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Ideas and Inventions:

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Current Burning Desire, In Discussion, Taken
Typically, I would fill this up with completely new ideas but I am struggling to come up with fresh ideas (the result of a very rusty muse).  So I reorganized some of my favorites and updated which ones I would like more for the moment.  Feel free to bring me your own ideas, I'm pretty flexible at the moment.  I might be struggling with the initial spark for an idea but I'm always good at building on something else!

Genres I'm Always Looking For:                   
-Fantasy/Science Fiction

-Mythology/Ancient Egypt
-Time Travel
-Video Games
Vague Match-ups That Intrigue Me:
-Spy/Innocent Bystander
-'Normal' Woman/Pornstar
-Rich Man/New Escort
-Demon or Angel/Human or Vampire/Werewolf
-Supernatural Creature(f)/Hunter(m)

Burning Desires:
This is a list of things I'd really like in a story currently.  It can be anything from general to specific and they are just ideas- I don't expect/demand that they be in every story I take on at the moment.
-Romance/Affection/Protection.  Romance is most certainly listed under general genre's but I thought it was worth mentioning again.  That sweet writing part of me is in need of stretching and being appreciated.  This doesn't have to be an instant, soul mate connection by any means.  I just have an overwhelming desire to ensure my characters are cared for and given proper affection at the moment- I also have a desire for that good old fashioned male protecting female instinct!
-Fight/Breaking to Submission.  I'd like a chance to walk a character there from being completely defiant to her most natural instincts being to submit to another character's desires.  This can be coerced through pleasure, or a certain amount of pain, or even some outside force (blackmail, mind control, etc).  Something about a strong character gradually choosing to give into someone else has always been appealing to me anyway.
-Victorian Era.  I'm in the mood for something a little more 'classy' or eloquent, something that involves suitors and maybe a bit of trying to escape from a chaperone.  Dirtying up a prim and proper lady sounds like a very, very good time to me.
-Dragons.  I don't know why but I want a story with a dragon in it because they are awesome and breathe fire (or maybe some other element if we're feeling fanciful) and cool stuff like that!  I'm up for it being an NPC/Bad Guy in the story... I just feel the need for a dragon, blame Game of Thrones if you must.
-VR/Video Game aspect.  I like the idea of having some sort of space that bends reality a bit and the characters meet/explore there first.

Unsettled Ideas
Well, welcome to my unsettled idea's list!  These are various ideas to varying degrees and I hope you will enjoy looking over them.  But, as a bit of explanation, I do not particularly like to solidify a story before discussing the idea with a potential partner.  So most of these ideas are a vague idea with various options or possible routes listed- there maybe more of an idea regarding the character I wish to play but for the most part as far as a male part goes there is a lot of choice and opportunity.  Some I might have a solid 'intro' idea but I don't see it as extremely restrictive to the story, and I hope that you do not either. So, feel free to play around with them in your mind before PMing me, if you're interested.  I also suggest, including some ideas in your PM in reference to the plot that you like, my curiosity and interest are more easily piqued when another brings opinions to the table.

To Be The Prize:  An attractive young woman moves into the top floor new apartment complex and of course, it's her dream place a huge loft with open windows and a great view!  The perfect place for her to begin her new career, just after finishing her degree, and ideal for her to make a potential home for herself.  Luckily it's even got two attractive neighbors on the same floor for her to flirt with to her hearts content.  Both show interest in her separately and both begin the same old dance to get in her pants.  What she does not know is she's living on the floor with two heads of two opposing supernatural factions.  They live there under the guise of bringing peace but no matter how good relations maybe between their races they always compete with one another and both have set their predatory gaze on the apartment's new tenet.  They peruse her separately but well within the knowledge the other is doing so (though she would be unaware of that particular detail).  The two opposing forces/races are up for debate and discussion but both would be fairly seductive in nature, both would be extremely possessive of her (even if they are sharing her- they would not allow others to be involved with her).  Ideally there would two sides of the coin as far as their sexual encounters go: one being more rough, animalistic, and controlling (all about the pleasure of her submission and being 'used') and the other being more 'vanilla' but with it's own kinks (more about her pleasure, what she wanted and teasing until they give exactly that to her).  It will be a twisted game with her as their pawn and sex as their weapon, her being seduced and fucked again and again as a means of superiority on their part until there is a defined winner.

Creature Comforts:  A woman is being stalked, by something not human... she feels it watching her every single minute of every single day and she has absolutely no idea how to handle it.  It wants her, wants her to be on edge all the time, relishing in her fear and no one believes her.  It scares off any rivals, deciding she belongs specifically to it and no one else.  Ever.  It's always just out of vision: never directly interacting with her at first but always making a point to ensure she remembers it's presence.  Slowly though- she starts getting used to it being there, always being there and begins to find it comforting... starts to have feelings other than fear about it... almost comforted by its presence.  It saves her one day from another supernatural creature, convincing her even more it's not as bad as she originally thought... disappearing shortly after and making her feel strangely alone for the first time in months.  (preference for a vampire/werewolf type supernatural creature- something that 'hunts' but has a human form: new ideas certainly welcome)

House Arrest: Years in prison, years.  Days, hours, and moments he will never get back and he knows the name of the exact woman responsible for his imprisonment.  She lives alone, with the dog they had purchased together acting if she did not ruin some of the best years of his life.  He's been watching her since he was recently released and she can feel it, feel that she's being stalked by someone and no one in her life believes her.  She has no idea it's him, the man that she dated all those years ago.  She needs to be punished, she needs to be forced to see exactly what she did wrong and he's the perfect man for the job.  They were together before his imprisonment and he remembers every weakness she has... he'll force her against her will and he'll force her to like it, then... then he'll make her beg for more and one night he breaks into her home, trapping her there.

Contest of A Concubine: A family of new fortune has nothing to offer the Pharaoh, nothing that no one else cannot give him at least.  Money- he has enough of it.  Jewels or gold- laughable.  Exotic silks or thoroughbred rare animals- ridiculous.  They need collateral, something that will them the power and prestige that should have come with their most recent affluence. All they have... is their daughter.  The idea of giving the Pharaoh something as simple as a woman to do with what he pleases, would seem like a weak play to most but this family has been training her from a very young age how to catch the attention of men.  They were depending on her to stand out among the concubines and gain the interest of the most powerful man in the nation.  She goes to view him dressed as a slave girl, before her formal presentation and is caught by him- intrigued or bored he gives her a coin and tells her to present it to the guards at any point to be taken to his quarters.  She saves the coin, slipping it quietly into his hand as she's presented by her family as a gift and the dance begins.

The Last for the Collection:  Set in a near-futuristic society, one of the most sought after things in the world is known as a 'Chesspiece' but these life like dolls are rightfully almost too expensive to own and they seem to be extremely rare.  No one really knows where they come from and they're are even illegal to own in some places.  The man that created the entire set of female pieces, is a private individual and obviously one of the most wealthy men in the entire world... he created each of the pieces: the Pawn- the most generic, fuck bot one could imagine: the Rook- a damsel in distress that will play the good wife:  the Knight- a feisty female that likes to challenge it's owner in the best ways possible: and the Bishop- an innocent catholic or school girl that can slowly be corrupted.  All that's left is to create his last piece - the one that can learn throughout it's life time, the one destined to be perfect for each owner.  The Queen.

Pleasures of the Flesh: 
She's always thought that tattoos are one of the most interesting forms of personal expression and she has several already but she's had the best idea for a tattoo and she can't wait to get it.  The tattoo parlor is called Pleasures of the Flesh, a new one she's never seen around but the tattoo artist seems cool enough.  She tells her she wants a male pinup, giving her a picture of a muscular man in nothing but denim work pants, that she wants tattooed on her shapely thigh.  It takes hours and looks even better than she thought it would, almost life like and worth the expensive price tag.  One night she get's wasted with her friends, going home to a lonely apartment and has the strangest dream about her tattoo coming to life and making a lonely night not so lonely.  Ever since then she's felt like her tattoo is has been more lively... moving... teasing... it's almost like she feels those imagined hands all along her flesh under he clothes but any time she goes to look at her bare skin it stops.  She hates how erotic it turns out to be, positive she can feel her tattoo touching her most sensitive areas in public... wondering- wondering if maybe it was not a dream- wondering if her tattoo has a mind of it's own.  When she goes back to the tattoo parlor to investigate it's gone...  (there is a potential first post down a few posts, but I'm always willing to start a fresh)

Controlling Mistress:  The belle of the ball, the hostess, is known for not participating in the carnal actions that go on at her parties- parties specifically designed for grand scale sexual dalliances since every single person that attends knows they'll find someone to sate all desires.  A man has attending her parties, having his fill of women- dominating each of them but one night he decides the observant, clothed hostess will be his biggest triumph yet and he wants to her to submit to him in every way possible.  But, she has her own ideas- she likes to be in control, likes to dominate the men trying so hard to dominate her- slowly strip them of all that dominance without them even noticing.  It would start of simple- she would use simple tactics to force him into doing what she wanted without anything in return.  She would use his desire to be the only one to have ever pleasured her- use the desire to keep attending the parties against him- eventually using the promise of more pleasure to keep him in line.  Over time she would let him have more and more of her but never truly giving up control to him. (I've also started this one previously, there is another potential  initial post: again I'm never against starting all over)

Archived Story Ideas

Put away but never forgotten!

Friend Zoned: Everyone's been there at some point or another: that zone where friends end up despite their desire to be lovers.  One such a young woman has recently been friend zoned by her gorgeous long term friend despite the night they spent together.  It's not the way things were supposed to turn out, they were supposed to live happily ever after... he was supposed to love her or at least want to fuck her again, right?  Was she that undesirable?  In response she launches a sexy assault (please note sexy, not sexual) against him, trying to get him to give in.  On his side, he knows how much it hurts her ego to be turned down by him and he wants control over her... he wants her willing to do anything for him, using her desire to be with him against her and starts telling her exactly how to please him.  It starts off simple- without him being directly involved- telling her what to wear, when she should touch herself, sending him pictures whenever he demands and eventually it becomes more involved with his direct pleasure but still never completely giving into her the way she really wants- to keep her there right where he wants her.

Once Upon a Twisted Time: - A damsel has been in distress for many years, lost in a huge maze since she was a small child by some evil wizard or opposing force to her kingdom.,. maybe it was the kingdom itself?  Honestly, she did not remember any of the details- just the memory of her mother crying and being held back by armed men.  There were many dangers in the maze and she had become a strong willed woman over the years, capable of defending herself or avoiding most of the dangers with ease.  She had been mapping out the maze slowly, covering miles and miles without finding and end or an exit to it.  Eventually in the middle of the night she wakes up to an earth shattering noise and when coming out of her shaky home, she had fashioned herself, she discovers an innocent looking man completely naked.  What she does not know is he's the one responsible for putting her here, he's the one that's thrown all the dangers at her, and he's been watching her grow up into the woman she has become... now he wants more.

Dreamweavers:  Two people, with completely separate lives and no connections, are dreaming of each other almost every night.  From the very beginning it's steamy and fraught with nothing but explicit needful fucking, finally sliding into more sensual fulfilling every one their own desires.  It's perfect, living out their most secret fantasies without having to open up to anyone or admit them to anyone real.  Unfortunately they're still sexually frustrated- every dream ends just before that perfect moment of release and they tend to wake up more needful than ever- they're forced to get themselves off or go searching for the nearest possible sex but even when they finally orgasm they still feel a longing to finish in one of their dreams.  The both begin to cherish the dreams, wanting them to happen and nothing seems more important than being able to bring themselves to orgasm: eventually they do.  When they finally manage to reach the moment they were waiting for something shifts: they form an erratic telepathic bond, realizing for the first time the person they've been dreaming about was real all along.  They begin seeing out of each other's eyes, experiencing what they experience, and hearing each others thoughts... finding it holds its own forms of eroticism. 

