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Started by CurvyKitten, March 07, 2011, 04:20:35 AM

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An Old thread that I really enjoyed and looked as if it was going somewhere before real life got in the way. I'm seeing if there may be some reinvested interest in it. Thinking of removing the science experiment aspect of it this go around though let me know what you think?

Story: Lily Asylum. Located just outside of a major city. It seems like a regular asylum, but it's only for teenagers, and trust me, it isn't what it seems. Once inside, you ain't treated like a person anymore. By being sent to this asylum, you have become a test subject. The nurses here work for a genetics testing facility hidden inside of this quiet asylum. The most recent batch of teenager, that's you, have just arrived and don't know what's in store for them in this place.

As the story begins you will be brought in and one by one the experiments will begin. Your ability's and appearance changes will Depend on what is done to you and what your like.

You arrive to the asylum it was out in the middle of no where but that was expected with it's reputation for tuff cases. The outside looks run down but on the inside it is nothing but the top of the line.


I must admit that this idea sounds really interesting to me. If you think that is okay, I would like to post a character for me and join.

Thank you for your time.


Hey Curvy! Nice idea, wondering something- are the teens then there to serve the nurses and doctors who work there, or is this just for transformations and then the teens are "sold" to clients?  Just wondering where they story will progress to.
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At first they come because the other hospitals have turned them away. As for who they hook up with it will be whom ever they wish or try to really. The back story is the government wanted this and funded this. the people here wouldn't be missed afterward the main goal could be selling them to high end clients and government officials.

And I will put together character sheets for staff and the people being held within the hospital. I am hoping to keep a good balance, there will be NPC staff members as needed to help cover any shortage.


Name: Alexandria Roland
Age: 27
Personality: Smart prises when it comes to her research do to her severe OCD, she is quick to come back with something having to defend herself and her ideas all her life. She is young so she still has that air of playfullness about her but when it comes to work she can never be more serous.
Bio: Starting out at a young age it was evident that Alex was differant. That her mental capacity was for beyond any of a normal child. She was advanced through school like it was nothing. Being studied and alienated all the while. She learn to take care of her self and that knowledge was power. Early on she would test her boundaries with the adults around her, testing the knowledge and skill. She loved it when the were completely lost and couldn't help but be lost in what she was trying to explain. Her intrest grew as she started to study Human DNA. Her thoughts and theories were thought to be radical and beyond anything that was possible. Thus she was thrust in to her current postion at Lily Asylum. She wasn't happy but Alex was never one to let a challenge get the best of her.
Abilities: OCD makes her attention to detail unnaturally good, photo graphic memory, advanced gene studies
She is in charge of the hospital , and lead of all the teams within the hospital.


Name:Maggie Franklin((curvykitten))
Age: 17
Personality: depends which one is out, anything from happy silly child to sadistic malevolent male
Bio:When Maggie was young her house was not the best of place to be. Her sister Jamie which was 14 at the time was coming to an age where she was beginning to show signs of woman hood. Her father being the perv and abusive ass hole her was tried to rape her. But Maggi's mother stopped him, and afterthat took Jamie out with her never leaving her home alone with their father. Thinking surely he wouldn't touch the baby.... She was wrong it started at age four when her father first started to rape her. And beat her when she would fight. Soon she grew and he started to pass her around to his buddies. That's when the blackouts started, she was never sure who would come out or what would happen. All she knew is that when the bad stuff happened she was gone. Till the day she turned 12, Finlay enough was enough and that is when Adam came in to play. A very sadistic and evil male personality, she has no memory of what happened just what was said to her later. She had killed her father cut his thought. From there on she was bounce from hospital to hospital.
Diagnosis:Dissociative identity disorder as of yet they have identified 8 personalties
Appearance Before:
Appearance After: (After genetic change will be decided later as you are changed)
Abilities: (after change again will come about after you are changed)


Hey Curvy I will definitely check the box marked yes for interest.
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Ciao for now ^_^


Woot awesome, we get a few more players I will get both the OOC, Main thread up and running. This is one of the stories I was really having fun with till real live stole me away from E...looking forward to getting it started again.


Kitten I would love to play too.  I am on usually throughout the week let me know if ya want me to make a profile...



