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Jean Sky, Human
Jean Sky, Human, Dress up


Jean Sky



Vampire or doll















She always have some form of music near her. She not picky about what is on her body as long as she looked good. She dress more like a tomboy though. Her breast only being about B cup. She doesn't care too much about that though as she knew that most people over looked her, but instead of hiding she presents herself as a calm, confident young woman, it sometimes coming off as cold.


Jean is a sassy girl that knows what she wants and she will climb to the top to get it. Though she does not come for the friends but comes for the good time. She is one of the girls that will deny herself friends because they only stab her in the back, it is just how she feels. She loves making beats as well as singing and dancing. Before she became a doll that was all that mattered to her but things changed. She comes off cold toward everyone that can’t give her what she wants, simply because she is tired of being upset over the things she cannot change and does not want to put herself in a situation where she is less than who she wants to be.



Ons & Offs

[1] See Player O/O


Jean was in a caring family for the most part, other than she was always over looked and left to deal with herself, due to being one of her parents three children. Being the over looked middle child turned her into a bit of a cold woman that some get the chance to see today. Once she was out of high school, which she excelled at due to being able to work her way up in classes. Not necessarily by doing extra credit, but simply putting on a facade, and getting on her teacher's good sides. After high school she went to Loyola University. The university had a music program that fit her needs perfectly. She got in and she studied for a little over a year and found out that the funding to keep her enrolled was trickling to a stop. It was then that she went to Créatures De La Nuit. Once she was there sought to procure herself a job because she didn't wanted to go home to nothing. Plus she would rather make something of herself, and why not dance or something right?

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