Grown and Sexy. (Male seeking Female RP Partner)

Started by Tyrus, April 23, 2011, 12:01:04 AM

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Hey all. Just a little bit about myself to start off. I'm generally new to Elliquiy but well-versed and interested in erotic-RP. I am generally available, especially in the next month, and I am a dedicated and frequent RP partner if you put the same effort with me. I am understanding of expectations, changes in RL schedule and so on. I am considerate and open to ideas, scenarios and discussions that are not explored in this topic, but I have an On/Off's topic currently underway that can give you a better idea of my personal tastes. I consider myself a pretty heavy poster, with a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs, but I am flexible for anyone who wishes for a more casual roleplay or long-term, very detailed one, or something in the middle.

I am a writer in my spare time, so I like to consider myself a literate player. An average of two/three paragraphs is what I'm confident of utilizing in writing my detailed responses. My writing style is primarily third-person limited, meaning the perspective and knowledge of the events of the roleplay is limited to my primary character. This is of course, subject to change and depending on if I am required to play more than one major character. I do not enjoy writing anymore in the first-person, and I do not usually do omniscient third-person perspectives, unless I am the "lead" in the RP who sets the wider details of the roleplay's setting and scenario.

My writing style is very detailed and character driven. Characterization and character development is a major focus and emphasis. I try to write realistically; that is, with flawed, but likable or relatable characters and plots that aren't too far-fetched. I'd like constructive feedback if any of you (potential RP partners) don't feel that my style is too your liking. I can be very graphic and explicit, and I am all for NC or rape, but my roleplays aren't just about sex or violence. If you want a partner who can offer up sexy intimacy, engaging dynamics, detailed settings and character interactions, I'm right here.

I prefer female RP partners. I have always found writing with females easier and more enjoyable, as I'm a softy for romances tied in with pretty much every story idea I've written, and the differences and unique prespectives and writing styles females bring to a collaborative effort. I am of course, heterosexual, so this is only natural. Not to mention I'm just a general sucker for the ladies. Yeah, believe me, I am taken advantage of from this trait in real life too. 

However, I don't mind if you're a male roleplayer looking for a cool story to collaborate on. Just no romance stuff... ain't into that if you get what I mean. Bromances are cool though. 

I additionally employ a continuity factor within most of my stories, usually represented by the established setting of "Empire City. I have always enjoyed the way certain literary works, such as Marvel Comics, have cross-overs and references to past events happening within the same setting or universe. This can be utilized within the context of Elliquiy to reference past RPs which have happened within the city and/or have had dramatic consequences, giving an extra level of depth and substance to a story and its background. If you wish or would allow me to utilize my pre established setting, I would certainly love that. I would also certainly love if you wished to utilize your own continuity factor, and would work with you to integrate such dimensions in our collaborative effort.

If you would like examples of my narrative styles and writing techniques, I have provided below two links to two current roleplay topics I am engaged in. Although I have only just started both as of the 05/03/2011, the opening posts of both will perhaps give you a clearer understand of the way I write and if it is for you.

All Mine... (With N2O)
Paradise Noir (With jaliyana)

With most of the basics covered, I' will proceed onto some of the ideas and scenarios I've been wanting to do, and a more general listing of the story/plot ideas I wish to do or am interested in, but I have just not been able to cover in detail within the topic. These ideas are just some of very many that are in my head, and they are of course, vague and subject to change or brainstorming if you are interested. If you aren't, look at my general list and/or PM me any ideas, scenarios, examples and so on, of RPs you wish to engage in. :)