Taken Story Ideas

One Night Stand:  After breaking up with her long term boyfriend, she's going on a binge - she's going to fuck all the men she wants, any time she wants, anywhere she wants...  and she does, sucking off her boss under his desk, fucking that cute stranger in the alley behind the club, begging to be bent over the table in the secluded library, spreading her legs every chance she gets.  But, unknown to her, a spirit has attached itself and it has the ability to possess whoever she is choosing to use at the time.  (I haven't thought this out completely, I just think it would be fun to have her thinking she's fucking different people when in reality it's the same entity.  It gives the chance for variety.  I wrote it for a slutty girl, because who doesn't love a slutty girl, but I'm willing to switch up roles for someone wanting to fuck different gals on the regular ;D)

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Missed Opportunities

Fenrir is open for games.

Initial Posts:
As a bit of an explanation for this section: these are the first posts that I made for various RPs that never went very far for whatever reason.  Some of them I might have forgotten the direction they were going on and some of these will be random intro posts that my muse would not let go without actually getting them out and about.  Some are fairly rough and if any of them speak to you they will be revamped a bit before being used again but I don't see much use in letting good ideas go completely.  The title of the spoiler is not the title of the game or post- it's just a bit to let you weed through desirable/non desirable ones.

Space Saver

Human Ends Up With A Demon's Power

As the thunder rolled to the west all the occupants of a small nearby village ran quickly between buildings to try and complete chores before the rain fell.  There was on figure though that walked calmly through the community stopping at each dwelling and speaking kindly to those who lived there.  They answered her questions and took the medicine she offered but not one met her eyes or offered her a moments rest in their home.  The young woman of only twenty three summers, was used to the whispers that followed behind her and the looks of pity the villagers believed she would not see.  The dress she wore as she made her rounds to each villagers home was a simple one, though nicer than the clothes of the villagers.  The only perk of being the sole medicine benefactor within twenty leagues.   

The beige sheen of the material complimented her fair skin and dark golden hair that hung just barely passed her shoulders.  The flowing sleeves of the dress were of the same color but far more translucent for no particular reason than her desire to show more skin.  Her sharp brown eyes landed on the last house of the day and she felt her soft smile falter for the first time that day.  It was the counsel leader's house and it happened to be the only building on her route that she dreaded.  The thought of forgetting the house and moving on entered her mind but was squashed as she saw the owner of the house standing outside waving to her.

"Catalina, darling!  Won't you come in today?  I have a horrible headache that needs seen to and the light of the day increases it's intensity."  The woman's eyes widened at the other woman's words.  Catalina had never been invited into someone's home before unless it had been a life or death situation.  She hoped that her surprised was well covered as she started to the other woman's house inquiring about the pains in her head.  The other woman moved aside as Catalina walked by and she was surprised again at the other woman's courtesy.  She paused at the threshold a moment wondering if the village would finally accept her now that they had seen their leader do so.  The moment of awe passed quickly as she entered the house and moved to a simple wooden table in the main living space of the small building.  Catalina sat when the other woman motioned for her to do so.  Catalina continued asking various questions to the older woman and started pulling out various herbs and mixing them together.  She handed the pouch to the other woman with a smile on her face explaining how to use the herbs in tea to help with her head pains.

"You know, Catalina dear, that the village would be hospitable towards you if you were properly married."  The friendly smile that was upon Catalina's face slipped and was replaced with a clear feeling of pain.  "It is not appropriate for a woman of your age to be alone.  You are setting a bad example for the other girls of the village and the villagers will not encourage or tolerate such behavior for much longer."

"I should not be required to marry."  The words were spoken softly almost as a plea.  Catalina had carried on this argument for eight months now and it coupled by the coldness of the villagers were  finally wearing her down.  She felt the pressure of marrying weigh heavily on her shoulders and a slump that had never been seen entered Catalina's frame.

"What should be and what is required rarely coincide dear."  The old woman's voice was firm and full of wisdom that Catalina was trying to avoid.  She looked down at the table trying to recall her valid reasons for why she did not wish to marry but they were slipping through her hands like water and before she could concentrate hard enough to get a grip on one she felt the earth tremble below her feet.

"Did you feel that?"  The annoyance on the older woman's face did little to give Catalina an answer and Catalina found herself ignoring the woman's next words lost in thought about the shift she had felt in the earth.  Such things were rare and could be very dangerous.  As the older woman continued to lecture her, Catalina started preparing a list of things that she might need if the rumble continued and thing changed drastically for the worse.  Suddenly Catalina felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.  Something was wrong.

The hairs on her neck stood up further and a feeling that could only be described as unease hit the pit of her stomach.  She felt the pressure of... of something in the room with her and the other woman.  Catalina watched as the other woman continued speaking as if she could not feel the presence.  The young woman felt the back of her neck be tickled as if what ever it could be was playing with her.  She took a deep breath to stead herself when pain erupted throughout her body.  It was a steady throbbing pain that was spread throughout her entire body and it seemed as if every nerve ending was spasming in pain.  On the outside she appeared fine with only a slight glaze to her eyes for the other woman to identify if anything was wrong.  But a hatred took a hold of Catalina as she watched the woman continue to speak without a care for what was happening to her.

"Oh do be quiet you wretched old woman.  My properness is none of your concern and even if it was you would be hard pressed to explain why I would want a husband when one such as yours is down the street right this second sticking his cock into the breadmaker's wife."  The words were ripped from her throat and though Catalina knew she should feel terrible for saying such an atrocity she found she delighted in saying what she had been thinking since the counsel had first sought to make her a bride.  The full extent of what she just said hit Catalina like a boulder, she had never uttered such words in her life.  Pain still floated around her and she could feel its perverse delight in the words she had thrown in the woman's face.  Catalina stood up to leave and a wave of dizziness hit her hard and she swayed on the spot.

"Forgive me Counselor for I am not feeling myself at all."  The older woman did not move to help her as she swayed and the anger on her face intensified.  Catalina found herself wanting to lash out at the woman again as the pain intensified.  She needed to get out of here.  She left quickly knocking over the chair she had been occupying and left the woman standing in shock and anger.  When Catalina reached the outside world some of the pressure and pain lifted as if whatever was going on was happier with more space to spread out in.  She shook her head at such silliness.  It was just simple pain and she needed to return home and treat herself as quickly as possible.  She reached the edge of the village quickly and started towards the edge of the forest where her house was located.

Each step became harder to take the closer she came to her haven as if the pain was waring her muscles down purposefully.  Catalina swayed heavily everything in front of her eyes became darker and harder to make out.  The coolness of the door knob shocked her hand as she turned it.  She had not realized her skin felt like it was on fire.  She shut the door behind her as she entered her home and after leaning a moment against the closed door she continued to the cupboard where her supplies were kept.  She needed something for pain, something for fever, and something for....

Darkness enclosed her vision completely as the woman felt to the floor completely unconscious.

New Neighbor Moving In

It was not exactly hot outside.  In fact, it was cool in comparison to the state she had left a few days ago but Constance had a sheen of sweat along her brow and the back of her hand did little good to wipe it away.  Now that she was aware of the fact she was sweating, she could feel little drops of the salty water along all of her limbs.  She grumbled quietly and picked up another box from the back of the moving truck, wishing for more than once the past two hours that she had paid to keep the movers around a bit longer.  They had handled all of the furniture and a lot of the bigger boxes but they had been dismissed because of their leering stares and lewd comments when they thought she was out of ear shot.  Dressed in a simple tank top in shorts, they had made it fairly obvious that they were not used to seeing so much skin but as much as she liked to be admired, at the time, it had been annoying, degrading, and above all it made her painfully aware of the fact she was moving into this big house by herself.  She walked, what had to be the hundredth box, towards her front door, taking side glances to the other houses along the street. 

Constance had not met any of the neighbors yet but from what the Realtor told her it was mostly married couples and families around here.  It was going to be a completely different experience for the woman who was used to the city life and meeting single men everywhere she went.  Her friends and family had tried to convince her to move further into the city but Constance had fallen in love with the beautiful house before her and had instantly decided she did not want to live anywhere else.  She nudged the cracked front door with her hip, sliding in and taking in the sight once more.  Gorgeous hardwood floors, stark white walls, huge rooms with wide open windows.  It was her paradise, the type of house she had always imagined moving into and she had so many plans for it already.  In the front room, the foyer if she were going to start being proper about it, had almost fifteen boxes that were starting to pile pretty high.  She placed the newest box with these, having stopped putting the boxes in their proper rooms long ago.  The boxes contained all sorts of things, kitchen supplies, her clothes, various odds and ends but it was simply quicker to put them all here for now and sort them out later.  She was so tired of moving and was tempted to stop for a while... but there were only a couple of boxes left.

The sweat that she had grumbled about outside quickly disappeared in the cool house and just to have a few more moments of respite from the work that was left to her outside, she scooted around several boxes and went through the dinning room into the kitchen.  Thankfully the box labeled 'glasses' had made it into the kitchen before she had just started putting the boxes where ever and she opened it quickly and took some water from the tap.  She drank it unhappily, having much preferred if it had been cold.  Temperatures were always better in extremes.  Constance liked it really hot or really cold because room temperature was really just a waste of time.  She shook her head and went over to put the glass in the freezer for when she was done.  Taking the time to get the water she knew she would be unsatisfied with was a waste of time so she had no room to complain.

It was just a few more minutes before she was back outside, headed to the truck for another box.  The neighborhood was quaint with its random trees and houses all in a row and she hoped that she would fit in fairly well here while idly wondering if she should make a point to meet the neighbors themselves.  If she did, did she bring them a gift like in the TV shows... or wait, were they supposed to bring her food?  She was pretty sure that was just in TV land so she was not sure why she was worrying about it in the first place so she dismissed it completely.  The sunlight was fading and suddenly Constance was worried about the time and when she had to have this truck back to where she had rented it from.  She climbed into the back of the moving truck smoothly and slowly pulled the five or six boxes that were left to the edge so she did not have to keep climbing back in.  She jumped down with a little thud as her feet hit the asphalt and she reached for the nearest box.  It was box that seemed just big enough where she could not get her arms around it comfortably.  Determined, she did her best to readjust and pulled it from the safety of its perch.  She made it nearly five steps before the bottom of the box gave away and all her pots and pans came falling forth.  The noise was tremendous as they all landed upon themselves and the ground.  Constance stood there holding a now empty cardboard box for one stupefied second before she sighed heavily.  Bending over quickly, she began picking them up and stacking them inside each other.  This would happen when she was almost done and now that she was in a hurry to make sure she did not have to pay another day on the truck.

A Demon Has Found Her SoulMate/Hunter

Dark eyes had followed him almost all day, watching every single movement he had made and though he he was hidden behind the door of a hotel room her gaze followed him, knowing exactly where he was though she could not directly see him. The crystal around her neck could still feel him, could feel his heart beating and the pain on his back while he moved about the room.  Catalina was apprehensive for the first time in perhaps a hundred years.  A human.  He was a human.  The idea was absolutely absurd, that she would become devoted to such a lowly creature but still, she had to fight the urge to reach out to him most of the day.  It had been ridiculously difficult to sit back and simply watch him take on the other supernatural beings though she had not even been sure what kind they had been and even if she could have helped.  He had dispatched them easily enough and already Catalina found herself admiring his confidence and determination.

She stepped out from the shadows and into the faint light that the hotel gave off, studying the door and trying to decide what she was going to do.  It was supposed to be simple, he was supposed to understand... this was not supposed to happen.  She would have to explain everything to him and hoped he would just understand.  The idea was daunting to try and explain not only herself, but her powers and the bond.  But even now, there was so much she did not understand because he was human.  Would he feel her presence, or would her powers work on him?  There was only one way to find out but she could not bring herself to knock on that door.  A heavy sigh was felt throughout her entire body as she leaned against the car he had been using most of the day.

He would not understand and he would most likely try to kill her.  That much was obvious, he was a hunter of her kind and anything the humans deemed 'evil.' No matter that they have absolutely no idea how things really work, they have their list of evil things and Catalina was one of those at the very tip-top of this made up evil list.  She wanted to leave, simply run away, to pretend that her crystal had never reacted to his soul and that someone proper would come along later.  Her heart sank in her chest at the idea, knowing that no other immortal would come and she could never fully leave the pesky human on the other side of that door.  Her hands went back onto the hood of his vehicle and she lifted her weight easily as she shifted to set her bottom upon it.  Her legs kicked back and forth, making a small thudding noise as the heel of her boot hit against the front bumper.

