All That Remains: Zombie Apocolypse Survival!!

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All That Remains.....

-Late May  2012: All forms of contact Rockford U.S.A. are lost, the small American city seems to have fallen off the grid
-June 7 2012: The United State government announces an outbreak of 'an unidentified disease' in Rockford and the city's placement under full military quarantine
-Late June 2012: The quarantine fails, images of the events taking place in Rockford are leaked to the press and similar events are reported in several other U.S. cities.
-July 2012: U.S. Military assets are called back to deal with the situation on American soil. Reports of "Rockford class incidents" Begin to surface in Africa, Eastern Europe, and some parts of Asia. Australia declares a state of quarantine and bars all travel to and from the country.
-August 2012: Rockford class incidents have been reported on all Earth's continents including previously uninfected Australia, several governments have collapsed as the tide of 'infected' rises ever higher. The U.S. government establishes 'safety zones' across the country and encourages all citizens to flee for said zones with promises of protection and survival.
-September-November 2012: International politics has all but ceased to exist as each nation focuses on the events within its own borders, word from Europe, Asia and many other areas of the globe is no longer available to the average citizen. All but a small handful of the government safety zones have fallen. The U.S. Government has gone into hiding and cannot be reached by the press or its general population.
-November 23rd 2012: Fort Sam Huston in San Antonio Texas, the final 'safety zone' still broadcasting,  goes off the air.
-November 24th 2012: You and those with you may very well be all that remains of humanity

What we Know

Who We are
We're survivors. We used to be any and everyone, doctors, lawyers, cops, firefighters, secretaries, you name it. But now all we really are is survivors. We were part of a military caravan that was transporting us, and anyone else who would go along, over to Fort Sam Houston, one of the last few safe places on the map, back when it still looked like the safe places might stay safe. I wasn't part of the caravan from it's start so I don't know where it really started but I've heard people talking with a New England accent so I'm guessing it's been a long drive for some...

Where we are

We're in Texas. You see that little green circle? Well that's us, we're currently holed up in the town of Caldwell, about half an hour's drive from the city of College Station and  Texas A&M's main branch. We were headed for Ft. Sam, the green X on the map. But they stopped transmitting last night and now....well now going anywhere near there doesn't seem like such a hot idea anymore.

What Happened
That's the big one isn't it? The big question that I'm sure is on your mind. Well to be honest that's where things get a little bit murky, you see dear reader. They didn't tell us 'regular folk' all that much. And by they I mean good ole Unkie' Sam...He kept his lips pretty tightly closed about the whole situation until he just disappeared  one night and then no one could even find him to ask questions of anymore.

So anyways... without getting into too many of the details. Because there's no real point in doing so, and at risk of sounding like a bad B movie. We had ourselves a Zombie Apocalypse.

What Are They?

What we do know, from the news, the internet, and the few people with us who actually know what they're talking about is that it's some kind of infection...well not really an infection more of a virus....

Anyways what happens is you catch this virus and it turns you into one of them. But not at first, at first all you get is a little headache; kind of like sinus pressure or so I've been told(A doctor I talked to says that's the virus attacking the first of your brain cells). Then after a while you break into a fever(That's when the virus has hit the brain cells that control your body temperature). A while after that the real bad stuff starts to happen. You get edgier, and edgier, and even edgier until suddenly you snap! And then its POOF goodbye sanity, fun while it lasted(Supposedly that's when the virus has finished eating up your higher reasoning brain cells). Once that's happened you're not really human anymore you're're like a rabid dog in a human suit if that makes any sense. You become hyper aggressive and attack just about anyone you see. And this whole time the virus is still burning through you like you're a forest and it's the fire.

After a few days of this you die.......But then THEN it gets worse. The virus somehow brings you back. I'm not sure how it does it and I really don't want to know. But once you're back you've only got one thing on your mind. The fact that you've got the desire to eat every living animal around you.

We also know that the virus doesn't only effect humans, I've seen a few dogs with my own eyes that I definitely didn't want to play fetch with! I took a picture as the car I was riding in passed them by...You might not want to see it but here it is anyways. That doctor I told you about, well he says that before the military rolled into his town and started to evacuate everyone he had a few samples of blood from a couple of infected people that he was looking at and trying to figure  out what the hell was going on in them. Anyways...he said that the virus looked like it was mutating one of the subjects! So yeah...zombie dogs and people might not be the only things out there anymore...

