable. Any questions, feel free to PM me. You can post character sheets in this thread or PM them as you prefer.)
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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2011, 10:24:56 pm »


Apple Mary

Dragon Kin

Millicent Stokes     (Telekinetic)
Toriss                   (Healer)
Leon Coppercrown (Unkillable)
Ava Welleda          (Cryokinetic)


Agopfmus Nomed
Anishal Silveris

Garden of Flames Character Sheet

Name: (and title if you wish)
Picture or Description:
Abilities: (I don't mind high powered abilities, but if it's questionable, they need to be tempered by a reasonably equivalent flaw. Additionally, realize that the more powerful a skill, the more taxing it should be to utilize.)
Tragic Flaw:
Treasured Item:
Weapons of Note:

Available Species:

The "villains" of the story, it should be noted that they are best described as men and women given a second chance to put things right that they feel were unjust or unfinished in their lives. Not inherently evil, many are noted to be consumed with a thirst for revenge, by virtue of their previous lives and the circumstances that ended them.

Not truly undead, they are essentially resurrected. Their hearts beat and lusts boil as any breathing creature. Not much is actually known about them, most of it propaganda spread by the Ecclesiarchy. Though they rally to the banner of "Abyss" (a name given to their general by the Church), they do so out of obligation, and most know little about their nameless general or his own motivations, simply serving when they must, while seeking to further their own goals when they can. 

Abyssians are much like Kin, in that their blood is tainted by something otherworldly. They possess powers and abilities of a terrifying nature, typically in some way tied to how they lived or how they died. For instance, Devereaux, the Rain Dancer who a century ago was left in a dungeon of Wagner during a flood, and drowned while chained to her cell door, seems able to now call down storms and command the flow of water as if it were an extension of herself. Or Apple Mary (Example Sheet Below) who died after weeks of excruciating agony and has now been noted to be impervious to suffering herself, while also being able to induce torturous pain on others while touching them.

There are said to be six elite Abyssians known as the Harbingers, though Devereaux and Apple Mary are the only ones currently documented by Our Eternal Mother. (Note in your character sheet if you wish to apply as one of the Harbingers)

Abyssians are documented as being able to bound with ABYSSIAN dragons only, in a fashion similar to Kin and Dragon.

Dragon (Order or Abyssian)
Creatures bother wondrous and terrifying, they once served as the ally of mankind. Abyssian dragons tend to have passed on during the Scourge, slaughtered by the Order and sometimes by their own Kin. Their hatred for the Order borders on obsession.

That isn't to say that the Dragons of Order are necessarily fond of the Order or humanity in general. Essentially imprisoned for centuries, some see the opening of the gate as a violation of the treaty between Dragon and Man, and have set out into the world of men with their own agenda. Others, despite noble intentions, their good natures are likely tempered by long memories of when their kind was betrayed.

Indeed, it is not unlikely that siblings may fall on opposing sides, the brother that died in the Scourge returning after centuries, fated to meet their own blood one more time. It is a difficult proposition to consider killing one's own flesh for the second time in the name of the people whose betrayal killed them the first time.

Regardless of motivation, dragons tend to be elemental in nature. Their size, adaptations, and powers tend to vary based both on age and breed. Adapted to suit a habitat that reflects their nature,  the dragon is a hearty beast, and is seldom daunted by harsh terrain. Though there is some variance in their elemental natures, they have certain things in common. Powerfully built and dangerous, they have an affinity for precious stones and metals.

Though they possessed anything from rudimentary intelligence to uncanny brilliance, it is ever an inhuman perspective that colors their actions. Bonding with a rider (be it Kin or Abyssian) has a tendency to color their perception into more something closely resembling humanity. The connection grows stronger the more time it is shared, a telepathic and spiritual link connecting Dragon and Rider. Those who are "bound" in such a manner gain the ability to disguise themselves in human form, the mystical alteration so thorough that Kin and Rider are said to have produced offspring before.

The binding is a symbiotic agreement between the two and is by no means permanent. Some spirits mesh more completely, making the connection stronger intially, and shattered partnerships from long term companions was said to have been jarringly painful for both parties... but with the disparate lifespans of rider and dragon, it seems parting is inevitable, even if two souls fit together smoothly as one.

Known as the heroes of legend, the Dragons do not always speak so sterilingly of the Kin as the minstrels do. Even with their gifts, the Dragoons were but men and women, susceptible to the shortcomings of all imperfect creatures. They did not ask to be cast as demigods in the eyes of the people.

Of this new generation, many are undocumented, their gifts hidden or simply undiscovered by the Ecclesiarchy. Some bloodlines remained or have rejoined the Order, training as their forebearers did in the combative arts. And there are claims that many dwell beneath the watchful eye of Our Eternal Mother, serving the Ecclesiarchy and its ideals with their Dragon-blooded skills.

In addition to being naturally physically superior to most mortals, they often possess powers of a supernatural nature, documented aberrations ranging from mastery of elemental forces (Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, etc), psychic powers (Telekinetic, Foresight / Danger Sense, Retrocognition, Empathic and telepathic abilities), and unclassifiable oddities including one knight who could speak to anyone or thing.

When bound to a Dragon, the Kin enjoys certain benefits ranging from greatly increased longevity and enhanced senses. Additionally there is a strange effect by which the Rider becomes inexplicably immune to the breath weapon of their mount.

The Kin may bind themselves to Dragons of either breed, Abyssian or Order.

Notable Locations within Parn

(Though these are the major cities, there is ample leeway for player created villages on the outskirts of these cities. They are listed from the most northern border of the Vecht Mountains to the southern most border at the Gaspard Sea.

I've left them intentionally vague so more can be revealed to the players as they are actually IN the area. That having been said, if you intend to place a character from a certain city and have any questions, feel free to PM me.)

Vecht, City of Strangers - Primarily a vast monastery carved into the mountainside, Vecht houses monks and the devout of both the ancient Order and the Ecclesiarchy. It is also a place of healing, where blights mystical and mundane are treated. It is surrounded by a sea of shanty homes and caravans, the devotees of the Order coming on a pilgrimage to visit the gates of Vechtland. The rest of the caravans are traveling merchants, who provide supplies and sustenance for the monastery.

It has long been considered a viable write off to Bristol, may she see us through another thousand centuries, that the monks be housed in the stronghold, managing ever vigilantly the gateway to the Dragons. Now... it seems perhaps this fortress in the mountains may become the last stronghold of humanity as the Abyssians pressed ever northwards.

Row, City of Steel - The throne of invention, Row is the craftsman's capital. Its artisans are master forgers, woodcraft's, Luther's, weapon smiths and machinists. The natural deposits that are mined in the local quarry and mines have made it an ideal spot for cheap materials and its production oriented culture makes it one of the most vital and lively of cities of Parn. As the beat of war drums grows ever louder, this city and its machinists will prove to be an ever more valuable asset to the Ecclesiarchy.

Vale, City of Order - The former capital, it has fallen into disrepair. A once decadent city crumpling under centuries of disuse, it remains the home of the Order. Paladins and warriors of the ancient arts, they devote themselves to a moral code that supercedes any holistic authority or God. One can be a devotee of the Ecclesiarchy and its principles and still be a member of the Order, but there is ever the understanding that a Knight of the Order will choose what is "right" above what is popular or politically viable.

Of course... they have failed to live up to their high moral standards before, during the Scourge. Hopefully their devotion will not waver again, or they may exchange their current benevolent Ecclesiarchy for a decidedly less generous set of masters.

Bristol, City of Grace - The birthplace of Our Eternal Mother, Sheridan Bristol, it is opulent and heavily policed by the Ecclesiarchy and its clerics. It houses a hall of records with no equal on any continent, a good percentage of them penned by Bristol herself over the centuries.

It is a city of grotesque excesses and unsettling practices condoned on the whim of a would be Goddess. She plays a delicate game of feeding the vices of the lesser men, while keeping the more dangerous players at each others throats. Bristol has proved adept at this, given that she has remained in power for over four centuries.

Unlike the enigmatic Duke of Ereso, she has lived a largely public life throughout, sharing time and dinner in even the most humble of homes. Her secret is that her only vice is living vicariously through the sins of others. She has no unsettling predilections or wicked intentions of her own. She just likes to watch and write.