She chuckled lightly to herself.  It would be a strange sight to anyone who choose to look, a young woman sitting on a car by herself this late a night... or was it close enough to be called morning now?  Catalina had no idea, she had not bothered to look at a clock since she found him.  She wondered so many things about him, the most recent fact being his name.  She did not want to simply call him 'human' the rest of her life.  Her hand went into her long dark hair, running her fingers through it in a common gesture she had picked up over the last few hours.  It was the only thing she could do to distract herself from approaching him, to worry about her appearance.  Her fingers brushed her hair quickly, catching on some tangles and her hands moved to smooth out the long locks once more.  She shifted to lean down and brush some of the dirt off of her legs, wishing she had been smart enough to simply wear jeans this morning.  Her long, bare legs were covered in streaks of dried mud and as her dark eyes surveyed the rest of her body she had splotches of dirt on her tank top and khaki shorts as well.  She sighed to herself, well it was not as if she had known she would have to trek out to the middle of nowhere when she dressed this morning.

Catalina's grooming stopped all together and stiffened as the air around her changed completely.  Her body was tense and her eyes darted up towards his door, using every outlet available to make sure he was alright.  It was not him.  Suddenly the top half of her body was slammed against the hood of the car, her head slamming into the front windshield as she was pinned down, unable to move.  Invisible hands held her down and someone slide out of a shadow she had not even seen somewhere to her left.  The other immortal came completely into her into her view with a sickly sweet smile.  He did not say anything as he approached her and Catalina's eyes narrowed at him as he loomed over her and his deep voice came through to her as his hand place itself upon her chest.  "Young and stupid, I've been following you for hours.  Did not even bother checking for someone with your eyes on your newest mark.... Hmmm.  Don't worry I'll take him too, to add to your collection"

There was a bright light, from her chest, as he finished speaking and though she wanted to fight back, there was little she could do.  Her stash of souls were slowly being pulled from her chest and all she could concentrate on was getting him away from the old, powerful immortal that had her pinned.  "Run."  She pushed the thought into his mind, uncaring if the man before her drained her of every last soul she had so far collected as long as she did not get her bonded's soul.

Nymph Hit by a Car

With a mind far away from that present moment, she had not heard nor expected the oncoming vehicle.  Now, Sierra's mind was engulfed in complete darkness as she tried to muddle through to surface from unconsciousness.  Time seemed to pass oddly and her mind felt heavy as if it was swimming in sludge.  Something was pulling at her, trying to get her to wake up, and she found herself concentrating on that and began inching towards awareness and when her eyes fluttered open she found herself looking at the blurry sight of a man Sierra did not recognize.  Her forehead crinkled in pain and confusion and she shut her eyes once more with a breathless noise of discomfort.  A slow, shaky hand came up to her forehead, wishing it would help the intense throbbing throughout her noggin but it did little to sway the massive amount of pain.  Another groan escaped between her lips and her hand went back, into her long brown hair until it jerked back with a loud hiss issuing through her teeth.  Her hand had found the large bump upon her head and it was still very, very tender.

She needed something to concentrate on so her eyes opened once more, revealing dark, forest green eyes.  Pain was obvious in them as she focused upon the man hovering over her and blinking slowly several times to try and force her double vision into normal.  Sparks of memories flashed through her mind as she looked up at him, she could hear the sliding of tires and see as she turned to catch sight of the Range Rover headed for her.  There had been no time to react, even if she could have and as the memory faded her body started feeling the affects of her other injuries.  Sharp pain moved through her chest with each breath and there was a terrible wrenching pain in the shoulder of the hand that had gone up to her forehead.  Sierra tried to adjust it to a more comfortable position, the shock of pain pulling a loud yell from her.  Ugh, why did she try moving at all?  If he said anything that had acquired an answer, it was mostly ignored as she took assessment of her injuries.

Obviously, she had a broken rib of some sort and there was something clearly wrong with her shoulder area, so she left the arm awkwardly in its position.  Almost afraid to move it and endure more of the pain she had not noticed moving it the first time.  Sierra was dressed simply and far from what most would consider appropriate winter wear.  She was in a long sleeve brown shirt, that buttoned up in some fashion people considered 'cute,' dark denim jeans, and brown work boots with no jacket or gloves to be found.  She could vaguely feel where the snow had melted into her clothes but it was one of the last things on her mind as she tried clumsily to sit up despite any pain. "What did you do?  Hit me with your car?  Oblivious to your nature as much as mine- deposition, setting it really doesn't matter, you are all morons." The pain was intense as she shifted her weight and it showed upon her face, though accusation was all that rang in her voice.  Moving, quickly involved too much pain and she collapsed against the couch in a whimper, her eyes pinning him intently silently demanding an explanation or defense and completely uncaring if he had understood her or not.

Gal at a Bar Looking for a Good Time

Everyone has their own ideal moment of inebriation and Natasha Chase had just reached her moment of perfection with the last round of shots.  The group of about six women around her had broken off into giggles and laughter, leaving her a minute to enjoy the feeling of being a little more than tipsy.  Her eyelids dipped  and the corner of her mouth crept upwards in a smirk.  Long limbs felt a little like liquid and a feeling of harmony flooded through her body.  The attention of the woman surrounding her focused once again on her and her eyes popped open.  Peace left, quickly replaced with the wild abandon of alcohol running through her system.  She absolutely loved this feeling: the excitement, the impulse to do whatever she want, and the fearlessness to go through with it. 

"Another round!"  Her hand went up in victory as much to get the nearest waiter's attention and the women around her laughed once again, knowing how close they were all coming close to their boundaries.  They had started drinking earlier than normal, celebrating the most recent job opening at Natasha's firm.  It would be an excellent promotion for her and though her boss had not yet officially given her the job she just knew it was in the bag!  Not to mention, it had been a long time since her and her friends had an excuse to party like this... and though their behavior seemed obnoxious to the older crowd, at the country club, the small mob of women made up a large amount of regular clients.  They had been tucked into a corner as their wishes, wants, and whims were expertly handled by the staff.  Honestly, it probably helped tremendously that the women were blowing through money on drinks, tips, and snacks.  The chatter all seemed superficial while they waited on their drinks and time seemed to extend for Natasha.  It was taking too long for her next drink and her foot began tapping impatiently, she could feel the urge to do something.  Anything.

Finally, the waiter arrived with a tray of various shots placing them down and handing each woman the correct drink with a dazzling smile.  The atmosphere around the table changed with his arrival, descending into sensuality at the attention of the male and as he took his leave more than one woman's eyes admired his backside.   The women giggled as he walked away all suspecting what was on everyone's else's mind before they all took their drinks together.  Natasha slammed her glass on the table and made several decision's at once.  She needed to do something, anything and for some reason the more sexual the better.

"That's it!  Let's go to a strip club!"  Her words caught the attention of several over people in the club but she ignored them, concentrating on the group of women that she knew would follow her lead.  She was a natural leader, usually taking command of situations whether social or business and tonight had been and would be no different.  Natasha felt the mood shift once more and the attention she expected was pulled away from her as several pairs of eyes caught sight of movement behind her.  Blue eyes turned, searching for what demanded more attention than her.  It was a man.  A man that made an almost predatory smile slide onto her face.  His movements were strong and confident, his shoulders were wide and muscles were pronounced, giving Natasha the impression she would very much like to be pinned underneath him.  He overlooked the tipsy group of women that were obviously objectifying him and undressing in their minds to her surprise.  "Does anyone else have the sudden urge to be a slut?"  The off handed comment received laughter, giggles, and return lewd comments as well as several compelling encouragements.

The shot of tequila hit the pit of her stomach, a deep burn, that left her feeling that need for recklessness and adventure and before she knew it she was walking over to bar where he was standing.  Her red dress clung to her generous curves in all the right places and the color helped enhance the almost flawless tone of her skin.  The low neckline showed enough skin, emphasized by a then golden chain,  was all designed to bring a man's eyes to some of her best assets.  Her hips swayed gently and naturally to the soft music as she approached him, unaware if he knew he was her intended target.  Natasha stepped close to the man, closer than was probably necessary, and pointedly waited for his attention to shift to her before flashing him one of her most striking smiles.  She said nothing as her eyes trailed up and down his body, with no sign of playing coy.  Her hair was a bit of a mess but the blonde locks seemed to fit her wild mood and a delicate hand came up to tuck one side behind her ear as she bit her lip, unsure of what she wanted to say now that she was this close to him.  The bartender came over, asking for her drink order and breaking whatever spell Natasha had seemingly stepped into where time extended.

"Surprise me."  Natasha was as close to him as she could be, without being directly inappropriate, and she could almost feel the heat of his skin as she turned from the bar, leaning back against it in a relaxed manner.  She studied her high heels for a moment before crossing one of her legs over the other and letting her eyes drift back to the corner table where all her friends watched intently.  "I made a bet that group of women over there..." She nodded towards them, indicating the once rowdy group of women that now seemed strangely quiet.  "That I could have you kiss me before I left with my drink."  Natasha finally looked at him again, alcohol was obvious in her eyes but there was a level of clarity of and confidence as she gave him a challenging smile.

Working Out Woman

There it was, right there- just out of reach the end of her current workout and she kept pushing, harder... faster... just for two more sets.  5... 6... 7... 8.  Blake's entire body was moving as she sat, her feet held stretched out in front of her, almost a foot of the ground, as she balanced bringing the weight ball first to one side, then back to the other.  Was she at the ten pound or fifteen pound weight ball?  She had started out simply this morning taking the three pound and slowly moving up til she got to where she was but it was difficult to think of anything but the next movement, the next number counted off.  Her breath was steady, inhaling one way and exhaling the other as she pushed herself even more determined to get to the end with as much vigor as she started with, if not more.  After this, though, after this she could take a quick break, she deserved it after all.  5... 6... 7... 8.  With a little huff she finally dropped the ball, letting her legs fall to the ground.  There it was, ah, right there.  Even though her body was exhausted she was only half way done with her entire routine and her arms came up above her head, stretching before she bent one at the elbow, pressing against the back of her arm to stretch the underside of her arm. 

Her eyes were closed and her breath was still labored but she stretched the other arm much the same way as the first, standing suddenly in one smooth motion.  It was not much of a break, if any could consider it a break at all but most of her exercise was all blood pumping cardio and for the past month she had come here every day for almost an hour or sometimes an hour and a half.  Supposedly she was here working out all of her frustrations but though she went home exhausted she always felt like she could come right back to workout, to do more.  Anything to keep her mind off of her most recent break up but the gym always eventually closed and though she could sometimes convince the person overseeing to stay open just a bit longer, tonight it was that bitchy brunette woman.  Blake always had more luck with the men behind the counter, they liked watching her work out anyway.  She hopped back and forth on her tip toes a minute, trying to make sure her blood was still running properly even though she had really barely paused.

She went over to a machine, picking one of the gliders and putting it near the highest setting- one of those ones on an incline or something but she was not quiet sure and she did not really care as her legs started moving.  Her arms were on the handles, moving opposite of her legs as she took off at a brisk pace her breath gaining that familiar workout raggedness.  She was in near perfect shape but she was being relentless on her body, pushing it harder than necessary just as she always did.  There were not many people since gym was near closing- as it always was when she was here, but it was the only way to get herself tired enough to fall asleep.  How many nights had she stayed curled up in a ball, thinking about him and how he had cheated on her- left her for someone else?  Going to this gym every day was some sort of tribute to him as much as it was used to make sure she slept properly... they had applied for membership together and while she had started going once or twice a week... he had never held up his end of the bargain but that's exactly how he was... all the time.  Blake made an unhappy noise of frustration that could easily be mistaken for someone trying to keep pushing through, her legs moving just a bit harder as she did.

Fuck him.  After their break up... almost a month ago, she had started coming here almost every day to forget him as much as to make sure the rather pricey membership was put to good use.  Of course, it turned out to be worth it.  She practically lived her late at night and she had used almost every one of the facilities, the sauna, the showers, the weight equipment, the various machines, the track, the racquetball or basketball courts, she had even come some Saturday, during the day to try out the tennis courts.  There were probably other things she could not think of at the moment, but none of it mattered.  What mattered was the fact that there were rumors going around next week the gym was going to officially become 24 hours and if it did that, she would be better off paying rent here than at her loft apartment three blocks up the street.  But she liked it here, she liked how extremely fit she had become, how great her body looked and how much confidence she had because of it.  It was all worth it... or at least that's what she told herself as she kept moving on the glider.  It was worth not having him in her life.  She sighed heavily, wondering if she should do something else for a change... wondering how pathetic she seemed to anyone that might have been paying attention to her recent habits.  Blake's friends had definitely notice and kept trying to get her to go out with guys, or go out with them instead of coming back to this gym every night... maybe she should.  Her legs slowed just the tiniest fraction and a frown formed on her face but she kept moving for now.