What We Don't Know

What We Are Going To Do Now...
Well most of us know that we aren't going to stay a part of the caravan. The military troops already split last night. They didn't tell any of us or anything, they just left while we were sleeping. I can't really blame them I wouldn't want to have a shit load of other people slowing me down either. After they left we've kind of lost direction and have been staying here for the past few days. Each morning there are less people and cars then their were the night before. Seems the general consensus is that it's safer in a small group then in a big one....

And that brings us to the end dear reader...I'm leaving tonight, there's this guy who says he used to live two hours south of San Antonio. He says that he knows about some ranch house in the middle of the woods and that said woods are fenced in like you wouldn't believe!! Anyways he thinks that if a couple of us can sneak over there we might just be able to hide out at the ranch house for a LONG time. He says the place even has it's own livestock and gardens so we'd have food!

I feel bad just leaving everyone...but there isn't enough room for all of us and telling anyone would just make the whole idea a bust.

So yeah....goodbye dear reader...and good luck!

Ok so basically this is my idea for  zombie/infected/mutant monster creatures game done slightly differently then most of the ones I've seen on E. Rather than taking place during the initial outbreak this game takes place after it. I.E. people know the basics about the basic infected, there is no hope of military protection/evacuation, and life is now about survival. This game would be primarily free-form with a few systemic elements(limitations on equipment, food, ammo, ect) and focused on the characters and how they attempt to survive. It should also be noted that doing things like finding food/necessities ect. would be a part of the game. I.E. running out of food would mean having to decide how to get more and then doing it. 

SO here are the essentials that everyone will need to create their characters, and to know if this is the game for them! ;D

Character Sheet
Here is the character sheet that you'll need to fill out (in full) to have your character approved.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Do they have scars? Long hair short hair? (Image Required)
[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] Is your character a nice guy? Mean? Wimpy? ect?
[b]Bio: [/b]What is their life history? (Please include a description of their life before the outbreak, as well as how they managed to survive)
[b]Previous Occupation:[/b] What were they before the outbreak? A soldier? A Cop? A stay at home mom/dad?
[b]Skills: [/b]What skills do they have? Do they know how to use a gun? Skin an animal? Cook? (this should be realistic and fit in with their background and occupation)
[b]Belongings:[/b] What things do they have with them? A car? A gun? Food? Gasoline? Ect? (More on the limitations for this part below)

Some Things To Consider

1. I'm trying to get this game to be realistic....
well realistic in the sense that the characters should be real people placed in an extraordinary situation (rather than super zombie killing cheerleader Girl Scouts who shoot lasers form their eyes ;D). Here is a little bit of a guideline as to what I mean ;D
Jill from the Resident Evil series...Probably wouldn't fit in that well
David King from Resident Evil Outbreak (1 & 2) Probably would fit in
Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead would fit in!
Ash Williams from Evil Dead wouldn't
If this discourages/disappointments you I'm sorry it's not my intention to do so, I just don't see this game working well with 'super' characters.

2. A word on equipment/tools/weapons/ect...
Once again I'm going for realism here so there are going to be limitations and I hope that doesn't spoil the game for anyone ;D. In order to illustrate what I'm talking about I've made a little list of groups of items that I think could potentially break what I'm calling the "realism barrier" and have put limitations on said items. That list(and the limitations) is as follows

-Cars/Motorcycles: In short not everyone is going to have one. There are several reasons for this but the big one is that it just doesn't feel right to me to have everyone driving their own car. So that having been said here's what I have in mind. If there are 2-4 characters in the game there can be 1 car and possibly 1 motorcycle(or similar Vehicles). If there are 5-8 characters there can be 2 cars and possibly 2 motorcycles(or similar vehilces). And so on and so forth. As far as what kinds of vehicles you can have goes. A good rule of thumb is that if Uncle Sam made it you probably can't have it. This means tanks, apcs, afvs, and military humvees are a no no. For the simple reason that the military still exists and is using them. And any ones that are not being driven by soldiers are currently covered by zombies. That having been said I'm not putting many limitations on what model civilian car you can drive. Though it may pay to put a bit of thought into your choice. Considering who ever gets a car is goign to be one of 1 or 2 people, and things like gasoline will come into play!

