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Author Topic: All kinds of ideas! M seeking F characters  (Read 8824 times)

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All kinds of ideas! M seeking F characters
« on: June 04, 2011, 02:53:40 PM »
This thread is just to highlight new plots I've come up with recently or plots I'm craving way more than others; there's also a link to even more plots and my on/offs in my sig if you don't see anything you like here, but I may or may not feel compelled towards those just at the moment, so feel free to ask (but have a back-up plan ready in case I'm not feeling it.) Contact via PM, please, not on this thread to guarantee getting a response. Also I only roleplay in the forum threads, not via PM. It's too hard to keep track of previous posts otherwise.

Just a heads-up: Most plots will involve pregnancy to some degree, so it needn't necessarily happen right away. But that particular thing is strongly encouraged and expected, so please be advised ahead of time.

On to the plots!

Video Game Fandoms:

Tifa from FFVII is captured, along with the rest of the Avalanche crew and only her agreement to become Rufus' obedient toy and Hojo's guinea pig will keep the rest of them from being executed. Matching her strong personality against the degrading acts they will put her through should be fun, as well as certain bodily modifications and her impregnation by Rufus. I would imagine Tifa initially being forced to dress as an erotic cosplay maid and walk around the Shinra building offering 'refreshments' to the workers there, covering her swollen breasts with a tea tray while walking around and then offering them up on the platter so the employees can sample her breast milk as the pressure of her induced lactation will be painful if left unchecked for too long.

Current Status: Open

Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 has left the Gullwings after continued failure to find her lover and arguments with her friends aboard the Celsius. Brother in particular is angry at the loss of his chance to score with Yuna and has Shinra tweak her Garment Grid with some new, unwelcome Dresspheres. Now wandering Spira with little or no control over when she changes, or what she changes into, Yuna finds herself more vulnerable in battles with fiends, and in situations where she may be unrecognizable to people as who she really is, even occasionally being transformed not just into prostitute or exotic dancer Dresspheres, but also bodily changing into a Ronso, Hypello, Guado or other version of herself modeled after the beings inhabiting Spira. And just like when she couldn't stop herself from dancing when she donned the Songstress Dressphere, sometimes what she changes into leaves a lasting feeling she can't always control, whether she likes it or not.

Current Status: Open

Pokemon: I do have quite a number of plots revolving around that general universe but apart from the Pokemon themselves, I don't care for any canon characters. I do have a specific plot right now that I wish to continue in the same thread I started it, with a new partner to take over for the old one(s) if possible. More information on this is available at the end of the thread, as is the link. Only those who are comfortable committing to playing in the role someone else once did need apply, and being able to give at least two meaty paragraphs in reply will be expected as a minimum standard for qualifying. I will negotiate to some degree as far as flexibility so if you're uncertain, contact me anyway and we'll see what we can work out.
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Re: Fems Wanted: TF/Preg/NC-EX, Sci/Fantasy/AU
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2011, 12:00:38 AM »
The Easter Bunny sounds like fun.  Are you still looking?


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Re: Fems Wanted: TF/Preg/NC-EX, Sci/Fantasy/AU (New Plots)
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2011, 02:36:52 PM »
This is a link to the comic story it's based on:

I have provided a link to the page of the comic this idea is based on:
But be forewarned, because it is Japanese in origin and their laws on age of consent are a bit looser than most, there are some girls portrayed in it (it's a cartoon, not based on anyone in real life) who are underage and/or look underage and I want to make it clear that I intend only for girls of the normal age about to graduate high school (17-18) to be part of this RP; the link is simply as a reference so you can get an idea about the kinds of bodily modifications and training exercises/devices and the society and context in which they're being used since it's kind of hard to describe them in words. You really have to see it yourself to get the right idea, especially with some of the amazingly creative (and sometimes physically impossible in real life) sexual torture devices and methods; words simply can't do them justice. If the mods insist I remove the link, then I will, but it'll be a hell of a hard thing to actually describe the things they do in words and convey the proper awe I feel seeing the artist's imagination brought to life.