Unsettled Ideas Initial Posts

This are initial posts that I have done in the past for the Unsettle Idea Blurbs in the first post of this thread.  These can easily fit any changes we might like/need or want as the case may be.

Pleasures of the Flesh

How Megan and Roni had managed to pull her back to the tattoo parlor again was beyond Charlotte but there was always something homey about a tattoo parlor, no matter the reason for going.  She had spent plenty of time in one growing up whether it was her father getting a tattoo or another one of her various 'uncles.'  But slowly it was transitioning as the younger generation started taking over so she started going with other members... old boy friends or love interests but in this case with the other two women her age in the motorcycle club.  There was something about the constant sound of the ink gun, and all the various art on the walls that just felt a little like home.  It was weird she knew, but not nearly as weird as deciding you wanted a black widow over almost an entire breast but that was Megan.  She probably just wanted the tattooist to spend an hour looking at her curves considering her comments about how dreamy the tattooist was and hell he was gorgeous.  He also had that weird quiet, 'just here working' attitude that she had to admire.

She followed Roni back out to look through the tattoos.  Chiaroscuro was definitely a different type of tattoo parlor, it was odd not to see all the art displayed all over the walls but the projector was most certainly a cool addition to add.  Her dad would probably never come here, he had a preference for the ones that looked like they should not be giving out tattoos and would probably complain about the projector instead of old fashioned pictures, posters, or drawings.  Charlotte could not get him to text message people- let alone use a projector to look through tattoos.  Roni slowed her flipping at the demon's section, commenting here and there but Charlotte tilted her head, eyes immediately centering on the picture of the would-be devil pin up and all the detail was so hard not to appreciate.  The corner of her mouth slipped up, it was so easy to imagine that finger crooking just for her instead of whatever imagined beauty whoever the artist had been, had in mind.

"You guys are always trying to get me inked up!  You know I'm not so easily swayed into it but I think you two just like asking to hear me say no.  You two would loose your shit if I ever said yes." She shook her head, rolling her eyes slightly but the blue depths returned almost instantly to the offered piece of art.  It was extremely good and it was so intense.  "He doesn't even need a cut..."  It was a strange comment to make, it was kind of a joke between the woman that whoever they did end up with would have to be a member of the close knit club- that men always looked better in the familiar leather vest.  There was some sort of fleeting thought in her mind about the idea of her first tattoo being a devil, something about truly being Devil Touch-ed and for the first time she teetered on the edge of actually going through with a tattoo.  It was big... it would take hours... and would be expensive.  Not to mention she always figured her father would be the one to take her for her first ink- even though that was the biggest factor in decision it took her quiet a bit of time to remember it.  He would go on her shoulder... maybe... maybe her dad could come here with her to get her first.

Roni, skipped to the next slide and whatever little spell had come over her seemed to break and Charlotte visibly shook her head trying to remove the last visages of the image.  She was not hear for a new tattoo, she was just here with Megan and Roni.  "You don't have a devil yet?  Isn't everyone in the Touch supposed to have a devil of some sort?  Might as well get one.  Fuck your catholic aunt anyway, you're already going to hell- your body is a temple you know."  Charlotte looked over her shoulder at her friend giving her a wide playful smile and she heard her give a snort of laughter before pressing more buttons on the projector and blue eyes moved back over to see the devil pinup again.

"I think I like this one actually.  He's gorgeous and looks almost real with that detail, I could almost feel how good that finger might be in the right places.  Not to mention whatever he's hiding behind those jeans of his."  Charlotte's expression changed subtly as she focused on the picture again.  It did not settle well with her that Veronica would have the tattoo she had seriously been considering moments before but she could not exactly argue or claim ownership of it after point blank saying no to getting ink moments before...  If her friend got it, it would definitely be off the table.  She wanted something unique, totally hers.  Of course, now she was wondering who else had the marvelous tattoo and she frown, trying to find some words of encouragement.

"Well, as soon as Megan finishes with Crowe you can ask him about it.  Seems like the type you might have to make an appointment for it." There was an obvious missing cheerful, supportive note in her voice but apparently it flew right under Roni's radar as she wrote down the corresponding number for the tattoo and ran back to probably talk to Megan about her choice.  Charlotte stayed, her mind drifting around the devil pinup before her... waiting for that inevitable moment that it would switch back to a cycle and the picture would be gone.  The moment extended and Charlotte could not tell if it were because the machine was on pause or if it was just taking longer in her mind.  Her arms crossed over her chest, regretting the fact she had not called dibs... she felt like she were genuinely missing out.  Oh well, she would find another tattoo at some other point.  Some point when her father was around but still she did not return back to where her friend was slowly scaring up her skin with needles and ink.

Controlling Mistress

In the distance there was a large illuminated house, a house that could really be called a mansion and it was surrounded by acres of field that had obviously not been trimmed in many months.  It was in the country, miles outside of the nearby capital city but it did not matter the distance it was obviously a popular place with the trails in the grass and gravel towards the door, showing definite signs of arrivals.  Light flooded out of the windows along with music and sounds of a rather large party.  The night air was extremely cold but as it drifted through the wide open doors of the mansion the mass of people gave off enough heat to somehow even the temperature.  All the windows were open as well, breeze moving easily throughout the entire house, the curtains always seeming to move with the constant currents of air.  The ceilings were high, showing off a marvelous, expensive architecture.  Each room was lit with candles, giving everything a soft orange glow that left a feeling of intimacy despite the large amount of people occupying the space.  It made for a lovely environment and everyone within the room tended to float around, looking for the perfect temperature... some ending up in the warmer center, some in the cooler outskirts.  The people were everywhere within the large home filling most nooks and crannies and within every room. 
It was a Mistress Party, well known throughout the state as the place to be whenever the mood struck the Mistress herself to throw the party.  Despite the fact the decision was a random occurrence on her part, the party had a habit of happening pretty regularly and when the news came about that a Mistress Party was happening, it flew like wildfire.  No invitation was required and people came from all over to participate in the mindless self indulgence her parties had to offer.  There was drinking, gambling, dancing, and fornication going on absolutely everywhere: people left inhibitions at the door.  It was a free-for-all and everyone loved it so every time she threw a one of her balls more and more people tended to show up. 

Sex, was actually the biggest draws of all the festivities and that was probably the reason most found themselves in the familiar place- even if the attendees pretended otherwise.  It was already going on, people were in various stages of getting their rocks off... some dressed, some not so dressed. Some where opening fucking on tables and others were watching... touching themselves in diverse ways or even having others servicing them.  There were all kinds of sounds drifting in and out of the music- sounds of moans, groans, giggles, and laughter.  It was intoxicating and catching: eventually all the other activities would stall or fade out... everyone slowly descending into the debauchery or maybe those just there for the gambling, dancing, and drinking took their leave.

A smile played about the Mistress's lips as she sat in a chair, in the biggest room up on a pedestal almost like a throne as she looked down upon her party guests.  It was about that time, those not interested in pleasures of the flesh would either leave or cave... she could tell by how the feeling of the room had shifted.  For some reason she liked this part of the night the most, when everyone slowly started pairing off in one form or another.  Intense dark green eyes looked about the room, looking for what exactly was unclear but she crossed her legs a hand coming up to nibble on a finger idly.  The Mistress had been seen gambling, drinking, and dancing plenty of times but never once had she ever participated in the extra sexual fun... never once had she even taken off her clothes or touched herself despite whatever went on in her house.  She was looking for something, but no one seemed to know what it was... plenty of men and woman had approached almost expecting her to easily cave into what she openly encouraged in everyone else. 

As far as anyone else she never had given in, never found something that interested her enough and it had been a while since anyone had bothered.  Her hands came up to intertwine behind her head and she shifted to the side, bringing her legs up to hang off the arm of her chair.  The Mistress kept watching, eyes moving steadily over the crowd, there was some minor difference in her gaze tonight... something predatory and hungry.  But still, no matter how much her impatience, to find whatever it was she was looking for, she had an iron will and would not give in until she found it.  She stood, deciding that taking a walk around the place was in order and she set off in a direction... eyes taking in sight after sight of sexual encounter, growing more intense the further into the mansion she went.

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More Missed Opportunities

Fenrir is open for games.

Various Previous Characters:
More explanation, because that's how I roll.  These are various characters that I have used in group games in the past.  I am collecting them here for several reasons- so that I can pull references or ideas as I need them as well as to perhaps reuse as the mood might strike.  Also, for your view pleasure- if that's your thing!  For the moment they are all in different sheets and formats.   One of these days I might go through and organize all of them.  Some might share names or traits already but each spoiler contains it's own separate character.

Space Saver
Terra Branford/Dead Fantasy Group Game

Name:  Terra Branford

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The woman on the bottom is Terra in human form while the being on the top is her in Esper form

Eye ColorHuman: Indigo Esper: Yellow

Hair Color/Style:  Blonde

Relics: (Jewelry/Amulets/Charms)  
Ribbon - Protects against all status elements.
Offering (Master Scroll) - Allows user to attack four times in a row.

Materia/Magic List:
Morph - Change into Esper form - Esper form increases magic attacks
Cure3 - Restores HP - target one or all allies
Life2 - Revives a knocked out ally and restores health completely - single target.
Life3 - Cast on a fighter BEFORE s/he is knocked out, and the character will automatically be revived if s/he is knocked out- single-target
Remedy - Heals all abnormal status effects except Zombie and Imp - single target.
Fire3 - Fire elemental attack - targets one or all enemies
Bolt3 - Lightning elemental attack - targets one or all enemies
Ice3 - Ice elemental attack - targets one or all enemies
Bio - Causes poison status - targets one or all enemies
Pearl - Powerful holy-elemental attack - targets one enemy
Flare - Powerful non-elemental attack - targets one enemy
Meteor- A meteor shower strikes - targets all enemies
Ultima - massive non-elemental damage - targets all enemies
Haste2 - target's attack speed increases - targets all enemies or allies
Slow2 - target's attack speed decreases - targets all enemies or allies
Reflect - creates a magical barrier that reflects most magic attacks, causing them to "bounce off" the target and instead affect the caster. Spells that have already been Reflected off one target cannot be Reflected again - targets one ally or enemy
Warp - Allows the party to escape from battles, dungeons, or towns instantly. Affects all allies.

Golem - Casts Earth Wall - Earth Wall protects party members for a period of time.

Original or Game: Game.  Final Fantasy VI.

OC Realm:  Not Available.

Game Realm and Game Name:  Unclear realm name, referred to as the "Gestahlian Empire" or merely "Empire." Final Fantasy VI.

Home City:  Born in the Land of Espers and remained there until age two after raid she was raised within the custody of the Empire.

Profession:  Magitek Knight (Elite)

Favorite Quote:  "I'm the product of an Esper and a human... That's where I got my powers... Now I understand... I finally feel I can begin to control this power of mine... "

Fighting Style:  Terra has all-around good stats, and she equips a variety of equipment including all daggers, swords, maces, and shields and all heavy armor, as well as female-exclusive equipment. She is equally adept at magical and physical fighting. Terra's special ability is Morph, where she transforms into her Esper form, doubling her stats for a period of time.

Ons and OffsWants and Won'ts

As a person, Terra is a confused young woman. She often questions her emotions, or lack thereof. She is easily confused and frightened early in the game. However, as Terra learns more about herself, she becomes more assertive and determined. After she learned her true past, she became insecure about her unique heritage and questions if she can feel love.  However, Terra is brave and willing to fight for what she knows is right.