With the end of her empire creeping closer, things have gotten decidedly more interesting of late...

Ereso, City of Rumors - Eternally shrouded in the veil of the hotsprings, a damp fog covers this city in a perpetual haze. With a cobblestone charm that has endured not only the Scourge, but the largely undocumented cataclysm centuries prior to that, it is said that Ereso houses a secret that could topple a kingdom. Or maybe that's just a rumor...

What is known is that the truth can always be found in Ereso, as there is a staggering concentration of thieves, spies and assassins calling it home at any one time. One is just as likely to find a knife in the back as find what they're looking for in Ereso, it is a city whose vice and adaptability have made it largely invasion proof.

Abyssian golds spends just as well as the Ecclesiarch's did when they ousted the Order. There is a cycle of entitlement, the age of all ideas weighing upon them as they become less ideals and more a prison for their adherents. The Duke understands this only too well. Unlike Bristol, it is said the Duke is entirely human. Also, unlike Bristol, it is said he has managed the affairs of Ereso for almost two thousand years. While these two statements can not both be true, it is the City of Rumors.

It's hard to say what's true or not beneath the fog.

Bruinvan, City of Contemplation - Likely the next target of the Abyssians, Bruinvan was constructed within the crater of an ancient disaster. A subterranean city that houses the exiled and unwelcome of Parn, it is a prison with no chance of parole. One of the few tasks that remains in the control of the Order after the Ecclesiarch took hold of the continent, generations of murderers and social misfits have been kept alive in the darkness.

It is only the code of the Order that kept Bristol from simply having the city imploded in on itself, as it seems to her to simply be a tremendous waste of resources. Visitors passes are difficult to obtain for anyone who is not affiliated with the Order, but then... who would want to go here?

Gaspard, City of Echoes - The ragged cliffs on the outskirts of Gaspard echo the sound of the sea. Legend said that if one sat long enough, they could hear the echos from across the veil, and the dead would whisper secrets from the other side. Whether this is true or not, the coastal city is no more now. Once a prosperous fishing and shipping city, it was blessed with the dubious honor being the first city to meet the Abyssians.

While a third of its population was allowed to escape and spread word of the on coming storm, the rest were first slaughtered in horrible ways. The survivors were forced to watch, drawing straws to choose who would live and who would die. Given that the "game" was one of pure chance, not all of those slaughtered were soldiers...

Survivors of the Battle of Gaspard are scarcely shadows of the people they once were, though a rare few have been galvanized by the horrors.
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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2011, 10:35:12 pm »
Example Sheets

Photobucket isn't agreeing with me tonight, so I'll have to attach the pictures later, but these are some examples of what I'm looking for in terms of a character sheet from any of the classes.

(ABYSSIAN: Applying for an Abyssian gives you the distinct advantage of writing your sheet vaguely. Not much is known about your character except from eye witness accounts, so you only have to reveal what you want. As this is the case, many Abyssians are only known by nicknames or titles, rather than their actual name. The only caveat is that as GM I DO need to know the entire extent of their powers or pertinent secrets, which you can send me via PM.)

Apple Mary, the Sour Girl[/b]
Picture or Description:
Species: Abyssian
Gender: Female
Age: Difficult to Determine. Within her 20s.
Orientation: Heterosexual

Abilities: Apple Mary's unique constitution grants her freakish physical strength and endurance. Unable to feel pain, she is oblivious to damage and must be rendered unconcious or incapacitated to halt her. Contact (even through clothing and armor) with others can allow her to cause the victim to suffer excruciating agony. This lasts only so long as the contact remains.

Tragic Flaw: Highly toxic, she is forced to remain within her bodysuit, lest her poison spread through the air. She fills with the venom periodically, and must at intervals discharge it. Mystical in nature, it is her curse that she must inject it into a living creature, lest her own ability to feel her agony returns. It is rumored the more reluctant she is to infect a victim, the greater the relief, animals and the wicked offering little sustenance while the truly innocent serving to sate the curse substantially longer. It is rare any victim survives.

Treasured Item: A waxen cork tied around her neck like a pendant

Weapons of Note: A hand to hand combatant, her bodysuit is heavily armored, allowing her to parry and block weapons with her bracers. When she wishes to avoid combat, she is said to employ the use of a mystical sonic device that employs cacophonic torture on anyone who gets too close to her.

History: Nothing is known of her prior to her arrival within the ranks of the Abyssians. She speaks with a distinctly Rowian accent and has shown an extensive knowledge of many current dealers and their wares within the City of Steel, marking her as a soul that only recently departed.

First documented by Bristol at the Battle of Gaspard, she gained the nickname Apple Mary when she was seen to uproot an apple tree and utilized it as a melee weapon. Not well versed in the art of combat, she pressed her strength advantage and insensativity to attacks to maximum effect, earning her place as one of the five Harbingers of Abyss.

It is believed that she is the one who is responsible for the death of the city senate, her venomous nature allowing her to simply unmask and sit amongst the Senators and citygoers who had scurried to the Grand Hall for safety, breathing out agony and death.

Personality: Direct. Apple Mary has the unsettling bearing of someone who has seen too much and despite the odds lived to tell the tale. Given what is known of her death, months of systematic torture have "shuffled her deck" as Devereaux is keen to say. As with most Abyssians, she has unfinished business in this world and woe to the man or beast that stands in her way.

Reluctant to feed her curse at first, she has grown cold to the pangs of morality that once made her kill sparingly. Until her work is done, she wishes to remain blessedly numb, and if the world must feel her pain, then so be it.

(DRAGON: This example belongs to Phantasmatical (hopefully with permission o_o;)from the previous Dragon Kin game and represents what I'm looking for from a Dragon of the Order. There's a lot of leeway for Dragons because I'd like some interesting and unique beasties. They could have been born in Vechtland and know nothing of the outside world, or they could be vengeful survivors of the Scourge furious at humanity for breaking the truce, or even elders who have seen this time of reconciliation as only a matter of time.)

Ehroj A.K.A. Ehr'gurthran'j[/b]
Species: Brown (Earth) Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 4,173 (not that he knows)

Fire Breath
Ehroj fires liquid rather than gas to create fire. This results in a much reduced range, but an effect similar to a flamethrower in that it is exceptionally difficult to get the fire to go out, as it burns like an oil fire. It tends to coat the inside of his mouth, leaving his craggy teeth burning shortly after use. This is normally not painful, but if used too many times in succession it can hurt him.
Fire Ball To use this ability, Ehroj essentially holds the liquid in his mouth before spitting it in a gob at the enemy. Short range, but the projectile will melt through just about anything, including materials ordinary fire could not penetrate such as stone and metal, and will splash in a good twenty-five foot radius.

Acid Blood
Ehroj’s blood is highly caustic when it first leaves his body. If his hide is somehow punctured, any blood that might hit the offending enemy sticks like tar. His wounds bleed slowly, with a consistency not so unlike molasses. While it is damaging at first, his blood nourishes when it hits the ground, causing new life to begin to grow on the spot within half a day.

Wing Gust

Ease Pain
Ehroj is possessed of a limited ability to heal others. He can do little to help with small injuries other than attempt to remove some of the pain, but if an injury is life-threatening, he can intervene, damaging his own body in order to bring someone from the brink of death. He cannot use this ability on other dragons unless they are much weaker than he is. His healing ability is somewhat easier to use on his bonded human, but still limited to severe wounds.

Endurance In human form, Ehroj is not faster than any other fit human (though his long strides help in that regard). He does have incredible endurance to make up for it, however, allowing him to run for hours if need be - which over time usually makes up for any lack of speed.

Gem Sensing
Ehroj, like all dragons, greatly appreciates the beauty of precious metals. He is somewhat odd however, in that he prefers gemstones (or even rare rock formations) to gold, and his senses are attuned accordingly.
Sharp Senses Ehroj has a limited sense of touch over much of his body, and his eyesight at a distance (over 40' or so) is poor - but up close he may as well be a microscope, so detailed is his vision. He has passable night vision (up close at least), but can “see” using a sort of echolocation, which can be felt by others when he uses it.

