New Improved Vigelantes & Villains Ideas. [M seeking F, NC Superhero genre]

Started by Wraithlight, August 06, 2011, 05:37:02 AM

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First Impressions, as people frequently tell me, are important. To this end I thought I’d tidy up the collection of ideas and thoughts that was my old thread and create a new shiny organised one with which to shock and awe  :-)

If anything below piques your interest please drop me a PM and we’ll see if the spark of interest can be turned into a fire. (or something equally prosaic)

Firstly, a few general details.
a)   I’m only available for play on the forums or by email/PM.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to devote to IM games.
b)   I’m really only looking for adventures in the superhero genre.  This doesn’t so much refer to superpowers, more things such as costumes, masks, secret identities and similar details pertinent to the genre. Something’s might catch my eye outside this, but they’re likely to be very much along the same theme (masked Western vigilantes, costumed WWII Resistance fighter in Paris, etc).  Within this genre my preference is very much for low or non super powered characters fighting to bring justice to the streets.
c)   I’m generally much more comfortable with females playing females.
d)   My posting times can vary. Sometimes I can do multiple posts a day, occasionally I struggle to manage more than one a week.
e)   Plot is good! Sure I want plenty of sinful Non Consensual wickedness, but I really enjoy that much more if it’s mixed in with detailed characters and a background to the story line.
f)    I try to make my posts fairly detailed and hopefully well written and I prefer the same same in a partner
g)   My tastes tend to veer towards Non Consensual, although how non consensual tends to depend on what the other person wants. Romance doesn’t hold any serious interest for me as a main thrust to the story line I am afraid.
h)   If you have other ideas that seem to fit in with my tastes please do drop me a PM.


The Thrillseeker
Some fight crime because of duty, others for revenge or justice. But some..some just do it for the kicks. After, when you're rich and bored, and the husband isn't coming home tonight..again...what better way to fill the night than to slide into something skintight and sultry and stalk the city streets. After all, daddy's money paid for the best Krav Maga lessons, hubby's hardly going to notice if some of her allowance goes on stun gas and smoke bombs and nothing beats the rush of teaching the city's lowlifes just what real class is. Where's the harm in giving them a little teaser of what they'll be missing in them get all hot and bothered as the cuffs go on. A girls got to make her own amusement...and its not like any of them are ever going to actually lay a hand on a woman of her class, at least...not unless she wants them to.

The Dark Knight (with apologies to you know who)
Wealthy, powerful and driven. Maybe you’re a rich businesswoman, an important politician, soaring legal eagle or wealthy socialite. You have money and power, but also a secret drive to bring justice to the streets of your city. Maybe you’re just starting out, or perhaps you’ve been fighting the good fight for years but you’re highly skilled, well equipped and ready for what the city can throw at you. After all, criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot. They need to fear the night.

The Prodigal Daughter
A daughter watches her father struggle to cope with a wild and tough western town and resolves to help. Of course, he'd pack his precious girl of back to the East if she started acting like the son he never had, but who would suspect the daring masked beauty in sinfully tight leather with matching ebony Colts is really the prim and proper daughter of the local Mayor. The town elders certainly don't approve and the local sheriff's out to get her, but the bad guys are learning quickly that she's cleaning up this town, one bullet at a time.

The Conflicted Feminist
Our heroine is a reporter for a well know left of centre newspaper, a fiery feminist and a strong social campaigner with little time for any sort of love life, perhaps a few dalliances with the sort of sensitive intelligent men, blessed with a social conscience, that she encounters during her work. It is a world with superheroes, but only a few, and they don’t tend to spend much time in the tough inner city neighbourhoods that our heroine does. They don’t see the crime, the exploitation, the grim realities of urban’re too busy saving the world.

Incensed by the exploitation of the poor by the criminal organisations, the corrupt politicians, the uncaring corporations, our heroine has decided upon a vigilante path. She’s comes from a wealthy family, although she’d never admit it, and has resources, the dedication and the burning motivation to bring some justice to these neighbourhoods.

Of course she needs a disguise. She’s well known, often on those serious TV news shows banging the table about the conditions of the inner city neighbourhoods so a different image is required. One so far from her serious plain journalist with a social conscience look that no one would ever suspect.
And thus a new vigilante super heroine is born. Curves normally hidden are emphasised in skin-tight bodysuit, a flowing wig covering her close cropped hair and untouched lips are painted dark and seductive red. Her educated upper class accent, repressed for so many years is now employed to good effect. A look designed distract and stun, to take advantage of your average thug’s inability to think with anything but his crotch, a subtle blow for feminism she tells herself.

It's no easy task, being a vigilante in these neighbourhoods. Her foes are dangerous and deadly and the men at the top well protected,’s also thrilling.... the rush of taking on men twice her size and emerging victorious. Soon, our heroine is subtly addicted to not just the excitement however. Her alluring image is one she makes good use of, but it adds another level of excitement to her nocturnal activities. The excitement of manipulating men, of playing a teasing game of brinksmanship with them, the rough and raw nature of their desires, the thrill of what could happen, what might happen, what she might let happen...its intoxicating. Suddenly Jeremy , with his sensitive nature, his love of tofu and his concern for the environment just isn’t thrilling her any more. She needs to wear the costume, to feel the adrenaline push the boundaries that little bit further...

Who knows what might happen...?

No Country for Superheroines
You were supposed to be the next Captain America, granted superpowers by the government, trained to be the best of the best and presented to the media with a fanfare of PR hype.