Terra was born in the Land of Espers, to an Esper father (Maduin) and a human mother (Madeline). Two years after she was born, the Gestahlian Empire raided the Land of Espers and abducted Maduin. Madeline, with her last breath, told the Emperor Gestahl to keep away from her daughter; however, it was too late. Terra grew up in the custody of the Empire, and was raised as a weapon of mass destruction. The exact details of this part of her life are unknown to her. Eventually, the Imperial general Kefka Palazzo took a keen interest in her and put a Slave Crown on her head, forcing her to obey his orders directly. Among them was to annihilate fifty of the Empire's finest soldiers, which she did with ease. Presumably this was a test of her loyalty and/or her ability to do so.

Sixteen years after the raid on the Land of Espers, Terra was assigned on a mission to Narshe, accompanied by two Imperial troopers: Biggs and Wedge. The mission was to do research on, and to retrieve, the frozen Esper lying in the mines. The trio succeed in reaching the Esper, but its sheer power remove Biggs and Wedge from the area and knock Terra clean out cold. Despite this, she has a bad case of amnesia. She is rescued by Arvis, a resident of Narshe, who removes the slave crown and nurses her back to health. However, the local police knows of her location and wants her in custody due to her former control by the Empire. Arvis helps Terra escape, but the guards catch up to her in the mines. This forces Locke Cole to rescue her, along with eleven Moogles. They succeed, and Locke takes Terra away to Figaro.

Meanwhile, Kefka is worried his weapon is taken away. He heads to Figaro (where Terra was being hidden by the king, Edgar Roni Figaro, and Locke), to ask about her whereabouts. Edgar lies and says he never knew of her. This does not stop Kefka from attempting to burn the castle down. Terra, Locke, and Edgar manage to escape riding Chocobos, while the Castle submerges under the desert. Edgar and Locke, knowing of Terra's power, take her to the Returner Hideout in the Sabre Mountains, where Terra meets Edgar's twin brother, Sabin. After passing the Sabre Mountains, the party meet up with the leader of the Returners, Banon, who tries to convince Terra to join their cause. He does not want to force Terra to do so, because, as Edgar said, forcing her would make them "no different from the Empire", making her decision completely hers. Depending upon the player's actions, Terra eventually agrees to join. Banon invites Terra to come to Narshe with him, Edgar and Sabin, and she accepts. On the way, the foursome is attacked by Ultros, an octopus inhabitant of the Lethe River. During the battle, Ultros latches onto Terra's leg with a tentacle, and while Edgar pulls Terra away, Sabin tries fighting it off with a Blitz. However, during the struggle, Sabin is thrown from the raft, and Terra, Edgar, and Banon have to reach Narshe alone and have to trek back through the mines to meet up with Arvis as the local police does not want Terra or the Returners in town.

Thereafter, everyone meets up in Narshe. The Empire stages an attack in order to get the to Esper again, this time led by Kefka. Banon leads the defense, which Terra participates in. The defense eventually wins and Kefka is forced to retreat. After the battle, the group goes to see the Esper, which reacts with Terra again. This time, Terra transforms into an Esper, and flies away to a place unknown.

The place Terra finds herself is at the DOA tournament having recovered the memory of her heritage with a desire to fight and learn how to control her powers better before she returns to help the Returners fight against the Empire.

Side Notes: I kept to the game requirements of only equipping one Esper and two Relics.   Also the Personality and Background were taken from the Final Fantasy Terra Branford Wiki Page.  This was to ensure the personality and background were as close to the original character sheet.  Other postings as this character will be written by myself using this post as a reference.

Riley Reed/Matrix Group Game

Name: Riley Reed  Codename: Bugs
Age:  27
Gender: Female.
Ethnicity:  Asian, Japanese Ancestry.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 120 lbs

Previous Plugged in Status: Resident Physician.

Freed Status: Medic/Runner
Ship Name: Osiris

Personality and Habits/Tendencies: 
As a doctor, Buggs has a love for the life of others and refuses to kill inside or outside of the Matrix.  She has learned all of the combat training available to those that enter the Matrix but rarely enters combat unless forced and when she is, she simply resorts to disarming, disabling, and dashing.

Sexual Preferences: Wants and Won'ts
Sexual Turn Offs: Wants and Won'ts

Background History of Subject: 
Riley Reed had finally finished her medical degree and was serving the day of her residency when she was pulled unceremoniously from the Matrix for reasons that are still unknown.  She was picked up by the Osiris had has served on it ever since, adjusting quickly to the life outside of the Matrix because her soft heart allowed her to escape through helping others.  With the most natural medical experience, that had not been learned through computer training, she treats the crew of the Osiris in and out of the Matrix.  She is also commonly used as a Runner, a person sent solo into the Matrix to transfer information packages between crews because she has one of the best abilities to bend the Matrix for jumping along with the ease of her to locate escape routes.

Her codename, Bugs, comes her previous plugged in life.  When she became a doctor her family would commonly greet her with the popular Bugs Bunny Phrase "What's up Doc?"  When her friends caught wind of the joke they started calling her "Bugs" and the name stuck with her all throughout medical school.  Now, that she has been pulled from the Matrix she kept the nickname, refusing to go by Riley.  In the Matrix, she cannot help but envy those who are still plugged in and the luxuries of their life.  She did not get a choice of pills as others on her crew did and she honestly does not know what she would have chosen given the choice.  Either way it could have gone does not matter and she lives day to day indifferent to most things, having lost her love of life when her's was ripped from her.

Awareness Level:  Free 1 year 3 months and 14 days.

Mercy Vance/Vice Manner Group Game

Name: Mercy Vance
Vice: ωяαтн
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 125
Sexual Preference: Straight
Occupation: Mechanic
Personality: Mercy could not be any further from her name being unable to forgive or forget, even if she pretends to - just to get along in the world.  Straightforward and harsh- she naturally takes dominance in most situations and everyone seems to be well aware of it.  Mercy thrives on that one particular moment when a room fills with tension because of how she might react and once on the shit list, someone can never be placed back into her good graces.  Though once she has evened the score she merely ignores the trespassers existence.  Revenge is a dish best serve cold and Mercy is always asking "Who's hungry?"
Biography: Mercy was never given the chance to forgive her parents for abandoning her when she was three years old.  They did not have the money, ability, or room to raise her and so they dropped her off on the doorstep of the local church.  She could no longer recall their faces or names and it was only a few years ago when Mercy realized the desire to have that chance to forgive them never existed.  Going into foster home after foster home, she hating each adults in the house for either not being her parents or hating them more for trying to act like them.  Mercy remembered Alex Johnson, the first kid she ever hit with her fist, for calling her an unwanted orphan.  She physically fought with girls and boys at every school she attended until she discovered at the young age of ten that much more damage could be done with words.  Kristen Cameron, the first girl she ever made cry.  Nate Bradstreet, the first boy.  A rough tongue quickly grew sharp over the years until she developed the perfect eye of recognizing people's insecurities and cutting them up one side and down the other with them verbally.

On graduation day she fled from her most recent masquerading mom and dad in Florida to the Colorado Rock Mountains going into a trade school and becoming a mechanic.  It was easy for her logical mind to fix engines and mechanical things because half the job was finding the problem and Mercy had spent her whole life looking for issues though cars were the only thing worth fixing to her.  Why try and repair a broken relationship or friendship with six billion people on the planet?  There is literally another person right down the road.  She fired and quit a few jobs before finding a great one with her current boss that appreciated her skill and gave her a wide enough berth to ensure there was not a problem.  Mercy was working late on a car with an alternator problem when she was taken and it was hours before her boss gathered enough courage to try and find out why she did not show up for work the next day.
Love: Being in control, moments of tension, sarcasm, angry sex,  fast cars, and risky situations.
Hate: Disrespect (of herself and those she considers friends), lying, complaints, disrespect, wrong doing (as long as she is somehow involved in the wronged party), sorrow, spiders, disrespect, whining, people that drive to slow, romance, and disrespect.

CadenVarik/Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Group Game


Code-Name: Fenrir
Real Name: Caden Varick
Ethnicity: Caucasian, German
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Relationship Status: Single
Team Affiliation: Xavier
Position at the School: High School Senior

Human Form
Wolf Form
Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: White/Fair

Weight: 120

Height: 5'5''

Other: Chain tattoo that wraps completely around one wrist that continues to wrap gradually up her arm, around a shoulder, circles completely around her neck, around the opposite shoulder and down the arm to complete around the other wrist.  Six small tattoos are arranged along the lines of the chain.  Left wrist: mountain, Right wrist: bear, Left elbow: woman, Right elbow: bird, Left shoulder: cat, Right shoulder: fish.

Date Of Birth: September 9th 1993
Place Of Birth: Munich, Germany
Citizenship: Germany


Caden has nothing but a wolfish personality and a pack mindset.  She is very loyal and protective of those she believes to be within her pack which includes her family and friends and anything outside the pack is considered useless.  When she first walks into the room she immediately establishes a dominance order of everyone in the room,  and has a tendency to be unhappy with those that step out of that line, her pack or not.  Whether wolf or human hierarchy Caden knows dominance is the most important thing, wolves are just more realized of that fact.

Born in Munich Germany, Caden spent the first five years of her life there and when wolves started showing up in the city and found their way into Caden’s room her parents tried everything to keep them away for fear of her safety.  The wolves never posed a threat to her or her family they seemed merely curious about the young girl and even looked out for her.  Her father eventually decided they should move away from the city so others would not begin to question the wolves’ appearances and once her family moved to the nearby Bavarian Alps Caden was never without a wolf by her side.  Her parents did not exactly understand her connection with wolves they slowly began to trust them to look out for her when they left and began to trust them even more when Caden showed signs of being able to communicate with them a few years later.

When Caden was twelve she shifted for the first time and terrified her parents as she began fighting with another adolescent wolf.  The older wolves simply watched the fight, surprising Caden’s parents even further that the wolves were not stepping in to protect her as they had come to expect.  When the larger dark brown wolf, that was Caden, pinned the other wolf with a growl and it offered her the soft underside of its belly and bared its neck to her the fight was over.  When four legged Caden ran over to her parents wagging a tail neither of them had time to say anything before she shifted back into the two legged brunette they knew and loved.  She refused to explain the fight to her parents only telling them that it was something that needed to be done.  Her hearing and smell improved drastically after her first shift as did her ability to communicate with wolves increasing the distance she could do so.  After a few more occurrences of uncontrolled shifting her parents decided it was best to take her out of public school.

She spent her mornings learning English from her mother, the afternoons learning other subjects from her father, and her evenings running with the pack.  She gradually learned things about pack life and her own powers and by the time Caden was sixteen she could control her shifting well, excluding when she becomes too aggressive or angry.

At seventeen her parents passed away in a car crash in Munich and Caden shifted into a wolf and became a permanent part of the pack for nearly a year becoming more animalistic with each passing month.  The wolves were aware of her pain, her parents had been just as much a part of the pack as her, but knew she could not stay with them and spent most of their time trying to get her to shift back to be with her own people.  When logic and reason could not when out the leader of the pack gave her the ultimatum of shifting back or not being welcomed among the wolves any longer.  Caden eventually gave in and shifted back to two legs. 

The wolves were happy and told her of a pack of wolves in America that lived around a strange school that the leader thought Caden would be happy to go to.  They had people that did stranger things than turn into wolves.  The tried to convince her to go and she gave in grudgingly, not wanting to leave her pack, and travel to America to find the school the wolves spoke about.


Name: Derica Varick
Race: Human

Name: Berg Varick
Race: Mutant

Other Relatives: N/A


Major: Shape Shifting -  ability to morph into a slightly larger than normal wolf.

Minor: Wolf Calling - ability to speak telepathically and call other wolves to her

Minor: Heightened Senses - Ability to see, smell, feel, taste and/or hear more than a normal human

Power Limitations:

Major:  Shape Shifting - Cannot communicate to humans when in wolf form and slips further away from human mindset.  Aggression and anger can sometimes force Caden to shift accidently.

Minor: Wolf Calling - Can only call wolves by howling in wolf form and wolves will only come if they are in hearing distance of her call which can vary depending on surroundings, terrain, and weather (up to six miles).  Can communicate telepathically with wolves, in human form, as long as they are within sight but in wolf form she can communicate over a longer distance (up to three miles depending on how hard she concentrates or how helpful the wolf).

Minor: Heightened Senses - Smell and hearing are the only senses heightened in human form.  All senses improve in wolf form, though improves sight, colors are reduced to black and white.