It takes Ehroj rather a long time to speak, and so when he has something lengthy to say, he tends to switch to telepathy. His telepathy, if he is not careful, can seem to vibrate in the brain like a rockfall, causing dizziness.
Tremor Ehroj can cause earthquakes ranging from the localized to the widespread, though the larger the radius, the lesser the effect. The maximum range at which his ability is powerful enough to, say, knock someone over is half a mile radius, and he must be in contact with the ground to use it. He can also send lower-intensity waves through the ground well over 100 miles for communication.

Earth Mastery
Ehroj is a creature of the very bones of the earth: the stones, rocks, gems, ore, etc that make up the solid mass that all other life exists upon and around. He exerts power over these things, parting rock like water, sculpting stone, and the like. This applies to ordinary dirt and sand as well, though he prefers the feel of more solid rock. If he desires, he can absorb these things into himself, making himself more like the terrain, and in so doing can become nearly invisible as long as he does not move. Indeed, he tends to do this subconsciously when he is at rest, and sometimes he remains still long enough that plants grow upon him.
Earthen Body Ehroj can weather almost any physical assault, including blasts of fire, ice, and the like (though he might not be happy about it). His skin, upon closer inspection, is actually made of billions of closely-spaced stones (see number IV), dusty and dull with the years. These provide near-impenetrable protection against weapons; the only mundane thing that could damage him reliably are siege weapons like particularly large ballistae. See weaknesses.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Weakness: He is not equipped to deal overly well with magical assaults, and powerful sonic effects in particular are downright crippling to him. Ehroj is also fairly slow. A good analogy would be this: Ehroj is to a faster dragon as an elephant is to a horse. Explosive in power, enduring at medium speeds, and devastatingly lethal up close, but quite possible to outrun and out-maneuver.

Treasure: Ehroj's body is made up of treasure, in a sense. He likes to take particularly prized gemstones or the odd nugget of metal and press them into his hide, sometimes replacing his own rocky scales with the glimmering prizes. These seem to go away over time, though they never fall out – in fact his body simply absorbs them over time.

Jaws His teeth are not particularly sharp, but as a creature that eats trees, stone, and metal more than meat, his jaws are more than powerful enough to crush just about anything through sheer force. Like a crocodile, this is closing pressure, not opening strength.
Claws His claws are mostly blunt (dewclaws excepted), designed for burrowing through solid stone, but a kick or swipe can easily uproot a tree and send it flying.
Tail Arguably Ehroj's most deadly weapon is his tail. Heavy and covered with rocky spikes, a hit from his tail can demolish buildings in a single swipe, and would utterly pulverize the skeleton of just about any creature unfortunate enough to get in its way. Easily his deadliest weapon.
Horns While certainly fearsome, Ehroj's horns are mostly designed for show and to protect his neck and shoulder blades while digging. However, he has been known to lower his head and charge at an enemy at times, and this charge can shatter the ribs of another dragon.
Wings His wings are heavy things, and Ehroj prefers to physically batter enemies with his wings over buffeting them with gusts of air, simply in the name of conserving energy. If surrounded, he can sweep his wings along the ground. This is exceptionally good for destroying entire battalions of human footsoldiers, cavalry, and the like in one or two hits.

Description: See image. Basic dimensions: Over two-hundred feet long from tip of nose to tip of tail, most of that length being in the body and tail. ~250' wingspan. ~60' tall at the shoulder, and ~75' tall at the head. Over 200 tons in weight. The huge crystals on his back can be absorbed partway back into his body; they serve little use but to protect someone sitting upon his back (in fact, Ehroj is probably one of the most comfortable dragons to “ride” on, all things considered; the space of his shoulder blades is relatively flat overall, with the crystals preventing much air from buffeting anyone sitting behind his neck). The crystals provide an accurate gauge of his energy level, going from light and partly transparent to dull and solid-looking as he tires. This is echoed in the smaller crystals on his head, and the myriad other, much smaller crystals dotted across his body, meaning that his entire color darkens when he is tired, injured, or the like.

Ehroj’s sheer weight makes him ungainly in the air. He prefers being in contact with the ground to flying (or “swimming” through the earth, given the option). His wings are huge and powerful, but nonetheless are barely enough to get him off the ground, and he cannot fly from a standing start; he must build up momentum by running – and as one might imagine, a dragon the size and weight of Ehroj needs quite a bit of room to get up to running speed. When he does, it shakes the ground. In the air there are few who are able to fly with as little effort as he, for he takes advantage of each and every alteration in air current to expend as little energy as possible. Indeed, his wings can lock partially into place over long flights, further reducing his energy consumption. He suffers for this with average speed at best and poor maneuverability. Landing can be something of a spectacle; the vibration can be felt in the ground quite a ways when he does make a landing – landing on any unstable surface is impossible.

While he wears the form of a human, it is clear that he is something more; whether due to his years or his connection to the earth, he simply does not seem mundane. In his human form, Ehroj is prodigiously tall, passing seven feet by a couple of inches. He has a powerful build that is athletic but not like that of a bodybuilder - for all his strength, he is not musclebound. His hair is not quite shoulder-length, a deep freshly-tilled-earth tone that combines well with his tanned skin. His eyes are a startling shade of amber, matching his draconic form perfectly, and have an unnervingly intense stare. In human form his main strengths are his size, strength, endurance, and ability to take a great deal of physical punishment. He is not particularly agile, but the human form feels so much lighter to him that he is able to move with ease that is surprising at times. He has never worn armor nor lifted a weapon before, but is devastating in hand-to-hand combat because he is already used to using every piece of his body as a weapon, and as a human there are fewer limbs to keep track of. Of course, wrestling someone to the ground is not always the best idea - for example when their friend is standing nearby with a weapon.

Personality: Ehroj embodies, both literally and figuratively, the earth. He is slow to anger, slow to act, slow to make decisions, and has all the patience of a mountain. When he does decide to do something, little to nothing can stop him in his course, whether he chooses to act explosively (as a volcano or earthquake) or in a more steady manner (like a lava flow or continental shift). Ehroj can seem quite lazy to some, spending a great deal of his time seemingly asleep – though he never truly sleeps in the conventional sense. Given absolutely nothing to do, he will settle into one position and stay there for hours, days, or even weeks or months – and has been known to dally even longer than that. It is hard to tell whether he is napping or merely contemplative, as his eyes may be shut or open either way, and his stony expression (pardon the pun) generally does not change much. He speaks his mind when asked to do so, but generally is not particularly gregarious, preferring to observe others. He has a strong sense of logic, and is not afraid to make decisions that others might find morally difficult and act upon them. Ehroj never lies intentionally; if he does lie it is because he has been given false information in the first place and is not aware of it. He chooses his words carefully, tending toward being the mediator in a conversation. He is quite intelligent, though it is not uncommon for others to be bereft of the patience necessary to let him think something through in his own methodical way from beginning to end.

Despite his rough sense of right and wrong (rough in human terms, that is), Ehroj is still a force of nature more than anything else. Even moreso than many others of his kind, when he is moved to violent action the collateral damage tends to be huge. True, the sky may not rain with ash nor the clouds spit prongs of lightning, but the aftermath is no less impressive. Cities crumble to rubble, great trees are ripped from their roots, rock shelves are shaved off their home mountain, rockslides divert rivers and alter entire ecosystems. He can bend his mind toward tactics, and when he takes the time to think things through the results are often surprising, but he is more inclined to be reactive, and thus to either do very little or spring explosively into action, with little middle ground. When paired with a human, his understanding of morality is improved, though still unaffected by traditional chivalric beliefs, and thus still somewhat questionable by human standards. Overall his sense of judgment can be described thus: tough, but fair. A human’s mindset can also help to focus some of his destructiveness when he is prompted to fight, thus reducing the collateral damage considerably.

History: Ehroj has no memory of being born, per se. He has simply existed for as long as he can remember. "When" is a word he barely understands, for his sense of time is drawn out. He learned of the accepted calendar of men only once he broke through the surface of the volcanic mountain he first recalls living in, finding the remains of a city that had been nearly obliterated by his stirrings, which had caused the volcano to erupt. Needless to say the people feared him, and did their best to drive him off. He bore their assault for a time, letting them break their weapons upon him (at the time he was not much larger than a draft horse), but eventually his patience reached its end, and in an explosive rage he slaughtered every human he saw in the wrecked city. When he left, experiencing flight for the first time utterly by accident as a rock face gave way beneath him, he left behind him utter ruin and a number of survivors that could be counted on two hands.