Kayla Morgan
Age 17

Kayla was the youngest of four, the only girl amongst three older brothers. They were the center of attention, three football players,and Kayla was often roughed up and beaten by them. They even tried to use her as a football when she was 5. Kayla continued to withdraw from people after that, usually closing herself off to the rest of the world with music or her computer. Most people thought she was mute since she never really spoke. Her family basically kicked her out as useless and was homeless for a while unlit she got caught shoplifting food. She didn't defend herself figuring at least she's be off the streets.
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Acid Lips

I dont know if you have enough people so I thought I would ask first, can I join?


Yup if you all still want to join come up with some characters, hopefully I can get some guys as well. If not I shall make it

Acid Lips

I can make a guy student if you want to


Hey, ladies, have no fear, and don't jump into a man-i-skin just yet if you don't want to.

Just one thing: I'm wondering how weird this is going to get. I can get pretty bizarre with my writing, but when you mix that with the sexy times, it's not as fun for me. So if my character grows tentacles or turns into a jelly, he's going to lose his libido in the process. See what I mean? Basically what I'm asking is, is this going to go in Extreme? Or NC Exotic? Or what?

Pretty sure it'll be cool with me, though.

Major Major

I have a character that might be fun to use here; she as originally from a game on another site.

Question though, what is and isn't allowable here?


I'll post my interest here. I'm at uni right now, so when I return I'll read a little more in depth!

Acid Lips

Would be nice to see a skeleton for what your looking for in a profile


I was thinking more along the lines of working with the person personality. My girl would be of a chameleon type, probably able to change her look and voice. Seeing is she is split personality that makes sense. I don't want top give to much away but needless to say a tentacle monster wouldn't survive long for what the people funding the this want them for. It is a twist and an idea that if people don't like I can easily lose. But no there be no tentacle monsters, simply enhancements to the best you can be in what ever field that may be in.

I am looking for a few doctors, most of the staff will be NPC's brought in to help keep things moving. And or lovely guests at the lily asylum, men...woman...of all sorts of derangement.

Major Major

I could play a doctor or an inmate, if you want.


Name Kimberly James aka Kim

Age 18

Backstory Kim has been bounced from one girls home to another.  She never knew her parents and makes it known she nevers wants to either.  She loves to steal, anything and everything.  To her its not about money, its not about the possesions, its about the art of doing it and not being caught.  The energy she feels after knowing she has gotten away with it.  She has been known to use her looks to her advantage with both males and females.  She got cuaght in the act of robbing a jewlery store she was on her way out of the store when a cop just happen to be driving by.  When she was caught the cops were able to pin half a dozen robberies on her becausein the car she was using (stolen of course) was some of her collection from previous jobs.  Using her looks once again she was able to avoid prison and sent to the Asylum instead.


I'm totally interested. I can make a male client if need be. Prefer women. BUT PM me please if you are still looking for people. My RP plate is definitely still open. Thank you.


Oh this looks fun! Bio submitted!

Name:Ellie Sanders
Age: 16
Personality: Sexually aggressive, manipulative and cunning. There is very little about Ellie that is soft and cuddly. She had learned little in life is given freely and because of that offers little to nothing of herself to others. She is smart and sarcastic with a rather dry sense of humor. She is extremely competitive with girls and extremely charming with boys.
History:Ellie grew up in a fractured home raised by a drunken father that replaced his wife with his fragile daughter. For years no one noticed as the girl changed from a happy but quiet girl into some one withdrawn and aggressively secretive. But at thirteen she had her first pregnancy and miscarriage and she was taken from her father.
Everyone expected her to be thankful but she was not. When he died when she was 14 she was free in one form but still trapped with the group homes that were little better then her father had been. She learned to use her body and sexuality as a weapon and a way to keep herself safe. At 16 she was caught seducing her group home adviser and was sent to Lily Asylum after a psychiatrist deemed her in need of 24 hour mental care if she was ever expected to be rehabilitated.
Diagnosis: Borderline personality disorder as well as supstance abuse, sleep disorder (insomnia) and a mild eating disorders(anorexia).
She is known to use speed and X.
The Insomnia is easily controlled by a sedative but becomes worse when upset or stressed.
The eating disorder is a control mechanism that only surfaces when her other symptoms are at their peek.


Woot love all the interest, Ok all Staff is open if you would like to play one of them. I am open to help in that department. As for men I am not going to make anyone play something they don't want to. All be it adding a few would make the fun a little less limited, I am always willing to pull out a male NPC to help with the fun. SOOOO... by all means everyone submit what it is you wish to play and we will make this game work just fine with it.


I'm just putting together a bio for a male staff member... a completely unethical psychologist.

I hope that fits the theme you want for the game... if it doesn't please let me know and I can tweek accordingly.


