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May 23, 2018, 12:44:33 AM

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Author Topic: Darwishi's Desires (aka Superheroines in Peril) [NC] M or F badguys wanted  (Read 329 times)

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Online DarwishiTopic starter

1. Beauty and the Belch
  • Synopsis: There's an extremely obese, ugly/disgusting man walking around the city with equally disgusting powers.  He can cum nigh-infinitely and has burps/farts that are truly noxious in nature.  He wants to become the villain to beat and so has made it his mission to defeat any superheroine that crosses his path.  With powers that triggers the gag reflexes of the beautiful women in tights, blow them off their feet, and that he can control (knock out gas for example), he's a menace that's tough to beat!

  • Superheroines: Any, could be multiple heroines as he defeats one and another tries to rescue the first.

  • Game Details:

2. The Behemoth
  • Synopsis: The Behemoth is another large, ugly man.  He stands at about 7' tall and weighs well over 600 pounds.  He's come to this city to take out the famous heroines that protect it.

  • Superheroines: Jumpstart and Knight Hawk are street-level heroines (Jumpstart boosts the powers of other metas she's around and Knight Hawk is simply resilient), but they have been known to take out villains with all kinds of powers.  They're famous for cleaning up one of the most crime-ridden cities in the nation and aren't afraid to break a few bones along the way. 

  • Game Details: I actually see this one starting off as The Behemoth confronting Knight Hawk and Jumpstart as they save a man from a mugging.  The Behemoth comes out from the treeline in the park and challenges them.  They make fun of him for his size and then the fight ensues.  I kind of see the girls almost winning the fight until he lands a sweeping backhand or a clothesline.  He's so big that I think one punch to the girls would knock them flat.  After he does knock them silly and/or out, then he gets to have his way with them.

3. Bar Room Brawl
  • Synopsis: A pair of small heroines find out that a bar is a lot seedier than they'd expected.  They bust down the front door after taking out the bouncer in order to confront a known criminal.  The heroines are surrounded by criminals but they go after the "big fish".  The men pat the girls on the ass and they start a fight of words with the guy that did it.  They don't mind their surroundings and wind up getting hit over the back of the head...

  • Superheroines: Red Vixen (no powers)and Cyan Fox (regeneration).  Red is 5'1" and Cyan is 5'2" (models are Alicia Sacramone and Alice Matos, respectively).  They're built, athletic, and extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat.  They enjoy being superheroines but they're not quite ready for a bar full of criminals.

  • Game Details:

4. Ms. Adventure
  • Synopsis: Ms. Adventure has the skills and the powers to be a great heroine, but she started a little before she was ready and most people don't think of her as a "real" superheroine.  This extends to other heroines in the nation and most criminals.  Even her best friend, while supportive, doesn't think Ms. Adventure is cut out for the superheroine life.  Falcon often follows Ms. Adventure when she investigates a criminal, so that Falcon can keep an eye on her.  She's saved Ms. Adventure without her friend knowing it, and it's worked up until now. 

    Someone gets smart about what's going on, and decides to take out two heroines at the same time.  First, they set up a trap for Ms. Adventure, which she inevitably falls into.  When Falcon intervenes from the shadows, they take out Falcon (dart to the ass, surprise attack, whatever floats your boat). 

    After Falcon gets nabbed (without Ms. Adventure knowing it), they try to take out Ms. Adventure... only to find that she's far more of a worthy opponent than anyone had given her credit for in the past.   She saves the day and goes home to gloat to Falcon, her bestie, and gets really worried when Falcon doesn't answer and isn't home.

  • Superheroines: Ms. Adventure and Falcon

  • Game Details: The game revolves around both heroines quite a bit and how much people underestimate someone with the name Ms. Adventure.  It also revolves around Falcon's defeat and inevitable rape at the hands of the criminal(s) before Ms. Adventure can find and rescue (?) her. 

5. Unhealthy Obsession
  • Synopsis: A fan boy becomes a little more than that when he aims to become the arch-nemesis of his favorite superheroine.  He's studied her for years, knows all of her powers, and thinks he's found her weaknesses.  He sets up a situation where he pretends to be mugged so he can finally have his way with her.