Ehroj was a force of nature, existing in the world in his own way. He was explosively lethal at times, gentle at others, and more often than either he was simply still, resembling nothing so much as a boulder or knoll – and later a hill or rockslide. Sometimes he would remain in place for so long that moss and other clinging plants would grow upon him, and once a human family built their home right underneath his head, nestling the house between his motionless forelegs. This family intrigued him. He watched them for three generations as they were born, grew up, and died. At no point did they believe they were living anywhere but under an outcropping of rock, so when the rock suddenly moved, taking on the shape of a living thing and utterly obliterating their house along with it, they were understandably terrified - all but the youngest. She alone was brave, calling to him in her strange language. Her voice was soothing to him, and he soon settled down again, listening to her.

She spoke to him every day. The family rebuilt their house slightly apart from his body, but she was never far from him. When she approached one day and began to climb upon him, he scarcely reacted at all. She draped flowers upon him and drew on his rocky body with clay mixed with plant dye, she played games with other children upon him, and on occasion he would lower his head and raise it again, carrying a whole gaggle of children on the many rocky spikes above his neck. The girl grew larger over time, and eventually she went away. He waited a long time for her. Her father talked to him, but it was not nearly as soothing – Ehroj could not ask where the girl went, for he had no concept of language. It took a very long time, but his patience reached its end. Eventually he decided to go find her, and so he did. He had become so entrenched in the surrounding area that his act of leaving caused a sizeable earthquake, destroying many of the buildings in the little hamlet that had sprung up around him, but he did not notice. He searched for the girl for over a year, and when he found her it was in the arcane library of a city larger than any he had ever seen. It hummed with magic, and for the first time Ehroj was afraid. He could sense that the girl was there - for he knew her scent - but he was driven back by the mages of the city, who fought him as he destroyed much of the northern part of the bustling town, quite without realizing the chaos he was causing.

Eventually, the girl came to him. She was a mage now, but she did not attack him. She spoke to him, soothingly, and gestured for him to lower his head to her as he used to do. When he did, she lifted a blade to her arm, cutting it and allowing the blood to drip onto his teeth. The bond that formed between them was intense, different from anything he had known, and he shook his head to clear it as the human language transformed, suddenly full of meaning. When he did, he felt a great twisting, and for the first time he stared out of the eyes of a human rather than a dragon.

He lived with her for the remainder of her life, siring a single child with a presence like an earthquake. The boy grew to become a legendary leader of men, but could not reveal who or what his father was. When the woman (whose name has lost meaning to Ehroj, though her memory is perfectly clear) died, Ehroj shredded his human form. Crumbling with grief, he once again became a natural disaster, indiscriminate in his destruction, until the day came when the humans bound him with magic and chains and locked him deep below the great mountain. For a century he raged against his bonds, then finally fell into a deep hibernation, his rage utterly spent, such that the guardians themselves almost forgot him. A strange scent has reached him in his dreams; familiar in a way, and yet not. He has begun to awaken, but will not truly do so until his destined kin finds him.

(Dragon Kin: Another example from the previous Dragon Kin, I used my own because I wouldn't have to ask permission to post it. *laugh* Kin abilities may have an "ambient" effect if you wish, and/or an actual invoked effect. Like in the example, Milly's natural strength and durability is bolstered by her telekinetic abilities at all times, while more impressive effects require an expenditure of will and power. These abilities are extremely taxing, so utilizing them too much too quickly will wear your characters out. Play accordingly.)

Millicent Stokes
Picture or Description:
Species: Dragon Kin
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Orientation: Homosexual

Abilities: A powerful telekinetic, Millicent does not directly control the ability. Most commonly applied in combat, the small framed woman is noted as being supernaturally strong, her subconcious mind bolstering her strength by virtue of her gift. The telekinetic force is most effectively brought to bear by her "sister" however. Though not affiliated with the Order officially due to her "unclean" years as a prostitute, Millicent possesses extensive combat training from a great many Sword Maidens of the Order. Adept in hand to hand combat and numerous styles of swordplay, she is noted for her viciously feral tendancies. She also has some basic knowledge of herbology, though she rarely relies upon it. A blunt object, she typically favors the direct approach, an unstoppable object guided by her righteous fury.

Tragic Flaw: Milly is considered by many to be insane. To be entirely frank, she is mentally divergent, prone to hallucinations and has questionable mental stability to say the least. That said, she is not delusional and is aware of her condition.

Treasured Item: Mr. Hopps, Millicent's Childhood Bunny Toy

Weapons of Note: Millicent favors the use of two handed bastard swords, and is noted for going through them rather quickly. Less concerned with the quality of the blade so much as its weight, she most often utilizes them as they were bludgeoning weapons. She also utilizes her gauntlets for defensive and offensive applications, the knuckle dusters fitted with tempered steel spikes. She uses a grapple and chain occasionally as a weapon, though most frequently it is utilized for its intended purpose.

History: A child of Row, Millicent was born as the sixth daughter in a five child household. With no male heir and little interest in another daughter, her father considered her more an obligation to be fed and clothed than a daughter to be loved. The family name of Stokes was legendary for one thing amongst the smiths of Row, and that was ornamentation. No great forger of weapons and armor himself, her father was noted instead for his fine gold inlay and keen eye for detail as he etched epic battles across the canvas of the finest armor and blade. He was less adept at planting a male seed in the belly of his wife, a canker sore that had grown ever more troublesome to him with each child.

A man troubled by the details of life more than its simple pleasures, he needed a son to carry on the name. And this relegated Millicent into just another detail of his day that had to be dealt with. Her next sister, Margolynn was two years her elder, and had suffered much the same fate as they grew. With no money for dowry or interest beyond meeting his obligation to keep the youngest girls alive, they lived in the outskirts of the Stokes family vision. Just a couple more mouths to feed, they were a burden best ignored.

And so, ignored by the family and even the township, the two became each others world. They would giggle at all hours of the day, taking care to do so quietly in the hopes they would not disturb anyone or remind their father of their existence. Two against a hostile and uncaring world, it was when Millicent turned eight years of age and Margo ten, that things truly began to sour.

Their mother passed on, leaving the burden entirely in the lap of the father. Forced to take on the chore of sustaining his family only briefly, it was scarcely a few weeks before he was again wed. A woman as heartless as she was lovely, his new bride was quick to make changes within the Stokes household. No fool, she knew that fewer mouths to feed meant more pocket money for the rest, and so... she formed a plan.

Millicent began to feel ill, her appetite ever dwindling. This was true of all of the youngest, but it was Margolynn's illness that concerned Milly the most. Ever the frail one, Margolynn was the first to succumb to the mysterious illness that had afflicted the youngest amongst the Stokes household. It was Millicent who discovered the secret of the so called Stokes curse, when the family cat died from consuming the girl's frequently uneaten meals.

Alshline, a common local plant that their step mother had been grinding into their food.

She confronted her new mother with this knowledge, only to be thrown back against the wall of her father's workshop. A mere child of eight, weakened by weeks of poisoned meals and bereaved over the death of her only companion, she was no match for an adult. Struck about the head by a tinkerer's hammer, she fell unconscious to the ground. Her step mother claimed that she had fallen in her weakened state and injured herself mortally. And so it seemed when they sent for the apothecary.

Millicent Stokes stopped breathing in the middle of her examination. No tears were shed.

Hauled away in the death cart for a pyre, the two sisters road their last few minutes on earth together. Or so it would have been but for the screams when they threw Millicent upon the flames. Still alive, she rolled free, her back horribly burned by the pyre, her lungs had begun working again with a vengeance. With her sheltered childhood and her addled mind sluggish due to her head trauma, there were none who knew precisely which home she had come from. The plague was rampant in the lands and the dead numerous.

When the task of retracing their steps proved impossible, it was considered the proper and humane thing to put her up for adoption. It was also the most financially rewarding to the Row orphanage. After months of healing, she was taken in by a whore house in Vale, its mistress having a keen eye for beauty in an flower that had not yet blossomed. But there was more beneath the surface than even the Madam could see. The blood of kings and beasts flowed through her veins... and though it could not heal her wounds, it certainly tried.