-Guns/Weapons: I can see how given the situation, everyone would probably want to have a gun/weapon to protect themselves. And I'd actually venture to say that it might be more unrealistic for someone not to have anything then for them to have something. BUT that something shouldn't be something insane/crazy. So things like rocket launchers, miniguns, flame throwers, ect are pretty much out the window. Tough a 357. Magnum is acceptable. Everyone can carry a handgun and/or a hatchet/club/ other sort of'hit the zombie on the head' weapon. BUT not every one of the characters can have some sort of rifle style weapon. Such as a hunting rifle, a M16, ect. And there should be a good reason for them having it. I.E. "ohh yeah she's a super model who just happened to take an M16 off of a dead soldier and just happens to be an excellent shot" isn't going to be accepted. ;)

-Food, Gasoline, Bullets: The group should always try to keep these things in decent amounts. Now specific numbers such as '50 more shotgun rounds' won't be necessary. Nor will it really be necessary for you to keep track of ammo/gas/food. I'll do that behind the scenes and alert you in the OOC as well as possibly IC when some sort of perishable gets on the low side. As well as alerting you when it runs out! Though you may want to mention these things in your character sheet given that if no one mentions they have food...well then your group starts with no food :P

If you're still reading and still interested then please feel free to cook up a character sheet and I'll either approve or disapprove/ask for some alterations. P.S. everything is on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Meaning if you want that car you have to get a completed character sheet including the car up and approved.
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... but most importantly, will we still have the internet? 

Okay, just kidding, but I might be interested in playing All That Remains.  I'll keep an eye on this thread and see how it goes.
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Bloody Rose

I agree, the second one looks to be much more interesting to me, so I vote the zombie infested rp thingy


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both interest me but I’m far more interested in the first one and should we get to play that I call guyver as my good character.  if we end up playing the zombie game I will probably play but it would depend on a few factors.
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"The latter, but you can count my vote as tentative... Dunno if I want to jump in just yet."
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Zombies please. Your last game promised much before it collapsed.




As always Urban, you never cease to hook me in with your games!

Post-Apocalyptia is getting to be one of my favorite writer's habitats, so some mutant-zombie survivalism sounds like just my cup of tea.


Wow...I'd actually written this thread off due to a lack of replies at first, goes to show what I get for not checking it/giving up too early!

Anyways I'd say the public(being you guys) has spoken quite clearly. Zombies it is. I'll be doing some writing and prep work but the actual Background Concept, Fleshed out character sheet, ect. Will be posted up here either sometime today or tomorrow.

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Aurora Wayland

Im defiantley all about the zombie outbreak. Count me in when we can make characters!





Zuzana is a nice girl, usually getting along well with new people she meets. She is very social and will often reach out to make new friends. As an outdoors person, she's used to meeting new people all the time, and does what she can to help out. She tries to stay positive in any situation.

Zuzana was born in Romania and moved to the US with her family at 8. She doesn't remember much about her home country, and has spent most of her childhood in New York. She's always been heavily into sports, and after high school she moved to Florida and began to train professionally as a pole vault athlete. She won several high prized competitions but never got to the Olympics which was one of her goals.

Meanwhile she's taken part time jobs as a gym teacher to pay for rent, and lately even received some contracts as a personal trainer. She's developed a fit and impressive physique and is very proud of her body, training daily to stay in shape.

Previous Occupation:
When the outbreak hit, she was working as a personal trainer for some rich people, and was on a trip to meet a potential client in a small town in eastern Texas when she was stranded there because the airport shut down.

Zuzana is very strong, stronger than your typical man even. She has incredible endurance and can stay active for a long time before tiring. She has decent survival skills, and her talkative personality tends to make her someone people go to to get help. She has very basic gun skills from having spent a weekend at a shooting range 2 years ago. Because she was on a trip here, she has very poor knowledge of the areas around here.

Zuzana doesn't have much on her. She carries an M9 handgun that she took from a dead army person, with a few clips, that she carries in a small backpack. She also has basic survival items in that backpack like food, water bottles, a first aid kit, her iphone and a 20 year-old map. She's wearing her training gear which consist of sneakers, pants, bra, gloves and sun glasses.