Without further ado, the actual story in a nutshell (which won't do it justice):

St. Margareta Academy

This is a hentai doujin (erotic comic book) series set in a world where the female to male population has become disproportionate; to alleviate the excess number of females who are 'not needed' and to prevent further unbalanced breeding, random groups of school-age girls are forced to attend St. Margareta's academies wherein they are subjected to body modification and 'training' to make them into actual useful tools of society-namely to satisfy the lust of the male population and therefore prevent 'rape' (since they have no need to ask these particular girls for consent). Having no freedom or rights, they are trained to become perfect pleasure dolls for men to be used at any time, public or private. As a result, crimes of violence and rape are reduced to 0% because the only victims now are girls who have been stripped of their rights as humans, graduates or students of St. Margareta's, so those laws and protections no longer apply to them.

At any rate, I would like the story to focus on one particular girl and a male character (at first), perhaps a teacher or neighbor or someone close to her, and how he exploits her after her entry into St. Margareta's Academy. Imagine being about to graduate high school and then randomly being selected as one of the few who will now have no future and to have all that she's done amount to nothing; but her sadness or outrage won't compare to the mix of pain and pleasure she'll receive from her time in the Academy.

Current Status: Open
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Re: Fems Wanted: TF/Preg/NC-EX, Sci/Fantasy/AU (New Plots)
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2011, 05:22:30 PM »
Major Transformation Based Plots

Here's one based on some pictures, so here's the link so you can get an idea of what it's all about before reading the description:

Okay, so here's the idea regarding this one:

A woman is working for a farm and unbeknownst to her, a secret underground experiment has been compromised and a special variety of bee designed to be very resistant to forces of extinction has escaped. But rather than going off and breeding with the queen of the hive run by the woman's fellow worker (a beekeeper), it stings her instead and dies. As a result, however, its sting has transferred its genes into her and she slowly begins to undergo the changes shown in the pictures. Naturally this frightens her and she tries to hide when the changes become unable to be hidden by her clothing. Unfortunately, she is becoming a Queen Bee, and is overcome by the need to breed. Only her beekeeper friend can be trusted, not just to provide her with food and protection, but also the breeding material she craves...

Current Status: Open

Here's another farm-related transformation thing aided by pictures:

Another farm-working girl who has never had a drink of milk in her life dislikes cows and treats the other animals far better than them. Unfortunately, upon a dare from a co-worker, she finds herself drinking a glass of milk just to prove she doesn't like it or need it, and that milk just happened to come from a cow that had been the product of alien experimentation (you know all those stories about aliens doing weird stuff to cows, right?) She suddenly finds herself addicted to milk, sneaking out in the middle of the night to go suck on their udders if she can't find any. She even settles for things that look like milk, if you know what I mean. The more she drinks, the quicker her body starts changing, and soon she has no alternative but to occupy one of the cow's stalls in the milking barn and become a milk factory herself. Luckily the co-worker happens to like how she looks now and wants to make her happy by giving her everything she wants and needs, in exchange for her doing him favors...

Current Status: Open

For some reason, I find the story in the link provided below to be extremely arousing and I'd like to try it if I could. It's a six-page comic about a woman, in the most bizarre method I've ever seen, being transformed into an elephant-human bybrid:

It's six pages, so it's not big, but you've got to check it out, it's crazy.
Here are some more sexy elephant female pics in case you didn't like the artwork of the comic. But I still want to follow the same basic storyline.

Current Status: Open

This is another plot (no pictures unfortunately) I haven't been able to successfully do without it falling apart fairly early on but I'm still hoping it can come to pass one day:
A very sharp, cruel professional woman working for a real estate firm is personally going to different properties and evicting the desperate tenants. One old woman she evicts places a curse on her (in a manner similar to the movie Drag Me To Hell, where the idea came from) which will give her one last chance to turn around her life or it will take effect. Not believing in such nonsense, she proceeds to travel to a very out-of-the-way farm property and evict the down-on-his-luck young farmer. Having failed to change her ways, the curse goes into effect and her body changes to reflect what's on the inside of her onto the outside: A fat, greedy pig. Transforming into a bloated, pig-nosed, curly-tailed and hooved version of herself, she is captured by the farmer and used to revitalize his farm, her body now providing him milk, fertilizer, and even piglets that he can profit from and use, all as further punishment for the lives she's ruined.