One morning, hours before she was due to perform her chores, she awakened to Margolynn sitting at the foot of her bed. Her sister, dead for months, had miraculously come back to her! Depressingly it seemed she was the only one who could see her. Worse still, she began to see other things that simply could not be. Demons in the faces of the midnight callers. Shadows would caper and speak to her. And giant serpentine eyes would peer at her from outside the windows.

In short... she was going mad. There was an old saying, "If you were mad... would you know it?" In Millicent's case, the sad answer was a resounding, yes. A hard headed and stubborn young woman, she knew that what she was seeing were spectres of her damaged mind. And at the end of the day, she didn't entirely care. To some extent, her sister was returned.

It didn't matter that she was a figment of a broken mind. Well... it did matter, but it was the best solution to the aching hole that was left in Millicent's soul. Margolynn served as mentor and conscience to Millicent, whose viciousness grew on a daily basis. Strangely though, Millicent found through some fantastic trick of will, the spectre could move things. Though Margolynn had the tiny fingers of a ten year old, she could crush stone and rend steel at the behest of her "little" sister.

Millicent continued her life within the brothel, and as the years passed, her chores became ever more "adult". She learned much of the desires of men and had little interest in meeting them, beyond the money it provided. Not for the sake of greed did she grasp at gold, but for the sake of freedom. She could feel herself changing with the onset of puberty and not in ways that a mortal born should experience. Terrifyingly strong, she found that somehow she was much more powerful than a woman of so frail a form could possibly be. Unbeknownst to her, her latent telekinetic skills gave her a frightening strength, bolstering her own feeble physique with a power that was inhuman.

These revelations of her flesh, she shared with no one but her sister. Her poor dead sister. No matter how old Millicent grew, Margolynn remained ever youthful. Eternally ten years of age. Millicent tried to imagine what sort of woman her sister would have grown to be, but the image of her companion remained ever static. With time, she came to accept this, and so the years passed, with Millicent learning the skills of a courtesan, while keeping her inhumanity and madness hidden from her peers. When Millicent Stokes did at last succeed and purchase her freedom, there was only one thing that motivated her...


Life was not fair. It was never meant to be, perhaps. But she felt that despite that, if she could balance the books, and make good upon the imbalances that had ruined her life, then maybe it would make life worth living again. As a woman tainted, she could not be allowed to join the paladial order of sword maidens. But that did not mean individual knights would not teach her for money and... favors. It was during this time she discovered her affection for the fairer sex, catching the fancy of a number of the "Most Revered" knights within the order. Though her time between the sheets with these pious harlots was spent to achieve a greater goal, she would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy it. She always insisted Margolynn stay outside, though sometimes she thought the girl was peeking through the keyhole.

With her own natural abilities coupled with paladial training, she rapidly became one of the more dangerous trouble contractors of Vale, finding great satisfaction in the dispensation of justice as she saw it. But ever was her eye upon the city of Row. Though almost a decade had passed, she remembered still the corruption that had blossomed in her home. Her studies were not limited to the blade and sex. She became well versed in herbology as well, and as such, she hatched a plan that would see justice met.

She sent a tainted vessel of wine to the Stokes forge, knowing the greedy whore that had supplanted her mother would take it for her own. It would not kill... that would be far too great a mercy. No, the herbs she mixed with the fermented grape caused the flesh to burn, the bones to sizzle, and the muscles to tear. Not literally, of course. The damage was entirely to the nerves. It was not fatal. Not even harmful. Most diabolically though, it was not temporary. Word of her step mother's suicide some weeks later came as no great suprise to Millicent, though Margolynn refused to talk to her for a few days.

She would have prefered to crush the woman's skull, but Millicent wanted to remain dead to her family. They had shed no tears for her passing, and so she felt she owed them nothing. Not even pride in the accomplishments of the youngest Stokes girl. They had contributed nothing to her life but disdain. Feeling there was little left to life now that she had had her final revenge, it was Margo who suggested to her that perhaps they were not the only ones who needed justice. There was always imbalance in this chaotic world. To just right it in only their own lives was selfish. In this manner she began her career as a righteous blade for hire, working as an accountant of sins, ever trying to make things more fair in this cruel and unjust land.

Two against this hostile and uncaring world.

Personality: Righteous to a fault, she sees the world without any moral grey area. Psychologically damaged from her upbringing, she has grown into a fierce woman, her willpower and determination forged by years of abuse. She lacks her full measure of fear, empathy and compassion, instead seeking only to punish. Dangerous in battle, she does not readily tolerate the company of men in social situations either, finding it difficult to be comfortable around them.

That said, she has progressed to the point that she recognizes why she feels as she does, and is able to reign herself in up to a point. She is not naive in the ways of immorality, feeling that human's baser needs, though entirely natural, must be policed by those who are strong willed and beyond reproach. Thusly, she only resorts to lethal force when faced with the truly irredeemable. Most often she prefers permanent injury or crippling. She likes more than anything to prove a point to those she finds lacking, believing that only through such forced attrition will people become greater. Millicent seeks to teach more often than punish, though the two often seem to be too tangled together to separate.

To speak of her constant companion, Margolynn is not the ghost of her departed sister, but rather a hallucination that embodies much of Millicent's empathy and compassion. Brought about by her traumatic injuries (physical and psychological) as a coping device, Margolynn serves as Milly's conscience and confidant. Protective of her "big sister", Milly often takes Margolynn's council though she may not always agree entirely with it.

It is also Margolynn through which Milly most effectively utilizes her telekinetic powers. When called upon, Millicent's "sister" is a terrifying force to behold. Despite her nature as a mere figment of Millicent's fractured mind, the dragon kin's impressive telekinetic abilities lend a physical presence to her hallucinations. Though no one else is able to see Margolynn... they can certainly feel the "elder" Stokes sister, when she is called upon in battle.
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Mark me as interested, though I'm not sure I will be able to play.

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I'm interested since I was in the former game lol. I'll PM you some questions because I may tweak my former profile.

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Still want a Silver dragon? Cuz I still happen to have Anishal's char sheet from the previous Kin game, which if needed I can tweak to fit this game. I will admit to being a smidge confused as to exactly where/how to start if I'm in, but if you can lead well, I'm a damn good follower!

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same here with my white draggy and his dead sister XD.

I can also make one other, an Ember dragon if nescessary

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Hey, bubby! How's it going?  :-) I'm thinking of joining into this as well, with a  Dragoon.

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Species: White Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 4,372
Abilitie(s):Fire Breath, Fire Ball, Acid Blood, Wing Gust, God's Cleansing Fire, Fast Step, Telepathy, Gold Sensing, Overall Sharp Senses,  Mastery over Ice, and Freezing Touch
Orientation: Bisexual, leans to females
Weakness':  Fire, Ligtning (He is blind so that's technically a weakness as he can't see details) And Gems, Shiny shiny Gems.
Treasure: Size able hoarde hidden away, but his personal trasure is a set of 6 crystals made to look like other dragons, those he once loved or cared for.
Weapon(s): Claws and Ice breath
Description: His scales are white, with a slight sheen to them, no tint of blue can be seen on his body. and his eyes are a full on white, the dragon is obviously blind. He too bears the Mark of claw over his side, distorted thanks to battles since but Cocanth wears that marking to this day.
Personality: Wise and calm, this male teaches anyone willing to learn how to meditate and focus their minds. In Dragon form he is more tame than other dragons, but he will react with aggression if he is provoked.
History:  Cocanth was an old drake, he had loved and lost far too many clutches to count, despite his blindness he proved he was one to be taken seriously. As he wandered the world, learning what he could he found himself summoned and imprisoned by humans with odd abilities. Such things he had known were possible of humans to accomplish, but he had never guessed that they would actually be able to do so. Now he is imprisoned, awaiting the day when he would be able to go free.

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Species: Human/Dragonkin
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Ability: Healing Hands
Orientation: Heterosexual
Flaw: Reliving Nightmares
Treasure: Family Pendant
Weapon(s): Broadsword, Shield, Segmented Plate Armor

Personality: Upbeat, determined, with an unlaying fear.
History: Toriss was raised in the town of Frida with his family. A rather peaceful existance throughout his life he listened to tales from travelers, got himself into trouble with the local boys, and caused all forms of havok when he got to travel to other towns and cities. Of course this havok was contained to upsetting a local merchant or annoying the local milita his life was good.