Hobbies and Interests:
-Running in wolf form
-Outdoors and changing of the seasons
-Sleeping and sunbathing

Topaz/Steampunk Game

Name: Topaz
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Role: Scientist/Inventor
Skills:   Logic, creating anything with the right things around her, reading, writing, and mathematics.

Likes: Inventing, logic, mechanical objects, reading, science, making surprises for those she cares about.
Dislikes: Irrational people, broken things, when she cannot make something work, assumptions,  and when people argue with facts.
Kinks/Limits: Wants and Won'ts in my signature should suffice. 

Personality: Topaz is an intellectual that bases her whole life on logic and she will not do anything without a detailed reason behind it.  She does not relate well to people and usually puts them off because of her tendency to be cold.  She has trouble expressing emotions because she understands they are simply caused by chemicals in the brain and to her there is no significance in forming relationships with people.

Bio:  Born to two scientist in the canyon junction it was only logical for Topaz to follow in their foot steps though how they managed to love each other always remained a mystery to the curious young girl.  She cared for her parents, of course, but it was only natural for her to form an attachment for the two beings that raised and loved for her but she could only return so much affection.  She studied every book they brought home and soon became more interested in inventing then science.  She started fiddling around with things she found and creating knickknacks for her parents.  When she was sixteen she created her first friend, that was really more of a companion that a friend.  Tick, a simple bird like creation that was only really capable of looking cute and getting tools she asked for.  After Tick she found a strange fascination with birds and flight and she invented a set of wings that were beautiful and could extend and flap but proved to be only for show.  They caused her a lot of funny looks but it made since to have them around.  She could prove at any moment what kind of inventor she was.  Topaz spent the next few years ignoring most people and keeping her head in books and her hands in grease until she started hearing whispers of a woman that had a half built flying contraption.  Her attraction to flying had always been illogical to Topaz so she chose not to think about it... but the whispers kept coming and she knew the only way to stop thinking about joining the expedition was to go prove the machine the woman was building to be false and incapable of flight.  Birds had wings so they could fly, humans had feet to walk.  That was just how it was and that was how it was going to stay.  Topaz never remembered the hope that bloomed in her chest at night as she dreamed of flying in the morning when she awoke.

Leola Nix/Eden, Earth's Last Hope Group Game


Name: Leola Nix
Ethnicity: Haas-Filoth
Sex: Female
Age: 56

Human Appearance:

Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White, fair
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5'6
Other: Scar on cheek, stretching from bottom of her eye towards her nose.

Place Of Birth:  Haas-Izar, Duumar


Personality: Leola is one of the most difficult people in Ceres.  She's young, brash, and hard headed; convinced that she knows the best way to do everything.  She also has a tendency to be right, or at least lucky.  There are certain things in life she cannot tolerate: ignorance, laziness, and smugness just to name a few and she has absolutely no problem letting people know where they stand in her eyes, though her heart is another matter entirely.  Admitting any feeling other than anger and annoyance is almost impossible and she will avoid such a conversation to the point of starting arguments or disappearing all together.  Sarcastic and clever, she has a tongue as sharp as the blades she carries and uses it freely.

Leola was raised within the Haas-Filoth tribes by her father, Selic, though her appearance has always made her stick out.  Her father's ever roaming seed planted into a soft, fair-maiden by the name of Rossi and Leola has no recollection of the woman.  Barely out of the womb and still covered in the afterbirth, she was pushed into her fathers custody.  He immediately put her into the hands of his current mistress and supplied the shelter, food, and water she needed though any affection was left to whatever woman he had in his tent at the time.

Her lessons in combat where the only time she spent with her father and she excelled in them, wanting nothing more than his approval.  However, she would never have admitted such a thing.  He was her only teacher for Leola's fair skin and fair hair that she inherited from her mother made her beautiful but also made her an outcast.  Leola regularly fought with everyone within their camp, refusing to accept their belief of her inferiority.  She had spent years letting the bright sun of the desert burn her again and again trying to obtain dark skin like that of her tribe cousins but to no avail; finally consenting to spreading a balm on her exposed skin anytime she planned to spend the day in the sun. Grudgingly and gradually she earned the respect of her tribesmen though her skill as a tactician and a warrior. 

The very day Leola left the tribe was the same day her father finally acknowledged her accomplishments and presented her with her Tier-Dran at the young age of fourty.  Her kinsmen mocked her as she left, claiming her light coloring was proof she did not belong to the desert and taking bets on how long she would last until the desert sun took her as it had so many others before.  Almost all of the regard she had attained was in tatters before she reached the edge of their recent camp.  She set off towards her mother's family in Haisien, discovering acceptance of her appearance coupled with judgement for her tribe mannerisms. Leola's family did not claim her but she found complacency from a nearby bar crawling with city soldiers.  A man approached her, inquiring about her Tier-Dran and declaring she knew nothing in the ways of fighting. and after a short flurry of movement she had him pinned to the ground with her blade at his throat causing his nearby table of friends to laugh hysterically at their comrade.  The soldiers from the bar took her under wing and began to teach her how to battle as the Centos did.  She was mostly a pawn to them, a new neat toy that they could teach to kill and maim easily.  Leola knew they scoffed at her behind her back and she let them as long as their taunts remained quiet as she became skilled with several kinds swords, eventually wearing them with as much pride as she wore her Tier-Dran.

Years later her mother sought her out, wishing to know how Leola's life had turned out and wanting to begin the relationship Leola had always secretly craved.  Leola could remember the wrinkles of time on her mother's face, she could see the beauty her mother had gifted her, and could imagine the tears on her mother's face as she walked away from acceptance once again.  It had been ten years since she set out away from both the Centos and the Haas-Filoth adapting a mixture of the dress and combat styles to call her own, making her home where ever she brought the cold steel of her blades.

OOC Ons and Offs: For now- refer to my Want's and Won'ts... I'll have it updated shortly.

Kasen Compton/Darkest Nights Group Game

Character Sheet

Name: Kasen Compton
Age: 22
Shifter Type: Animalistic
Profession:  Employee of Musical Records and More

Physical Stats

Height: 5'4
Build: Slim and fit
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Slate Grey
Skin tone: Fair

Appearance:  Angled features give her a very much bird like appearance and her short pixie cut almost always in disarray seems to give people the idea of windblown feathers.  Slate colored eyes are piercing and have an predator quality that put most on edge during first impressions.  Her strong face has a tendency to clash with the slim, softness of her body and voice.  Kasen has long limbs that could never be described as athletic but would surprised anyone if put to a physical test.


Character Stats

~Ability to take any animal form
     ~ Preference, practice, and ease with flying creatures- particularly with birds of prey.
~More adaptable than other races
~Blend in easier than other races
~Ability to alter vocal chords to imitate bird calls, without having to be in bird form
~Well versed in musical genres and musicians

~Limited offensive ability
~Severe claustrophobia
~Inability to adapt to social situations
~Difficulty relating and sometimes shifting into social animals (such as wolves)

Character Info

Kasen cannot remember the last time she had a meaningful conversation with anyone or the last time she had really answered any question with anything other than a yes or a no.  She prefers to be alone in animal or human form and no longer has any family or friends.  She has a very sarcastic, cutting sense of humor but keeps most of those comments and thoughts to herself, coming off as a mere quiet, shy girl until someone starts to really try and get to know her- then her demeanor changes completely and she resorts to out right rudeness by simply ignoring the individual, until they go away or give up.  If they continue despite her best efforts to shun them, Kasen has a tendency to get nasty with sarcasm and insults.  She has no desire for friends.

Animal see a different side of her if they are curious, or persistent enough because they have a tendency to bring out her softer side that is rarely present with a human in the nearby vicinity but she is not above ignoring them, as well, if Kasen believes them to be becoming too attached to her... though she has always refrained from insulting them.

The first shift that Kasen remembers consciously making was at the age of seven, into the form of nearby robin at the city park.  It had been an accident really, Kasen had merely been watching the bird, wondering what it might be like to have wings.  There was a pull from deep within her and her body began blurring as it seemed to melt into the shape of the robin. But she mostly remembered the incident because that very night was the night her mother and father locked her into the cedar chest underneath the stairs.  She had begged, pleaded, and screamed for them to release her but it was not until morning that they let her out. 

At the age of ten she first had the realization that the man and woman that locked her into the chest every night just before dark may not actually be her parents.  How could anyone that given life to her stuff her into the wooden box that was growing smaller with inch centimeter she grew?  There was no one to tell and no one to turn to, so Kasen lived her life with threats during the day and a small cramped box at night.  She panicked every time they put her in the box and though she had promised her mother she would not she had started shifting to a smaller animal the moment the lock clicked shut to try and quell the growing fear of small spaces.

Her mother had stopped praying over the box every night about the time she turned twelve and they caught her in the form of a puppy.  It seemed to be the last straw of love from her parents, to pray that whatever had taken over their daughter would go away and when they realized nothing they had been doing had helped they no longer offered threats or forced her into a box.  They chained tactics completely, choosing to pull her out of school and hiding her away in a small room under the stairs.  Kasen had long since stopped trying to understand their fear of her, she knew she was not evil, but she was grateful she had finally outgrown the small cedar box.

At fifteen she escaped them, their confined spaces, their fear, and their hatred.  It had been almost too easy to turn into the very same robin that had caused her parents to stop loving her and fly to the open window.  Kasen often wondered to the present day, if her mother had allowed it purposely to get rid of her.  She quickly discovered that there was a lot she did not understand about the world and she did her best to study humans from afar to try and learn how to fit in better.  Luckily though, she ran into another Shifter about two months after she had left the small town of which she was raised.  Kasen had run into him on the outskirts of New Haven, she had taken to keeping her robin form as she traveled and when a man used his telepathic abilities to try to get her to do him a favor she had immediately changed to her human shape, bombarding him with questions.

They had only kept each other's company for maybe two weeks and Kasen figured he had been her only real friend throughout her entire life and though she could recall his face, she was never sure if she had even bothered asking his name.  He had explained all to her- about her race and a few of the other races, about how to use her powers, and when she should and should not shift.  It was breath taking and freeing to Kasen, who felt she had lived her life in a cage.  She had been sad to see him leave but he had also explained that most Shifters preferred to be alone and he was no different, which suited her just as well.

She got a job in New Haven at Musical Records and More the day she turned sixteen and was actually able to have a job.  The name was atrocious, since they no longer actually sold records, but she had not complained about it the paste six years.  Several other employee's came and went but the manager kept her around for her quiet attitude and her quick ability to pinpoint other music customers may like when purchasing a CD.  She lived in the one roomed apartment above the music store, that was all she could really afford and though she hated the cramped space and the fact that her kitchen was her dinning room and bedroom all at the same time- she did not panic as badly when the widows were open. 

Kasen had restricted herself to shifting only within the safety of her apartment but could not resist flying out of the window at night in owl form.  Humans around the neighborhood had started to recognize the owl when it came out at night but did not have any idea that it was connected to Kasen.  About a year ago, the manager had gotten a shock when he suggested the small business adopt the owl as a sort of mascot and she vehemently denied this was a good idea informing him owls had nothing do with music, pointedly not mentioning anything related to Owl City for weeks after.

In honesty she had led a solitary life and it had not changed over the years but Kasen did not having the upbringing to really understand how lonely she was in actuality.  She did not have friends, did not go out and enjoy her youth, and was unaware of her slow decline though she could not deny her growing interest in the humans around her and their interactions.  Maybe if she found the right one she would care to branch out... but it did not seem likely.

Dana Kasen/Push Group Game

Dana Kasen

【 22 】

【 Female 】

【 Caucasian 】

【 Porter 】

【 Non-Division 】

【 Heterosexual 】

✓ Romance and Plays for Power
✓ Roughness and Light Force
✓ Seduction and Teasing
✓ Fellatio

✘ Pain Torture
✘ Scat/Waterplay/Vore

For more direct or descriptive Ons and Offs

Dana is bubbly and carefree, looking at everything in a positive light and hardly knows the meaning of sadness or anger.  She's had a fairly easy life so far and though the lack of hardships would seem to leave her ill equipped to deal with any type of negative situation her attitude and optimism is what keeps her going: if anything she's most certainly a trooper... even if it's the girl scout type.  The young woman is soft and kind by nature, not having an aggressive bone in her body and has a compassionate streak a mild wide.  The only downside is her extreme clumsiness that she never seemed to grow out of but even that she's learned to accept as simply a part of life.