Name: Claire Louise Anderson

Age: 37

Personality: Claire is an honest woman and a good cop. She is a Deputy of Bucks County, Penn. Her life has always been one of wanting to be a cop, and then, when she made the grade, being the best cop she could be. She is quiet and unassuming; placid and caring for the elderly and confused; firm and fair to the lawless. She is, however a straight thinking, straight talking logical woman with an analytical mind and boundaries set firmly within what is possible by physics and allowed by the law. She is therefore somewhat out of her depth in these hazardous and confusing times.

Bio: As a young girl growing up in a small rural community Claire was always taught to follow the Good Book and obey the Lawman. Fortunately for her, childhood happened in the still-golden years of the late 70s and early 80s when Lawmen really were good and fair and helpful members of their community, looked up to by all and feared by the bad guy. Incorruptible and tough, the Lawman always had a smile for the lost child and a supportive attitude to those unfortunate enough to face their official side. Young Claire doted on Deputy Lawrence Simms who was the best cop she ever knew. When he retired she detected (at the age of seventeen) a change in the wind, a new style of policing was coming in with cops more distant from the community and more likely to shoot rather than ask. Claire determined to do her best to make this change as slow as she could.

Claire graduated from the police academy third in her class aged 19 and the next ten years saw her endure the system that was still chronically misogynist but she bore her slow career development with good grace and refused to sink to the level of the fat bad cops above her who abused their power.

You cannot keep a good girl down and when a post as Deputy Marshal came up in Bucks County, where Claire was born, she jumped at the chance. Her bosses, embarrassed by the smiling efficient politically-clean woman, were only too happy to farm her out of their sight. In the rural communities of Bucks County Claire blossomed and found her place, working diligently to restore what she knew cops should be to the people they served.

Skills: Claire is capable with a gun but no marksman. She is trained in their use but rarely uses one. Her driving though is excellent and she has taken three advanced driving courses with the police specifically covering off-roading skills, adverse weather and "high speed and safe." Clair is a fair cook and seamstress but her hunter-gatherer skills extend no further than the freezer cabinets of Walmart.

Belongings: 4x4 Police Cruiser, snub nosed .38 revolver and two cartons of bullets (48 rounds). Her cruiser's tank is half empty (good for 300 miles) and she hauls a single axle trailer with two 50 gallon drums on. One is empty, the other only half-full. There is a hose and hand-pump filler nozzle she has used to draw gas from underground tanks at deserted gas stations.

She has some basic tools such as a wrench (for opening said gas station tank access caps) as well as a basic car repair and servicing kit with jack, etc (standard police issue). She's gathered a few cooking utensils and a couple of pans but mostly lets others in the caravan cook – her side of the sharing is the transport. Her food supply consists of some canned soup, a few candy bars and some bags of potato chips.

She has a couple of gas cigarette lighters picked up from various half-looted stores.

She has a Bible.

She also found at a roadside hardware store a nail gun and she has a box of four inch nails for it. She's lashed together a basic shoulder stock for the thing out of scrap timber and can shoot it with tolerable accuracy at a head-sized target at around 10 yards. If she encounters zombies, Claire prefers to simply move on and not fight them, but if she has to, she prefers the nail gun to the .38 as she thinks ammunition for it will be easier to come by.


Both characters look good and are approved ;D
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Matt Smith


Matt can seem rough around the edges to people who he doesn't know, but once he gets to know someone, he settles for a more friendly tone(because of the Zombie Apocalypse, this is everyone in the group). He still has a tendency to make sardonic comments, and can be downright pessimistic at times.

Matt grew up on a farm in eastern Texas. He developed a fascination with biology and medicine from watching the animals on the farm, and grew up wishing to become a doctor. His parents didn't think this was such a great idea, and instead made him spend a lot of time learning about farming and hunting, considered by his dad to be the two most important things in life. That and women, but that was more informal than the other things. Despite this, he managed to get a scholarship in medicine, and at the age of 26 he completed his studies and stated practice as a doctor in his home town, where he honored his parents by becoming an enthusiastic recreational hunter.

Previous occupation:

Matt is in above-average physical shape. He is a qualified doctor, and a trained shot with rifles.

Matt has an extensive first-aid kit with him, including disinfectants, painkillers, mild sedatives, a scalpel, bandages, and clean water.
In addition to this, he carries his trusty winchester '95, a swiss army knife, ammo for the rifle, and a small amount of food and water.