As he aged he took interest in the town of Vale, and why not? Beer and wine at a young age drew many people to it. But he always regretted the mornings. Around the age of 16 he took to the town of Row. Old enough to travel and not need an escorting parent he learned about weaponsmithing and learned to not cross a smith and his daughter while in the same house. He returned home only a few months later. Broken in body and heart, for he thought he felt in love with a local girl in row. But he was still young and physically weaker then the men of Row. This humbled him some until he turned 17. 

At this age he started to notice something odd. His body felt tired after dealing with people that were fatigued or scarred in some way. He noticed it slowly but as he aged he saw what his body was doing. He was curing people of physical ailments with the touch of his hands. Scars, cuts, blindness, all at the cost of his body energy. Amazed at first he tried his newfound powers on locals and then upon the wounded.

Heading to Beach he helped the fishmen in secret off the coast. Taking up shelter in a abandoned home. Stories lingered in the area for a few years until locals brought a mortally wounded man to his door, age 22 Toriss was stronger, tanned, and overcofident in his skills. Placing the person upon his table he went to work.

It was at that moment the world went dark and his body shut down. This wounded man was more then wounded he was corrupt. Flashs of pain, and memories of terror flooded into Torisss mind as he saw what this man had seen and he lost senses. When he awoke the town milita were their. Banishing him from the town under suspesion of the dark arts.

Toriss left as quickly as possible and headed towards Row. Whatever it was that he saw, it was coming, and he needed protection and training. For three years he worked the forges and trained with the local smiths with their weapons. Healing those that needed it when he could and finding rest when his dreams didn't haunt him. Toriss was plagued by the memories of the wounded man of Beach and no amount of training could cure it.

Soon after the dark legion came. Crushing all in its path and purging those that resisted. Refugees poured into the towns and the smiths were overworked to make weapons of war. Toriss was overtaxed to keep people working and many sleepless night he spent in Row before he got wind of others with unknown abilites.

He himself was known and liked for his gifts, those that knew him of course, but others still distanced themselves for his screams of terror in the night. Knowing that these people could possibly help him he gathered his supplies and marched to Lance. Upon seeing the others they were quickly told to march towards the Northern Pass and possbily hope for the future. What they found was that of legend.   


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Agopfmus Numed

“Agopfmus” (Ah’gah’f’muh’s) is a title in an ancient language that was once widely spoken on the continent of Parn. Like Gaelic, it is a language spoken by few folk whose ancestors ensured its longevity through countless generations. “Agopfmus” means “dreaded” and “Numed” (Noo’meh’d)—without pronouncing the “d” on the end—means “death.” Scholars have translated the name to mean “Dreadful Death.” And although the black dragon adores his given name, among friends, he would prefer to be called, “No.” But the black dragon has no friends.

Species: Black Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 4,739
Sexual Orientation: Dominant Heterosexual


The black dragon is renowned for striking fear into the bravest of warriors. Fear and assaults at night were his most effective strategies. By controlling fear, No wiped out armies and sent them into disorder. Unable to gather their wits to follow the orders given by their leaders, the warring armies would perish by dawn.

Fear Gas: The black dragon is equipped with a defensive gas that he releases from his mouth in the form of dark smog. The smoke is very thick, blocking out the light, and obscuring one's surroundings. If inhaled, the gas will afflict the enemy's mind with frightening hallucinations. This gas can also afflict a person while he or she sleeps and bring forth nightmares. The gas, however, is not a constant defense mechanism that the black dragon can breathe whenever he pleases. The gas works in the same manner as intestinal gas. It is a belch, and the black dragon must have a full belly to use it. It is one of the black dragon’s tactics to devour as many victims as it can so it can unleash this crude gas.

Dreadful Eyes: The black dragon’s head resembles the hollow skull of a dragon. He lacks a pair of eyes and fire and smoke have been seen leaking in slithers from the beast’s eye sockets, nostrils, and maw. As a defense mechanism, the black dragon can reveal his eyes. They are white spheres with a bioluminescence that cause them to glow. This glow is what gives the black dragon a look of terror, frightening any foe that dare gaze upon his face. The eyes are mesmerizing like the lamp of an angler fish, and have been known to petrify those of weak constitution.

Ghostly Howl: Not much of an ability as it is another defense mechanism, the black dragon’s wings bear sound holes that as wind filters through them produce a chilling howl. It is one of No’s giveaways when approaching a battlefield. Veterans of the Scourge know the sound of an approaching black dragon.

Gale: With his wings, the black dragon can produce powerful gusts of wind that can toss foes about. The black dragon’s most powerful wind attack is when he swoops low to the ground, and foes caught in his path will be whisked off their feet by a strong jet of wind. It is used for scattering foes.

Toxic Immunity: The black dragon’s domain is the parasitic swamps. They are the grounds of fever and disease, the perfect nesting ground for a mother to hide her young and know that nature would keep them safe from most predators. Naturally, the black dragon eggs are exposed to this harmful environment and the eggs fit to live will have built immunity, while the weak would rot and become food for hungry scavengers.

Antidote: As a result of building immunity against these toxins, the black dragon’s blood contains medicinal properties such as acting as an antidote to cure a victim of poison, sickness, and disease.


Greed, gluttony, stubbornness, crudeness and vanity – the black dragon is very fond of items that can live just as long as he. Therefore, he can’t resist valuable things—consider him almost a kleptomaniac. He is a pack rat and refuses to sell or get rid of anything he owns.

The black dragon isn’t a fan of sunlight. He prefers to do battle under the cover of night so that the harsh glare of the sun doesn’t get into his sensitive eyes. This can make him rather stubborn in combat situations or situations that require transport. If the day is too sunny, then he refuses to leave the shade.

If one is disturbed by the potency of a black dragon’s belch, one would be surprised to witness the lethality of a black dragon’s flatulence. It is a negative result if a black dragon consumes too much and neglects to expel his fear gas.

The black dragon isn’t the fastest runner or swimmer because of his weight and relies on his ability to fly and climb for getting around the quickest. As a human, he is built like a clear-cut warrior, and is a well-balanced athlete. Don’t ask him to run long distances though; a sprint is much more preferred.

Treasure: He has a cavern deep in the swamps full of gold, silver, gems, et al and weapons of his slayers. His lair is his library. Every item he remembers exactly where he acquired/stole it from. If there is one thing No hates most, it is those who tamper with his treasure. His most prized item is a tiny silver necklace that he pilfered off a young girl when he was a hatchling. It was his first achievement!

Weapon(s): His abilities as a dragon are his greatest weapons, but as a human because he has never been a human before, besides his raw strength, he is unskilled in the ways of self-defense (flaw).



As a black dragon, No is the embodiment of terror. His size and his grotesque physical proportions make him something akin to Hell itself. As a natural defense mechanism, No’s appearance aids in his ability to shroud his enemies in dread. When perched, he tends to hunch forward with his wings arching above his head like two, sharp towers. As a silhouette in the distance, he resembles a devil and was what allowed many warriors to recognize him.

Height: 60ft
Length: 150ft
Wingspan: 225ft
Weight: 79.5 tons

The dragon’s body is thick with muscle layered in tough scales. Because of his weight, he isn’t the fastest runner nor is he a fast swimmer. He is built like a tank for durability and powerful strikes, and his preferred method of transportation is climbing and flight.

No’s wings are large, wide, and built for flight as well as assisting him in scaling. There are three sharp claws at the second bend in his wings for snagging ledges, and sound holes in the tissue that when in flight produce haunting howls that frighten predators. Because of the size of his wings, No is excellent at maneuverability and achieving great air.

The dragon’s head is littered with protruding spines and two, bull-like horns that curve outwards from his thick skull. His eyes are often empty like a skull, hollow and black except for when he uses his fear gas. When gassing his foes, they say his eyes appear like ghostly orbs, striking terror into those who look upon him. The dragon’s teeth are long like daggers and cannot be bound behind lips; therefore, they are always fixed in a disturbing grin. His tail is thick at the base and thin at the end and isn’t long like most dragons’.