A little adorable baby girl was born to Micheal and Sarah Kasen on November 23rd over twenty-two years ago.  She grew up in an average middle class family as an only child, far from spoiled but Dana had everything she needed and most of what she wanted.  A normal kid for the most part, she had her imaginary friends with super powers that took the place of the siblings she was never given, she had her middle school crushes that amounted to nothing, she had her impeccable high school record, and now Dana found herself finishing up her degree in Hospitality Management.  Her graduation date was set at the end of this semester and she could not be more excited to get on with her life and get a 'real job.'  The only reason she had gone to school in the first place is because it was expected of her and that was what people do after high school but luckily she had found a field she excelled in: putting her almost annoyingly positive attitude to great use.

Her clumsiness a result of her powers but they had yet to develop far enough to do more than get in her way: she had lost count of the marks, scars, and bruises she had about her body from falling down and running into her stuff.  Thankfully, however, as of yet she had not received any broken bones.  The reason her body was reacting in such a way probably had some scientific name but it was simply explained by the fact that her powers as a porter were triggered by her desire to be somewhere else and so far those desires were being misinterpreted within different limbs at different times: making it seem easy to walk across the room, to a table and pick up a glass of water but in her her body tried unsuccessfully to compensate for her wants with underdeveloped innate abilities.  Of course, dear Dana had no idea about any of this though if she payed more attention she might have realized she had become even clumsier over the past few days, that her body was trying harder and harder to get the action correct.

〖 Fenrir 〗

Wire/More Human than Human Group Game

Name: Wire

Age: 19

Physical Description: Much more slender than most of her siblings, her slender form gives her plenty of surface area to provide contact points for the electrocytes tightly packed into her skin. Long limbed and willowy, she's deceptively powerful, like the others. Her pale skin has a dusting of freckles, the only marks on her body, which are actually indicators of the charing and discharging of electrical energy stored in her body rather than pockets of melanin. She has striking amber eyes that can be vibrant, almost radiant, when she is at her peak, dimming when she grows weary.
     Height: 5'11
     Weight: 130
     Hair: Auburn
     Eyes: Amber
Occupation: Prototype, Escapee/Communications Interface

Microexpression and Kinesic Savant: An unconscious ability to decipher body language with precision including body movements, facial expressions, and tone of voice- whether the body language is an intentional or unintentional expression.  Includes the ability to determine if someone's body language is in concordance with itself as well as actual true feelings or emotions.  This makes Wire a human lie detector: it is almost impossible to lie or hide anything from her.

Electromagnetic Reception:  The ability to absorb and process certain electromagnetic (EM) frequencies.  She has an electro-receptive lobe (Sach's Lobe) in the front of the brain that this power derives from and through direct touch she can instinctively scan and interpret electrical activity in the human brain, non-humans being more difficult because of the difference in perspective.  Her interpretations of these scans can leave her with impressions and data including thoughts, feelings, and information.  This allows her to sense and recognize other EM sources when she focuses as well as recognize the frequencies of certain brains.  Wire can use the EM frequencies to send and receive information (like telepathic communication) with the other prototypes with ease and with enough practice can begin to recognize the brain waves of others.  Through this ability she can vaguely communicate through certain electric devices in much the way a speaker makes a noise when a phone is about to receive data, so far the ability has developed into a mere ability to cause speakers to click in Morse code.

Electromagnetic Storage and Emission: Thousands of electrolytes lining her skin and electric organs give her the ability to store power for her EM receptors, working a lot like batteries.  These electrolytes and organs can be discharged to 'zap' someone on contact, which becomes even worse in or near conductive material (such as water).  This release has three variations including: sensory malfunctions, stun, and kill.  Wire's body can only hold a certain amount of 'juice' and she can control, up to a point, how much electricity she emits (to keep from killing some one) but when any discharge occurs it leaves her feeling drained and affects her reaction time as well as her combat abilities.  Once the energy is used she must wait for an adequate amount of time for a recharge before she can use it again.

Patterns:  With a logical mind, Wire is quick to recognize different type of patterns whether it be with human behavior, codes, or seemingly unrelated information.  She sees the world in patterns and frequencies and believes that anything can be determined with the right information but of course, seeing a pattern and knowing it is there does not mean she can always execute what the pattern entails.  (In example: Wire can look at a math problem and recognize the steps of how it was accomplished but will not know how to do the arithmetic).
Languages:  Wire's ability to sense EM frequencies and read body language have given her a distinct affinity for the patterns of languages as well as her ability to scan another's brain she can understand the complete context of any given word.  She is fluent in most common languages and subconsciously uses her kinesic and microexpression abilities to easily pick up on contexts of new languages while learning them.  Broadcast Linguistics: Wire's special electromagnetic lobe has colonized the language center's of her brain. When speaking, her vocalizations are instinctively accompanied by a low level telepathic broadcast that is received by the brains of nearby individuals as speech. While an individual may hear her speaking in whichever language she is currently using, each listener's brain automatically interprets the words in their own native tongue. The exact effect is dependent on the individual listener, but the net result is that Wire can make herself understood to anyone without conscious effort.
Computer Code/Hacking:  One of the very best in computer languages in the world, there is no encryption Wire cannot hack and no program she cannot run.  To her, it's all just another pattern: the superlative, most logical language and communication technique ever.

Overconfident:  Her ability to instantly detect any lie and see the truth of people's intentions and emotions can sometimes lead her to feeling almost omniscient, as though she is the only person in the world who can keep a secret.  While they tried to keep her in a neutral, submissive environment she easily attained the knowledge she was superior to those at the Foundry and it commonly assured the impression that she should be able to accomplish any task faster and better than any human.  Her ability to see patterns leaves her recognizing the end point of most task and with her overconfidence she has a tendency to try and 'cheat' her way around things- to get to the end using the quickest means necessary.  She will always take the quickest and easiest route to accomplish a task and she's had plenty of practice at doing so.
Faraday Drug:  A pharmaceutical engineered in the labs specifically for Wire and keeping her from accessing electromagnetic reception and emission abilities.  When under the affects of the drug she cannot scan brain frequencies, contact the other Prototypes, or discharge any electromagnetic energy.  Originally created to deter and prevent her from depending upon her powers, as soon as she realized she was better off not trying to cheat her way out of every training simulation her life was much easier.  Wire still takes the easy way but no longer tries to completely circumvent their intended purpose.  This drug causes her eyes to darken in color and is devastating to her state of mind.  Her electromagnetic senses and techniques are a 'sixth' sense at her disposal and when under the effects of Faraday Drug she no longer has access to any of it- which to Wire is as bad as losing her sight or hearing.
Monophobia: The fear of being alone comes from the effects of the Faraday Drug and how it cuts her completely off from the brain frequencies of her fellow Prototypes.  Most people avoid physical contact with her to keep from being scanned but she is in constant connection with her siblings through her EM senses.  When she is unable to contact or monitor them she begins to withdraw into this phobia and becomes irrationally fearful they are in danger or dead, sometimes even when they are within sight.

Having such a wide range of understanding of true human emotion and how that interacts with their personality, Wire quickly became fascinated with the idea of irony and sarcasm- the use of words to purposely convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.  When those from the facility are around she is cocky, tough, and confident; using sarcasm as well and fluently as any other language whether or not her siblings understand the concept.  She is always the first to volunteer to try the group training programs and though she does all of this under a carefully concealed disguise it is well-known, to the Foundry, she has a fear of being alone as well as how much she plays the eldest sister to the other Prototypes.  Wire goes first with group training to assess the danger, assure she receives any miscalculated injuries before the others, and give them a little more confidence- she maintains the cohesion of the group by mediating disagreements and defusing unstable situations between them- and there is absolutely nothing she would not do to save any one of them from hurt. 

Wire is most certainly the older sister of the bunch, not just in her personality but also through reality.  She was the first produced Prototype with her engineering starting two weeks in advanced to any of her siblings.   Causing problems for the Foundry is far from in her nature but she has done so on a regular basis.  She's disrupted several exercises and training programs by stepping between another Prototype and danger, there is a whole file dedicated to the injuries she has received due to her overconfidence, and though they've deeply considered starting over with another Communications Prototype they recognize her importance.  A role model and someone the younger ones could look up to and count upon could be just as valuable as a commanding officer.

"Personal" Computer - A computer without internet access that is uploaded with different simulations that she can run as well as enough space to create her own problems.  There is a basic operating system that Wire wrote herself that has little to no user interface.  It is designed to keep her computer skills up to date and she only has access to it during certain times approved by the Foundry and she refuses to let any of the other Prototypes use it.
Solar Energy - One of the ways Wire can recharge her electrolytes is through the solar energy that the sun provides- it is one of the cheapest and fastest ways for her to recharge and she is given time outside for to sunbathe and soak up the provided energy.

Copper Ring: - Metal, particularly copper is one of Wire's favorite things because it is so conductive and throughout good behavior she has acquired one copper ring that can intensify her EM emission.
Dryer Sheets: - Wire's constant charge leaves her clothes sticking to her skin and she's gotten in the habit of carrying dryer sheets in her pockets to try and reduce the static cling.

Played By: Fenrir

Daya/Queens of Red and White Group Game

Character's Name: Daya
Age: 25
Race: Shapeshifter

Kingdom: Apathetic (rogue by definition)
Rank: Hermit/Forest Nomad

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
O&O: Please refer to my O&O's

~Ability to take any 'common' animal form
     ~ Preference, practice, and ease with flying creatures- particularly with birds of prey.
~Ability to alter vocal chords to imitate bird calls, without having to be in bird form
~High endurance

~Limited offensive ability: prefers avoiding combat all together
~Severe claustrophobia
~Inability to adapt to social situations and difficulty shifting into social animals (such as wolves, elephants, or dolphins)
~Inability to shift into 'magical' or 'mythical' categorized creatures (such as griffons, unicorns, or harpies)

Preferred Weapons:
Saber Tooth Claws

Daya carries two of these claws with the handles commonly tucked into her waistband.  She leaves them unsheathed and has two matching scars on the outer sides of her thighs from an mishap with them but she now finds them as easy to use in human form as real claws tend to be in animal form.


This is a weapon that stays on Daya's back, for the most part, because she's completely unskilled with it.  In fact, she's not entirely sure what it is: she came across stuck in a tree one day and mainly uses it as a distraction technique when fleeing from people.  She's had it for years and always makes sure to circle back around to retrieve the precious trophy after she has lost those she has fled from.

Barbed Porcupine Quills

These she keeps in assorted places about her body, in easy to reach places, having about ten or fifteen on her at any given time.  She uses them in much the way other people would use throwing knives or shurikens- but due to their limited range and variance in size and shape it is difficult to be precisely accurate with them.   They cannot penetrate armor, nor most clothing but due to the efficiency of nature they can very easily pierce skin and are very difficult to remove.  She commonly aims for people's hands with them, finding this to be the best way to make people drop their weapons.  Daya retrieves these from her own porcupine form when she starts to run low.

~No formal education
~Affinity with animals
~Superior hunting and tracking skills
~Extreme observation and analytic skills giving her a talent for seeing 'connections' whether it be between people or events

Written Appearance:
Angled features give her a very much bird like appearance and her short, blonde hair, almost always in disarray, seems to give people the idea of windblown feathers.  Slate colored eyes are piercing and have an predator quality that put most on edge during first impressions.  Her strong face has a tendency to clash with the slim, softness of her body and voice.  Daya is 5'9'' with long limbs that could never be described as athletic but would surprised anyone if put to an endurance test.  She has two, four-inch scars each outer side of her thighs that match the blades of her saber claws and were crudely stitched by Daya herself.  The only other skin 'mar,' if it could be called that, is a rather rough tattoo of a feather disintegrating into different type of birds located on her right collar bone, with the birds flying up towards her neck.

