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Author Topic: The Oracle and the Oaf [nc-exotic] (M looking for F) *Closed*  (Read 443 times)

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Warning: Assume all picture links are Not Safe For Work!

Note: PM me if you wish to play this game.  I'll keep an eye on this thread but I'd like it if you pinged me via PM.

Name: The Oracle and the Oaf [nc-exotic]
Scenario:  Zack Shadowstorm, member of the infamous Shadowstorm mercenary family, roamed the world looking for his sisters.  According to rumor, they went off adventuring and as a result they only leave a wake of collateral damage.  Not that he wasn’t doing the same thing as well, but that didn’t stop him from searching.  While searching for his siblings, he finds himself inadvertently saving a beautiful oracle in a strange land, who told him that he must fulfill a ritual and become a champion of the land in order to save the kingdom.  However Zack is a firm believer of not listening to people who couldn’t at least best a bear in a wrestling match and promptly ignored her before moving on.  However the oracle continued to pester the warrior into performing the tasks necessary to save the kingdom.

Regardless of how much he tries to ignore the oracle, he is forced to face his density… But not before giving destiny a hard time.  In order to Zack to become the hero, he must fulfill a series of quests in the prophecy:

•   Save the elven maiden of Zeltur’s Keep
•   Slay the Crypt Guardian of the Ghost Hero
•   Defeat the nine warlords of Xenthar
•   Enslave the Onyx Sisters
•   Gain the blessing of the Temple of Eydis
•   Gain the allegiance of the War Mistresses
•   Drink the milk of a gold dragon
•   Bathe in the Well of Misfortune
•   Participate in the Ritual of Flames with the archmage
•   Retrieve the weapon of the elven Songsayers
•   Finally, banish the Ghost King of Xenthar

However their attempts (or accidental attempts) to prevent the Ghost King from returning are not unhindered.  The mysterious Order of the Veil has infiltrated the country and seeks to stop Zack and the oracle from completing their quests.

Setting: Kingdom of Xenthar

Xenthar is a secluded kingdom, surrounded by mountains and vastly covered by groves of pines and deciduous forests.  There are few safe passes that people can leave and enter the great forested kingdom.  Even then, only women can enter this kingdom due to the powerful magic that surrounds it.  Only rarely do men get into the country, often by fluke or powerful magic.  No one leaves the country however.

What men that do get in receive mixed greetings.  To some, men are highly sought after to be used as a means to heighten their political, social, and economic status or simply as an exotic mate.  As such, many women tend to marry a single man in order to gain this benefit.  Also birthing a child from a man often can result in inadvertently providing the child a better future than normal.  Girls birthed from a man/woman relationship are often gifted with magical talent and are treated with high respect.  Most believe this bestowed by their locally worshiped deity, Eydis.

Typically, the only way for the women to reproduce is to go to a temple of Eydis and partaken in the Ritual of Fertility.  Thereafter they are pregnant with a child.  Regardless of whether a child is conceived by the ritual or by sex between a man and a woman, the child will always be a girl.  There are a few theories regarding why this happens.  One is that the goddess decides that the only child that is to be born is a girl.  Other scholars think it has to do with the powerful barrier that protects the kingdom from men.

Others see men as a blight to society and work diligently to wipe them out.  Some women believe that the male barbarity and crass behavior will only be the downfall of their culture and government.  More extremely religious women believe that tolerating men to exist in their country will make them fall from the graces of their goddess.  Some even take their sexism to the point of hunting down and destroying those that had men as ancestors or parents.

The population of the country mostly contains humans.  However, dark, moon, and sun elves populate the cities and forests as a large minority.  High walls are built around each town, village, and city to protect against the vicious monsters in the wilds.  There are a few monster settlements in the country, though most do not have friendly relations with the local humans and elves.  There are some dragons that are friendly to the races of women, though do not interact frequently with them.

Disease and poor health is rarely a problem for the kingdom for some reason.  Many attribute their health to their deity, who protects them from highly virulent diseases.  Also people tend to heal faster and are overall healthier while within the kingdom.  Those native to the kingdom aren’t particularly aware of this due to the fact it has become a norm.

There are three major settlements in the region.  The first is Crystalwaters City.  It is a large city nestled on the edge of a lake that extends out across a good portion of the northwest corner of the kingdom.  It houses the government, high temples of Eydis, and the various guilds that have a power in society.  Few women in the Kingdom of Xenthar have not been to the great capital of their kingdom.  The city is known for its vast culture, arts, science, and magic.  This city however suffers from over urbanization and poor planning.

The other major town is a place vastly populated by elves.  It is called the Celestial Vale.  It is a city built into the trees of the grand forest that never seems to sleep.  By day, the sun and moon elves roam move through the ancient pines and oaks, by night the moon and dark elves conduct their daily business.  This city is known for its vast knowledge in magic and religion.

The final city is known as the Great Forge.  It has been said it had been owned by great dwarven engineers however they have long since moved on.  Now all that remains is a clockwork fortress where those with a taste for the sciences live and work.

Religion and Magic

Most magic is said to come from the great goddess Eydis.  She is a deity of medicine, fertility, and harmony.  There is also much debate on whether or not Edyis is also the goddess of women, but neither side of evenly split argument has enough evidence to prove that is true.  Most other magics are derived from nature.  Necromancy is vastly frowned upon in society though not explicitly outlawed.  Few women actually learn magic, though there are some.  Most are born with it and learn how to control it as they grow older.  Elves tend to be more magically inclined than humans, while some might seem as a disadvantage, most elves don’t under the mechanical sciences.

Requirements:  Playing multiple characters.  Though somewhat taxing, I don’t expect you to play them all at once.  I’m willing to take on the load of some of the characters and we’ll figure out how to divide them up based on which ones you would like to play.  I’d be fine if you wanted to play all, but if not, that is fine.  Though I would prefer if you did play a handful at least.  We can remove some if we want to, though I would like to discuss that a greater length before doing so but I would not be adverse to the idea.

Also, you kind of need to be pretty open to the idea of your character being rather buxom and at least having the ability to lactate (mostly for the case of the dragon though that can be removed).  This is one of the only semi-hard requirement.

I’m looking for a role-player who is willing to put a fair bit of detail in posts (though not necessarily all the time but in general).

Other Info: We can modify what sort of events need to occur in the prophecy.  Actually, I’d kind of expect that we talk about it.  I sort of plan to make this a fairly long role-play (so hopefully with planning it will last).  We can negotiate and weed out what parts we don’t want and add in whatever sounds good.

I figured the Oracle would be a constant character as well as Zack.  The other characters can have less spotlight (so we don’t have to put as much thought into them), though we can make others more like main characters to fit what you and I like.  For example if you really like the idea of the archmage and want her to be a main character as well.  I also wouldn’t be adverse to the idea of the oracle actually being a secondary character and one of the other ladies is your main character (or main characters if you enjoy playing more than one).  In short, I am fairly flexible (or at least I’d like to think I am) and would be open to discussion about changing things up to make it more fun (and erotic) for the both of us.

Note: You don't have to strictly adhear to what is shown in these picture.  I just felt that is what they should generally look like.  I'd be up for negotiating another look.

The oracle (alternative I had in mind)

Elven Maiden

Warlord 1
Warlord 2
Warlord 3
Warlord 4
Warlord 5
Warlord 6
Warlord 7
Warlord 8
Warlord 9

High Priestess of Eydis

Onyx Sister 1
Onxy Sister 2
Onyx Sister 3

Far left is the arch mage and the second to the far left is the gold dragon in human form

Crypt Guardian

War Mistresses

Elf Songsayer 1
Elf Songsayer 2
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