Current Status: Open AND Super-Craving!
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Re: Back after long absence: Fems Wanted for TF/Preg/Body Mod plots
« Reply #4 on: March 14, 2012, 03:58:25 PM »
Planet of the Rapes

An astronaut traveling at the speed of light returns to Earth after an undetermined amount of time due to the temporal effects of faster-than-light travel. He finds that human civilization no longer exists on Earth and that it is a dark and polluted world, which has become something like the Atlantic City of the universe. Perverted aliens have casinos and strip clubs all over the planet, and he is captured and brought to one. It seems that humans were wiped out and replaced with genetically modified versions of them that are hybrids of other Earth species. These hybrids are exclusively female and all perform as strippers or waitresses in the clubs. By sheer luck, he is the last remaining human and his DNA is needed for impregnating the female humanoids and keeping their populations up. As such, he is 'employed' at the clubs as a manager of the stage dancers, and is encouraged to mate with them as often as possible. Although his feelings are mixed regarding the situation, he decided not to let extinction get him down and enjoy himself, developing feelings for one or a few of the girls who seem a lot more fond of him than for their big, ugly alien masters.
-You will ideally play multiple characters, but if you wish to choose your favorite mythical female creature as a romantic interest rather than just sexual, we can use that the most frequently and have a relationship develop.

Current Status: Open
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Offline MathimTopic starter

This new one is a pic-based idea; it's bestiality-themed with some interesting transformations.

Here's another one with different animals than the one above:

Current Status: Open
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Offline MathimTopic starter

Another farm-themed idea a little different from the others, partly inspired by this pic:

In a world where genetic engineering and modification are commonplace, humans have found a way to transform ordinary animals into humanoid versions of themselves. Certain features cannot be done away with completely, such as certain skin tones and amounts of hair, as well as their level of low intelligence, but for the most part they make very satisfactory pets and slaves, although masters who treat them cruelly are very few and not encouraged by society.

People still enter their pets in contests and such, like dog shows and things like that. A farmer who has fallen on hard times desperately needs the prize that a contest for best cow awards, but none of his livestock is likely to win. He turns to (insert your preferred relationship to him here, whether it be wife/girlfriend/close platonic friend/someone who owes him a debt/sister/cousin/etc.) for help, and dresses her up as one of his human cows and enters her in the contest, as her human intelligence will help her win the obedience and presentation portions of the contest. Unfortunately, this is also after a month of 'training' so she shows no signs of being human at all, and a month of treatments to ensure she can lactate just like a real cow woman; not to mention during the contest, there is a portion where a male bull-turned-minotaur man is put into a pen full of contestants and rapes the one he chooses to breed with, so winning would involve her having to endure a thing like that, which the farmer 'helps' her get prepared for...

Current Status: Open

Here's another variation I wanted to try:

A city girl living with her mother experiences tragedy as her matriarch passes away just as she turns 18. Grieving and without support, she moves to the country where her estranged father and brother live a simple, rustic life. Animals are rare in the city, needing supervision and being too stupid not to wander out into the streets, so she has moved to a place where many of them can be found. She isn't used to it, and sees their nudity as somewhat distracting, especially the trio of cow-girls in the pens who are being milked frequently; all three of them are pregnant and, to her disgust, finds out her brother is the father of all three calves since humans are genetically compatible with animal-people and it's cheaper than buying a male bull to do the job. Her brother is left in charge as their father goes off to settle affairs elsewhere and she goes up to the room prepared for her only to find it occupied by a pregnant dog-girl. Startled, she is nevertheless compelled to help when the bitch goes into labor. She delivers a healthy male pup and develops a bond with it, though its mother passes away shortly after, having reached the age limit of 30 animal people have as a means of population control. Her brother, also the pup's father, wants nothing to do with it and lets her keep it. Because of the age limit, the pup grows to adult size in just 3 years, and rather handsome at that. He's also very excited, humping her leg and licking her face and sniffing her rear every chance he gets. Figuring since her own brother has been playing around with the farm animals, she shouldn't feel weird about it and eventually gives in to temptation and plays around with her hybrid nephew. Unfortunately, it's not just male humans that can impregnate female animals; she soon finds herself pregnant with a pup of her own. Her brother gets wind of this and invites her to taste the true delight of living away from the prying eyes of the city...