Common Animal Forms

In no particular order.
Golden Eagle

American Kestrel Hawk


Blue Jay

Swallow Tail Butterfly

Daya cannot remember the last time she had a meaningful conversation with anyone- or the last time she had answered any question with anything other than a yes or a no.  She prefers to be alone whether in animal or human form and no longer has any family or friends of which to speak.  She has a very sarcastic, cutting sense of humor but keeps most of those comments and thoughts to herself, coming off as a mere quiet, shy girl until someone starts to really tries to get to know her- then her demeanor changes completely and she resorts to out right rudeness by simply ignoring the individual, until they go away or give up.  If they continue despite her best efforts to shun them, Daya has a tendency to get nasty with sarcasm and insults.  She has no desire for friends but she's found a fondness for watching those around her interact with each other, on the rare occasions she finds herself with people at all.

Animals see a different side of her if they are curious, or persistent enough because they have a tendency to bring out her softer side that is rarely present with a others in the vicinity but she is not above ignoring them, as well, if Daya believes them to be becoming too attached to her... though she has always refrained from insulting them unlike everyone else.

Connections have always been easy to spot for Daya and she's spent too long alone thinking about her past not to be able to pinpoint the exact moments in her life that caused such key elements in her personality.  Those things that were not what others would call 'normal' and those things were mostly a direct cause of her childhood.  Her claustrophobia could be traced all the way back to the age of five when her parents started punishing her by forcing her into small spaces as punishment.  A wooden chest, a wardrobe, or small closet- anything that was handy and relatively close.  The littlest slight could cause her to be disciplined by either parent and though her mother would resort to enclosing her daughter in confined places her father soon began beating her when he discovered she was shifting into smaller animals to help her relax. 

It was a tough childhood: a tense situation that only grew worse as she grow older and her distrust of everyone grew.  Her parents built a barrier between her and anyone that might have shown her kindness and it became second nature for her to ward off contact with others, avoid talking or touch to anyone in efforts to avoid punishment.  It was something she had never grown out of, though she had taken a chance and ran away at the age of fifteen.  It had been storming that night, when she shifted into a doe and took off into the pour rain- running at full speed until her endurance ran out.  She somewhere in the dark forest a day later with no real memory of how she had gotten there and never knowing if her parents had bothered to look for her.  The forest was different than the anything she knew or understood but she adapted quickly, shifting into animals when most dangers, whether thieves or beasts, presented themselves and learning to live off the forest, animals, and very rare occasions the kindness of others.

She soon learned that families were not meant to be as she was raised and that people tended to be social with one another.  Daya discovered that her aversion to others was extremely abnormal and she spent quiet a bit of time as a bird watching those she came across interact.  It was easy, the way peo

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More Characters (above post)

Draven/No Game
Draven the Glorious Executioner

Other Draven Outfits

Gladiator Draven
Primetime Draven

Current Occupation: Executioner, Regular Badass, and Showman

Home World Information: Runeterra: particularly the Noxian Capital.  Noxus was Draven's original faction but once he joined the League of Legends none of that particularly mattered.  He was regularly put with and against people from all over Runeterra and he is currently stuck without much of his general home world information.

Appearance/Style Description: Draven has a very unique style that never really stood out on the Rift considering everyone had their own distinct looks that varied greatly.  He has strong shoulders and a hard jawline, with two red lines tattooed down the left side of his face.  He has short, usually crazy looking hair that typically matches a crazy looking smile when he's in battle but when he's outside a fight his smile can be very charming.  He stands at a mighty 6'2 and has an even mightier mustache that was the source of several jokes among others along the Rift but he wore it like a champ. Draven's been known to change his outfit for various reasons for how he's feeling and the crowd just eats it up.

Sexuality: Heterosexual/Dominant Type

Personality: Draven is a confident mother-fucker to say the least, and he never lets anything keep him down for very long.  He loves a lot of things, but nothing as much as he loves himself and he's 100% sure 99.7% of people love him and he'll put that .3% in their place soon enough.  Draven is wild and does whatever he wants whenever he wants and it all come naturally to him- be it killing, fucking, sleeping, or hell he even likes to dance sometimes.  He has a wicked, sarcastic since of humor that lands him in trouble pretty regularly but he can be surprisingly charming when the situation calls for it.  At the core of his being he's two things: a killer and a showman.  He knows how to get people going and get them cheering- all the while managing super-cool, death-defying stunts.  Draven will likely say strange stuff that even people from the Runeterra might not understand, unless they're also still stuck in Rift Mode but he never cares if people understand or not and hardly takes the time to explain.

History: Draven spent his early life as an Executioner and found an talent for getting a crowd going that inflated his already large ego.  It became a show, something people would flock to to watch people try and escape their doom- but none ever managed.  He was nothing, if not thorough in his kills.  He was full of flash, changing his outfit regularly and dramatizing something that should have been a sad, depressing sight.  Soon though it was not enough for him, he wanted more.  He was always center stage in Noxus but he wanted more so he joined the League- a place where he could display his talents to the entire world.

Since then Draven understands two ways of life, being on the Rift and being off of it.  Outside the Rift he has a brother that he gets along with relatively well, he might even like him more than anyone else but he probably would not admit that to anyone else since Darius is probably his only competition.  But once he was on the Rift the rules seemed to change of their own accord: it never mattered who was on what side... who was killing who and everyone seemed to come back again and again until a Nexus was taken.  It was hard to remember anything outside of farming creeps, getting first blood, and watching out for ganks... hell it was hard for him to remember anything other than the bottom lane most of the time.  But even the battle seemed to reset itself time and time again, and he could never quite remember how the others had gone... but again it never seemed to matter.

Draven was in the Rift when something went wrong: it had started out normally- well, almost normally.  He was against that bitch with the accent that had more range with her gun than him with his axes.  She was out farming him and had managed to zone him and his support relatively easy.  The top-hatted wench had even managed to get that precious first blood putting him even further behind.  While Draven typically built damage first he felt it imperative to plan a bit so he went with his armor items first, beginning with a Chain Vest to build into a Guardian Angel.  It would give him an easy chance to catch up, Draven always caught up after all.  Damage could wait, he would out play her until then.

It didn't take long for her to make a terrible mistake, or maybe it was her support but in the end he had managed to kill them both.  It was so satisfying when she flashed just out of the reach of his expertly bouncing axes just for him to use his ultimate to tear her, and her support down from long range.  That gal with the long hair and looked like sunshine managed to get her slow and ult off as well but it was too late!  Draven had won the exchange and he took the time to laugh just outside of tower range at their fallen bodies.  Of course, that and his slowed state made it impossible to get away from the jungler- even his support couldn't save him.  He knew it and he used his Stand Aside to ensure his support could still get away since they were closer to their own tower and took the death as gracefully as Draven could... "Worth"

During his death he took the time to look at items... debating between finishing up his Guardian Angel or if he had made enough to warrant finishing up the Big Fucking Sword.  He probably could have finished the Jungler off, if he had been able to respawn with the GA finished so hell... it couldn't hurt.  He was almost caught up in farm anyway.  There was some sort of strange... inexplicable thing happened as bought the item and closed out the shop.  It was his turn to spawn but when he did, he wasn't on the Rift.

Current Situation: Draven doesn't have the slightest clue what happened or where he is: he's stuck in Rift Mode and subconsciously still thinks he's in the Rift and it effects his actions greatly.  Someone will need to explain some things to him- and he's definitely going to blame the strange occurrence on finishing a GA first- what ADC does that?  What was he thinking?

Weapon: Draven has two axes and would never trade them for another weapon- because they're obviously the best and he knows how to use them the best.  It's unclear if it is the design of the weapons or if it is because they're not of this plane: but they have the uncanny ability to be anywhere he needs them to be all at once.  He does not need to have the weapons in hand to activate each particular skill that may need them (i.e. he can still be spinning/catching his axes while using a different damaging skill with them- without loosing his chain of bouncing axes).  They have two modes: one bladed for normal thrown attacks and double bladed when he's spinning or bouncing them off enemies.  In theory they can be used for melee but Draven's never seen a reason or need to try them out that way.

Draven's Axes


Strength - 4
Agility - 2
Stamina - 1
Power - 1
Reputation - 0

Special Powers:
Spinning Axes: Draven's next attack will deal Double Damage: this attack will ricochet off the target high up into the air. If Draven catches it, he automatically readies another Spinning Axe.  Draven can have two Spinning Axes at once and can use his other skills while bouncing them against targets.
Blood Rush: Draven gains increased Movement Speed and Attack Speed. The Movement Speed bonus decreases rapidly over its duration. Catching a Spinning Axe will refresh the cool down of Blood Rush.
Stand Aside:  Draven throws his axes, dealing physical damage to targets hit and knocking them aside. Targets hit are slowed.
Whirling Death:  Draven hurls two massive axes- in a straight line from his current direction- to deal physical damage to each unit struck. Whirling Death slowly reverses direction and returns to him and if his direction changes so does the path of the axes. The range on this skill is massive- reaching almost all the way across the Rift- but Draven may also activate this ability while the axes are in flight to cause it to return early. Deals less damage for each unit hit and resets when the axes reverse direction.
Active Defense Mechanisms:
-Read, uncontrolled skills only activated near death: and don't 'scale' like Draven's other skills. (also willing to let GM determine when they occur)
-Flash (summoner skill):  suddenly moving up typically 10ft away from previous position, includes the ability to move through objects (and can be longer than 10ft ONLY if it is through wall or object)
-Barrier (summoner skill):  a magical barrier of light that appears around Draven that absorbs a significant amount of damage
-Revive (Guardian Angel (also provides Draven with a little bit more defense)): revives Draven from death, with 30% health, after 4 seconds of stasis

'Welcome to the League of Draven' -- Draven is stuck in 'Rift Mode' and gives him access to summoner skills  and it also to the only item he had when he was taken from the Rift: Guardian Angel.  He has no idea how to activate his summoner skills and is unaware that they'll happen on their own without his control, whenever he does figure it out- he'll most certainly keep that tidbit to himself.  Being in Rift Mode also gives him a thirst for death, destruction, and blood and he rarely does anything other than look for battle- and is really good at goading people to fight him.
'League of Draven' -- Due to Draven's vast experience in showmanship and getting people to notice and love him, he earns Reputation over time.
'Too Easy' -- Draven is not a quick mover as far as dodging attacks, but he has had years and years of practices at catching his axes and sometimes having to move a bit quicker to do so.  He's able to catch almost anything with ease- even in the midst of battle.
'Who wants some Draven?' -- Though Draven is stuck in Rift Mode, he's definitely at home with the ladies and can be surprisingly persuasive and charming when he's not being a complete conceited ass in the field.

'Welcome to the League of Draven' -- Draven is stuck in 'Rift Mode' and therefore has no concept of death- he is under the distinct impression that he will respawn like he normally does when he's on the Rift.  He also will have an instant dislike to any League character- that was on the opposing team at the time of disruption and will go out of his way to try and kill them (whether or not they feel the same way).  Also, Draven will have an affinity towards whoever his support when he was transferred (I'm leaving this open in case someone wants to fill it specifically) and he will always aim to ensure they are working/fighting together (going against any rules or regulations that are set by whoever might be 'in charge').  Also, if he finds out his support is on the opposing side- he will switch sides without question- and will go to great lengths to try to protect them if he is able.
'Man, I'm good' -- Also known as overconfidence: Draven is most certainly very full of himself and can be reckless in his attempts to get kills all the while ensure that he looks hella-cool.
'Subtle?  I don't do subtle' -- Also known as being an ADC: Draven is meant to deal damage and does so very well- all his stats will likely go to Power and Strength leaving him very, very squishy.
'Not Draven, Draaaaaven' -- Draven doesn't understand how to use other character's weaknesses/lore against them he's completely convinced that all can be solved with pure strength and axes- his strength and axes to be exact.  His never needed it before and he's not going to be convinced he needs it now.

EDIT: Stats- it was pointed out by another player that Draven's axe skills would not be effected by power.  So I took two points from Power and put one in strength and one in Agility.

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Group Games:

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Solo Stories:
Muses vary and sometimes I will be more apt to bounce back posts on one particular- if my other partner is willing- than any other.  But any story I am involved with, I am invested in - even if I wait to get back to a particular story.  It might take me a few days to get a response up, either due to other responsibilities or muse difficulty but I will not be leaving posts for weeks at a time.  If for some reason you feel as though I have overlooked responding to you please feel free to send me a polite PM nudge.  Please keep in mind, with a full time job and other responsibilities, my posting ability will have changed: I plan to respond to all my current plots at least once a week there for I will not be taking on more than a certain amount of stories.

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