  • Superheroines: Decibel, Justice, Mercy, Urban, Tigress, Blue Bird

  • Game Details:  The game is pretty much as the synopsis sounds.  It starts with the confrontation, the heroine's underestimation of the fan-boy, and then getting raped into submission.

6. The Thug
  • Synopsis:  A thug is sick of his life as a lackey and wants to prove himself to the entire underworld what he's capable of.  He picks the biggest, baddest, and most famous superheroine he can find and plans to take her out by any means necessary. 

  • Superheroines: Emerald Avenger, Blue Angel, Mercy, Urban, Tigress, Decibel, just about any heroine from the list, really.

  • Game Details: In the case of Tigress, Emerald Avenger, or Blue Angel (even Urban to some extent), he buys a rocket launcher and shoots the superheroine with it.  For these heroines it would severely weaken her, but wouldn't come close to killing her.  For Mercy, Urban (more likely), and Decibel, he lines up a sniper shot with a dart gut to take these girls down a notch, or puts himself in a position to kick them in the crotch.  He takes them out and plans to fondle/grope/rape them to his heart's content, and then unmask them.

7. Bradley Johnson, CEO (faceclaim: Eric Roberts)
  • Synopsis:  Bradley is the CEO of a large tech company.  He truly believes that a woman's only purpose is to get fucked and fix him meals.  He believes they're only to be used rather than to have thoughts and dreams of their own.  As CEO he's able to keep this down to "simple" misogyny for the public consumption.  Secretly, though, he's been developing tech and drugs that are gender specific, so that he can put any woman in a trance without them knowing it.  His underworld dealings are relatively quiet, but there is one heroine (or a few) on his trail.

    She breaks into his office and confronts him, not realizing the music in the background and the candles burning on the shelf are attacking her subconscious and giving Bradley all the control he'll ever need.  He's even invented a spray to make their FlexSteel costumes much more pliable...he's always wanted to fuck a heroine through her suit.

  • Superheroines: Mercy, Tigress, or Decibel (but any could work)

  • Game Details: The game revolves around Bradley and the heroine that confronts him.  I even wrote a story about it that's posted on E, here, and tells quite a bit of what he can do.  He's an inventor of the worst kind, and the game should include whatever gadget he needs to take out the superheroines that confront him.  He can either turn them into sex slaves or release them (after a bit of brainwashing), so that he can capture them again.  It's entirely up to you.  The game is meant to explore sex toys, both real and made up and how he can apply them to subjugate the superheroines.

8. Evil Step-Father
  • Synopsis: Some girls have loving families that support them in whatever they do.  Some girls have mothers that pick monsters to marry.  This step father is into drugs, human-trafficking, and a myriad of other illegal activities.  When a superheroine makes a move to stop him, he, instead, takes her out.  He fondles and rapes her to make her moan and cum.  When he finishes with her, he unmasks the super slut only to find his step daughter behind the mask! 

    He uses this to his advantage and decides to toy with the little brat to make sure she learns her lesson.

  • Superheroines: Falcon, Blue Angel, Mercy, Tigress, Decibel

  • Game Details: While I'm not a big fan of blackmail, I think this story could land in a few different places.  It could also tie in with the following "unmasking" theme wherein a heroine is unmasked, and instead of blackmail, the step-father decides to put vibrators in her costume, stops by her apartment, stops by her work, and takes every opportunity he can to grope/molest/fondle the pretty girl.

9. Unmasking
  • Synopsis: A superheroine winds up running into the wrong guy.  Unmasking is typically seen as an unwritten-rule no-no, but this villain/thug seems to have missed the memo.  He knocks out, captures, and then unmasks the superheroine..   

  • Superheroines: Any, though some heroines have masks that are harder to remove than others.

  • Game Details:  I'd like to explore the different possibilities of what happens when a superheroine gets unmasked.  Certainly the badguy breaking into her apartment or house, possibly putting microscopic vibrators in her suit at the crotch, butt and breasts, or any number of humiliating things.  I do want to keep most of the play to her superheroine identity, just less centered around patrolling, and more around this guy constantly showing up at the worst times possible.  Lots of humiliation, lots of groping and forced orgasms, and rape.