There are many variations we can do on this, different settings and different types of animals, so if this particular one doesn't appeal, we can try something a little different.

Current Status: Open
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Re: M for F: Extreme (TF/Preg/Body Mod) to Light - Updated
« Reply #7 on: January 16, 2014, 03:21:44 PM »
My Mother the Pornstar (Incest, Mother-Son)

He's grown up raised by his single mother. They've never been in any kind of financial trouble, quite far from it in spite of her not having a high school diploma or college degree. She just seemed to spend a lot of time out of town working while he grew up, but she was always there when he needed her. Now that he's a junior in high school and is discovering internet porn (his mother had tried very hard to keep that kind of thing hidden from him) he's made a shocking discovery: His mother is a rather popular pornographic actress, and has been doing so for the better part of a decade and a half, perhaps even longer. That's how she's been supporting them with no education and no job training all this time, and continues to do so even today.

What's even more shocking is that he can't help but watch videos of her doing just about every sort of genre, catering to every fetish, appearing in more videos than most competition from girls ten years younger than her per year, and he's started to become addicted to pleasuring himself to the footage of his barely-legal to today's hot MILF mother, and thanks his lucky stars that none of their neighbors or anyone at school has seemed to notice that his mother and her notorious stage identity are one and the same. He even subscribes to an erotic chat forum under an assumed name that features her in the bedroom next door to his while they're both at home, where she can be seen performing stripteases and other things on the side for a little extra cash.

One day, however, his mother just happens to catch him in the act of masturbating to one of her performances and is horrified and embarrassed. She knows her son had been somewhat socially awkward and uncomfortable around women since he grew up with little if any male influence, and wonders if it's her fault because of all of this. He tries to convince her not to blame herself and that he's not ashamed of her for what she did to provide for him and keep them together as a family instead of giving him up for adoption. He admits that he loves her, but as more than just a mother. She can't accept that, but having never had anyone but him in her life for so long, wonders if they really can share something taboo and each get something they've been missing out of it. Her, craving an emotionally available partner who genuinely cares about her for more than just her body, and he wanting a woman to teach him about physical pleasures who isn't shy about her body and cares about making him happy; is it really a match made in heaven or in hell?

Current Status: Open
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Re: M for F: Cravings range from extreme to light, and fandoms (Updated)
« Reply #8 on: March 20, 2014, 04:50:10 PM »
New Plot:

Don't Tell Mom

It's his 21st birthday. His friends spared no expense in throwing him the craziest party and before he knows it, in rolls a cake where the stripper is supposed to pop out of it. He's excited and aroused as hell by it, but to his dismay the girl that pops out is...his sister! (Or cousin, it's open for debate) And she's only 17, too young to be doing this legally. He can't tell any of his friends, of course, it would be embarrassing beyond belief, not to mention the legal repercussions at stake! Not only that, but she popped out of the cake blindfolded and is wearing a 'sexy puppy' outfit, complete with collar, leash, ears, and paw gloves. She's walking around on all fours, patting down the crotches of each guy in the room, looking for the birthday boy to give a special 'lick' to. He sits there, the only one not on his feet, waiting silently for her to discover him as he contemplates the alternatives. Running away would brand him a pussy for life. Saying something would give him away and humiliate both him and his sister. Doing nothing would...well, if she never found out, he might be able to live with it. She'd just have to keep that blindfold on! Sure enough, she finds her way up to him, unzips him with only her teeth (making him feel disturbed at how good at this sort of thing she seems to be) and proceeds to give him the best BJ he's ever had. Thankful that it doesn't last very long, he is horrified when she takes off her blindfold and, saying her rehearsed line at the moment she detects he's about to blow his load, "Master, please frost your treat!"

From here, things are open to discussion. Does she react with horror at getting a face-full of spunk from her dear brother? Does she do her best to maintain the farce in order to avoid humiliating herself and her brother in front of the others? Is this something she had planned all along? This can go many different ways.

This just came to mind a while ago, lots of it is negotiable but I thought it sounded hot and interesting. Any takers?