To bad that it was all a lie. The reality was that you were a just a puppet, selected for your media appeal, costume designed by focus group more interested in the opinions of 18-40 males than functionality, dispatched on missions chosen more for their PR profile than their importance to the war against crime. The government saw you as its property, to do with as it wished...and perhaps a few politicians started thinking the same.

So you went rogue, slipped your handlers and went underground. A new identity, a new life, a new costume and a chance now to use your powers for real good. The government doesn't give up so easily though. Those powers represent a significant investment, and one they want back. Next time they won't make the mistake of allowing you free will.

Not normally a huge fan of cannon characters but I am a bit of a Batman fan. I'd love to do a story with a grown up Batgirl, or maybe a Batwoman. Imagine a Gotham where Batman is retiring, and the mantle passes on to a grown up Barbara, or perhaps Cassandra Cain or even another OC. I'm thinking a mature, sleek and alluring Batgirl, making jaws drop and kicking ass as she lets the criminals of Gotham know she's just as tough as her former mentor. (aaand maybe getting into a bit of NC trouble here and there).

Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham

Another cannon character, but not terribly well known and so very easy for someone to put their own spin on her. This Catwoman comes from an alternate reality where she’s the heroine and Batman is the villain.


A few ideas for story lines, some serious some smutty :). Mostly short ones but they could easily form part of a larger long term RP.

It should have been a simple takedown....but something goes wrong...and the bad guys bag themselves another hostage. Captured and held in a building surrounded by the police and the media, what will happen next ?

‘We don’t like Vigilantes around here’
Perhaps a fight was lost, and they find her barely conscious in an alley, perhaps the fight was won and the bad guys are lying on the floor groaning...but the city cops are more interested in bagging themselves an illegal vigilante tonight. Does she escape....or does she end up in the cold impersonal clutches of the law...

‘Gaol Blues’
Mickey the Shift reputedly knows where the Maroni family hid their ledgers before they went down in flames in the West Curve war and those books will give up half the dirty cops in the city. Trouble is, Mickey’s in the city jail, and he isn’t getting out soon. Maybe someone tough enough could break into jail and persuade Mickey to give up the info. Of would be risky....all sorts of bad people in that hellish place.

‘Its a Trap !’
The Blue Blades. The new guys on the block. Just as you take one gang down, the next one crawls out of a hole. They’ve taken over the old bar on 45th Street and they’ve called you out. Its obviously a trap...but you can handle it..right ?

Foreign Holiday
As if the city didn't have enough problems, someone new has opened up for business in town. Their stock and trade is girls fresh of the street, shipped to parts unknown to satisfy the taste of foreign buyers. Maybe it’s time for a reminder about who owns these streets!

Just how will this turn out though? Is this new organisation perhaps a little better organised than expected ? Or is the only way to find out where these girls have gone to offer them bait they can't resist. A famous costumed vigilante....should fetch a good price in Tokyo, Beijing, Delhi, Moscow, Baghdad, Bangkok or any number of other less than salubrious destinations. Perhaps careful surveillance and a hastily bought plane ticket will lead her to her prize, only to discover the dangers of operating on someone else’s home turf.

Mind Games
A new villain in town, and this one has a devious knack for mental games. A trap set, a minor crime more than it seems, and our heroine wakes dazed..unsure what happened. Unbeknown to her , she's been dosed with a drug that hampers her skills, perhaps her confidence and courage. Nights on patrol become nightmares, as each fight seems to go horribly wrong, and her abilities seem to have failed her. How will she deal with this..who can she turn to...and can she really trust anyone to help.

When plans go bad...
A masked vigilante, wanting to interrogate some Mob lieutenants, masquerades as a high class call girl to lure one to a hotel room, her plan is to gas him, slip into her costume and then interrogate him. The plan goes a bit awry however, with the Mob man drugging her drink to make this 'working girl' more compliant. Disorientated and submissive from the effects of the drug she ends up having to provide all the services he desires. Once he leaves, confused and dazed she pulls on her costume, planning to go after him. The drugs are still affecting her though..and woozy and tired she passes out on the bed, to be found by some hotel security guards....with all sorts of possible consequences.

Just another night on patrol, and then what looks like a simple mugging to deal with...turns into something much worse. Some government organisation have decided they need a deniable asset, and a dark and dangerous vigilante who has been tearing up the rule book on fighting crime seems like a good choice. A trap is laid, a heroine captured, and in some hidden safe house, mask and costume laid on the table before her, our heroine is offered a harsh choice. Work for them, or have all her secrets lain bare.

Of course, these people aren’t James Bond and Emma Peel. The missions aren’t pretty, and she’s not just deniable, she’s expendable as well. Easier for the agency team to break in if the guards are dealing with the vigilante they just ‘captured’. Quicker to locate a foreign terrorist by following the tracker on the bound heroine being brought to him as a trophy. And her ‘handler’ is keen on ensuring she knows who’s in charge.

The Challenge
Giuseppe D’Alema has been evading your grasp for months now, the devious Capo in serious need of a good taste of rough justice. Word on the street has it that Giuseppe’s been frequenting a certain establishment up in the West Side of town. Time for you to go down there and persuade the Madame that honesty is the best policy.  Trouble is she has a wicked smile on her face and different proposition in mind. In fact it’s more of a sinful challenge. Submit yourself to the attentions of a couple of her highly skilled male escorts for a period of time. Should this cool confident midnight vigilante emerge with her feathers unruffled, the good Madame will hand over all the info you require. Of course, should the end of the countdown find her groaning weakly, dazed, distracted and possibly slumped in the arms of her two escorts, then a forfeit will have to be paid...