Name: Matthew Fitzpatrick 
Age: 43
Appearance: Matthew's the sort of guy who Time didn't take much of a liking to, the weight of the years sunken into every chiseled crevice of his face until it beared more of a resemblance to a wood-block carving than human flesh.  Indeed, wooden is the best way to describe him, like a sorry old oak tree on its last legs that's too stubborn to topple over no matter how many times lightning strikes its boughs.  He's got a mess of ginger hair that isn't quite receding just yet and a rugged beard to match it, making him just the spitting image of one of those old time mountaineers from the history books; a real Paul Bunyan type.  The man may be haggard and grizzled beyond his age, but he isn't the sort to tire easily, his core like a plane of unyielding stone behind the deceptive layers of ratty old clothes.

Personality: Clearly a man who hasn't exactly seen the better parts of life, Matthew is prone to fits of suspicion and nearly archetypal grumpiness.  He doesn't make friends all that easily, but the ones he does make may as well be of his own blood.  Being practically-minded and ruthlessly determined are two of his shining qualities, and probably the ones that have allowed him to live this far.

Bio:  The scars and bruises on his arms and the tainted shadows around his eyes paint a rather depressing and wretched tale of drug abuse, one that he's no longer of much a mind to relate to others.  With worthless near-inbred folks who found their son even more worthless, it was hardly the type of environment for a young man to grow up straight and proper.  Like many of the poor souls trapped up in the more squalid hick-towns of the Appalachians, Matthew was swept up in a flourishing drug culture from a disturbingly young age.  He damn near blew out every last one of his brain cells and moved through life as though in some painfully vague nightmare, but thanks to the help of his Uncle up north and the rest of his rightfully concerned family, the young man managed to get out of that festering pit of a town and get some proper help before an early death came knockin' for him.

The years of rehab are all behind him now.  He never did graduate college, more out of a lack of drive than a lack of intelligence, but he was a worldly man who sought experience outside the bounds of his isolated sphere of existence.  He's backpacked across Europe and back on more than one occasion, and even traveled as far as India and Tibet before finally coming back to the states to settle down into a more stable life up in Maine.  He managed to open up his own small supply store for would-be campers, hunters, hikers, and climbers, and though it was never bustling and half the time he was only just managing to scrape by on the bills, god damn did he love his job with all his heart.  Never did find that special someone, but he figured he still had plenty of time left to him for matters of love.

That's when the virus hit.  Unlike most folks out in his neck of the woods he wasn't the sort to cut himself off from the world, and was just as shocked as the rest of the country when the initial evacuation reports began flooding in.  He packed up just about whatever he could from the store and loaded it all into his pickup truck, making his way to the nearest military caravan as per the broadcast and just about every damn radio station he flipped through.  Damn thing ran out of gas halfway there, forcing him to travel the rest of the way by mountain bike and leave the vast majority of his supplies behind. 

It's been awhile since those early weeks, but Matthew is still going strong like only a stubborn mule like him can.

Previous Occupation: Manager of a Wilderness Supply Store

  • Wildness Survival (Hunting, Skinning, Foraging/Knowledge of poisonous plants and animals, etcetera)
  • Knows his way around a fair number of guns.  Not an expertly trained gunman, but he's spent enough time down at the firing range to know how to hit a target, moving or otherwise.
  • Decent climber and runner when he wants to be, particularly if something's trying to catch up and eat him at the time.
  • Amateur boxer.  Mostly brute force and little precision or fancy footwork.  Dubbed the "Slow-ass Cudgel" by his drinking buddies, all in good fun.


Due to his business Matthew was slightly luckier than most folks, having all the basic essentials one would need to survive out in the wilds for extended periods of time.  Given how the call seemed to be for evacuating out of the major cities, this seemed like a logical choice at the time.  This includes such necessities as waterproof tarp, rope and pitons, non-perishable foods and plenty of trail mix, bottles of water to be refilled as needed, a portable filter, a medical kit, skinning knives, binoculars, a rechargeable flashlight, a compact multitool, and a bedroll.  And one last sorry carton of cigarettes, for maintaining sanity in the days to come.

His main mode of transportation is a mountain bike, which has ultimately prove a shot more reliable than a car over long distances between gas stations.  A trusty iron shovel is his primary defense at close ranges, and what he lacks in finesse he makes up for in strength.