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Re: M for F: Extreme to Light, Fandoms and Originals
« Reply #9 on: January 12, 2015, 08:00:07 PM »
Okay, I know I've made a request for things like World of Smudge and Superheroine Central before but I had little to go on. So here's a place where you can all find lots of great examples of stories from within those respective universes. We don't have to use any particular stories if you don't want to, but some of the characters, or even just the themes and the atmosphere, can be used if you'd rather keeping things somewhat original.

Here's the Superheroine Central stuff currently available for free viewing/collecting (for those who appreciate that kind of art:

And here's tons of World of Smudge entries, whether sample galleries or actual complete stories.

A common theme among them is the whole 'every female character may not act like it on the surface, but deep down she's really just a dumb bimbo' so we can play that to any degree you want if you don't want to be a completely naive, braindead nympho character.

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Re: M for F: Extreme to Light, Fandoms and Originals
« Reply #10 on: January 27, 2015, 09:37:11 PM »
College-age girl shoots down nerdy, ugly guy who wants to woo her. Big mistake. The creepy little guy has also been practicing occult magics and in retaliation for her public rejection, turns her into a cat! Her life now ruined, the poor creature wanders the streets terrified, hungry, and cold. The few weeks after are nothing short of a nightmare, running from predators or just horny male cats wanting a piece of her tail, unable to find food or a safe, warm place to sleep. Thoroughly miserable, she nearly gives up one rainy night in a deepening puddle she doesn't quite have the strength to pull herself out of from hunger. She passes out for what she believes will be the last time, but...

Awakening to the dawn's light with a sensation of total body warmth, and with the smell of cooked fish overwhelming her, she finds herself inside what looks like a very well-furnished mansion. A plate of fish and a saucer of rich cream have been set out for her which she ravenously devours, wondering what sort of person rescues such a poor creature and treats them to such luxury. It's only then that she sees her savior walk into what she assumes is his bedroom: her favorite author of the last half-decade, and even more handsome than his book jackets! What cruel irony, to be rescued by him and yet be unable to do anything about her long-time crush on him. But she resolves to be a devoted and affectionate pet to him, for what it's worth.

Things go a little bit south when he begins dating another woman, and being a cat, the girl is able to spy on her without suspicion and realizes the woman is nothing but a gold-digger and has to be exposed. Fortunately, being a cat doesn't lower her intelligence and the girl is able to open up emails and whatnot to help her master see what kind of fraud the gold-digging bitch really is, and helps rid his life of her. This doesn't go over so well and sends the author into depression, with his faithful cat as his only companion. Feeling so terrible about his hurt feelings, and feeling so in love with him at this point, she begins licking his face. Sadly, he cuddles her, telling her she's his only friend in the world, and kisses her little pink kitty nose. And then he screams in fright when she transforms into a woman right before his eyes and is now lying on top of him with her full weight.

Love may have broken the curse on her at first, but her scorned would-be lover from before intended for her never to be happy, and so the curse can never be completely lifted. She still retains some cat-like characteristics, although the more deeply she and her lover feel for each other, the more human she appears on the outside, but the more her cat-brain and instincts begin to take over. It makes it difficult for them to balance this with giving her just the right amount of her intelligence without her reverting to being too cat-like in appearance. What's more, he begins to experience some changes of his own, as if the curse were sexually transmitted to him as well, giving him certain dog-like habits and instincts, and occasionally changing his penis to that of one with the shape of a dog's, capable of knotting inside her. While this makes it impossible for them to be with anybody else, it isn't the most ideal relationship they were hoping for. But can they make it work?

Status: Taken
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Re: M for F: Extreme to Light, Fandoms and Originals
« Reply #11 on: March 23, 2015, 07:50:10 PM »
Okay, so I've given up getting someone willing to step into a previous partner's shoes and continue the story I started months ago. I'll start it over, following the same general format, but with input from any new partner who is interested being adapted into it to suit both our tastes in case any part of it doesn't appeal to any newcomers. I've already had a few potential retries trip at the starting line so my hopes aren't high but maybe you'll be the one to surprise me. Just to be clear in case I didn't mention it earlier, I don't care if you're male or female in real life as long as you are willing to play the submissive female character roles.

The previously attempted story can be found and read here:
I STRONGLY recommend you read at least the first post as it gives the best idea of the setting, at least from the exterior.