Examples of some Major Story Ideas

Two of Empire City's largest and most dangerous drug organizations engage in a bloody turf war after the more established of the two, the Kintell Organization, is threatened by a younger crew. The newest threat to the reign of the infamous Malik Kintell is led by a mysterious figure only known as the creator of the crew's new drug product, "Blue Sky", named after the abnormal but non-threatening coloration of the newer crew's methylenedioxymethamphetamine capsules, better known in the streets as ecstasy, and their perfectly crystallized methamphetamine. Blue Sky was released into the underworld marketplace as a response to the dominance of the Kintell Organization's imported methamphetamine, heroine and cocaine from Dominican sources, and it has, within weeks, taken away most of the Organization's drug business, prompting a violent retaliation. The purity of the mysterious new crew's Blue Sky and their ruthless street mentality has wiped out all independent competition in both the marketplace and in muscle, allowing the crew to expand their territory and go head to head with the top of Empire City. One of the Kintell Organization's lead enforcers and most trusted leaders, Tyrus, is tasked with infiltrating the younger organization and feeding information back to his leaders. Tyrus is known for being extremely loyal to the Kintell Organization, and he is partially responsible for their largely uncontested history in the last decade, making him the natural choice for the job. However, Tyrus's infiltration is quickly complicated when he finds out that the leader of this new drug crew and the creator of the infamous Blue Sky is a woman; and she is as sexy and seductive as she is cunning and ruthless. His status still not completely trusted and proven, Tyrus is forced to commit many questionable acts to gain her and the organization's trust, no matter the cost. That cost soon proves to be a heavy sacrifice both professionally and personally. Tyrus somehow finds himself internally torn between his loyalties to the Kintell Organization and his new crew, as this mysterious woman seems to take over his every will, action and every desire, and the line between what is real and what is not is soon blurred...

A young, famous, very attractive woman is on top of the world. From a very early age, this woman's endeavors in the music, movie and television industries have her in worldwide acclaim. She is rich beyond belief, she is extremely beautiful and there is no obstacle or competition that seems to be able to stop her. Nothing can ruin the happiness she has earned. Nothing, of course, but herself. The woman's global success transforms her, over the years, from a humble, but very talented and loved young woman into a slightly arrogant and lonely one. The woman's "invincible" mentality, which developed in response to unloving parents and minimal emotional support, keeps any real friends away, or any discovery of true love absent. This mentality soon lands her into trouble, both in her professional career and personal life. After a disastrous falling out with a musical producer on the direction of her public image, the woman soon discovers she has no privacy or empathy from the paparazzi or her celebrity peers. Her personal privacy is rendered non-existent when she soon discovers all manner of perverts, pranksters and people strive to make her life a living hell. After an embarrassing night out which results in the media taking snapshots of her drunk and half-nude, she flees the nightclub and is caught off-guard by a mysterious man, who propositions her. Being partially drunk, upset and "invincible", the woman refuses violently. The mysterious man does not take no for an answer. After subduing her and taking her somewhere secluded, he proceeds to passionately have sex with her, against her will and her deteriorating awareness and resistance. When the woman wakes up, she finds herself in a hotel room, only remembering vague parts of the night before, and the guilt of having some acknowledgement of pleasure. After finding out it has been a couple of days and the media is reporting her status as missing, she proceeds to publicly report she was kidnapped and raped to save her image from being further tattered by rumors. After the media causes up a storm on behalf of her "well-being" and a serious police investigation is established from her claims, the mysterious man catches her off-guard once more and repeats his unrestrained desires. The woman, again released, finds her life turned upside down as the media, who at first seemed to empathize with her "sufferings", press down on both her professional career and her personal troubles even further. The police investigation intensifies with the second encounter, becoming more and more involved and ultimately intrusive than helpful in her life to catch her "rapist". The woman soon finds herself in internal confusion as the same man somehow eludes capture and detection and ravages her body again and again. She does not know if the man who has been claiming her body is the embodiment of everything she ever feared to happen to her, of if he is the embodiment of every fantasy and pleasure she ever longed for.