A bit of a holdover from his Appalachian days, Matthew wasn't without a couple firearms and boxes of ammunition.  An old Smith & Wesson Model 29 finally got to see some action after years spent resting beneath his pillow, and a sawed-off shotgun he took from under the cash register in the storefront.  Sometimes a bit of justifiable paranoia pays off.


6'3" tall, 310 lbs.
Name: Alexander Black
Age: 27
Personality: A nice guy. Quick to anger, though.
Alexander was large at a young age, and his parents capitalized on it, training him constantly and even entering him in to several junior body building competitions, constantly building his confidence and sheer physical strength. With this in mind, he grew up to be a rather large man, though often struck out with the ladies. Muscles weren't enough.

Alexander was a draftee during the outbreak, when troops were spread far and wide. Receiving little more than how to point and shoot his issued weaponry, he was never really supposed to be more than a supply transporter and another gun on the line. During one particular scenario were the military was given orders to abandon their caravan and head another direction, Pvt. Black refused, and was thus abandoned. After calling his commanding officer a coward, he was shot in the left leg and abandoned, with nothing more than his Beretta 92 pistol and the rounds he had on him to survive. Was it not for his upper body strength being able to drag him, he would have surely died.

Previous Occupation:
Before the infection, Alexander was a body builder/professional wrestler. His physique was peaked and well maintained since a young age, and his sheer size and weight has kept him going his entire life.

Very very low standard of gun training.
Extremely physically strong.
Good knowledge of the human body and some medical training.

Belongings: A Berretta 92 pistol. 2 Berretta magazines (18x19mm parabellum rounds). 1 M16 Magazine(27 5.56x45mm rounds). 1 standard issue combat knife. 1x Bandages. 1x Morphine. 1x pack of cigarettes(14). 1x Gas lighter. 1x Military canteen of water. 1x pack of chewing gum. 1 set of military clothing, including tinted safety glasses and steel capped boots(without helmet).

Aurora Wayland

Appearance:Long black hair that is kept in pigtails. Shes small, only about 5'1 and lithe. She wears a bra size of 32 A and has her ears pierced in multiple places. She has big brown eyes that are harsh and uncaring.

Name: Aurora

Age: 16

Personality: Spunky and inquisitive. She seems older than her age, as the harsh enviorment has forced her to mature quickly. Shes resolute in finding her brother!

Bio: After the outbreak happened and it didn't take long before her parents were brutally eaten in front of her. Her younger brother, Jason, disappeared in the chaos. She managed to get away and hide in a near by police station, living off the food in the vending machines for months. It wasn't until later when a group of scavengers stumbled by that she escaped the police station and joined them. As the months went by the scavengers died out until she at last ended up here. She feels responsible for her younger brother's well being and set out to find him. Determined to survive she is willing to do almost anything to find her brother, who she believes is still alive.

Previous Occupation: Aurora was a typical high school student, hanging out with her friends. Her school offered a mechanics class in which she took.

Skills: She was taught to scavenge since the out break and can almost spot anything of value now. Shes mediocre in gun use, preferring to run away then to stand and fight. She knows much about mechanics and repairing, having read a few books on the subject and taking highschool Shop Class.

Belongings: She has 1 9mm Barreta that she got from a dead cop. The clip only has 10 bullets in it. She wears an old black tank top, which is too big for her. Underneath a dirty white bra. She keeps a old brown duster around her slender frame and torn black skirt. Her fishnet stockings are ripped up and the black boots are 2 sizes too big. There are no laces in them. Also carries a worn photo of her and brother together.

She has goggles on top of her head, which keeps her long black pig tails from bobbing too much. She carries 1 pack of cigarettes, crumpled and almost out, as well as a small amount of tools on her make shift tool belt. Her hands are calloused and covered in fingerless gloves.


Aurora, you may want to take a look at the timeline Urbanzorro posted up there.  It looks like the whole story to date has all occurred in the year 2012, so your character can't have been a little girl when the Outbreak began.

Aurora Wayland

Woops, thanks for pointing that out. I'll revise.


@AyeGill: Character Approved
@Shihong: Character Approved
@Odin: Needs an image but otherwise looks good ;D
@Aurora Wayland: It hasn't been 7 years since the outbreak, As a matter of fact it hasn't even been a full year. Its more along the lines of around 2 or 3 months since the first outbreaks so your background/bio may need to be changed but other than that she looks good. 

Looks like Shihong beat me to the comment on the timeline lol
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