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Welcome to Elliquiy

If you are not sure what role playing is or what constitutes adult or sexual roleplaying, feel free to click the What is Roleplaying? or What is Adult Roleplaying? links. We are happy to welcome adults into both activities on our forums.

Otherwise, you probably came here because you were looking for us.

Congratulations - that happens a lot : )

We are a proud group of open-minded roleplayers that have maintained our integrity as a community despite our growth. The place can be overwhelming at first, but friends and memories await those who look for them. Despite being the largest and most active sexual rp forum on the Internet, it has remained a warm and friendly forum where anyone can come to know anyone if they care to look.

While we focus on adult play by post roleplaying here, there is a pretty significant amount of people who are interested in adult chat and writing erotic stories.

You may want to check out the rules first. We ask that everyone who joins be civil and respectful. We are proud of how supportive this community is, and deal with those who abuse the trust we place accordingly.

As this community covers a wide variety of sexual themes in stories, art and role playing, members under the age of eighteen are not permitted to join.

Everyone else is welcome - we only bite when asked.

If you are over eighteen, click friend and enter.

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We roleplay mostly through forums and chat, here. If you prefer a graphical experience, our Sociolotron affiliate may be for you.

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This site contains depictions of erotic acts. You must be eighteen years of age or older to enter.