I know Pokemon usually attracts quite a bit of attention so I want to make sure that before we get to the point of discussing things via PM I give some important information so you know ahead of time what you're getting into and can avoid it if it certain parts don't float your boat. Some things are open to change, others are not negotiable. Here are some things that I believe will help most people decide right away whether or not this is for them:

-No extensive knowledge of the Pokemon universe is required. My knowledge personally is limited to the 4th generation and no further (Diamond/Pearl in the Sinnoh region). So if I mention a Pokemon you're not familiar with, I think one could easily look it up on google images and not need to know many details beyond its outward appearance. Likewise if someone is well-versed in the 5th and 6th generations and wants to use some of those Pokemon in the story, I'm perfectly fine doing that same thing.

-Pregnancy and egg-laying (or possibly some live births, whichever you might prefer) are a must for this story. I've devised a way for this to be done without intense pain or permanent alteration to the body and the durations can be tailored to your tastes as well. So if you're still not comfortable with any of those (as well as lactation) then this story is not for you. Sorry. This is the non-negotiable part so I can't bend on this.

-Pokemon bestiality. Yes, the focal point of this story is human-on-Pokemon (or rather, Pokemon male-on-human-female) sexual relations. So if you wanted this to be grown-up Ash doinking grown-up Misty, this is not your story. Again, sorry, but this is non-negotiable or the story itself simply doesn't work.


Okay, so that concludes the sort of non-negotiable things that absolutely have to be part of the story. If those were something you wanted to change or omit, it's extraordinarily unlikely to work but you can still PM me anyway if you think you might have a mutually attractive solution.

Here are some things that are more flexible but which I would really, really prefer to have happen and which I think would really spice things up, but these are not, strictly speaking, compulsory:

-You being willing to play multiple characters are the situation warrants (as I will be doing quite a bit of this myself, I'm not asking for anything I wouldn't be willing to do myself here)

-If you're up for it, being open to having F/F scenes occur between two humans (not going to press this because I'm not willing to do M/M stuff, but I'm just throwing it out there)

-Playing both young (late teen/20-something) AND older (MILF/cougar type) characters and, hopefully, characters who are not just slender or nicely curvy, but maybe a bit on the heavy side

-Healthy sized replies. I plan to give extremely detailed and lengthy posts (just look at some of the samples in the old story) but I don't expect you to reciprocate in full, so if you are at least comfortable with reading all I write and giving a half-decent reply just to keep things moving, I'm more than happy. But if you are willing and able to match my efforts, I'll be ecstatic.

-Certain body modifications. Whether that's tattoos, piercings, branding, whichever you may be comfortable with, as well as things like breast expansion, general weight gain, or alteration of the genitals like clitoris enlargement.

-I'm sure I'll think of more later, so that's kind of it for now, but again, these particular ones are at your discretion. The default character is a straight, 'young' (up for discussion) female trainer.

So, if this stuff is more or less agreeable to you, I'll give you the gist of the story so you don't have to read paragraphs and paragraphs of the discontinued story:

A late-teens/20-something trainer is hopelessly lost out in the wilderness and stumbles upon what looks like an enormous, lavish spa. Peeking in she witnesses a woman being ravished by a Pokemon and is shocked but also noticeably aroused. She is invited in by a representative who allows her to enjoy the perks of membership in this exclusive resort for the wealthy who like to fool around with their Pokemon behind closed doors. The twist is, the resort no longer is run by the humans, but by the Pokemon who were unwilling to put up with that kind of abuse and rebelled against their masters. The psychic Pokemon used their abilities to brainwash the entire facility so now the humans there serve at the pleasure of their Pokemon and inviting the new trainer in is merely a ruse to see how much they can get her to do before she finds out the truth and is forcefully brainwashed into their service as a vessel for breeding and increasing the Pokemon's population to prolong their control.

If you think this is a story you could really sink your teeth into, then PM me and we'll hash out the details.
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Offline MathimTopic starter

Not sure what to title this one but it came to me a while ago and I didn't know quite how to put it into words I liked without making it sound too succinct.