Name: Dr Christopher Lascelles

Age: 35

Personality: Born into the cream of English aristocracy Christopher Lascelles has always possessed the devastating charm that such an upbringing entails combined with almost stereotypically perfect manners and speech. Unfortunately for those who encounter him this is just a shell. Behind the courtesy and the charm lies a deeply arrogant and manipulative personality, a personality that has never really escaped the idea of the superiority of the nobility. Put simply there are two types of people in the world for Mr Lascelles... nobles like him, people of breeding and character from good honest stock... the type who can trace their line back through to the dukes, barons and princes of Medieval Europe... and there are the peasants... the lessers... those who's entire purpose in life is to facilitate their betters, to bend to their will... and he cares nothing for the peasants. Keenly intelligent and cunning, educated to the highest level and experienced in his chosen field for those he either respects or needs to use Christopher is the picture of charm... and a terrifying prospect for anyone else.

Bio: The second son of a leading English family Christopher Lascelles wanted for nothing during his youth. An upbringing typical for a rural gentleman... educated at Eton, weekends spent shooting, hunting and fishing on the family estate before going to Oxford University. As the second son Christopher did not have to worry about managing his family assets instead being able to devote his time to his chosen interest: psychology. Lascelles is obsessed with understanding what controls people... and learning how to use that for his own advantage and eventually control people himself. A firm believer in the idea of birthright he considers it disgusting that those of common birth have been allowed to rise up in the world and believes that through his chosen profession he can return the world to the “good old days”.

His interest appeared early in his life and stayed ever since. Despite somewhat of a playboy existence at University (being a member of the infamous Bullingdon Club) he was immensely successful, scoring the 3rd highest mark of his year, contributing to multiple pear reviewed papers and co-authoring a piece with one of his tutors title “Rupture resolution in cognitive analytic therapy for adolescents with borderline personality disorder”. His Post-grad and doctorate studies followed these principles with significant amounts of work based on the ideas of Margaret Singer and her research into the mind control seemingly conducted by religious cults. Surprisingly he opted to conduct these studies in Eastern Europe, specifically in and around the area once known as Yugoslavia. He claimed this was for better access to less traditional research and reports but the reality was far more sinister; while his published work may have been legitimate the lawlessness of that area in Eastern Europe at the time allowed him to indulge his real passion far away from watchful eye of medical ethics. Rumours came of prisoners taken from their homes only to be returned weeks later slack jawed and drooling... if they even returned at all although of course none suspected the handsome, charming young psychologist of being involved in such heartless experiments.

By 2000 the situation was stabilising in the region and much to his disgust Lascelles found himself forced to consider a traditional career with all the restrictions it entailed. In that way the War on Terror couldn't come fast enough for the newly crowned doctor. He may have escaped mainstream attention for his work in Eastern Europe but for those who are paid to note such things he was a quick... and eager... recruit. Surprisingly it wasn't the UK who recruited him but the US... an arrangement that suited all the parties concerned. Considering the nature of his work the US wanted to be able to point out that he wasn't an American... the UK wanted to point out his was technically managed by the US and Lascelles was more than happy to slip through the cracks. In the early years his work was legendary within the community of the dark arts that had ideas about his work. Loyal fundamentalists assassinating their own leaders, countless deep moles offering up every insight into their organisations. Unethical... illegal... immoral... evil... but effective.

All good things must come to an end however. Abu Ghraib was a primitive attempt at extending Lascelles work. It was crude and Christopher would never have been so stupid as to be caught but the additional interest it brought to such operations meant it was simply impractical to keep them running. Rather than give up a valuable resource Lascelles was instead redeployed, sent to the Lily Asylum to both maintain his skills, give him a steady stream of test subjects to experiment on and serve his new masters in a different way.

Not that Christopher would ever refer to the Colonials as his masters... but nor will he complain as long as they give him what they want.


A fit and healthy 35 year old who regularly partakes in intense physical exercise. Always immaculately tailored, a talent he has managed to maintain at whatever location he finds himself.

World class psychologist with specialisations in mental disorders and curing/exploiting them
Utterly immoral and manipulative
Former amateur boxer and still competes as a modern pentathlete

Other: Works under the nominal control of Alexandria and while he has given no indication that he is anything but a loyal, dedicated member of the team deep inside his arrogance chafes at the idea of working under a Colonial peasant... especially one who was also younger than him.


I only recently got discharged from a psyche ward, so it seems oddly appropiate that I join this :)
Will write up a bio for a male patient.
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