In human flesh, No is a six-foot-four, two-hundred and twenty-five pound male. His skin is a gentle tan with a hint of caramel and his hair is a black, two-inch mess if not taken care of. His irises are black, foreshadowing the creature he truly is. Old scars that no one would have seen on his dark hide as a dragon hatch his flesh. He is built solid, and like the spines on his head as a dragon, there is stubble about his jaw that if not groomed could become a beard. Who would have thought a handsome man would emerge from such an ugly creature? Although handsome, because of his defensive ability, he can be just as intimidating.



In the past, No was known to be a wicked dragon, perhaps the one dragon that influenced The Scourge to happen. He took pleasure in attacking the cities with the most gold. The city, Row, was a frequent target for its precious mines bore him many splendors. He would dive into human wars that did not concern him, devouring both sides until his belly could hold no more. The dragon simply cares only about himself. He is hedonistic and a collector of treasure, desiring only to add new valuables to his cave.

The humans to him are but food, but he has no desire to destroy their race completely for they are capable of making precious objects that he can add to his lair. In summary, he hates them yet uses them to live.


As a human, No is rather primitive. He never studied humans—not that he ever cared to—and so he is unfamiliar with their laws, customs, and social norms. If confronted, he isn’t afraid to literally rip another man’s throat out with his teeth. He also isn’t afraid to urinate wherever he so pleases. The dragon simply does not care.

No does as No pleases and delves in visions of self-grandeur: there isn't anything he can't do, and there isn't anyone he can't beat. Call him a sore loser, and one who refuses to admit wrong or defeat. He is a dominant male that if one is not careful can easily misinterpret the advancement of other males as a challenge.

He is very aggressive and can find difficulty in getting along with others. Other dragons hadn’t liked him before, and so he is used to living in solitude.

His eyes are still sensitive to the sunlight, and so his stubbornness will remain; and also, if not kept under supervision one will find him to be quite the troublemaker.


They have always called me a monster—a demon sent from Hell as consequence of their sins. I find the stories they write about me amusing. Because I take what I please, I am considered evil; but don’t they do the same? They sacrifice their own children under a bitch and for what? Hypocrites. That’s all humans are. Weak and fussy hypocrites! - Agopfmus Numed

The black dragon is known best by the people of Bristol, Bruinvan, and veterans of The Scourge, who even after his disappearance tell of his evil deeds through bedtime stories. If there was one thing No left behind (besides his lair of treasure), it was a lesson about greed: Do not delve in greed or the black dragon will take from you everything you hold dear.

Imprisonment hasn’t made him learn his lesson for he feels that there is no lesson to be learned. He is simply being punished for being what he is.


Centuries ago, when No was but an egg, prequel to The Scourge, The Order sent their paladins into the swamps to rid them of dragon eggs—specifically, black dragon eggs. The kings exposed their men to parasites and diseases, the very natural defenses black dragons chose to nest in, knowing it would keep their young safe. Through The Order’s persistence, many eggs were harvested and sorted. The healthy eggs were put into incubation until they hatched. From there, the baby dragons’ blood was drained from them like chickens to be used in pharmaceutical research. The eggs that never hatched were suspected of disease and rot and were discarded and wheeled into Bristol to be crushed with mallets by children during festivals.

One night, the city’s fate was sealed when one of the eggs on the hay-strewn wagon began to crack. A passing child with a mallet had noticed, and instead of alert the paladins, she gathered the egg into her skirts and fled home into her room. Her name was Claira and she raised the dragon in secret, learning that it enjoyed grubs, worms, toads, and insects, and then soon larger things: chickens, pigs, and fawns. The more he ate, the bigger he became until he was the size of a Great Dane, and was slinking about the house like a raptor, filling his lair that was Claira’s bedroom with stolen jewelry, gold, and silver from the mines.

As the city grew suspicious of their missing livestock and precious metals, Claira became fearful. One night, she had opened her closet to find a mound of gold pieces spill to the floor at her feet. Her drawers, beneath her pillow, her mattress, and even her shoes were full of stolen trinkets. When the dragon returned with a silver goblet in his clutches, Claira had caught him and demanded that he return everything he stole. But the black dragon was greedy, and in retaliation, snatched the silver necklace from her throat, which unintentionally left deep cuts upon her chest. The child was startled and scared of him. She screamed to alert her parents, who immediately chased him from the house. The black dragon soon found himself fleeing for his life as the paladins were summoned.

The black dragon was pursued without rest, and no longer being Claira’s pet, he had learned several handicaps. He wasn’t a fast runner, a good swimmer, and he hadn’t learned to fly. He kept his wings spread just in case he might do so, but they ruined his balance and made him stumble on numerous occasions. The paladins were close, and the squirrels took pity on him. They told the dragon to climb! And he did, discovering that he did it quite well. He hid in the trees until archers noticed him hunched upon the boughs like a gargoyle. They had called him a demon!

Fly! The birds cried as the canopy was filled with arrows. The dragon watched the birds scatter and copied their movements, managing to flutter from one branch to another until finally he could stagger into the sky. The black dragon was free and he escaped Bristol with Claira’s necklace.


The life of a black dragon was the most difficult to live. He continued to satisfy his hunger whenever he could, raiding pastures and fleeing from his pursuers. When he became a juvenile, he fell in love with a brown dragon, unaware that she was already mated. Her mate dropped upon him violently, and in a short bout, No had lost his first battle of dominancy. The dragon had been humiliated, and out of revenge, he had consumed all the eggs in her nest. It had been his first act of cannibalism, but not his final act of evil.

The black dragon stole treasure from the caves of other dragons and devoured their eggs whenever certain pastures were too risky to raid. Eventually, the dragons became fed up, and in one incident, No was sought after and attacked. He was wounded badly and could no longer fly. He was at the mercy of the paladins and they took him to Bruinvan. The warden at the time was a cruel authoritarian and chose not to kill the dragon but use him. No was imprisoned in the bowels of the city, where he would learn to dine on human flesh. The warden fed him criminals, traitors, heathens, and even innocents. Having not seen the outside from months to years, the black dragon became desensitized. He ate what was thrown into his pit, and the more he ate, the larger he became until he had to be moved, but no paladin would risk it.


No was never moved and his prison had become so stifling that he had gone mad. Desensitized and confined for several years in his tiny prison, the black dragon shook the city with his fits of rage. Soon reports of devils and ghosts being spotted filled the city as a strange black fog began to occasionally seep from the sewers. The warden continued to keep the black dragon a secret and tried to once again send paladins to move the infernal beast, but they would return screaming, shouting about monsters being in the sewers.

It was when No’s restraints had grown rusty that in a furious frenzy the black dragon broke free from the belly of the city to turn the continent black with his wraith.

Black dragon fly high regain your past
Lost in the fire, the fire of hate
Black dragon fly high spit your red flame
They’re lost in the fire of damned
The fire of hate – “Black Dragon” Luca Turilli


Imprisoned once again, the black dragon sleeps to restore his sanity by resting his mind. Perhaps he was the only one most deserving of such a punishment, but he could say the same for the humans.
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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #11 on: September 13, 2011, 03:27:51 pm » my char sheet pretty weak....blegh.

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #12 on: September 13, 2011, 04:42:41 pm »
Okay, well what I'm intent on doing so we can get the dragons into actual play rapidly this time, I'm recycling what I can of the original expedition into a monster post. Rather than "awakening" chained dragons though, we're opening a flood gate. Now the original expedition team will be decided upon by Wednesday/Thursday so we can get that moving, but solitary groups or players can start where ever they like.

What I'm going to do to get the ball rolling this time is provide NPC support for anyone who IS off in a corner. Also, I'm intent on adding a game mechanic for when a writer stalls out. If a partnered scene is stalled for more than five days, the players involved can PM me, and I'll move the plot along there via NPCs or Action events.

SO, what this means for dragons is, you can choose to be one of the reserved and contemplative ones who is waiting to see what the humans want, you can be one of the hot headed ones that treats this as a possible invasion, OR you can be one of the... deceased ones who has suddenly remembered the trick of breathing after four centuries.

