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Author Topic: Looking for Male to play role in M/F story. (BDSM/ Non Consent)  (Read 520 times)

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Offline CallalilyTopic starter

The year is 3011. A thousand years earlier, humans had no choice but to abandon Earth and colonize other habitable planets in various galaxies throughout the universe. Some planets were technologically rich and thriving. Other planets reverted back to primitive ways. It was up to the humans to decide which colonies they wanted to move their families to, if they could even afford it.

Shamonox was a poor planet. It’s Four Fathers intention was to live as simple farmers. They were peaceful people and religious. A patriarchal society. While the men were all free, women had very few rights. They weren’t abused, but sheltered. Pre-Marital sex was unheard of.  Jaala was born here. When she reached her age of maturity, her father arranged for her to wed. It was on the eve of her wedding that the Brutalix attacked.  Jaala and many others were taken captive.

Richious was a rich planet. A planet of Merchants and opportunists. For centuries they thrived and had good trade relations with most other planets. This is where Jace is from. He’s a Transporter. He has his own spaceship and transports good from one planet to another. He’s a man of the world. He speaks many different languages and understand the various cultural differences. He didn’t particularly like the Brutalixes but he’d sell to them so long as they paid good coin. He doesn’t own slaves himself, but he understands the necessity of them for some.

On a trip to Boloxia Jace gambled with some of the local merchants he had a good relationship with. He won a lot of coin. On his way back to his ship thinking how the money gets him closer to his life dream he spots Jaala among a group of slaves on auction. Out of curiosity, he stopped to watch the auction. He learned where these women are from and knows about the submissive disposition they tend to have. He wasn’t quite sure why, but her beauty struck him. Suddenly the idea of her being submissive to his commands was a turn on. He wanted to own her. Save her. The thought of any man touching this maid pissed him off. He had to posses her. He bid all he won, it was barely enough, but he won. Now he was further away from his life’s dream but he owned one beautiful, petite, virgin slave with innocent eyes.

On one hand I want Jace to be almost in love with Jaala but on the other hand he understands she’s a piece of meat for his enjoyment and he likes that too. He doesn’t want to love her. He even fights his feelings. But he can’t get enough of her either. While he frequently finds willing partners because of his good looks, there is something about having Jaala on hand to satisfy him at a whim.

Jaala is innocent. She has no knowledge of sex so Jaces sexual demands frighten and upset her. She must be taught. On 1 hand she hates him and wants to be free but on the other after time her body responds to his touch and she begins to need him. She hates it, but it is what it is. Another problem is that Jace does not speak Shamonox and Jaala only speaks it. Initially language will be a huge barrier.

SO….  I’m looking for JACE

I am open to negotiation on names and Jaces occupation. Willing to listen to any suggestions and ideas.

I am looking for someone who can be descriptive and express characters thoughts and feelings as well as being descriptive regarding action scenes.

Anybody interested?

Offline CallalilyTopic starter

Re: Looking for Male to play role in M/F story. (BDSM/ Non Consent)
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2011, 06:59:57 PM »
Role filled.

If interested in following story It is in the One on One Non Consent Forum.