Two people who work together, either newly or for a while but with a pretty big distaste for one another end up on a plane for a company retreat or business trip or whatever the case may be, something they never would go on if they knew the other was going unless they were required to. The plane ends up going down and they end up making it to the shore of a deserted island. No other survivors are found so after a week, they're pretty sure they're alone. Things don't improve much between them and a few weeks of silence between the two of them don't help matters, even if they're forced to work together to survive and make food and shelter.

Eventually biology and loneliness overcome the two of them and after two and a half years, and two children, rescue finally arrives. What are these two to make of their unexpected new lives together off of their island prison, and their young family, as well as their newfound fame as a Swiss Family Robinson type family being brought back to civilization?

Offline MathimTopic starter

New Idea: "Isolation"

A company retreat for a few of the employees at a firm becomes the pretext for some pretty intense relations. One relatively new employee almost can't believe she was selected to go on the retreat, which is basically like a paid vacation. Way out in the beautiful mountain country, she is getting to stay in a large rental villa at the top of a big hill, the only catch being she can't bring anyone with her, but her boyfriend is fine with this as he can't get time off from his own job at the moment.

She is surprised upon arriving to find that someone else is already there, apparently mistakenly assigned to the same place. A tall, handsome, slightly older black man who has many years of seniority over her in the company. He is willing to vacate to a different residence for the retreat but when he attempts to call for a reassignment, the phones, both cell and land line, fail to work. The weather has turned rather foul in the last few hours and a downpour traps him, unable to get his car out of the mud, and part of the roads being flooded anyway. The electricity also goes out, as does the heat, and the pounding rain makes it impossible to go outside.

Too dark to read, no internet and no other forms of entertainment to keep them occupied, and discovering that the house has no furnishings (other than food and water) like blankets or towels to bundle up in, the two are forced to huddle together for warmth, and despite her feelings for her boyfriend, the two begin to slowly go further and further sexually until she's allowing him to enter her fully, completely cheating on her boyfriend and absolutely loving it (and she's not even on the pill.) As lightning starts to strike frequently, it does light up the place a bit more and allows them to explore and they find a hidden room they didn't notice before full of sexual costumes and devices, which, given how far they've already gone, they decide to put to use.

How long are they stranded in this place before the weather lets up or someone comes to rescue them? What does the future look like moving forward once they do leave, since they're still going to be seeing each other almost every day at work?

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Kind of a rehash of one of my other ideas, but really craving it and with some slight modifications:

She's a European girl (nationality/accent of your choice) whose father is a geneticist. They're experimenting on a strange creature they found dead out in the wild, what would have been called a werewolf if they believed in such things. Any number of experiments were conducted, taking samples and injecting them into other animals to see the effects of the enzymes and such. Upon observing no detectable changes in a cat, he brings one home and not long after, it bites his dear daughter. The next full moon she is horrified to find her body changing shape and her mind being clouded by a primal instinct. Now a full-fledged werecat, she hides this secret desperately, but luckily is able to learn to control it. Strong emotions, anger, fear, can trigger partial transformations; her eyes may take on a yellow cat-like hue or her nails sharpen, but she goes to great pains to conceal this. She also manages to gain control over her actions during full moons, simply wandering the woods nearby due to irresistible insomnia, though she never seems tired when she does wake up the next morning.

For one reason or another, her father is transferred to a job in the States, and by happenstance it happens to be the home of an American boy bitten by a werewolf during a camping trip. They would be about the same age during her arrival, and both in their senior year of high school. They haven't met, don't even have any of the same classes, but they both share a heightened sense of hearing and smell and can both tell immediately that there's someone else out there like them. Before they can do anything about it, the full moon is upon them and, unexpectedly, their instincts overwhelm their carefully honed ability to maintain self-control and they rush out into the night. She awakens to find herself stark nude, on the forest floor with his still-sleeping body next to hers. What's more, her lower body is smeared with the evidence of her lost virginity, and she starts feeling the pain of the experience once she fully realizes what happened.

He awakens and is apologetic, wanting to be as helpful, kind and sympathetic as possible given their circumstances even if their first impression was horrible. Despite their alter egos being drawn to each other in a non-violent way, something about having both their conscious minds and instincts working together creates tension and sometimes even animosity. Despite having no one but each other who can understand them, it seems the deck was stacked against them becoming friends, let alone more than that. But he's not the sort to give up, and is a far more predatory animal than she is, after all.