My main intention is to make sure players aren't left behind or waiting, SO as we get rolling if you feel that you're not getting enough love from the other writers, I'm going to try to fill the gap so everyone's MARGINALLY entertained. *laugh*

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #13 on: September 13, 2011, 05:06:18 pm »
It's been explained to me that I should also take some time to clarify the intentions and motivations of the major sects.

The Abyssians are largely as much in the dark as everyone else as to the goals and ambitions of their master. Given that they are largely mortal and not readily identified AS Abyssians, a good portion of their game will be one of self indulgence, as they try to settle scores or make amends for past events.

The lion's share of the Abyssian army are infernal beasts of an uncatalogued variety, noted for being twisted and horrible. Abyssian ressurected are more akin to lieutenants and up. Abyss seems to vanish frequently in between battles as if rest is needed after a skirmish. When he returns however, the is an impetus amongst the Abyssians to rejoin the ranks as quickly as possible.

What is known so far is they are intent on waging a total war, systematically destroying the infrastructure of the Ecclesiarchy, and hopefully letting it rot from the inside as its people begin to suffer from starvation, etc.

To clarify, the Ecclesiarchy simply wishes to maintain a status quo. They distribute wealth in an almost socialistic manner, all under the guise of divine mandate. The Order is an old world organization that has been cannibalized by them, and it focused less on secular belief and more on a moral code of honor and virtue. Something similar to say the Avatar from Ultima, living a charitable and fair life, while trying not to be excessively prickish.

With none of them currently in play, the closest example is Millicent, who was trained by many members of the Order. She is denied entry into its ranks due to being morally questionable in her younger years (I.E. a whore), but it is also known that she frequently paid for her training with sexual favors, exposing no small amount of hypocrisy in this new Order.

If you're finding it difficult to say with any degree of certainty who the "bad guys" really are, that's only likely to get worse as time goes on. Abyss is the aggressor, but his ambitions are no less cloudy than those of Bristol (Most Blessed Amongst Us). It could be argued that he is allowing for those whose destiny's were abridged to have a second chance.

The best way to look at it isn't that you're fighting for good or evil, so much as you're fighting for your people, be they the people of Parn or the Dragon Race or Abyssians. When we begin, Parn is fighting from a defensive stand point, vastly over powered by the Abyssians thanks to their dragon army and the freak legion. Once the dragons and kin come into play, it will become decidedly less lopsided and hopefully will play out in a "Three Dynasties" fashion.

... hopefully.

I think I made it more convoluted...

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #14 on: September 13, 2011, 05:25:11 pm »
You should let people know how many dragons there are, how many kin, and Abyssians so when they apply to this game, they know.

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #15 on: September 13, 2011, 05:34:56 pm »
holy shit DD your character is just fucking awsome! And Cocanth is going to just hate him XD He's run afoul of Black dragons in the past XD

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #16 on: September 13, 2011, 05:45:07 pm »
Aw thanks lol and bring it on.  >:)

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #17 on: September 13, 2011, 06:12:01 pm »
You should let people know how many dragons there are, how many kin, and Abyssians so when they apply to this game, they know.

You're a life saver. Anywho, I've got that at the top. EQUALLY important for my knowledge, even for returning players, I need to know if your Dragon is on the side of "Order" (I.E. you survived the Scourge and were recently freed from Vechtland) or the "Abyss" (I.E. you died).

That's all the classification really denotes, and has no moral true implications. For example, a Dragon of the Order may very well still align against the Ecclesiarchy and Order, still bearing a grudge after the Scourge.

Additionally, for the sake of clarity, Abyssians while they may tend to agree with or at least feel obligated to assist Abyss in his battle, they are possessed of free will, and could, if so inclined, battle against or ignore his call.

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #18 on: September 13, 2011, 06:23:55 pm »
You're a life saver. Anywho, I've got that at the top. EQUALLY important for my knowledge, even for returning players, I need to know if your Dragon is on the side of "Order" (I.E. you survived the Scourge and were recently freed from Vechtland) or the "Abyss" (I.E. you died).

That's all the classification really denotes, and has no moral true implications. For example, a Dragon of the Order may very well still align against the Ecclesiarchy and Order, still bearing a grudge after the Scourge.

Additionally, for the sake of clarity, Abyssians while they may tend to agree with or at least feel obligated to assist Abyss in his battle, they are possessed of free will, and could, if so inclined, battle against or ignore his call.

I don't think my dragon cares about either. So I didn't know what he'd be. He hasn't died yet so he wouldn't be Abyss. My dragon has no incentive to care about anyone else but himself.

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #19 on: September 13, 2011, 06:29:26 pm »
Cocanth is under Order, but unlikely he'll help anyone taht fought dragons int eh scourge. (he's still pissed about hsi sister being killed)

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #20 on: September 13, 2011, 06:30:02 pm »
right.... I'll just put him down as nondenominational. *laugh*

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #21 on: September 13, 2011, 06:33:29 pm »

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #22 on: September 13, 2011, 06:51:49 pm »
right.... I'll just put him down as nondenominational. *laugh*


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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
« Reply #23 on: September 14, 2011, 03:20:36 am »
At the moment, Anishal is simply out for herself and her ilk. In her mind Dragon should reign supreme again. However, she will see the 'dead' Dragons as Abomination, and set her sights on removing them.

...if that works of course...

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Re: Dragon Kin: Garden of Flames
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Name: Leon Coppercrown
Picture or Description: Click here
Species: Dragonkin (Human)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Orientation: Heterosexual
Aegis - Leon has the ability to resist life threatening injuries and illnesses.  Wounds that would normally slay a man would leave Leon alive.  He will eventually heal, however his rate of mending isn't much greater than that of a normal human.
Tragic Flaw:
Aside from his self destructive behavior, Leon's power does not render him resistant to pain or the consequences of injuries.  If a blow would normally cripple a man, it would cripple Leon even though it would eventually heal right.
Treasured Item:
Weapons of Note: None in particular save for a single hand-and-a-half sword he refuses to part with.  The long blade has many scratches from past battles.  It is the only piece of equipment he carries around with him after the end of his knighthood.
History: Leon was raised in a middle class family near Bristol.  His father was a merchant and away from home most of the time, leaving him to live with his mother and sister.  To help the family sustain their lifestyle while his father was away earning their keep, Leon worked in the local smithy to forge commissions from the local inhabitants.  However the family fell on hard times when Leon's father was robbed of his wealth during one of his trading ventures.  It was decided soon after to have their children be sent off to apprenticeships to earn a living and be independent of the family's income.

Leon was supposed to earn an apprenticeship under the master smith he worked for, however that position was taken by the smith's nephew.  It was only by chance that Leon managed to secure a new future as  a squire.  While visiting a bar in the City of Grace, Leon got into a fist fight with a drunkard who was offending a woman's honor and making unwanted advances.  Later Leon found out that the woman was the sister of a local knight, Sir Bayard, in the service of a noble there.

Seeing some potential in Leon (and unaware of his dragonkin lineage), the young man signed on as the knight's squire.  The young man slowly grew into his adulthood as a promising warrior under Sir Bayard's tutelage.  Soon, Sir Bayard passed on into retirement while Leon filled his place as knight and defender of his lord.  His service under the lord became something of a minor local legend.

Sir Leon became known for his service to the community and an unofficial enforcer of justice beyond his normal duty to his lord, Count Valuter.  He became known for taking down a local thieves guild and its associates in addition to the stories of his daring rescues as a volunteer fire fighter.  He was approached by those of the Order with the interest of bringing him to their cause but declined frequently.  His time in the spotlight (as little as he cared for it) was soon to end.

While at the lord's side at a dinner, he was struck down by a bolt from an unknown assassin.  Though he had no great attachment to his lord, his failure in his job got the better of him.  Leon resigned from his position and looked for other work.  He tried his hand as a guard and a mercenary, he was never content in the position and left town.   His wanderings eventually brought him to Vecht, City of Strangers where he came to reside in the taverns or anywhere he can find liquor, drinking his life away.  There he earned a new reputation of causing trouble at taverns.  There he rots, trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life.

Personality:  Once chivalrous and proud, he is now nothing more than a drunk with a tendency to get into fights.  He lacks motivation now to do most anything with his life except for drink and pick fights in bars.