All Mine
After Solona had died, he didn't what what to do. He never would have thought he'd get another chance to have whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. It was barely a week before he got another one. He couldn't believe his luck. He couldn't believe her gullibility. Driving up the interstate, alone and isolated, he found one of the most beautiful and fuckable women he had ever laid eyes on. Wearing minimal clothing leaving little to the imagination, and looking very distressed and cold, she was pretty desperate for a lift. She wanted get dropped off at some place in Azure Bay, miles away to the West Coast. She introduced herself, but his mind and his eyes were focused on other things. He gave her a lift alright. After she fell asleep, he drove all the way out to his secluded home on the outskirts of Empire City, miles away from anyone who might know her, and locked her away in his room of fun. Maybe he could get over Solona after all.

When There's No More Room In Hell...
The world as we know it is long gone. Divine intervention, orbital bombardment, extra-terrestrial forces, no more room in hell... all these are assumptions and possibilities, but there are very few survivors in this new world that know the true reason behind The Cataclysm. The event literally tore the world apart over-night. Since then, much of society has fallen into anarchy and chaos. Those who are no longer alive rise up as the undead and infect the living. The living are just as dangerous, taking advantage of everyone and everything to survive. The situation is grim and for many, hope is an unknown concept. A few scattered groups no longer restricted by the laws and confines of the Old World make do with whatever and whoever they have to fulfill their last desires... whatever the cost of their humanity or remaining belongings. Food, shelter, sex... these groups will stop at nothing to get what they want, because there is ultimately nothing to lose but a doomed existence. This scenario is of course, slightly vague for further, private expansion of the ideas and storylines.

General Themes and Ideas to be developed with you.
Best friends.
Crime and gang-related stories.
Post-Apocalyptic tales.
Urban/street life.
Zombie related roleplays.
Military-style tight knit team fractured from within.
Superhero roleplays.

Media/Pre-established Universe Related
The Walking Dead.
Gears of War.
The Wire. (I LOVE THE WIRE and I will love you if you love it as much as I do!)
Marvel Universe.
Sex and death. They're different, but the same. To reach that final moment, that climax, you got to give up control - of your body, of your soul. And love? Well, if sex is sweet and death is bitter, love is both. Love will always and forever break your heart.

My RP Request Thread.


Hi Tyrus!!!  XD

'kay I'm interested in "All Mine," 5 themes/games under your "General Themes and Ideas to be developed with you," and everything under "Media/Pre-established Universe Related"


The Lady N2O


Hey N2O. Thanks for your response. :)

Good to hear you're interested! Could you send me a PM with the exact themes/games and the media/pre-established universe related ideas that you are specifically interested in? :)

Edit: Nevermind, you sent me one as soon as I wrote this. :P
Sex and death. They're different, but the same. To reach that final moment, that climax, you got to give up control - of your body, of your soul. And love? Well, if sex is sweet and death is bitter, love is both. Love will always and forever break your heart.

My RP Request Thread.

Lady Aura

Really interested in talking something out between either doctor/ patient or boss/ secretary. 

Current RP Status: Not taking any more RP's


Give me a PM, Lady Aura. We can work one of those (or all of them!) into a story together. :)
Sex and death. They're different, but the same. To reach that final moment, that climax, you got to give up control - of your body, of your soul. And love? Well, if sex is sweet and death is bitter, love is both. Love will always and forever break your heart.

My RP Request Thread.


Post-Apocalyptic tales.

I would love to work on one of these with you!
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Hi Tyrus. I would like to work on something with you if you aren't too busy. PM me if you are interested in talking out some ideas.
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my o/o


Please give me a PM if you wish to inquire/brainstorm some ideas for a potential roleplay. :)

I have also updated my original post slightly, offering some examples of my narrative style and writing technique.
Sex and death. They're different, but the same. To reach that final moment, that climax, you got to give up control - of your body, of your soul. And love? Well, if sex is sweet and death is bitter, love is both. Love will always and forever break your heart.

My RP Request Thread.


Hey there,
I'm interested in "All Mine" as well as some other ideas for kidnapping scenarios. If you're interested, that is.  ;)
I like your style, we should talk.