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Re: Desperately Seeking a MILF
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I've currently got a very specific craving, for an older woman (a recent divorcee, or perhaps someone on a cold streak after several years following a divorce) to become the lover of her best friend's son. What's more, I'm hoping this will be a pairing that can be an older Latina MILF, or an African-American MILF, or some other member of a group that would be considered a person of color, to be paired with the Caucasian son of their best friend (and pretty much next-door neighbor for years) as an added feature, if possible. I had wanted there to be an element of low self-esteem due to physical fitness (she can be as curvy or plump as you like) and also a sentiment (if only limited to the town that they're living in) that she couldn't "do better" than her husband (who was of the same ethnicity as her) and catch the eye of the predominantly white male population of their town, most of whom are successful white collar workers while most of the minorities are blue-collar. My character would be a college dropout living at home with his mom until he figures out what to do with his life, but he's very fit and makes a living allowance by doing yard work. Since her divorce, the MILF next door has been living on alimony and has ownership of the house (after her husband was caught cheating on her) so she has some money to burn on helping the young man she watched grow up for a few years, and can't help but feel enormously attracted to him, in spite of the fact that it's her best friend's son. Such a thing should be unthinkable-until he reciprocates her awkward attempts to flirt while he tends to her yard. She finds out that in spite of his good looks and fitness, he's very sexually inexperienced. How fortunate that he's got an older, much more experienced woman available to teach him about all the things he has been missing out on.

I would also like to throw in an unexpected pregnancy at some point, and also a lot of sneaking around, trying to avoid anyone (especially his mother) finding out about their affair.

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Re: All kinds of ideas! M seeking F characters
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Couple of miscellaneous ideas...

-A young-ish male teacher overhears a conversation between two of his female students unbeknownst to them, where one of them is describing in unbelievably graphic detail what kinds of things she wants to do to the teacher sexually, and is aghast when she turns around and sees him right there. What are they going to do about this revelation?

-A man is invited to the estate of a wealthy man for whatever reason (business, old friends, whatever) and is seduced by the maid. Not just seduced, but they do some incredibly kinky things, things he's never done before and frankly, he's rather fond of her now. But later on he sees her on the arms of the wealthy man of the house; she's actually his wife. She just has a fetish for cosplay roleplaying a slutty, submissive maid, and despite being wed to a reportedly very jealous man, is not going to let a good thing slip through her fingers, blackmailing her new lover into continuing the affair, or she'll reveal the infidelity immediately. So it's either get caught now, or risk getting caught later. At least in the meantime, the sex is unbelievable.

-An actress that was once on top of the world is in decline. Serious decline, like her last three films have bombed at the box office, her investment prospects have tanked, an one night in a drunken despair, she gets into a car wreck and legal fees and the scandal eat up the last of her savings. The only part in a film she can get is a biopic on a pornstar. Unfortunately, they insist she gets some real-world method acting experience and she has to star in an amateur porno. Worse yet, after such a degrading experience, she finds out the project has been cancelled and she's done that for nothing. Though, her porn video has exploded on the net, and she's getting lucrative offers from every direction to do more. Is it worth it, though?

-If he were to tell you that he has sex with animals, that wouldn't be entirely accurate; this man's family has an odd magical gift the males are born with, where any female animal the size of a mouse or larger appears to them as a human-sized woman with certain features of that animal (this can range from full-body furry anthros to just the neko ear and tail thing), and will also feel that way to the touch even though nobody who sees the animal will see anything different from what they normally see; even if he's being groped and licked by these animal-women, others see nothing more than him interacting with it the way he would if they were just normal animals, even if in reality he's naked and shagging the living daylights out of a poodle, they'll merely see him petting it and taking it for a walk. The thing is, these female animals are extremely affectionate towards this family's men, frequently culminating in sexual encounters and making it rather difficult to develop relationships with human females. Is there a woman out there who can bring him back to his own kind, or is he destined to just enjoy this awkward life of his with no connections, yet no consequences? Also, if you like, sometimes older female animals he's had relations with will bring around their teenage-appearing daughters who share a certain resemblance to him...but that's just a coincidence, right?  ;)
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